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Best Time to Meditate & It’s Benefits

Best Time to Meditate & It’s BenefitsUpdated on September 13, 2020 | Published on March 13, 2020

Best time to meditate

In today’s fast-paced world, most of us suffer from stress and depression from time to time. The fact is, for most people a lot is going on in their lives. After all, we have to handle it all! There are expectations from your family and deadlines at the office, to pressing issues like prices going high, funding for the dream home, ailments, breakups and so much more.

Surviving in this ever-challenging environment often becomes suffocating. Keep reading to know how meditation can save you and the best time to meditate.

Meditation: How-To, Benefits & Best time to meditate
Meditation: How-To, Benefits & Best time to meditate

Best Time to Meditate

Many of us have this question – ‘when is the best time to meditate?’ and answer is meditation can be practiced at any time that works for you. Having said that, you must know the best time to meditate. As already mentioned meditating in the morning is the best time. But there are other effective times as well.

Here are five of the most ideal times –

1. Morning meditation

Morning meditation
Morning meditation

Before the usual hustle make it a routine to meditate even for 5 minutes in the morning. After waking up the best practice could be meditation. Most importantly, when you start your day with this healthy habit your entire day goes well.

This is because meditation is not only good for your mind but it also heals your body. If you practice it for about 30 minutes a day, you will observe a remarkable change in your mindset within a week!

2. Afternoon meditation

Afternoon meditation
Afternoon meditation

Meditative practice in the lunch break is a highly effective way of dealing with work stress. Afternoon meditation has several potential benefits. By doing this you can relax your body muscles plus boost your attention level.

This will regain your productivity level which was wearing down in the mid-day. Many organizations are now introducing lunch hour meditation because of its immense benefits.

3. At times of anxiety

At times of anxiety
At times of anxiety

Meditation can be a big help at times of anxiety and demotivation. Meditate whenever you are feeling low because it will help you to calm your mind and uplift your mood.

4. After work meditation

After work meditation
After work meditation

Meditating after work could be a great help for some people. When you return home after office totally drained meditate for some time to rejuvenate. Incorporate meditation in your evening routine. It will help you to relieve the stress and rejuvenate your mind and body.

5. Meditation before bed

Meditation before bed
Meditation before bed

You can do meditation as many times and a perfect way to wrap up the day is meditating before bedtime. This would soothe your mind and body, therefore, helping you to get a deep sleep. Besides that, at this time you are not in a hurry. Therefore, meditation before going to bed can be continued for long without any trouble.

Times to Avoid Practicing It

Now that you know the best time to meditate, you should also know the times to avoid it. Do avoid practicing it right after a heavy meal. So, better do it before having food rather than after.

How to Introduce This Practice in Your Daily Routine

Start meditating by focusing on your breath. Gradually you will get better in this through regular practice.

√ Like any skill, meditation also becomes better through practice. And you don’t have to make it a difficult chore!

√ Sit down comfortably on a chair or a mat or a cushion.

√ Now gently close your eyes.

√ Keep breathing naturally.

√ Focus on your breath. Pay attention to the inhalation and exhalation process. 

√ Observe how your body is moving along with your breathing.

√ Initially, you will find that your mind is wandering and you are losing the focus. 

√ Keep calm and hold patience. Every time you get distracted just return your attention back to the breathing.

Some Tips for a Good Meditation Practice

  • As a beginner, just concentrate on your breathing. After some practice, you can chant a mantra or an affirmation of your choice.
  • Switch off the artificial lights.
  • You can light a candle to create a beautiful atmosphere.
  • Make sure that your cell-phone is off and that nobody disturbs you at this time.
  • Tidy the room before meditating. It’s easier to meditate in a clean and clutter-free environment.
  • Smudging the room with sages just before meditating is a wonderful idea. Although, this would be a personal choice!
  • You can do your daily prayer along with the meditation.
  • Guided meditations are great for those who get distracted easily. You will find several free resources online on this.

Guided meditation for Relaxation, Anxiety and Depression 

Closing Thoughts

Meditation is an amazing technique to quiet your restless mind. With regular practice, you will lead a stress-free and peaceful life.  Besides that, it has several health benefits as well.

Meditate at the best times of the day as suggested in this article. Incorporate meditation into your daily routine to stay happy and healthy.