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How to Make Moon Water for Spiritual Healing?

How to Make Moon Water for Spiritual Healing?

How to Make Moon Water for Spiritual Healing

The full moon holds an occult place in the history of human culture. It’s no wonder that many superstitions, myths, and apprehensions are associated with the effects of the full moon on us. The aura of the moon is said to have its effect on all the crazy things that people do.

The full moon with incredible energy generates positive healing properties that we can use in our daily lives. The energy helps you to rejuvenate your spirits and heal your soul. Let’s learn how to make moon water and use its magical powers for our eternal growth.

What is Moon Water?

Water is charged under the energy of the (moon) lunar light. The water absorbs the positive energy of the moon which you can use for healing your negative thoughts and emotions.

Moon water is water that is charged with the energies of the full moon, new moon or a super moon phase. It is said that the feminine nature of the moon affects our spirits. The energy of the moon is the strongest in a full moon night, and if you wish to harness this vibrant energy in your daily living, and then prepare water by keeping a glass container full of water overnight in a place where the moonlight will fall on the water and increase its spiritual powers.

Later, you may use it in various ways. This water has cleansing properties that can transform and heal your myriad emotional upsurge.

Does the Moon Affect Emotions and Behavior?

Many of you must have noticed that people complain of feeling emotionally overwhelmed on a full moon or a new moon night. They feel and do awkward things which they would not have done otherwise. The moon is said to rule and guide human emotions. The idea that the phases of the moon affect human mood and behavior has been a controversial one.

Few studies negate the correlation while others suggest that there may be some truth to these old theories. People show erratic behavior and get mood swings on a full moon night. Episodes of sadness, anger, and emotional disturbances lurk high during varying phases of the moon. Human brain activity and hormone levels also get disrupted under the influence of the moon.

Moon Water Holds Information

The making of mystical moon water on a full moon or new moon night has been found in folklore stories from across the world. But its efficacy in healing human thoughts and emotions and spiritual transformation have never been scientifically proven. Since our bodies are made of 75% water and water holds information and intentions, so the ambiance of the moon does have an effect on emotions.

The moon intensifies our good and bad emotional energies. It helps to develop your positive traits, through powerful spiritual healing. It helps to cleanse your negative emotions of guilt, shame, anger to make you an empowered being. There are so many things that go beyond scientific proclamation but do happen in our lives. May be moon water and its effect on body, mind, and spirit is just one of them.

How to Make Moon Water for Spiritual Healing
How to Make Moon Water for Spiritual Healing

How to Make Moon Water?

The traditional practice of harnessing the lunar energy to enrich human wisdom and spiritual cleansing has been used for centuries across the globe. There are 8 steps in making your magical moon water. Here is the ‘moon water recipe’ –

1. Choosing the container

Choosing the container
Choosing the container

You should always use a glass container or vessel to make moon water as glass is pure and permeable. The light easily penetrates into it. You may use a glass bowl, glass bottle, mason jars or a pitcher. Fill the container with filter water or distilled water. The water should be devoid of impurities, so it is better to take purified drinking water

2. Placing your vessel

Placing your vessel
Placing your vessel

You place the vessel under the full moon overnight. Find a place that is not blocked and the light of the moon can fall on the vessel directly. You can choose an open space outside your home or you may keep it on a window sill, where there will be no obstruction.

3. Surrounding your vessel

Surrounding your vessel
Surrounding your vessel

You can surround your vessel with herbs and gem crystals, as per your zodiac moon sign. Example – sapphire for wisdom. You can even use herbs, depending upon your intention of making the moon water. You may try rosebuds if you feel drawn towards love.

If you need protection, think of using marjoram. Basil leaves bring in prosperity and success. Thus, you can adorn your water container with herbs to increase the charges of the water.

4. Set intentions

Set intentions
Set intentions

Now is the time to set your intention for making the moon water. Pray to the moon and set positive intentions. Your own energies and thoughts will affect the water. Meditate pure and positive thoughts and create moon water. It is said that water can absorb your positive energies and good feelings.

So, while putting the container under the moonlight, ensure that you are positive and lively. Let hope and goodness fill your lovely thoughts. Your intentions could be to get more money, or to mend a broken relationship or to heal physical disease. Remove all your negative thoughts and create a new place for self-healing and growth.

5. Leave the container in a proper place

Leave the container in a proper place
Leave the container in a proper place

You place your vessel under the moonlight overnight to get the charged moon water. This water is pure with divine energies of the moon.

6. Ready water

Ready water
Ready water

The next morning, collect your moon water before dawn so that sun rays do not fall over it. The moon water is ready to be used for various purposes.

7. Seek blessings of the moon

Seek blessings of the moon
Seek blessings of the moon

After you gather your vessel the next morning, thank the moon for her blessings and energies. You thank the moon for bestowing you with good potential and endless power. Release all darkness and fear, grief and worries. Fill up your heart with beauty and brightness, just like the shine of the moonlight.

8. Storing water

Storing water
Storing water

You should store the water in a dark place such as a kitchen cabinet or under the bed or place it in some dark corner of the room. The bottle is labeled with the date of preparation and the moon phase under which the water was made. This personal data of your moon water is useful for future use. You can even wrap the moon water container with a clean cloth or scarf.

Moon Water Benefits

The mystic connection of our soul enrichment with phases of the moon was always an open debate. The reasons for making the moon water are as follows –

  1. The magical power of the moon has been tapped for our personal well being and spiritual guidance. 
  2. Moon has strong cleansing properties. It heals our broken souls from sadness, worry, grief, sorrow, frustration, and anger.
  3. Moon water is charged with the energy of the moonlight and it is good for removing our inner ills and mental agonies.
  4. It can bring in good luck, prosperity, spiritual enlightenment.
  5. Moon acts as a mirror of our soul. It reflects our bad energies to us and helps us to grow to our higher selves.
  6. The moon cycles teach us to release our negative energies (negative thoughts and emotions) and empower us with positive energy (creation and growth of our spirits).

Additives to Supercharge Your Moon Water

Charging water under the moonlight is simple to make. To enhance its mystical power, you can use essential oils, crystals, and herbs.


Few crystals that can safely be used in water are

  • Clear Quartz
  • Amethyst
  • Smoky Quartz
  • Citrine
  • Agate 
  • Tiger’s Eye
  • Moon Stone


Herbs add aroma and essence to your moon water.

  • Rose petals
  • Red Raspberry leaves
  • Anise
  • Blue Lotus
  • Ginger
  • Clary Sage
  • Hibiscus
  • Poppy
  • Aloe
  • Almond
  • Coconut
  • Bamboo

Essential Oils

Use feminine and floral oils. Oils give a special aura to your lunar water. Few of them are

  • Cypress
  • Frankincense
  • Juniper
  • Lotus
  • Sandalwood
  • Violet
  • Lavender
  • Jasmine

With regard to the use of crystals, herbs and essential oils use products which are connected to the aura of the moon only, to get the best effects. Herbs and crystals that are generally safe in water should be used.

Moon Water Uses – 17 Ways to Use Moon Water

You can harness the healing energy of the moon water in various ways. Some of them are as follows.

  1. Energize your gemstones and crystals related to your zodiac signs with moon water.
  2. You can enjoy a full moon water bath for a refreshing and divine glow.
  3. Water your plants with moon water.
  4. Moon water can be used to make oil perfumes. You can spray it inside your house for freshness and aroma.
  5. You can use moon water for beauty and self-care. Make a skin tone by mixing lavender oil and the moon water. It helps to keep you fresh all day.
  6. Keep a small vial of moon water in your purse or car for good luck.
  7. If you have charged your moon water with a specific intent, then focus on absorbing the goodness of that intent with peace and happiness.
  8. You can bless your money with moon water. Sprinkle water (a few drops) on your wallet.
  9. You can drink your lunar water every day in an empty stomach to remove bad energy from your body.
  10. Spray the lunar water onto your bed to have a peaceful and relaxing sleep.
  11. You can even clean your jewelry in this water for their extra shine.
  12. Float candles in it to beautify your home interiors.
  13. You can relish a magical tea recipe with few drops of lunar water.
  14. Cleanse your zodiac gemstones with lunar water for good luck, prosperity, and spiritual well being.
  15. Use this water in your home oil diffuser to purify, cleanse, and recharge the positive energy of your household.
  16. You can even use it as holy water to wash your hands before prayer or a religious ritual.
  17. It is used for various spell work and magical endeavors.

Here is an interesting video which talks about “MOON WATER what is it? & how do I use it?!” –

MOON WATER what is it? & how do I use it?!

Moon Water Prayer

Moon Water Prayer. (Source – Pinterest)

Closing Thoughts

Are you ready to make your personalized moon water to bring in good luck and happiness into your otherwise difficult life? If yes, then prepare your first-ever lunar water in the next full moon or new moon phase.

The magnificent and illuminating moonlight will teach you peace and absolute harmony. The Full moon rises once a month to emit positive energy and it gives us insights into our soul work and a higher self.