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17 Relationship Goals to Keep Your Love Flourishing

17 Relationship Goals to Keep Your Love Flourishing

Relationship Goals to Keep Your Love Flourishing

No matter what the world tells you, love is the most powerful emotion in every realm. Whether you are in an intimate relationship, honeymoon phase, or looking for the love of your life, understand that in the long run, every relationship seems boring with time. For this reason, it is important to learn about some top relationship goals to maintain a healthy relationship with your partner.

Once you are past the fairy-tale stage of love, it is important to understand that in order to keep the relationship going, you must spend a little time taking care of it. Unfortunately, many relationships fall out due to lack of care.

If you are looking for some advice on this matter, then these relationship goals are must for you to follow.

What Are Relationship Goals?

To put it in simple terms, relationship goals are plans or dreams that you and your partner assign to each other or themselves as a whole. The purpose is to achieve them all as they journey together in life.

It is just like professional goals, only it involves keeping your partner happy and taking care of him or her. Falling in love is easy, however, maintaining a happy relationship with your partner can be quite challenging. With time, people lose interest or connection with their spouses or partners. Thus, it is important to take care of it every step.

Why Setting Relationship Goals is a Good Thing?

Love is a beautiful thing. When you love your partner, you are ready to live your life with them. It is amazing, the feeling of pure love for someone. You know, people are lucky to have found true love in a lifetime. Thus, it is important to keep your love safe with you for the rest of your life.

This is reason enough to set and stay true to certain relationship goals in life. One example of such goals includes improving communication with each other, even on hard topics or becoming healthy or fit with each other.

There are many self-help books to set and smash relationship goals as a couple. However, you do not need a bunch of videos, love guru, marriage coach, or book to understand these goals. When you know your partner well and good, it would be a child’s game to set goals with them. In fact, you would enjoy your time smashing the goals as well.

How to Support the Set Relationship Goals with Your Partner?

Now that you have decided to set certain relationship goals with your spouse, there is one thing that you must remember – to support one another as you work toward accomplishing these goals. Here are a few tips to support each other –

  • Stay in alignment with each other while accomplishing these goals
  • Do not forget to celebrate your accomplishments
  • Set attainable goals first
  • Make sure that the set goals are feel-good
  • Feel that your relationship is getting better with time

Remember, relationships are not that hard to work with. Love is the main ingredient. Trust is another. With the following relationship goals, you will certainly become a pro at flourishing your relationship with your partner.

Relationship Goals to Keep Your Love Flourishing
Relationship Goals to Keep Your Love Flourishing

17 Relationship Goals to Prosper with Your Partner

You cannot set a relationship goal if you don’t know what it should be? For a healthy relationship, it is absolutely crucial to know your relationship goals and finding creative ways to accomplish them. For starters, these 17 relationship goals will help you become the best partners to each other.

1. Understand each other

It is so important to understand each other as partners. There are fears, problems, patterns that each partner deals with throughout their life. When you decide to commit to someone, you accept them with all their flaws as you find ways to work with them through it all, and expect the same from them.

Thus, it is important to understand each other through it all. This is what a perfect partnership means. It is integral for a long-term relationship to be understanding with each other.

2. Communicate obsessively and excessively

A real relationship is based on honest and excessive communication with each other. Please understand that when we say excessive, we mean it. It is important to have clear and crisp communication with your partner.

It is absolutely necessary to communicate every single problem to your partner, with a motive to solve the situation and move forward together.

3. Focus on solution and not problem

When you argue with each other or have a disagreement, at the back of your head, understand that this is not about you and your partner, this is about you tow against the problem, looking for a solution.

When you work on a problem related to your relationship it is important to look at it from every angle and agree on the best possible outcome or solution. Keep practicing every time you start having an argument and soon, you will get there.  

4. Go on dates

Even though you have been dating for a long time, it is important to know that date night on a weekend should be your thing! Romantic relationships are built on amazing dates. Now that you have each other, you shouldn’t stop going on dates. In fact, you must find or think of new and creative ways to make your dates memorable with each other.

This will also give her a chance to discuss things apart from regular life. Change of place is also important to give life to new energy and interesting conversations. Make it a habit to go on dates, trust us.

5. Find time to have fun

This is one of the real goals to have as a couple who has been together for a long time! Hanging out together, making fun of each other, laughing together, etc. is a part of having fun! Even when your lives are busy, it is crucial to take a break from routine things and immerse yourself in having fun –travel, dance, watch a movie, cook, join yoga—anything you agree to do together!

6. Be intimate with each other often

It has been proven scientifically that couples who get intimate thrice or more per week are happier than those who don’t. Thus, to make your relationship healthy and happy, intimacy is a vital ingredient.

Make sure that we aren’t talking about the honeymoon phase, it’s beyond that. Even if you are busy, it is important to find time to physically connect with each other. You will thank your stars for following this goal someday.

7. Spend time individually

For a healthy relationship, it is important to spend time together; for a healthier relationship, it is crucial to spend time alone. When you spend time with yourself, you understand yourself better and thus, you understand others better as well.

Being apart from each other for a while will only increase the value of spending time with each other. In fact, you will notice that your partner will appreciate having you around more because you are now spending time apart as well. Remember, balance is a key to a flourishing relationship. Make an ‘us’ time and ‘you’ time and work accordingly.

8. Prioritize your relationship

The number one thing in your life should be you. It shouldn’t be anything or anybody else. However, relationships should be one of your priorities as well. Since you have committed to share your life with this person, you should be answerable to them and be there for them always.

However, prioritizing your relationship doesn’t mean you should avoid your needs and wants. Give yourself everything that you want to but do not ignore the needs of your special one. It is important for both of you to give each other the attention you deserve.

9. Accept each other for who you are

A big part of staying together in the long run is to accept each other completely for who they have been and who they are. It is easier said than done but it is crucial for a couple to accept each other, if they want to spend the rest of their lives together. This strengthens the connection between two people and bonds them for a lifetime.

Just accepting someone isn’t part of the deal. You must also feel comfortable with who they were and are. You must also know that they are becoming as well. So, you should accept them and help them become a better version of who they are while accepting them for who they currently are.

This might mean that at one point of their lives, they were toxic to someone or vice-versa and that has affected some parts of them. So, love is the only thing that can help them recover or become better. Please know that sometimes, this might also require on your part to be tough on them for them to work on them and be better. 

This also requires days, weeks, or months of no communication, so that they can think over their pattern and learn to change it. In most cases, they do. In any case, you shouldn’t accept anyone who is toxic or disrespectful to you. Know what you deserve in life.

10. Create a bucket list

It is one way to keep your life exciting! Both of you must make a bucket list together with complete intention of ticking off all of them, together! This way, you both will learn about each other’s interests and well, this would bring the two of you closer than you were ever before!

Go on a bucket list adventure and explore things together. Every month, pick an activity from your bucket list and go, do it! You will feel absolutely amazing!

11. Join a hobby

As a couple, it is important to do stuff together! Well, yes, it is. For the same reason, you should go ahead and join a hobby that both of you would enjoy. If you are a fitness freak, then perhaps join a gym. If you both are spiritual, then well, go ahead and join a yoga or meditation class.

You get the clue, right? This way, you will align with each other as you focus on learning a new thing together. This creates new energy between the two of you and provides a new perspective to your relationship.

12. Don’t go to bed angry

It has been told time and again to the new couples and well, with time, the wisdom starts fading. In a serious relationship, it happens quite a lot of time. While it is a normal thing for a couple to have an argument before bed, it is however, required to train yourselves to never sleep angry or by staying mad on each other.

It is quite important for your mental health as well. You should end the day with gratitude, and nothing else, especially not a negative emotion.

This relationship goal might require a bit of your time, patience and attention. So, every time an argument begins, especially before going to bed, it is important to take long breaths, if possible, by holding each other’s hands.

Keep breathing until you exhale all the anger out of your body. Drink a glass of water after this, hug each other and then, go to sleep. Slowly, you will see the difference. The minute you two will start arguing with each other, this new pattern will stop your arguing and mold it into a discussion.

13. Be their biggest cheerleader

You should not only support your goals but also your partner’s. What is a relationship if you can’t support each other? Even friends know how to support each other. Well, you should be more than just a partner. You should stay true to your vision and theirs.

Additionally, you should definitely be present at the time of their wins and cheer for them loudly. You must also be their support system at the time of their failures. Well, this is as important as breathing in order to have a flourishing relationship with your partner.

14. Be kind to each other

Remember the time when you were mad at other people, but for some reason, took it out on your partner? Well, too many times, didn’t it? Well, this is the side effect of knowing that someone loves you and is there for you all the time. While one side of our minds feel guilty for taking our anger out on someone we love and the other side tells that it’s okay because they will understand.

How about working on a little self-control here and try to be kind to ourselves and others as well. Kindness starts from self and then, it spreads to other people. Kindness is the number one quality to have in a human being. Nothing else is important, if a person is real, honest and kind. Rest everything can be figured out with time.

Sometimes, in a fit of anger, we hurt the people we love. Being an understanding partner, it is okay to understand where this anger or negative emotion is coming from. However, when this becomes a pattern, know that this is not your place to be. You are a whole person and you love them but in no way, it is your responsibility to deal with their negative habits or emotions.

The minute it seems like an abuse of your love or emotions, teach them a lesson by showing them a mirror and leaving. If they truly love you, they will change their and do anything to have you back in life. Remember, your self-respect is everything and the kind of love you give, you deserve nothing but the best.

15. Travel together once a month

Being a couple isn’t that easy but not staying together seems harder, doesn’t it? To balance your lives together, it is thus important to spend quality time together. The best way to do this is by travelling to a new place. If possible, do it once a month.

It is quite adventurous to explore new places with your life partner. You get to learn so much about them and the learning never stops! Traveling together is not only adventurous and fun, it is important for the health of your relationship as well.

16. Give interesting gifts

Who doesn’t love gifts? Right? As a good partner, it should be one of your priorities to know the likes and dislikes of your partner. Not only that, you must also give them creative and extraordinary gifts from time-to-time.

Now, gifting them presents doesn’t mean that you have to spend loads of money to make them happy. Gifting can be as simple as a red rose to remind them of their beauty. It can also be a morning tea prepared just for them. It can be anything you want and everything they love.

17. Be thoughtful

If your spouse or partner wakes up everyday to do the dishes or cook your breakfast, well, for a change, you can do the dishes or make the food or perhaps, do all his or her chores for a day. This would reinforce the love you have for them in more intensity. Well, this certainly speaks that you care about your partner and are willing to support them and be there for them every single time they need you.

There are other thoughtful things that you can do to support your loved one, such as cleaning the table, kitchen or bedroom, cleaning and folding clothes, go grocery shopping, cook dinner for the both of you, or simply take them out for dinner. They would truly love you for this. If nothing else, well, then in the age of digital revolution, you can put up an appreciation post for them on social media.

On Parting Notes

When it comes to taking care of your relationship with the love of your life, you must stop at nothing. Love is above everything, they say, and when you find that special someone, wouldn’t you want to do everything in your power to keep them close to you for the rest of your life?

If so, well, then these relationship goals will help you become the best partner your man or miss will have in life. True love always stands the test of time and while sometimes, it seems like there is nothing that can save your relationship with your partner or spouse, keep the faith in your heart that if it’s real and honest on your side, with some effort and understanding on your side, miracles will happen.

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