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FEAR Has Two Meanings – Choice is Yours

FEAR Has Two Meanings – Choice is Yours


You must have felt a gush of fear now or then. But do you know? FEAR has two meanings. One positive. To face and fight. Another negative. That is, to forget and run.

All of us face fear. It’s inevitable. Be it our job. Or, our relationships. We all feel stuck. Face self-doubt. Unable to move ahead.

But this fear can let us stand strong. This can make us identify our weaknesses. So, we can make a bold move. Instead of a random flight, we can choose to fight.

F-E-A-R has two meanings. Forget Everything And Run. Or, Face Everything And Rise. The choice is yours.

– Zig Ziglar

We can understand it better, hereby.

‘FEAR Has Two Meanings’ Concept

Fear is a natural human emotion. It is an essential psychological response.

‘FEAR Has Two Meanings’ Meaning

Fear is a distressing or unpleasant emotion. An impending threat induces it. Be it real or imaginary.

What does ‘FEAR Has Two Meanings’ saying involve? 

  • Perception of danger
  • Psychological alarm
  • Behavioral changes
  • Fleeing or freezing action
  • Fight or flight response

So, fear gives way to many mental, psychological and emotional processes.

These processes are critical. We can channelize these processes.

One can worsen the situation. Or, make something better out of it. This solely depends upon perception.

The two perceptions

As we come across a situation, our brain instantly starts analyzing it. It predicts the underlying threats. This leads to a fear response.

As FEAR has two meanings. We can take this fear in two ways.

First, we can take it as a distressing condition.

So, we will – 

  • Have a negative perception.
  • Make a freezing response.
  • We will get tense.
  • Suffer a lot.
  • Don’t take timely action.
  • Make the wrong move.
  • Worsen the situation.

On the other hand, we can choose to be positive. Thus, we will take it as an opportunity.

Hence, we will –

  • Analyze ourselves.
  • Understand the situation.
  • Face the problem.
  • Think rationally.
  • Respond in fight mode.
  • Make the right move.
  • Improve the situation.

Thus, fear is not positive or negative. It is neutral. And our perception makes it anyway.

So, it is better to have the right perception. FEAR has two meanings. And we can always choose the positive one.

FEAR Has Two Meanings – Choice is Yours

‘Fear Has Two Meaning’ Examples

We face fear in our daily lives. Also, we can easily identify the difference between its two meanings.

Here are some real-life examples. This will make it clear.

  • You want to apply for a better job in a larger company. But you are afraid to approach. Because you fear rejection.

You can just carry on this way. Understating your desire. This will cause frustration.

On the contrary, you choose to rise above your fear. You analyze your fear. Prepare yourself well. Try for the job.

You may get your dream job. Or, if not, get confidence and experience to try again.

  • You had a troubled tooth. But you are highly nervous about visiting a dentist. Some may even intensify this fear. By sharing their awful experiences.

You can worsen the situation by ignoring it. This may lead to even painful surgery.

But you took the right move. Saw the dentist. It was easily cured.

So, you are free from your suffering.

  • You are going through a financial crisis. Your present job can work for now. But it will not be enough in the future. And you are unsure about the coming times.

At this point, you are too afraid to make a move. You can choose to worry and suffer.

Instead, you choose to face it. So, you look for ways to improve your condition. You improve your skills. Work harder. Try various other options. Thus, land a better opportunity.

So, if you had not feared the future, you would not be able to face it and design your future.

Thus, we all can choose to face fear and rise in our daily lives.

Why Do We Fear?

Now, you know that FEAR has two meanings. And you can make it quite well.

So, there are some points you need to know. And one such common question is –

What are the causes of fear?

Here are they –

  • It is natural. Fear is ancient and inborn.
  • Like, a child’s fears while meeting strangers. This is his/ her own way to avoid any threat.
  • It’s a defensive psychological move.
  • For instance, you see a poisonous snake. So, you instantly run for protection. This saves you from any unwanted state.
  • Survival is based upon it. So, we are conditioned to fear.
  • We can’t simply run into the fire. Or, choose to walk right in front of a fast-moving car. As we want to survive. 

Thus, you don’t need to be ashamed of your fear. This fear, instead, makes you live a life.

Can we permanently get away from our fear?
No. Don’t be in an illusion that our fears will disappear permanently. Instead, accept it. You will ultimately make the best out of it.

An Analysis of Saying ‘FEAR Has Two Meanings’

Fear is not an enemy. In fact, fear induces growth when acknowledged right.

Thus, it is important to understand the two situations. Then only, you will be able to choose the right meaning of FEAR.

What Zig Ziglar meant was about this acknowledgment of FEAR.

Check the difference between the two. Here is an analysis.

Forget Everything And Run Face Everything And Rise
A negative approach. A positive approach.
Fleeting or freezing response. Facing or Fighting response.
One never takes a move. One always takes a rational move.
Complaining or annoying nature. Grateful or thankful nature.
One learns to live with it. One tries to rise above.
Self-doubt Self-analysis

So, always choose the right meaning of FEAR.

FEAR Has Two Meanings – The Negative Side

Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will.

– Suzy Kassem

Fear can be harmful. But only when you ignored it. Or, unacknowledged it.

It has the following cons:

  • FEAR makes you assume things. You tend to leave without even trying.
  • It induces self-doubt. You never believe in your strengths.
  • Your energy is wasted. Unaddressed fear drains a lot of energy.
  • You burn out more. You will feel tired. Defeated. Stuck.
  • It is harmful physically. It triggers problems like blood pressure, loss of sleep and appetite. Cardiovascular troubles. Weak immune system. Early aging, etc.
  • It causes mental problems like anxiety and restlessness. Lack of concentration, etc.
  • You face social issues. Like, weak interpersonal skills. You are complaining, unsatisfied. Consider negative intent. Thus, lose your relationships.

FEAR Has Two Meanings – The Positive Side

Being scared is part of being alive. Accept it. Walk-through it.

– Robin S. Sharma

FEAR is a great opportunity. If you accept and acknowledge it.

You just need the right perspective.

It has the following pros:

  • Fear gives you a chance to self-analyze.
  • It cheers you up to try.
  • Challenges you to rise above your comfort zone.
  • Provides you the wisdom of your heart.
  • It offers you confidence and self-belief.
  • When you face it, you are sounder. Physically, mentally, and socially.
  • You gain a positive perspective.
  • Have better social relations. Assume positive intent for others’ deeds.
  • Thus, grow in your life.

How To Choose The Right Side?

With the right steps, you can change the word fear for you. Here are some ways to have a better perspective of FEAR.

Whenever fear attacks you –

  • Take a deep breath. Step back.
  • Self-analyze. Talk to yourself.
  • Ask questions.
  • Identify your flaws and foibles. Accept them.
  • Face the situation.
  • Clearly assess it.
  • Deal with the problem.
  • Don’t try to ignore or neglect your fear.
  • It is your inner call. Listen to it.
  • Wake up and again trust in yourself.
  • Have a fighting response.
  • Take the right actions.
  • Thus, make the situation an opportunity to grow.

The Conclusion

Fear has a large shadow, but he himself is small.

– Ruth Gendler

Fear is bound to arise. Whenever we try to defeat our limits, our weaknesses.

So, we are not cowards if we are afraid.

All we need to do is – accept our fear. And acknowledge it. This makes you stronger. Let’s live a life in its real meaning.

As Zig Zigler rightly said – FEAR has two meanings. Make it a threat or an opportunity. The choice is yours!