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Spiritual Ascension – An Evolutionary Soul Work

Spiritual Ascension – An Evolutionary Soul Work

Spiritual Ascension

Human Beings are bound by the eternity of existence. The wheel of life goes round and round and makes us move through many incarnations. We travel in many alternate dimensions, worlds, star systems, and the universe before taking birth on this planet. As we move about in our soul journey, there is an inherent need to recover our lost goodness and innocence. We wish to return to our spiritual abode. The Spiritual Ascension is this revival process by which we know of “who we are”?

It helps to reclaim all those inner beauty, knowledge, love, light, and wisdom that we had lost on the way. When we gain knowledge of these aspects, we move on to a higher self, which is pure and divine.

What is Spiritual Ascension?

The process of Ascension merges you to a pure and divine source of pure energy. It uncovers your potentials and reminds you that you are capable of doing and achieving much more.

The term spiritual Ascension means a magical awakening of your soul into a higher level of consciousness. It is a vibration frequency that generates positive energy and light. It unleashes your innate powers and wisdom. The ascension is an evolutionary process that is multi-dimensional and confusing.

It is an inner rebirth and expansion of your mind, body, and spirit. You learn to shed off your old thought patterns, negative beliefs, mindset, and feelings. You experience a new being hidden and dwelling within you. Upgrading the awakening process denotes a better understanding of you.

Ascension is not about becoming a superhuman. Rather it is a mere process to define your priorities in life. You let go of your human urges and worldly desires. It helps you to move towards spiritual goals and ascend to a higher realm of spiritual connection. Ascension is an experience that gives freedom to your soul. Soul frees itself from earthly ties and realizes the true joy of life.

Does the process discover what life really is? Your mental awakening motivates and inspires you to bring desired changes in your life that you have long craved for. It is like getting up from a dream and realizing the supreme power that lies within us. Ascension has immense power to unleash positive energies of growth and progress. You become strong and free-willed to define your destiny and carve it the way you want.

Spiritual Ascension – An Evolutionary Soul Work
Spiritual Ascension – An Evolutionary Soul Work

5 Components of the Spiritual Ascension Process

The spiritual path is an enduring journey. It takes a different shape and moves through various phases before one can achieve the ultimate enlightenment, that is connected with the divine power. There are five main components of spiritual ascension.

1. Mind awakening

Mind awakening
Mind awakening

A sudden mental realization that brings in a deeper understanding of self.

2. Personality awakening

Personality awakening
Personality awakening

When you become aware of yourself, you can develop a new personality. It helps to let go of past toxic thoughts, emotions, and behavior patterns. You develop self-acceptance and empowerment of the soul. The transformation aims to combine the broken parts of your “soul” into a unified whole.

3. Spiritual energy awakening

Spiritual energy awakening
Spiritual energy awakening

This is reviving the energy within your body by boosting your ‘kundalini’ or ‘prana’. It means life. The life force is intense and overwhelming. It gives energy to your physical organs, boosts your sexual desires. The process brings in awareness of the heavenly realms of connectivity.

4. Soul awakening

Soul awakening
Soul awakening

It is a sudden and divine awareness of one’s true and eternal nature. This guides you through the process of accessing deeper levels of love and freedom. you are in the process of soul retrieval.

You are aligned with your life purpose. Virtue and positive qualities such as honesty, compassion. Tolerance, kindness, love, forgiveness define soul awakening.

5. The phase of enlightenment

The phase of enlightenment
The phase of enlightenment

Here occurs the complete end of ‘ego’. You become a part of the divine. It is also called moksha, salvation, oneness; illumination, etc. this process is the ultimate part of spiritual ascension that is the epitome of purity, truth, and wisdom.

Personality qualities of a Spiritual Being

The spiritual ascension process can bring in a change in your vision and purpose in life. During this awakening process, the physical body goes through several levels of change to a light body.

It means your sphere of consciousness is moving to a higher level of human bioenergetic fields. The personality qualities that one may develop signify inner goodness and power to combat all evils. These signs are commonly seen in Starseed, Indigo beings, and Lightworkers. The qualities are

  • Humble and polite.
  • Joyful and understanding.
  • You consider your body as a symbol of purity.
  • Inner strength and optimism.
  • Insightful and having inner balance.
  • Compassion, loving, and caring.
  • Service-oriented and purposeful living.
  • You commit to the daily spiritual practice like prayers, sacred chanting, and meditation.
  • Conscious of the next level of spiritual awakening such as purity, health, and happiness.
  • There is no fear of death.

Spiritual Ascension Symptoms

The process of Ascension is like a wakeup call. Your body, mind, and spirit go through several changes. There is an increase in your energy and awareness levels to a new world of supreme existence, perception, and creation. Ascension symptoms activate kundalini awakening.

The bioenergetic fields of the body (chakras) are opened, explored, activated, and expanded to a higher frequency of positive energy. We are all unique beings, so ascension symptoms vary from one to the other. The signs are divided into physical symptoms and psychological symptoms.

Physical symptoms

  1. Body discomfort, pain, and aches.
  2. Sudden headaches.
  3. Your physical body is full of bursting energy.
  4. Unusual dreams with disturbing thought patterns.
  5. Highly sensitive to bright light and loud sound.
  6. Sudden change in body temperature.
  7. Abnormal hot and cold sensations in the body.
  8. Cold and flu-like signs that appear suddenly.
  9. Increase in smell sensation.
  10. Tingling, pinpricks, and various weird sensations in different body parts.
  11. Hot flashes, sweats, night chills, muscle tension.
  12. Clumsy and lack of muscular coordination.
  13. Sudden changes in appetite and food habits. 
  14. Several changes in perception such as seeing light flashes, smoke, and sparkle.

Psychological and emotional symptoms

  1. You may experience unusual anxiety and nervousness without an obvious reason.
  2. Overly emotional feelings such as extreme anger, laughter or crying.
  3. Intense frustration, sadness, rage, short temper, and impatience.
  4. You may feel drawn towards nature.
  5. There are self-talk and inner dialogue.
  6. May feel emotionally detached from family and friends.
  7. There is a longing to go back home, but you do not know where it is.
  8. Sudden loss of self-identity.
  9. Strong intuition of something different is about to happen.
  10. Difficulty in concentration.
  11. May feel confused and frequent forgetting occurs.
  12. Feeling detached from the present.
  13. Time distortions occur that may feel like a dream.
  14. You can see a light halo around people, animals, and objects.

Spiritual Ascension & its’s relation with The Dark Night of the Soul

The dark night of the soul is a timeline when you may feel lost, hopeless, depressed, and disconnected from yourself. Your existence as a spiritual being is in utter distress.

You have lost your true purpose in life. This awareness is the start of a spiritual awakening. Your bio-energetic field activates leading to ascension. Your search for self-identity prepares you for a conscious uplift.

Purpose of Spiritual Ascension

The ascension process unfolds a new world of knowledge and opportunity that defines your purpose in life. It is an evolutionary process that may happen in one lifetime or many lifetimes. Each lifetime is a new experience and a stepping stone towards a new insight.

The Ascension journey ends when you develop clarity of thoughts and feelings. You have clear and honest answers to life’s biggest questions. Self-exploration and Self-mastery have been successfully achieved. 

5 Stages in the Journey of Spiritual Ascension

The spiritual path of Ascension is time taking and follows a definite pattern. You need to move through the flow of time. Listen to your intuition and honor them as much as possible. The stages can be easy for a few people to follow and difficult for others.

1. Awakening


In the first stage, we are in the process of seeing a divine light which is pure and powerful. We try to become a part of that light by putting it in our realm of consciousness. This powerful light is the path of truth and wisdom. It gives you awareness of yourself and tells you who you are?

And what is your true purpose in life? You grow and shine in this divine light. This change removes your negative energies and mind poisons, such as kleshas. You can move on to the second stage of the ascension cycle.

2. Cleansing


Your actual journey towards ascension begins here. Physical body and spirit guide you through a process called cleansing. It is the purification of the soul from negative thoughts, false perceptions, greed, anger, lust, and a host of other negative emotions.

When you clean your thoughts, you rise up to a higher frequency of spiritual awakening. Cleansing helps to purify your aura. The physical and material world no more attracts you. You learn to embrace a life full of compassion, loyalty, love, and devotion towards self and others.

3. Let go old patterns

Let go old patterns
Let go old patterns

Letting go is shedding old toxic behavior patterns that you were holding for such a long time now. You allow your body and soul to become free from material entrapments.

Here, nothing may seem interesting. Your job, money, relationships may take a back seat. It’s a detox process for you and it paves the way to achieve something new.

4. Re-Birth


When you let go of toxic emotions and physical pleasures, you are born again. Your mind is free from desires and greed. You can free yourself from material vices. The emotional and spiritual journey can become an everyday affair for you.

Now, you are full of positive energy, truth, knowledge, and wisdom. You feel peace, love, and joy within and outside. The world appears to be beautiful and you can maintain balance in and around you.

5. Ascension


When we are held in the energetic field of positive vibrations, it is easier for us to ascend and rise to a higher plane. It is a stage of spiritual growth. We are spiritual bodies full of purity and devotion towards a better life.

The final stage of ascension is complete when bad elements are replaced with good and positive energy. Your soul is full of wisdom and truth. You realize your true identity and purpose in life.

The link below shows the process of Spiritual Ascension symptoms and awakening signs –

Spiritual Ascension VS Spiritual Awakening

Both these are the evolution process of growth that aims to merge with a supreme power of nature. Though the two terms are used synonymously, there is a thin line of difference between the two. Awakening is a process of self-discovery while Spiritual Ascension is a process of self-mastery.

Spiritual Ascension Spiritual Awakening
Spiritual ascension is a higher plane that follows a few stages of understanding and awareness. It is an ongoing process till one attains enlightenment. It is the initial realization of the true self. It can be an experience or understanding or both.
It gradually moves through many years, when an individual’s perceptions and thoughts are aligned with the light energies of the divine. You ascend to a higher level of spiritual growth. Pure awareness of the unlimited potential that is lying within you. It gives the first clarity of ‘Who you are?’ And ‘What is your true purpose in life?’
You stay in the raised conscious level for a long time. You can realize many realities, sensing entities. You feel connected with a supreme and pure source of divine power. In awakening, you get the first glimpse of a raised consciousness of self and the world around you.
Ascension is the final stage of your spiritual journey. It leads to moksha or Oneness with the powers of the universe. You have shed your past habits and move ahead to a higher realm of self-consciousness. It is the path of a spiritual journey where you discover yourself by kundalini awakening. The process starts at the base of your spine and moves up towards the head.
Spiritual Ascension vs Spiritual Awakening

How Long Does The Process of Spiritual Ascension Last?

After a noticeable change in your thought process and deep emotional well being, there is a tendency of slowing down the process. A stable stage arrives when the process becomes flat. It stays in a particular layer for a long time. Now, you are sure of life goals and purpose.

The old toxic patterns of your psyche have changed. You are shining within with pure love, truth, and wisdom. There is a shift in your values. You know your priorities and do not crave to attain earthly desires.

Your inner world is changed into a pure realm, where desires do not find a place. Rather, you are driven towards a search of ultimate truth that leads to a fulfilling life. The flu-like symptoms of ascension may last for a few days or even weeks. Once you realize your true self, the symptoms disappear.

How To Undo The Symptoms of Spiritual Ascension?

There are a few ascension symptoms that may cause a serious challenge. You may experience discomfort, psychological struggles, and emotional turmoil. As you move through this path of spiritual growth, you may need some relief from the overwhelming symptoms that this process causes. Few tips may be helpful to put back good mental health.

  • Let Go and change your perspectives in life. You will have to accept the change that is happening within you and around you.
  • Practice breathing exercises to calm down your wandering mind.
  • You may take a spiritual bath such as a saltwater bath which is a ritual done to calm down and relax.
  • Pay attention to your senses to understand the various changes occurring. Try to understand and grasp it.
  • Guided meditation is an effective tool to be practiced in everyday life.

The process brings in a lot of emotional problems that may be disturbing and painful. The path of the spiritual journey is not as easy as it sounds. Your soul seeks freedom from earthly ties. You need to shed old identity and pave a way for a fresh start.

Closing Thoughts

Spiritual ascension is a growth process that connects you with natural energies. It is a process of self-mastery that brings in major changes in the way you think, feel, and act.  As you expand your conscious domain, you may feel overwhelmed physically, mentally, and emotionally.

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