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Editorial Policy

Editorial Policy

TheMindFool is dedicated to bring positive changes in your life. From Self improvement to Lifestyle, Corporate Psychology to Spirituality we are here to provide you the right information and enjoyment. We feel it’s extremely important to share with you who’s behind creating such high-quality content and how we ensure it’s accuracy and the other details.

If you want to reach us for queries or feedback please feel free to reach out to us at

This site is not intended to provide, and does not constitute, medical, health, legal, financial or other professional advice.


Our content is carefully generated and created keeping in mind the following principles:

Readers first:  Our articles are created keeping in mind the readers. We use extensive research and an honest approach in creating each bit of our content.

 • Educated writers: We have an extensive hiring procedure to ensure the selection of only best writers who are highly educated and capable to produce content that is top-notch, authentic, original and easily understandable. Furthermore, we always include an author bio at the end of each article to furnish you with the credibility of the content creator.

Inclusivity: Although our articles are primarily targeted at the U.S. audience, we sincerely want to add value to all people irrespective of nationality, age, gender, sexual orientations, ethnicities, physical and mental abilities, interests and social status.

Review Process

We put our well researched and written articles through experts’ eyes so that our readers can rely and trust on information we provide without any hesitation. We select experts based on their education qualifications, experience in the related field and expertise that our readers can rely on. Our review board members include –

  • Certified Psychiatrist
  • Licensed Psychologist
  • Certified Relationship Coach
  • Certified Life Coach
  • Certified Leadership Coach
  • Spiritual Healer
  • Certified Meditation Coach
  • Yoga Expert

Learn more about our review board.

Review Board Member Selecion

Our review board members aka reviewers are selected purely based on their expertise, knowledge, credentials and experience in the field of subject covered by content on our website.


The content of TheMindFool is for informational and recreational purposes. We do not intend to serve as a substitute for medical, legal, educational or any kind of professional services. We intend to provide truthful information to the best of our capabilities. But you are advised to use your intellect and discretion while applying those in your life.

For more information, please see:

 • TheMindFool Terms of Use

 • TheMindFool Privacy Policy


Our editorial team manages all of the content on our website. We update information as relevant and cite reliable sources wherever required to establish facts. The editorial staff has a stringent reviewing procedure for selecting and publishing the articles on the site. Each article is produced after rigorous research as we only choose content that is well researched, informative and easy to understand.

We are concerned about our readers and so we respect their feelings. TheMindFool in no way intends to disregard your sensitivity or opinions.

Our intelligent writers present information in a clear, descriptive and entertaining way valuing your time.

The titles of our articles are sincere. TheMindFool has strict guidelines that forbid titles that do not match the content of articles.

We provide links in our content with the only purpose of navigating you to relevant sites that amplify the information you are looking for. The links are selected with the utmost care and point to reputable and respectable journals, organizations, agencies, and associations.

We never add links to unreliable and illegal sites.

Quality Standards

There is an efficient team behind every article you read to confirm that the content is accurate, useful, reflective and intelligible for you.

We have only highly educated, experienced writers who are passionate and committed to pen down valuable information that will enrich your life.

Each article is published to the site after passing through a series of screening processes by our editorial team. The infographics, images and other tools go through the same screening and approval process.

Our editorial team continuously reviews the existing articles and finds out if an updating is required. If an article is modified, it will be mentioned (with date) at the top of the page. Trained senior writers assist in the updating procedure.

Our editors communicate with other members so that the content produced is valuable and in line with our principles and standards.

The staffs dedicated to curating the valuable information at TheMindFool  are:

Editorial Team

Writers Team

Graphics Designers

Research and SEO Team

Review Board

Each of our staff members are required to maintain the editorial guidelines mentioned above.