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Self Love Meditation & Its Advantages

Self Love Meditation & Its Advantages

Self Love Meditation & its advantages

Self-love meditation is a concept that is misunderstood by many. What is self-love? Why do we need it? How does meditation help in the entire process? These are just some of the many questions that cross the mind when one hears about this concept. Before learning and appreciating the concept of self love meditation, it is important to understand what is self-love.

Our daily routine involves many things. But how many of these things do we do for ourselves? Most of our task list revolves around fulfilling the expectations of others. And this is where the problem arises.

It is normal to do things to meet the expectations of others. For instance, the individual works to earn money. He or she uses this money to fulfill the needs of their family. This is absolutely normal. However, in the process, if the individual ends up ignoring his or her needs, it is wrong. The body is a gift given by the almighty. This body has physical, mental, and spiritual needs. In the race to fulfill the demands of others, we often end up ignoring the needs of our bodies. That is not fair. When an individual chooses not to pay attention to these needs of the body, it costs them their physical and mental health. 

Unfortunately, the impact is so gradual that most people do not realize the damage that it causes until it becomes serious. The only way to avoid this is to practice self-love. 

What is Self Love?

In the simplest terms, self-love is all about loving yourself. Pay heed to the physical and spiritual needs of the body. The only way to do so is to spend some time daily to understand what your body wants. For example, if you feel physically tired, it is okay to invest money in a luxurious spa, every once in a while.

Sometimes, you may want to eat your favorite food even when no one in the family likes it. Ultimately, our ability to love yourself defines the way we can love others. Therefore, self-love is important. There are many ways to practice self-love. One of these ways is guided meditation. 

Self Love Meditation & Its Advantages
Self Love Meditation & Its Advantages

What is Self Love Meditation?

Self love meditation is a technique that teaches you to pay attention to the needs and wants of your conscious. 

When negative emotions start to take control of your mind, it becomes difficult to retain sanity in your thought. Such individuals often end up believing that they are not worthy of love. This hits their confidence and their ability to maintain healthy as well as co-dependent relationships. Close your eyes and enter the world of self-love meditation as a solution to this problem. It is the perfect solution to the problem. 

We have already elaborated on the concept of self-love and its importance. Meditation is one of the many available methods that teach an individual to express self-love. There are many advantages to meditation. It is known to cleanse the mind and the soul.

One is often heard complaining about the lack of resources. But self-love meditation teaches you to be thankful for what you have. Gradually, it also makes the individual realize that he or she has enough. Interestingly, meditation in itself is a technique to fuel positivity, love yourself, and love others. 

Are You Being Selfish?

There is a very thin line that differentiates self-love from selfishness. Being selfish is about being obsessed with your needs and desires as well as ignoring others.

However, self-love is about paying attention to your needs and desires while working towards maintaining healthy relationships with the people around you. Practicing self-love brings stability in life. It teaches us to invest in the relationships that matter and therefore build a meaningful life. 

Advantages of practicing ‘self love’

  1. It helps calm your mind because you stop depending on others to take care of your needs. 
  2. It empowers the mind to respond thoughtfully rather than react instantaneously. 
  3. You evolve into a better person – professionally and personally. This is because it teaches you to nurture relationships. 
  4. It also teaches you to forgive and move on. This is an excellent virtue that teaches you to look forward in life. 
  5. You stop complaining and learn to make the most of the opportunities that are available. 
  6. It gives purpose to your life. You tend to find joy and happiness, even in the small events around you. This makes it an extremely satisfying experience. 

Practicing self-love is a process that reaps benefits gradually. As one progresses on their journey to practicing self-love, he or she experiences spiritual growth. This, in turn, contributes to the physical and mental well being of the individual. 

Why Do You Need To Practice ‘Self Love Meditation’?

In our race to meet deadlines, we often end up ignoring the thousands of thoughts and feelings that cross our minds. An individual may choose to react instantaneously to a situation. But the mind makes note of every single incident. Everything that happens to us and around us is actually a medium to enhance our learning.

The gradual compilation of these learning is what aids in an individual’s spiritual growth. Meditation gives us a chance to confront these thoughts and feelings. The focus of meditation is to attain inner peace. In the process, one has to confront their thoughts and carefully evaluate their actions. 

The meditation techniques that one uses to achieve this goal are irrelevant. You could opt for guided meditation or follow an online course. The focus should be on training the mind to disconnect itself from the present for a brief time. Use this quiet time to evaluate actions and behavior. All the anxiousness, stress and concerns will disappear, as you master the art. 

Advantages of practicing self love meditation:

  1. It promotes brain growth. Believe it or not, the brain does grow. In research, it was proved that those who meditated regularly had a bigger cortex. Meditation also calms the mind and therefore aids in improving the memory. 
  2. Self-love meditation helps reduce stress. Since meditation teaches the mind to disconnect itself from the present, it helps to get rid of all the worries. Reducing stress also impacts the overall health of the individual in a positive way. There are various stress-related disorders as well that can be treated with meditation. 
  3. It helps to reduce anxiety. Any form of meditation teaches the mind to focus. The improved ability to focus also ensures that the individual is able to see a broader purpose. This automatically reduces anxiety. 
  4. You evolve into a better decision-maker. The basic rule of meditation is to retrospect on the activities done. The purpose of this is to identify the pattern, understand the details, and evaluate the actions. Someone who practices meditation on a day to day basis learns to evaluate every detail. This empowers them to make better decisions. 
  5. It helps in developing self-awareness. Meditation teaches an individual to express self-love. The process makes you aware of your thoughts as well as actions. Therefore, the individual develops a better understanding of himself or herself. Increased self-awareness ensures that the individual is able to sustain healthy relationships. 
  6. Meditation teaches compassion. You learn to treat others with kindness and forgive their mistakes. 
  7. Self-love meditation also helps to fight addictions. This is because it teaches you to identify your inner strength and move away from the negatives in life. 
  8. You sleep better. Meditation relaxes the mind and shifts focus to the positives in life. It helps clear the conscience and ensures that you can sleep comfortably every night. After all, a good night’s sleep is needed to maintain a healthy body. 

Self-love meditation is a healing technique that helps the body overcome stress and worries. It promotes emotional well being. This, in turn, facilitates physical and mental well being. 

5 Approaches to practice self love meditation?

You can practice self love meditation from anywhere. The place does not matter. The intent and effort are important. For instance, you could start with just fifteen minutes of meditation in your bedroom or even balcony. You need to choose a place that offers some peace. Peace is important because you need to focus on your mind. Initially, the task will seem challenging. It is not easy to disconnect the mind from the present to singularly focus on one thing. 

Here are some approaches that can work for practicing self love meditation :

1.Gratitude approach

Start your meditation by being thankful for whatever you have. This is a good way to teach the mind to be satisfied and love yourself instead of constantly complaining. 

2. Self appreciation method 

Another approach to practice self love meditation, is to set out with an intent to appreciate yourself. Every effort matters so don’t undermine yours. As you meditate and reflect on the day, give yourself a pat on back to have survived it so well. 

3. Embrace positivity

In this method, you practice self love meditation with an intent of positivity. A good way to start is to reflect on all the positive things that have made your day. 

4. Spiritual enlightenment 

This approach towards self love meditation will focus on achieving spiritual well-being. The idea is to teach the mind to align its thoughts to the supreme energy in the Universe. 

5. Just love yourself 

A great way to practice self love meditation is to set out with a clear intent of loving yourself. Embrace every aspect of your personality like its a blessing as you soak in the realm of meditation.

How To Do ‘Self Love Meditation’?

Now that we have explored the different approaches to practice self love meditation, let’s talk about the basic procedure to follow meditation. These basics remain the same, irrespective of the approach that you choose. 

Please remember that the process is not sacrosanct. There are various means to meditate and you will need to figure out what works best for you. However, this basic guide will come in handy as it encourages you to start.

1) Get comfortable

Meditation is not easy, at least initially. The body takes time to get used to the idea of focusing on one object or thought for such extended durations of time. So start by choosing a comfortable place where you can meditate. Ensure that you have no disturbance in this area. If people keep calling out to you or if you keep hearing noises, it may be difficult to train the mind to focus. 

2) Sit or stand

You can lie down and meditate or just sit and meditate. Opt for a position that is comfortable. Remember that the body has to stay in this position for a few minutes as your meditation lasts. Prepare your mind to be still for some time. 

3) Choose your focus

Meditation is all about focus. You need to choose your point of focus. It could be an object, a thought, or even a process. The easiest to start with is your breathing. Close your eyes and focus on the inhaling as well as exhaling. Feel the rhythm of breaths as it flows through your body. 

You can also use music as a tool to facilitate the meditation process. There are some fantastic Buddhist tunes that have an extremely soothing effect on the mind. 

4) Let the mind float away

As your focus strengthens, the mind begins to drift away. This will not happen on the first day. It takes time. But as the mind tries to drift away, you must let it. Enjoy the experience and do not get scared. During this period, the mind tends to evaluate the happenings around you in greater detail. You connect with your inner voice and understand the needs as well as desires. 

5) Come back to reality

Meditation is just a brief departure from the present. It is equally important to come back to the current situation. Gradually, nudge your mind to come back to your present-day reality. By this time, you would have gathered some learning and will experience a calmness. Open your eyes and the positivity inside you will motivate you to make the most of the day. 

Here is an interesting video on how to do it: 

Guided meditation for self love

Self love meditation script

If you are looking for the self love meditation script then read it here.

Concluding Note

Self-love meditation is a practice that needs to be a part of your daily routine. Yes! We need to learn to love and appreciate ourselves just as much as we do for others. It helps boost confidence, self-esteem, and overall positivity in life.

If you do not have space at home, join a class that helps you meditate. But if you intend to live a happy and fulfilling life, you must learn to practice it.