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Starseed – A Divine Spiritual Being

Starseed – A Divine Spiritual Being


Have you ever felt a strong connection to a star looking up at the night sky? Or do you feel attracted to gain knowledge about different planets, galaxies, and the parallel universe? If yes, then there is a chance that you possess the characteristics of a Starseed.

This term is a New Age belief about spiritual beings. Its soul connection can be traced back to thousands of years ago. The idea sounds difficult to believe but continue reading to know more about this divine connection.

What is a Starseed?

Starseeds are human beings with deep spirituality and they have come on Earth from other planets or star systems.

Starseeds are individuals who are believed to have originated from other planets, celestial bodies, star systems or galaxies on this earth. They are human beings who have traveled from the universe and possess spiritual powers. They have incarnated on earth in their present birth to impart true knowledge and wisdom leading to the evolution of the souls. Starseeds are also called soul people who are here to heal the human souls of their agonies and misfortunes.

The term was first introduced by Brad Steiger, An American author in 1976 in his book titled “Gods of Aquarius”. Starseeds are long time and old beings that show the path of righteous knowledge and help raise the consciousness of the planet.

Quick Facts about Starseeds

  • Starseeds are living their human lives on earth. They are born through the natural process of birth.
  • What makes them different from normal humans? It is the fact that their spirits have originated from another universe, planet, galaxy or a star system.
  • They are considered as aliens since they don’t belong from planet Earth, their souls originating from some other celestial body.
  • Starseeds are divine spiritual creatures who have come to share their light of knowledge and wisdom with humanity.
  • You are a wanderer soul and reincarnated into an earthly body to complete the mission of awakening and energizing human souls from negative traits of aggression, dishonesty, cruelty, and greed.
  • Star people are “old souls” who have experienced many previous incarnations on planets, other than earth, or maybe on earth, as well.
  • “Old soul” star people would have lived many other previous lives on this planet. Maybe their roots date back to the beginning of humanity. Their physical reality is not the same as their spiritual reality.
  • You are a spiritual teacher, monk, clergyman, prophet, temple priest or spiritual healers.
  • They serve as the guardian of the planet because they are full of wisdom and are considered as the epitome of truth and righteousness.
  • Starseeds do not remember their past lives until awakened. They forget their soul’s purpose and the soul’s journey.
  • You do not know who you are? Where have you come from? And what is your true purpose of living on this planet? The awareness of all these happens during a process called “Starseed Awakening”.
Starseed – A Divine Spiritual Being
Starseed – A Divine Spiritual Being

The Purpose of Being a Starseed

You being a Starseed, feel that you do not belong to this planet. You are here to serve mankind and help them to reach higher levels of spiritual evolution. The purpose of being a Starseed is as follows

  1. Starseeds have spiritual light which teaches higher will and liberation to the fellow humans.
  2. Your soul purpose is to serve love and light, kindness, compassion, and truth for the ascension and evolution of the souls.
  3. You are a child born out of stardust and possess divine light and immense energy vibration.
  4. Your soul carries knowledge, wisdom and spiritual traits. It remains latent and inactive until needed.
  5. You have come to heal human souls from their endless emotional sufferings.
  6. A Starseed soul has energy vibrations of pure light and love. It allows them to create new paths. To make progress and mend the grief-stricken souls around them.
  7. You are here to serve as a beacon of divine powers and help your fellow humans to explore limitless opportunities for growth and prosperity.
  8. Help humans to awaken their higher levels of self and attain the purity of the souls.

7 Types of Starseed

The main types of Starseed are as follows

1. Sirian Starseed

The Sirian Starseed belong to the planets Sirius A and Sirius B. They belong to the star category of old souls. They help to bring harmony, peace and divine love to all earthly beings. Their main traits are

  • The tendency of high spiritual ascension.
  • They are focused on their mission.
  • Calm and works well under pressure.
  • They cannot express emotions well.
  • Daydreamers.
  • Fun-loving.
  • Repress their emotions and do not allow letting go of it.

2. Pleiadian Starseed

This Starseed originates from the Pleiades, a star cluster found within the Taurus constellation. They are also a part of the old soul category. This group of the Starseed is meant to spread love and creativity. They have been volunteered on earth with the purpose to illuminate the collective consciousness of humans. The purpose is to alleviate their inner evils. The main traits are as follows.

  • These starseeds are highly intuitive and empathetic.
  • They are attracted to humanitarian activities.
  • They can please others very easily.
  • They love the natural world.
  • Possess natural healing abilities.

3. Arcturian Starseed

You originate from Arcturus, the brightest star present in Bootes constellation. These star people are 5th-dimensional beings and are advanced souls. They are emotionally stable and intellectually powerful. Main traits are

  • They are deeply drawn towards the night sky, astrology, astronomy and metaphysics.
  • Possess strong memory
  • They might be interested in building, planning and designing new things
  • Seeks answers to deep philosophical questions
  • They are extremely sensitive to lights and other sensations

4. Andromedan Starseed

This Starseed comes from the spiral-shaped Andromeda Galaxy. They are loving of all Starseed types. Your mission on earth is to spread happiness, love, and compassion. They focus on the empowerment of the weaker souls and to help them regain their lost control and power. Main traits are

  • They seek spiritual freedom and peace.
  • A wanderer soul roaming around in search of the truth.
  • They can easily understand the emotional manipulation done by others.
  • There is a  deep urge to express their true self.

5. Lightworker Starseed

They can come from a variety of planets or cosmic realms. Lightworkers are special souls whose purpose is to serve humanity by spreading love, goodness, positivity to every living being that crosses them. Main traits are

  • They are humble and kind-hearted.
  • They do not move away from darkness or ego rather paves their path with the divine light of spirituality.
  • They are gentle, loving and patient.
  • Closely connected with nature and love animals.
  • Always spread positive qualities among people they come across.

6. Orion Starseed

These starseeds are the native of the Orion constellation. They are our philosophers, who are research-oriented and inquisitive. Orion Starseeds help us to learn and value scientific theories. You teach harmony, trust, and faith to earthly beings. The main traits are

  • They are an expert in logical thinking.
  • Has the ability to inspire others to live a better life.
  • They have an innate longing to spread the message of peace and happiness.
  • Having a good sense of fun and humor.
  • They prefer a lonely life.

7. Feline Starseed

These starseeds came to earth from the Lyra constellation. They possess gifts of telepathy and intuition. Your divine purpose on this planet is to spread grace and creativity to humanity. The main traits are

  • They possess a creative spirit
  • Have deep energetic power.
  • They have a strong need to try and see new things.
  • Appreciate having a lonely life with yourself.
  • They are overprotective of people around them.

Starseed Child

Starseed children are the new souls who are the youngest and the newest of the Starseeds. They are star children and possess special abilities such as empathy and telepathy. They also have the power of energy cleansing of human souls. You are here on earth to build a growing society of peace, friendship, and harmony.

1. Indigo Starseed

Indigo children are born with a bluish aura (indigo). They have large heads and round bodies. You are rebellious and cannot tolerate authority and control. Many of them are inquisitive and seek to know the unknown. You are spiritually inclined towards truth and selflessness. They are often creative and short-tempered. Main traits are

  • They cannot tolerate lies and unfairness.
  • Intuitive and sensitive in nature.
  • Above-average IQ.
  • They have strong will power.

2. Crystal Starseed

They are connected to the earth through a pure spirit and gentle energy that vibrates at a higher frequency of spiritual awakening. You are the torch bearers of true love, compassion, and trust. Main traits are

  • They are an idealist
  • They follow their hearts
  • They act on impulse and poor decision making
  • Feel connected to mankind, as they are empathetic.
  • Easy going and they usually become good care-givers, as nurses or teachers.

3. Rainbow Starseed

The last in the group of star children are the rainbows – on a purpose to help human souls evolve towards a higher frequency of spiritual divinity. You are here to teach unconditional love and wisdom.

Rainbow children are compassionate souls who radiate positive thoughts. They are often known as magical kids who have profound dormant psychic powers to predict what lies ahead of their times. Main traits are

  • These children have no karmic debts and they are born in peaceful homes with loving parents
  • They do not hold negative emotions like guilt, grudge, and anger.
  • They have no fear.
  • They easily get attracted to bright colors.
  • Creative and naturally drawn towards natural healing of the soul using color therapy.
  • They are helpful, kind and generous
  • Passionate, purposeful, and persistent.

25 Signs of Starseed –

You may have a quiet sense that signals that you are alien to this planet. Maybe you feel out of place at times and keep on searching your native place. Even with these myriad feelings of loneliness and alignment with other celestial bodies, you might never be aware of being a genuine Starseed. There are a few characteristic features of being a Starseed. Let’s find out if you are one of them.

  1. They never fit in as a human on this planet and feel that earth is not your true home.
  2. Feeling a strong desire to go back from where you came in.
  3. Starseeds are different from other kids of their age. They do things much earlier than their same-age peers.
  4. Strong physical and psychic qualities such as seeing spirits, seeing a UFO or having an alien connection with the past.
  5. They can think beyond time.
  6. A strong empathy works within you.
  7. Have a pearl of deep inner wisdom and can impart knowledge to others.
  8. They have a desire to fulfill your mission, even though you do not know what it is.
  9. Get vivid and intense dreams of times which are not of this time or place.
  10. Small children easily get closer to you.
  11. They easily get connected with natural creatures such as plants and animals.
  12. Others consider you strange and weird and a misfit in society.
  13. Have fewer friends but closely connected beings.
  14. They feel deeply connected with complex ties of time and space.
  15. They possess natural psychic gifts and energy healing abilities.
  16. Unique physical features, compelling and bright eyes, and atypical body structure.
  17. Near-death and out of body experiences are common for you.
  18. Feelings of isolation, loneliness, and alienation are also there.
  19. They are highly intelligent and have a strong sense of intuition.
  20. Most of you have low body temperature with cold hands and low blood pressure.
  21. When you were a child, you had many make-believe friends. You felt your biological parents are not your real parents.
  22. They are highly sensitive to electricity and electromagnetic fields.
  23. Have unexplained memories and the feeling of having lived many lives.
  24. They are inclined towards healing professions such as psychology, medicine, astrology, counseling, and metaphysics.
  25. Service to humanity is your first love.

What is Starseed Awakening?

Starseed awakening is the timeline in which you find a true purpose of your life to continue your journey on this planet and fulfill your duties to heal human souls of its pain, sufferings, and misfortunes.

Signs of Starseed Awakening

There are various signs of this awakening process. The signs are physical and suggest that you fully awaken and realize your soul’s purpose and soul identity. Few such signs are as follows

  • They may get body aches, as you are overwhelmed with positive energy.
  • Waking up very early in the morning mostly around 3 to 4 am because your energies are at a peak at this time. It doesn’t allow you to sleep.
  • They feel unstable and disoriented and may feel out of balance.
  • They may feel weird, shaky, and queasy, as your body may have superfluous energy.
  • Stressful dreams come and go very often which are emotionally draining.
  • As your physical and spiritual selves unite, you feel supercharged and may get spasms and electric shocks inside your body.
  • They may have heightened senses like sensitivity to bright lights, loud sounds, and temperature.
  • Feelings of uneasiness, emotional upheavals, and anxiety are common signs of Starseed awakening.

6 Stages of Starseed Awakening

Starseeds are beings from various galactic realms. They are spiritually powerful which presides over their heart and mind. Your primary intent is to serve humanity with kindness, compassion, and truth.

In this process, they feel lost and become a wanderer soul in search of their destiny. Once they start to awaken, they go through a few stages which are as follows

1. A sudden divine experience

You may experience a sudden life-changing divine feeling or déjà vu. It can be a near-death experience, or a panic attack, a nervous breakdown or a union with your twin flame.

2. Change in attitude and beliefs

You start to believe and perceive things differently. You do not bother about the rules of society and prefer to follow your self-intuitions. If you are not happy or dissatisfied with what you are doing, you prefer to quit or avoid it. Such as giving up a job or moving out of a broken relationship.

3. Develop spiritual understanding

In this stage, you can develop a deeper understanding of your spiritual self. You can easily identify people and situations properly. Your psychic powers have started emanating. Light of wisdom and appositive knowledge of life principles start appearing to the forefront. You can use this intention for better service to humanity.

4. Growth in inner love and beauty

Your inner love and beauty makes you feel energized and helps you to see the world from a different perspective. All the ugly things in this world look good and beautiful. For example – if you have a friend who is selfish, impatient and toxic, you may start finding positive things about him and start seeing him from a different angle.

5. Spiritual Healing

You start embracing your spiritual abilities. Once you start your journey of love and compassion towards the betterment of mankind, you feel fulfilled. Your life goal is met and it becomes effortless to help others who need you. You become a guardian who can heal the pains and insecurities of other lower-level souls.

6. Higher Self Union

In this stage, you unite with your higher self and move towards knowing your identity. This higher self removes your mental obscurity and you become aware of your Starseed root. You are able to know who you are and where you come from. Your thirst and longing for ultimate union with divine powers of the universe are ultimately met.

Starseed Awakening

Closing Thoughts

The parting lines of this article make it clear that we are all made of stars and have chosen this planet to learn and evolve. In this process of learning, we meet few people called Starseeds who possess special spiritual qualities to serve humanity, to love unconditionally, to help us find our soul’s truth and help us realize higher realms of cosmic knowledge.

Starseeds act as spirit guides for us. They teach us that we are all-powerful enough, having unlimited potentials to evolve the higher strata of spiritual healing.

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