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8 Spiritual Awakening Signs You Must Look Out For

8 Spiritual Awakening Signs You Must Look Out ForUpdated on September 13, 2020 | Published on October 11, 2019

Spiritual Awakening Signs

Most of us live our lives on auto-pilot. We don’t realize we have a soul of our own that needs attention. We don’t see that this life has more to it than meets the eye. Beyond our pain, anger, relationships, heartbreak, financial struggle, bad physical health lies something that holds the power to control and manage everything. It is our soul that connects us to bigger energy. It is our soul that makes us believe in the existence of oneness. When you break the barriers and thrash the dichotomy, non-duality enters into your life. However, one must be open to receiving the teachings of spirituality. Without a will, there can be a pain but there can’t be awakening. 

For soul awakening, you have to surrender yourself to life. But don’t take it as only surrendering because after surrendering there is transformation too. Spiritual awakening is not linear, it involves lots of ups and downs, just like the waves in the sea. It takes different shapes and different turns. Before we talk about the Spiritual Awakening Signs, we must dig deep into what it really is. 

What is Spiritual Awakening? 

Awakening has been associated with some sort of enlightenment by many people. People feel when soul-awakening happens, they get exposed to higher wisdom, and meeting with God takes place.

Most of the time, this is not at all the case. Spiritual Awakening is a shift in consciousness. It is the growth of one’s soul. When the egoistic mind takes a back seat and tender and pure soul comes in the fore, soul awakening begins. It is not full of roses and sunshine.

It is heartbreaking, painful, stirring, and much more. Full consciousness is appealing but it is not easy. It is exhilarating but not a piece of cake. It changes everything you have ever known.

It makes you question your existence and the existence of this world. It gives you a rebirth. It gives you a chance to mend the past mistakes. It gives you a chance to live for a bigger purpose. It makes you believe in something bigger than yourself. 

In an extremely simple way, it can be said that awakening happens when you detach yourself from your pain, your past, your misery, your love and start to observe yourself as one with nature or universe.

8 Spiritual Awakening Signs That You Must Look Out For
8 Spiritual Awakening Signs That You Must Look Out For

Who Can Experience Spiritual Awakening?

In this era of social media, we have plenty of information available to us. But how much information we hold about our own soul? Do we even believe that we have an energy body that is referred to as the soul?  People who believe in energy bodies or people who are open to accepting such a concept are more likely to attain awakening. However, for others, it is difficult, not impossible. Those who can slowly start to let go of everything they have ever known or taught can experience a spiritual awakening.

In most cases, awakening initiates without even trying, but for those who don’t seem to feel any such thing within themselves should take the help of a reliable teacher, meditate, read more about spirituality, practice yoga, spend time in nature, enjoy solitude, etc. 

For every person, spiritual awakening may take place differently, while for some it can be the process of letting go, for some it can be embracing the reality and finding clarity. 

What Can Initiate the Process of Spiritual Awakening?

When programming and conditioning ends and new beliefs enter into your life, awakening begins. We all have been raised into believing different concepts and principals. Some of us believe in God and some belief in religion. Some believe life is a result of their consequences and some believe life is merely coincidental and it’s our destiny taking care of everything.

When you let go of all these belief systems ingrained in you, you take the first step in the direction of higher enlightenment. Sometimes big life changes such as the death of a dear one, failure of a sort, breakup, trauma, etc can initiate the process of spiritual awakening. However, it is important for the person in question to be mindful. Without mindfulness, people tend to miss the chances of awakening their souls. An open eye towards your pain can take you to higher places. 

Spiritual Awakening Signs

If you are confused and you don’t understand when your soul is growing or is close to growth, you can refer to some of these signs. The knowledge about these signs can make you more aware of your soul and about spiritual awakening. You must try to see these common signs within or around you. 

You may experience all of these signs or you may experience only some of these if your soul is beginning to awaken and you begin a journey on a spiritual path. 

1. You feel a weird sense of emptiness and fall into depression

You feel a weird sense of emptiness and fall into depression
You feel a weird sense of emptiness and fall into depression

I warned you! A spiritual path is not easy. It is painful and mostly it begins with painful and soul-stirring moments. There is no shame in feeling empty and depressed. These are your emotions and like any other emotion, you have to own them.

You have to embrace the pain and dig deep inside. In my research, I came across many people who just sat staring walls for days not realizing what was happening with them. Every experience doesn’t have to be this intense but if you are feeling disconnected from your surroundings, from your relationships and materialism, it may be the beginning of something bigger for you.

2. You begin to accept things and people for what they are

You begin to accept things and people for what they are
You begin to accept things and people for what they are

Lately, if you have been enjoying idiosyncrasies of everyone without getting affected by it, it may be a sign of an enlightened soul. If you accept people and things for how they really are and you don’t wish to change someone as per your will, you may have started your spiritual journey. Awakened souls don’t wish to change the world.

They become mindful of the fact that every soul is different and has come to this earth with different karmic patterns or experiences, It is absolutely unfair to accept people to live the way you want them to live. Everyone here is on their own journey. 

3. You begin to see a bigger picture and ask bigger questions 

You begin to see a bigger picture and ask bigger questions
You begin to see a bigger picture and ask bigger questions

Beyond people’s problems and suffering, there is a world that connects all of us in a sacred way. Money is important. By no means, I am suggesting that you should give up your professional life and money entirely but with my experience, I have realized that spiritually awake people see a bigger picture.

They ask themselves questions about existentialism and their purpose in life. They want to live for a purpose that is bigger than themselves. Mostly, they feel a deeper connection with their soul and try to please the soul by doing significant work such as helping people and spreading awareness.

4. Apathy towards many seemingly crucial aspects of life 

Apathy towards many seemingly crucial aspects of life
Apathy towards many seemingly crucial aspects of life

You may have seen many yogis giving up their jobs and routine life to give lessons to the public. You may have also seen many well-educated people leaving their luxury life to live away from the hustle-bustle. Well, the reasons could be their awakened soul. Once your soul grows, you begin to find peace in minimal and basic things but you generate apathy towards a routine job, a toxic relationship, fake human connections, etc.

I am not suggesting that you should give up your basic life to awaken your soul. It is good to have healthy relationships and love-filled connections with people, however, at the beginning of soul awakening, you may find yourself questioning a lot of things about your life, your relationships, and society generated rules.

5. You find yourself in a bond with nature 

You find yourself in a bond with nature
You find yourself in a bond with nature 

If you have been feeling alive near nature and you have been feeling gratitude for being able to see the landscapes, trees, animals, sky, mountains, etc, you may be forming a special and precious bond with nature. It is no surprise that those who find peace in nature have heightened awareness.

Such people know what their priority in life is and they feel thankful to God for creating this beautiful world. You may also become more aware of climate and animal rights. You may want to plant trees and live around a place where you can breathe in the fresh air. 

6. You seek freedom and desire to start afresh 

You seek freedom and desire to start afresh
You seek freedom and desire to start afresh 

After depression and apathy, spiritually awakened people often want to start afresh. They start to notice a huge change in how they feel and how they want to work. They may switch a job or switch a city.

On some occasions, they may also bring many new changes to their lifestyle. Many times, they don’t like barriers and want to remain in tune with nature. They would not prefer someone telling them what to do, instead, they would cherish their freedom. It happens because such people mostly listen to their own self and know what is right for them. They have acceptance when it comes to others so they also expect others to accept their uniqueness. 

7. You explore the depths of yourself and begin to love yourself 

You explore the depths of yourself and begin to love yourself
You explore the depths of yourself and begin to love yourself 

We live in a time where everyone is talking about self-love and self-care. However, not everyone knows that self-care is not just about putting up a beauty mask, gymming, eating fresh, or writing journals. It is much more. It is going deep within yourself and realizing that you first need to heal from your past trauma or any other thing that has caused you pain.

It is also forgiving people for what they have done. It is also crying in your bed in pain but still embracing yourself. Self-love is accepting your flaws, having awareness about them and further, working on them. When you begin to love yourself in such a way that external factors don’t hurt you or shatter you, this may be a sign of a spiritually awakened soul. Such people take care of their mind-body and physical body. They also become aware of what they consume. 

8. You become drawn to spirituality and personal development 

You become drawn to spirituality and personal development
You become drawn to spirituality and personal development 

As a spiritually awakened person, you may detach yourself from many relationships, emotions, and bonds. Instead, you may dig deep down your own self and talk to yourself. It is absolutely normal to sit and chat with yourself for hours. Self-talk further leads to a will for personal development. You may want to read more self-help books, you may want to eat healthily and you may feel like performing different types of yoga and meditation.

You may also want to turn vegan and eat only salads. Sometimes, you may start to look at your body like a temple or a gift given by God. It is also highly common to feel extreme clarity and calmness in your mind.

However, it should be kept in mind that the process doesn’t start with this aspect, the process of deeper connection with yourself starts with an extremely chaotic mind in most cases but it slowly takes you to a path of enlightenment. 

Take-home Message

Apart from all these signs, a sense of clarity and calmness, change in sleeping patterns, no fear of death, feeling of oneness and non-duality, no judgments, will to spend alone time, detachment, etc are also a few common signs of spiritual awakening. For every individual, the journey will be different but it is certain that along that journey you will definitely encounter some of these signs. This journey is bumpy, it is not a straight road.

However, once you have stepped on it, there is no going back. Most people imbibe spiritual beliefs in themselves once they encounter the calmness and stability that it brings in life. After taking the journey to spiritual awakening, you will no longer feel like this world is a bad place to live in or this life is difficult.

Spiritual Awakening Signs FAQs

What does spiritual awakening mean?

Spiritual awakening is the growth of your soul and shift in your consciousness. It simply means putting your ego aside and believing in higher consciousness. It is often considered that enlightenment is the same as a spiritual awakening.

What are the stages of spiritual awakening?

A person going through spiritual awakening goes pass many stages and emotions. It begins from a sense of detachment from the world and progresses towards accepting others for who they are and exploring your own self.

What happens during a spiritual awakening?

During spiritual awakening, a person goes through many transitions. These transitions are not always comfortable and pleasing. Some of them are rather depressing and life-altering.

How long can a spiritual awakening last?

The whole process of spiritual awakening can last for months as it is a gradual process, however, once gained, you will not be able to get rid of it. There is no coming back from high consciousness.

What to expect after a spiritual awakening?

You can expect a completely new perspective about your life and the people around you. You will become a calmer and accepting person. You will also begin to focus on your inner self more.