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Spiritual Goals that can Enlighten Your Life

Spiritual Goals that can Enlighten Your Life

8 Spiritual Goals That You Can Set For Yourself

Have you ever thought about the ‘Spiritual Goals‘ of your life? 

Well, while thinking about your life goals, what does come into your mind? Making money, buying your home, or maybe having a perfect body… Isn’t it? But do you know what you were actually looking for while thinking about these?

The answer is – ‘Happiness’. Yes! Indeed we try to achieve something subtle, something internal via these external factors. And this is why we find it so difficult to get this simplest thing, that is, happiness or fulfillment. 

To begin, the secret of happiness lies inside us. And all we need is to take a journey inwards for its realization. This is why we need Spiritual Goals to be set for this journey. 


“When will you begin that long journey into yourself?”

– Rumi 

Let’s start it now!

What are Spiritual Goals? 

Spiritual Goals are the goals or intentions that one has to discover the meaning and purpose of life in relation to the greater whole. These help you in understanding the meaning of your existence, of everything around you, and by and by the real purpose of your life.

Spiritual Goals are the goals or intentions that one has to discover the true meaning and purpose of life in relation to the greater whole. These help you in understanding the meaning of your existence, of everything around you, and by and by the real purpose of your life. In other words, spiritual goals are the objectives that help us to come closer to the divine mysterious power which is present in all of us as in the cosmos. 

Of course, for different people, this Divine Power is understood differently. Some might call it God while others may refer to it as the subtle form of living energy. However, the purpose remains the same for all… It is to connect to that divine power and thus, to realize the true meaning of one’s existence.

Like, among most of the religions, this inner realization is believed to be achieved by adopting certain ways to lead a spiritual life. These life ways may include embracing the positivity of life, to love others, to be compassionate, and to practice deeds that provide inner peace. 

In Spite of this, one might wonder …

Why are Spiritual Goals Important in Life? 

Often, we simply miss the point of making our own spiritual goals. The reason being – we think it to come itself. Well, nothing in life comes without your willingness to embrace it. To make it clearer, here are the reasons why you need spiritual goals in your life – 

1. To Gain a Deeper Understanding of Yourself

Catching a cab, attending meetings, exercising in the gym, or sleeping in your lounge – is that all you? Well, no! So who are You? Indeed, many of us come across this question. And the answer can’t be a profession like Doctor nor a relationship status like a father, a daughter, etc. Spiritual goals answer this to make you find your inner one not your external reflections.

2. To Figure Out the Relation of Broader World with Oneself

Often we tend to remain in prison when the door is wide open. And the door to explore the world, the nature, the cosmos, and everything beyond it is Spirituality. Setting your own spiritual goals help you in understanding this broader connection. Of course, this is a crucial step in living your life to the fullest!

3. Spiritual Goals Help in Boosting the Health and Well being of One’s Body

Many researches and studies have reported from time to time that spirituality and religious beliefs have very positive effects on one’s health and well being. In fact, experts have found a clear link between spirituality and healing. Thus, adopting spiritual goals can be a good initiative for your overall health too. 

4. Spiritual Goals help in Expanding One’s Compassion Sphere 

Compassion is what makes us humane. Otherwise the world would not be a beautiful place to live. The same goes for one’s life too. Having a larger compassion sphere helps us in connecting positively with others. And spiritual goals help us in this beautiful path.

5. For the Health of one’s Mind, Spirit, and Soul 

All of us are burdened with various chaos of life. Be it worries, stress, conflicts, depression, etc., all these cage down our mind, spirit, and soul. This is why we often feel so confined, restrained or craving for liberty. And spirituality helps us in gaining that freedom by liberating our energies from the physical restraints to the subtle realizations or to the path of Nirvana. 

6. Good for One’s Mental and Emotional Well being

Many studies have found that those who believe in the existence of someone or something Divine Supreme are much healthier in later lives in terms of their mental and emotional health and stability than those who don’t. In fact, spiritual beliefs are found to increase one’s resilience ability too. And this belief can be embraced by acquiring certain spiritual goals. 

7. Finding a New Perspective to Solve Life Problems 

Life throws lemons to all of us. But not every time a lemonade can be made out of it. Some problems require deeper interventions. And in these stances when everything seems utterly dark, spirituality can guide us to find alternative solutions to these worldly problems. 

Thus, spiritual goals are not restricted to attain something out of the world. Instead, it is a vital part of our daily lives and little moments of peace and love. Now, it is important to understand … 

Spiritual Goals That You Can Set For Yourself
Spiritual Goals That You Can Set For Yourself

How to Set Spiritual Goals?

Well, you are here. It proves that you are willing to have a positive change in your life. And this willingness is worthful when you take your further step. Setting spiritual goals is that move for you. Thus, here are the steps you can take to set a goal for your spiritual journey. 

1. Ask Questions about Spiritual Goals

“Why am I here?”. “Do I need to change my perspective towards life?”. “What makes me happy in true sense?”… If you often find yourself tangled in such questions, you’re on the right path. Asking questions is the first step in getting a goal.

So, when you are willing to take your spiritual move, start with it. Just sit down in solitude and write down all such questions that flood your mind every now or then. 

2. Evaluate Your Life to Set Spiritual Goals

Among all the questions you’ve asked to your inner self, one must be there. It is – “Am I truly happy in this life?”.  And this is the most crucial one. If the answer is YES, it is great. You’re on your path already. But if it is NO, it’s even better. Because now, you can remould it. In this step, evaluate every section of your life – your health, emotions, profession, … basically everything. 

3. Write Down Your Deepest Fears 

All of us have our own fears. It doesn’t mean we are cowardly. Instead, accepting it is the first sign of inner strength. Thus, take a deep breath and start writing EVERYTHING that afraids you. Yes, you can add your silly doubts, suspicions, or the darkest fear that haunts you. After writing it, you will feel light and free of these burdens. 

4. Address Your Fear with Right Solution 

Now, when you have it in your hand, repeat each and every fear of yourself loudly. Ask yourself – “Does it really harm me?”, “Is it too big for me to handle it?”, etc. You will find that these fears are the weaknesses that you were trying to hide. As soon as you open it, it gets lighter and easier to be addressed. 

5. Envision the Goals that Bring Solutions 

Now, take a spiritual outlook of your discovery. Your life, your fears, your flaws… everything can be addressed by some solutions. What are they? Introspect about it. For this give yourself time to meditate, to read religious or spiritual books, to blankly look at the sky, or to simply BE.

Yes, envision what can help you to liberate your soul from these fears. And write down the ways your mind suggests. Yes, your mind knows it already!

6. Keep the Way to Spiritual Goals Simple 

Spirituality helps you in simplifying your over complicated life. Thus, don’t make those confusing plans or too hard resolutions. Do what you can do from your heart. Indeed, sometimes looking at stars can bring you closer to the Divine feeling than practicing too hard rituals. 

7. Connect with Others to Set Spiritual Goals

All of us are part of the Cosmos. And all our lives are interconnected. This is why, sometimes our answers can be found by solving someone else’s questions. So, look for the people who have this realization of spiritual life.

Connect with them. Find a mentor or be someone else’s. And when you’ll connect with others’ spiritual life, you will yourself find the goals to define your spiritual journey too.

Thus, with some self reflection and patience, you can figure out your spiritual goals. Besides, you can go through these basic Spiritual Goals that you might find equally meaningful for your life too …

25 Spiritual Goals that You can Set for Yourself

Although you can find your spiritual goals with the simple steps of self introspection as discussed above, you can begin with some basic spiritual goals that are pebbles for your spiritual road. Here are these good ideas –

1. Daily Devotions and Prayer

Daily Devotions and Prayer

Prayer helps us to grow from our current state to our desired state. Thus, devoting our time daily in prayer helps us to evolve to the spiritual state of fulfillment we need. In other words, it can be understood as a communication between the soul and the Source.

For practicing this, it is important to be in a comfortable position and close one’s eyes. Now, in whatever your way or belief is, think about the Divine power. Practicing this or praying daily should be your first spiritual goal. 

2. Meditation


Meditation is the practice or process to shift our consciousness from the external world to the inner, subtle one. By this, we shift our mind from the complexities and chaos of the world to the simplicity and the inner peace of the Divine. Thus, it can be a crucial step in your spiritual journey.

To practice meditation, you can sit down in a silent place and close your eyes. Now, simply focus your mind in the Divine. But don’t try too hard or overdo it. Let it be and it’ll come itself. 

3. Being Grateful

Being Grateful

Gratitude is not only a positive social practice but also one of the simplest yet greatest spiritual virtues. When we realize and reciprocate someone’s good deeds for us, we create a positive aura around us. Also,  being grateful for what we have got, makes us value it more. Besides, it can work as a remedy for many of our sufferings and negative feelings. Thus, it is a great step to try to be grateful for what we have got in our lives.

4. Recognizing and Addressing One’s Flaw

Recognizing and Addressing One’s Flaw

The spiritual journey is not about being someone else. It’s about finding your real self and evolving to be a better version of it. And for this, addressing one’s flaws is crucial. In this process, the first step is to accept that none of us is perfect. So, having flaws is completely fine.

All we need is to try to rise above it. At the same time be mindful in identifying what exactly your weaknesses are. That is, your natural physical or mental inclinations are NOT flaws. Like, if you think you could have been more intelligent or something like that. Well, it’s not a flaw to be fixed. But your laziness or lack of determination can be. 

5. Knowing What You Want 

Knowing What You Want

Now, we set goals to achieve something. And it is the same in this process of setting spiritual goals too. So, begin with what you exactly want. And identifying this can be a bigger spiritual goal itself.

Thus, ask yourself – “What is that one thing that I want to do my entire life?”, “Why have God sent me here?”. There must be something beautiful to be done by you. And it can be a single want or many. With an introspection, persistence and some time, you will learn it. 

6. Being Clear with Your Core Belief System 

Being Clear with Your Core Belief System

“Do you believe in the cycle of ‘Karma’?”, “How do you see The Divine in your life?”, etc. There are so many things that define your belief system. For your spiritual journey, it is important to be clear about this.

Thus, your goal should be to clearly introspect and redefine your core beliefs. By doing this, you make your spiritual path easier and defined. Just remember – Beliefs can be changed or evolved. But your inner voice should depone it. 

7. Cultivating Inner Peace

Cultivating Inner Peace

When you are peaceful inside, all the outer chaos settles in. So, cultivating inner peace can be a really worthwhile spiritual goal. For this, it is crucial to understand what inner peace is.

Inner peace is something that is maintained regardless of our external circumstances, life problems, or anything else. And this inner peace and stability helps us in creating stability in our life too. Of course, when the water will be stable, the reflection of the Divine will be clearer. 

8. Recognizing the Interconnectedness of Everything Around 

Recognizing the Interconnectedness of Everything Around

Our nature, world, cosmos, everything shows the beautiful law of interconnectedness. And this is the same for our lives too. As humans, we often isolate things in various spheres, like – professional life, social life, spiritual life, etc. Well, this might help us in understanding things conveniently, it is not how cosmos work.

In reality, everything is interconnected. And this is why, when you are unstable in your spiritual life, your professional life might get affected. Or, when you have conflicts in your professional life, you feel it hard to maintain stability in your personal life too. Thus, recognizing it in each and every thing of your life should be a goal. 

9. Practicing Solitude 

Practicing Solitude

Solitude is the state of being in a subtle sense of detachment. When you want to establish a relationship with the Divine, it is crucial to shift your focus from the outer stances to the inner self. And solitude is the best medicine for this.

Thus, you can have the spiritual goal of practicing and cultivating the idea of solitude. For this, spend time with yourself. Just YOU. And enjoy being alone within your own company. Soon, you will be able to feel the Divine company in every situation you encounter. 

10. Figuring Out Your Priorities in Life 

Figuring Out Your Priorities in Life

Remember how when you were a kid, you wanted some particular things? Then, with time, it changed. Indeed, priorities and decisions change really fast in life. And it is okay to want different things at different periods of time but to not get caught by the madness of your choices.

To make it clear, you need to be very specific about your actual priorities, like you might prioritize your family, your health or mental sanity over social media friends, late night parties, or any such thing. 

11. Realizing Inner Consciousness 

Realizing Inner Consciousness

Your inner consciousness is the guiding light in the spiritual path. Thus, realizing and listening to it is important. And now, by listening, we mean that inner voice which is provided by this state of mindful consciousness. So, as a spiritual goal, cultivate the ability to be conscious or mindful of everything around you.

Simply observe everything. And at the same time, remember who you are. Yes, you are a part of the Divine Source. So, the outer circumstances should not let you divert from this inner consciousness. 

12. Letting Go of Your Vices

Letting Go of Your Vices

Okay, all of us have some or the other vices, isn’t it? After all, we can’t be as pure in our thoughts as the Divine. But we can always evolve to be a better person. And this is what matters most. So, take that move.

Accept all your vices be it jealousy, immorality, anything. And whatever you have done in the past, seek pardon for it. It’s just that. Yes, not all your vices will go in a flash. But by and by, your inner self will rise above these. 

13. Cultivating Empathy and Compassion in Yourself 

Cultivating Empathy and Compassion in Yourself

Being compassionate is one of the best spiritual practices. After all, this is what makes us human, isn’t it? But this compassion should not be restricted to others only. You are a deserving receiver of your own compassion and empathy too.

Thus, practice mindful self compassion. And take it as a way to embrace yourself. By this, you will find an astonishing change in your life. This change is nothing but your inner peace that you provide yourself by not being too hard on yourself. 

14. Focusing on One Thing at a Time 

Focusing on One Thing at a Time

Yes, in the 21st century, multitasking seems to be the right trend. But not every trend is right. Both psychologically as well as Spiritually – multi tasking is found to be ineffective and a cause of instability. Thus, focus on one thing at a time. And this is not just a step. Well, it is a practice, a spiritual goal for you. So, take your time and do whatever you are doing with utmost attention and love. It will bring its positive outcomes itself. 

15. Embracing Simplicity 

Embracing Simplicity

External world makes our life complicated. And inner peace is what simplifies it. Now, one of the goals of spiritual practices is to detangle our lives, to simplify it to have inner liberty. And for this, you can begin with embracing simplicity. You can start your simplifying process with little moments of your life. Practice simple living. Take things in a simple way. Declutter your home, your life, your feelings, your thoughts, basically everything. 

16. Inner Cleaning 

Inner Cleaning

Inner cleaning can be understood as a practice to clean your mind and soul of the chaos, dirt of negativity, and vices accumulated by the complexities of life. We encounter so many things daily. Some of these leave negative impressions on our mind.

And these negative impressions turn into harmful feelings that are not at all good for our spiritual health. And this is why it’s important to practice inner cleaning from time to time. It can be a simple process of taking time, thinking about what happened the whole day, introspecting, and then letting it go. 

17. Practicing Mindfulness

Practicing Mindfulness

Mindfulness is a whole spiritual practice itself. By practicing mindfulness, one shifts its consciousness to the inner subtle realization. Thus, whatever we do, wherever we are, practicing mindfulness helps us to be connected to the Divine Source all the time. And this is why, it can be a really worthwhile spiritual goal to be set in your life. You can practice mindfulness slowly, by and by. With time, you will cultivate and develop it in a positive way. 

18. Developing a Feeling of Love for All Creatures 

Developing a Feeling of Love for All Creatures

When we love and accept everyone around us, things get much simpler. So, try to cultivate the practice of loving all creatures. Of course, you might love someone more than others, or you might find it quite hard to love a person whose thought process doesn’t seem to compliment your’s. But take it as a spiritual goal.

Look at everyone with the same kindness and empathy. Try to figure out what they are going through. With time, you will be able to see the Divine reflection in everyone around you. 

19. Expanding One’s Spiritual Sphere 

Expanding One’s Spiritual Sphere

Do you think your spiritual life is something that can not be connected to other things or persons of your life? In that case, change this thought process. Because, spirituality eventually spreads. And this is why, it is the natural process for you to expand your spiritual sphere with time. Thus, include others or incorporate spirituality in other aspects of your life. Yes, you will see a positive change!

20. Regular Self Introspection 

Regular Self Introspection

Although we have already discussed introspection, it is something that deserves a special place in your spiritual goals. Basically, self introspection is the best way to evolve yourself with time and as per your spiritual realizations.

As you will practice various spiritual goals, you will see a positive change in yourself. Now, with this change in perspective, it is important to introspect yourself every time and then. By this, you will not get astray from the spiritual path. 

21. Gracefully Taking Criticism 

Gracefully Taking Criticism

Criticism is very much a crucial part of life. Since we can’t avoid it, it’s wise to take it with grace. So, whenever someone criticizes you, or try to bring toxicity in your life, simply smile and leave the air. Don’t give any explanation to such people.

After all they’d not accept it anyway. At the same time, it should be kept in mind that not all criticism is toxic. Some can really help you to grow. Thus, listen to it, give a moment to figure out if it can help you. And if not, leave it there. 

22. Listening to Your Inner Voice

Listening to Your Inner Voice

Your inner voice is always there to guide you. If that is so, then why do we feel clueless in our life? Well, the reason is – we don’t pay enough heed. When life gives us answers, we need to be stable and peaceful enough to take it. But with outer distractions, we can’t do it. So, practice to listen to your inner voice. It is the best gift you can give yourself. 

23. Letting Go of Control 

Letting Go of Control

You have got this life to change yourself as a better being. And it is not your duty to fix every other thing out there. So, leave it. Yes, accept that you can’t solve every problem in the world. So, let the control go out of your hand.

Because when you leave it, it is taken care of by the cosmos. It may sound puzzling, still stick to the goal. Yes, it doesn’t mean you will stop doing your work. Instead, your focus should be on carrying your duty and leave everything else to the divine. 

24. Becoming More Discerning

Becoming More Discerning

The ability to distinguish between right and wrong is discerning. With time, try to develop this ability. Your own deeds, ways, people with whom you deal, everything is controlled by this. And you can develop this with keen observation and time. But remember – not everything is fully right or wrong. Accept it too. 

25. Developing Intuitions 

Developing Intuitions

Intuitions or gut feelings are a great part of spiritual journey. Although we often confuse it as something miraculous, well intuition is nothing out of the world. Rather, it is present in all of us. It just requires a bit of practice, discipline, introspection, and inner peace to cultivate it. As the base rule, don’t ignore the signs your mind gives you. It’s just that simple. 

Spiritual goals are long term goals. And to achieve these, you need to begin with little things. Thus, let’s see some spiritual goals examples that you can adopt in your life to achieve the bigger spiritual goals – 

Spiritual Goals Examples 

Spiritual Growth is a process which requires practice. And like a monk, spiritual students develop their spiritual sphere with their well-planned goals. Here are some little practices you can adopt in your daily life –

1.  Develop the Habit of Bible Study or Other Religious Texts

Some people believe the religious texts to be God’s word, for others, it’s just wise notes. Whatever your belief is, setting reading plans of these will surely give you clarity in your spiritual journey. 

2. Cultivating Grace Goals

Being courteous and positive with others can be the simplest way to step forward in your spiritual path. 

3. Appreciating and Valuing Life as Spiritual Goals

Life is a beautiful gift given by the Divine. So, when you respect, value and appreciate your life, you appreciate the One who gave you this. 

4. Embracing Dualist Thinking 

Not every time one has to be wrong. Yes, life can be dualistic. And as a spiritual seeker, you have to embrace this thinking to make life easier. 

5. Simplifying Daily Activities

Declutter your life. You can begin this by simplifying your tasks, daily routine, thought process, how you respond to certain situations, etc. 

6. Feeding the Hungry as a Spiritual Goal

What can be more divine than the smile you see when you help someone in need. Yes! Feed one hungry person everyday. 

7. Joining a Place of Worship

Join a church or any other religious place you are connected with. The point is to connect with more such people who are on the spiritual path. This can guide you in your journey.

8. Studying MetaPhysics and Universe 

As already said, everything is interconnected. And you can understand this better by studying the Universe, metaphysics, and such concepts relating to spirituality. 

9. Spiritual Goal of Practicing Charity 

Charity is a great way to develop positivity and spiritual grace in your life. Thus, help those in need. You can have a  monthly charity plan for this. 

10. Spiritual Goal of Being More Accepting 

Accepting good, bad, polite, mean, love, hatred, everything is what makes one rise above the worldly tangles. Even if we can’t do that, we can try to accept people as they are, by and by. 

11. Planning Spiritual Goals for the New Year 

Every year is a new opportunity for you. And you can always start your spiritual journey from the scratch. So, along with your other new year resolutions, setting your spiritual goals can be a really positive move. 

12. Journaling as Spiritual Goals

Keeping a journal about your spiritual journey is a great way to keep track of your growth. Just write everyday about anything from a spiritual perspective. Going through it again in hard times will give you strength and positivity. 

Often, in spiritual journey, you might feel you are losing your control. Or it may seem like your whole life in realizing your goals. It just SEEMS so. With patience and persistence, you will soon see the difference – little by little. Thus, don’t get desperate. It will come by itself. 

Spiritual Goals – to Conclude 

“Your heart knows the way. Run in that direction.”

– Rumi 

Realizing your spiritual goals is like looking at a mirror. The more closely you look, the more clarity you get about yourself. And in this journey, don’t forget to love yourself. God loves all of us in spite of our flaws and weaknesses. Thus, your focus should not be on goal setting. It should be on your acceptance and inner realization. So, you can start any moment… The best moment is NOW!