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Protect Your Energy in 8 Easy Ways

Protect Your Energy in 8 Easy Ways

Protect Your Energy

Being an empath I have always been aware of the energy of my surroundings. As a child, I could always feel the energy of others. Often I was influenced by the energy around me.

I felt my energy ebbing away frequently. What I didn’t know was that I can safeguard my energy. That I didn’t have to react to others and lower my vibe. But as I grew up I understood the importance of protecting my energy.

I started learning about how to preserve my energy. It’s not at all a good idea to be influenced by other people’s vibes. Because it would drain you and there’s a chance that you would start acting like them! Therefore it’s important to protect your energy for your own good.

Ways to Protect Your Energy

8 Ways to Protect Your Energy
How to protect your energy?

1. Observe Your Environment

Examine the environment around you. Stay away from people who drain your energy.

It’s shocking how we sleepwalk through life without noticing what’s affecting us! Pay attention to the environment around you. Be it your home, office or any other place you visit, perceive the environment. Are people friendly or hostile? Do they continuously complain about petty matters? How do they make you feel? Each one of us has a vibe.

Feel the vibe of others. Because the vibe of others would influence yours! Whether you like this piece of information or not, you become like the people you spend most of your time with.

That means if your colleagues are always backbiting, sooner or later you will pick up the habit too! If you spend time with successful people, you become one. The opposite is also true.

You might be thinking that it’s not possible for you to change your colleagues or friends! Really, that’s not even required! You just have to avoid people who continuously give out negative energy.

Restrict your time with people who are pessimistic. Constant complainers, selfish, mean and sadistic people would always suck your precious energy. So, observe people and stay away from an energy vampire at all costs!

2. Trust Your Intuition

Believe in your intuition. Often, our intuition tries to warn us about a negative situation beforehand.

Sometimes we have a gut feeling that something is not right. It is that uncanny feeling that a person would create a scene or that your crush isn’t the right one for you! Your intuition gives you a signal to avoid someone for no apparent reason. Our instincts are our internal guidance system.

You should honor your intuition. If someone does not give you a good vibe, it’s your intuition trying to give you a signal. Your intuition always tries to protect your energy. If you ignore the sign and still go for it, chances are you would attract bitter experiences that will rob your energy.

3. Set a Standard For Yourself

Establish a standard. Don’t allow everyone to share your time and energy. Be selective about the people you spend your time with.

When I was in college, I was always afraid to set boundaries. I would go out with friends who were not up to my taste, shop things I didn’t want and even ate foods I didn’t like.

Why did I do that? Just because I didn’t want to be left alone! So, even when my folks were unworthy, unreliable or harmful, I used to hang around with them. They drained my energy and made me feel low all the time.

But as I had not created a standard for myself I couldn’t protect my energy. As a result, I was always miserable. Does my story sound familiar to you?

Later, when I did set a high standard for myself I found several of my so-called friends leaving me. And I also did leave some of them! In the process, I learned to save my energy.

To live a happy and successful life you must be around people with positive energy. Learn to set a standard and only allow people in your life who would uplift you. Refuse things that doesn’t sound good for you.

Say “no” when it’s required. Ignore people who always bring negativity to you. This is not being insensitive to others. It’s just about being aware of your energy and protecting it for your interest. Magical things start to happen when you set boundaries for yourself.

4. Practice Meditation

By meditating daily you would become calmer and your vibe would be raised.

There is so much negativity in the world. We start our day by reading the newspaper which is full of negative news. Often it feels suffocating to exist in this bitter world. To restore your energy and gain an inner calm, practice meditation daily.

You can meditate anytime but the best time is doing it early in the morning! Just sit relaxed, with eyes closed and focus on your breath. Feel that with each inhalation you are taking in positive energy and with each exhalation, you are giving out negative energy.

5. Visualize a White Light Protecting You

Mentally visualize that you are protected by a white light.

Every night before going to bed, visualize that you are surrounded by a protective white light. Like you have the positive aura energy around you. The light encircles you and shields against all negative energy. You can practice this visualization whenever you are feeling drained.

If you have energy drainers around you, do this quietly and feel the difference. Whenever you feel low, just close your eyes and feel that you are surrounded by a divine white light. This light is guarding your energy from others.

6. Cleans Your Space

Clear your house from physical clutter. Also, cleanse it energetically by smudging.

A great way to protect your energy is by cleansing your own space. Be it your home or office, if you really want a flow of good energy, remove the clutter. Give away stuff you no longer use or want.

A physical decluttering is required to clear up your space. Unused items accumulate a lot of negative energy. Clear away your space to allow positive energy to flow to you. Smudging is a great way to energetically cleanse your place. The smoke would invite positive energy and purify the space.

7. Cultivate a Positive Mindset

Stay positive to bring good energy into your life. If you have a positive attitude, negative people won’t be able to reach you.

Nothing can influence you if you change your attitude. Ultimately we are powerful beings and we are capable of protecting our energy if we really want! Consciously create a positive mindset. Believe in positivity and you will always find it. Your state of mind attracts people and situations.

So, if you are positive you will find only such people around you. If you constantly focus on positive thinking, negative people won’t be able to find you! Practice positive affirmations to stay positive. Automatically negative people would go away from you if you are at a higher vibe.

8. Think Before Reacting

Don’t react without thinking. You can avoid a lot of tension and negativity if you choose to think before replying to others.

Often we bring unnecessary drama in our lives by reacting without giving a thought. It feels satisfying to the ego when we promptly react to a situation. But this often leads to more negativity and drama.

If someone is rude, you can stop yourself from reacting. Most importantly, if you simply ignore the person, you will save your precious energy. At least if you keep your cool and think before responding to someone, you might be able to avoid an unpleasant experience.

But if you respond without thinking, it could lead to needless dramas and you will find yourself feeling drained.

Negative minded people will never change even if you win the argument! Only they would suck your energy if you enter into an argument with them. Therefore, be careful about how you choose to respond to other people’s behavior.

Take-home Message

We are all energy beings. If you are not cautious you would keep depleting your energy. As a result, you would feel depressed and lethargic. If you want to be happy and successful, you must stay away from all negative influences.

Negative people are energy vampires who continuously suck up good energy. Besides that, they inhibit the progress and growth of others. To have a grand life, you must learn to protect your energy.

Steer away from all negative people and situations. Start practicing the 8 steps mentioned here. I guarantee you would definitely feel great and live an amazing life.

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