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Spiritual Goals That You Can Set For Yourself

Spiritual Goals That You Can Set For Yourself

8 Spiritual Goals That You Can Set For Yourself

When one starts a race, they know what their goal is. They know the starting and end points. Along with it, they also have a plan ready in their mind. We have to follow the same rules in our lives too. We all can agree that it is very easy to get stuck in the vortex of many life events and complexities if we don’t decide what we want and how we want to get there.

Anytime is a good time to pause, sit back and think about what you want from life and how you want to achieve it. If you don’t want to plan so ahead, you can make small term goals for a few days or a few months. Like you make career goals, relationship goals, marriage goals, money goals, you have to ensure you make spiritual goals too. 

Why Spiritual Goals Are Important?

We can’t live life just chasing money and materials. The very principle of spirituality is that we all have a soul that needs to be taken care of. We don’t have to be religious to be spiritual. We can simply believe in the idea of something bigger than us that gives us the power and energy to live this life. Setting spiritual goals is important for the well being of our soul, our spirit and our mind.

Our emotional and mental health is probably the most crucial aspect of our life. It is also the basis of our overall well-being. We can work hard to achieve our materialistic goals if our spiritual, emotional and mental health is doing well. However, if we neglect our spiritual growth, we would indeed feel like something is lacking in our life. We would not be able to live this life in abundance and prosperity. 

How to Set Spiritual Goals?

There are no different rules for setting spiritual goals. It is same as setting any other kind of goal in life. However, belief is really important when you set a spiritual goal for yourself. You must believe in the power of your spirit. It doesn’t matter if you are living a Christian life or any other life, spiritual life is different from your religious life. You must sit with yourself and reflect on your life first.

Are you happy with your spiritual journey so far? Do you want to make some changes? Is there anything you can change in your spiritual life to get most of this life? Where do you want to reach on your spiritual journey? What do you want to achieve? You must answer these questions to yourself first and then set a few spiritual goals for a few days or months. 

8 Spiritual Goals That You Can Set For Yourself

8 Spiritual Goals That You Can Set for Yourself  

1. Read a prayer every day 

Prayers have the power to give us the energy we need, to carry on with our lives. In this busy life, where we have hundreds of chores to finish every day, we forget to align ourselves with God or a higher self. As a result of which, we drain out too quickly and don’t realize why we are feeling anxious and restless.

When you sit to set spiritual goals, make sure you set a goal for everyday prayer. You can choose prayer and time of your own choice. It is best to read it at the same time every day. You can dedicate a few minutes in the morning or before bed as per your convenience.

2. Do meditation 

Meditation is said to be the best way to silent the external world and connect with your inner world. It also calms you and fills you up with energy and enthusiasm. Meditation also brings enlightenment and refreshment in life. It increases your focus.

The best results of meditation are seen when it’s done regularly at the same time. Set a goal to meditate every day for at least 10 minutes. Make sure you have a dedicated place where you can sit without any disturbance and noise. You can also do this early morning where meditation is said to be the most effective. 

3. Be grateful 

Gratefulness has proven to be rewarding and life stimulating. When you count your blessings, you radiate positive energy which in turn makes you attract more positive energy. If you are wondering how to set a goal for gratefulness, here is what you can do. Start writing in your journal. Every day before you go to bed, you can write things that you are grateful for.

When you focus on what God has given you, you complain less and focus on everything you can do with what you have. You can also decide to send thank you notes to your loved ones once in a few days. This will make you come closer to people and will make them happy too. 

4. Recognize and address your flaws

Recognizing and addressing your own flaws can be one of the most difficult things to do. However, it is also most helpful in life and for your spiritual growth. We all make mistakes and have flaws. But understanding that we are not perfect is only a first step in the direction of setting a proper goal. Most people realize it and yet, keep their flaws in the back of their heads to never work on them.

It takes an immense amount of self-realization to work on your flaws. It is also a continuous process. Make sure you spend a few minutes every day to evaluate your mistakes and then make a plan to rectify them. You don’t have to beat yourself for your mistakes, instead, you have to work towards changing them. 

5. Know what you want 

Remember how when you were a kid, you believed in certain things and you wanted something. Then, with time, it changed. Priorities and decisions change really fast in life. It is okay to want different things at different periods of time but, to not get caught by the madness of your choices, you need to be very specific about what you want at a particular period.

You need to make a proper plan for achieving it because it is not healthy for your spiritual health to want something and not work towards getting it. Every day, make a list of things you want to achieve on that particular day. Set a goal to make this list every day in the morning. 

6. Communicate better 

Your relationships with your loved ones matter a lot when it comes to your spiritual growth. Further, your relationships can be happier if you communicate better. Most people are scared of confrontations and honest conversations. You can’t let other people keep guessing what goes in your head so you must communicate better.

You can make a goal to do so by keeping a reminder than can remind you to communicate better with your loved ones. Further, you should also set a goal to tell them frequently what you feel about them. You must set a goal to express your feelings towards your loved ones more. This will ensure your relationships stay strong and solid. 

7. Bring acceptance 

Accepting things for what they are, brings a lot of relief and ease in your life. At some points in life, it gets extremely difficult to accept a heartbreak, a hurt, a failure or a defeat but your spiritual growth really strengthens if you stop resisting the usual flow of your life.

You must understand that pain is inevitable. It is part of everyone’s life. The sooner you accept it, the easier it gets. You must make a spiritual goal to accept things for what and how they are. You have to consciously remind yourself to accept things. This must be your everyday work. 

8. Live in present 

The biggest spiritual teaching is to live in the present moment to experience life to its fullest. All spiritual gurus believe in the theory that you must live in the present moment to eradicate miseries and pain from your life. Nothing makes your life easier than only focusing on the present moment. Living in the past or future brings anxiety and depression.

It is not healthy for your mental, emotional or physical health. You have to constantly remind yourself to live in the present moment until it becomes your habit. If you find yourself wandering in past or present, ground yourself. There are many grounding techniques available to bring you back in the present moment. Set a spiritual goal, to consciously implement these techniques to make your life more healthy. 

Closing Thought 

Your spiritual journey is the backbone of your life. Many people are still understanding ways in which it can boost the quality of your life but those who already know the benefits of it, know that it is paramount for a healthy mindset and body. You don’t have to set spiritual goals only at the start of a year, you can begin at any moment. Any time is a good time to start with your spiritual journey. Just ensure that once you set your goals, you work towards them every day as you work on your other life goals. 

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