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Spirit Guide Meditation: How It Helps?

Spirit Guide Meditation: How It Helps?


Today, spirit guide meditation is a highly evolved practice that is helping people reach out to their guardians and angels from the other world. The sole purpose of connecting with these guardian angels or spirit guides, as they are better known, is to help individuals lead a better life. Our mind is often burdened with thoughts and negativity from the people around us. Spirit guides are the ones to shed light on such clouded minds. 

With us from the second we enter this world, these spirit guides will share their wisdom only if we ask for it. How does one ask for the wisdom of the ancient spirits? Spirit guide meditation is the answer to this question.

What Is Spirit Guide Meditation?

Spirit guide meditation is a practice that helps you connect with your guardian angels.

Our daily routine involves a lot of things. It is always challenging to find the time to focus on practicing self-care. Now, in this routine, our body sends clear signals that indicate its physical needs.

For example, you feel hungry or you feel thirsty. But there are spiritual needs as well. In the rat race of achieving materialistic goals, spiritual needs are often ignored. Through spirit guide meditation, you get a chance to focus on spiritual needs

Once you connect with your spirit guides, they offer unconditional love. Many of them have been through the human experience and therefore are well qualified to guide you through your ups and downs. But this guidance is only available on request. Meditation is one of the best ways to make this request. Unlike the regular meditation to calm the mind, spirit guide meditation focuses on calming and connecting with the guardian angel around you. 

The spirit guide meditation takes time to yield results. Those expecting to meet their spirit guide after the first session of meditation are likely to be disappointed. It will take time and a conscious effort. Meditation needs to be a part of your routine. Research shows that it is extremely beneficial. Gradually, as the soul achieves the required level of calmness and clarity, it will open the mind to connect with your spiritual growth. 

You may choose to embark on this journey on your own. Alternatively, you can also approach some experts to handhold you through the entire process. From helping you meditate to interpreting the messages from your spiritual guide, these experts can help with a lot of things. Given the widespread reach of the internet, searching for these experts is no longer a challenge.

Spirit Guide Meditation: How It Helps?

Spirit Guides Presence

There are many types of spirit guides, some enter our life during specific phases while others are with us throughout. Spiritual guides are always around us. However, we may not experience their presence that much. You need to pay attention to every small detail around you. 

The spirit guides are not going to broadcast their message. They will usually use the objects or events unfolding around you, as a medium to communicate. The only way you can read their messages is if you are aware of your surroundings. The purpose of spirit guide meditation is to help your mind become aware of its surroundings.

Advantages of Spirit Guide Meditation

Of course the biggest advantage of spirit guide meditation is that you get a chance to connect with your spirit guides and seek their guidance. But this is just one of the many advantages. Here is a list of ten benefits of spirit guide meditation: 

  1. Through spirit guide meditation you embark on a spiritual journey that cleanses your mind. 
  2. It teaches you to be in control of your thoughts.
  3. The inner peace that you achieve gradually will help you hear the messages from your spirit guides. These messages can be anything from solutions to problems that are bugging you to a warning about something bad that you can avoid in the future. 
  4. Like any other form of meditation, this is a great way to reduce stress and anxiety. This also means a drastic reduction in your chances of acquiring any stress related health disorders. 
  5. This meditation also teaches you to improve your focus. Those who practice it daily will notice a guaranteed increase in their attention span. 
  6. Spirit guide meditation promotes emotional well being. 
  7. It helps in removing all the negative thoughts that are bothering your mind. 
  8. Regularly practicing this meditation will help in aligning your energy chakras to the love and light of God. 
  9. It gives you access to the wisdom of the ascended masters-spiritually enlightened beings from the other world. 
  10. Once you master the art, you can get access to the advice from your spirit animals anywhere and at any time.

Spirit Guide Meditation : 5 challenges

In the initial stages, you can yourself prove to be a challenge in the path of achieving success through spirit guide meditation. This could be because of many reasons, some of which are enlisted below:

1. Lack of experience

When you lack the experience of how to embark on the journey of spirit guide meditation, you are more prone to assumptions and mistakes. For instance, some people are constantly on the lookout for signs. Instead, they just need to be mindfully aware of their surroundings. 

2. Lack of organization

If you are living in a mess, do not expect your mind to be able to clear the thoughts. For instance, if your desk is covered in a pile of files, with everything all over the place, the mind will not be able to focus on becoming calm. 

3. Too much expectation

The world of spirit guides is extremely tempting because it offers insights and wisdom. But a lot of people take it too lightly. They expect to connect with their spirit guides in the first session itself. You have to set reasonable expectations. Invest time and effort to master the art of spirit guide meditation before you expect results from it. 

4. Conflicts in relationships

Chaos in relationships around you can prove to be a major distraction. If you intend to connect with your spirit guide, sort of the issues in the relationships around you. Healthy relationships always make it easier for the mind to focus. 

5. The food we eat

Food is our source of energy. It is the fuel that motivates the body and the mind. Therefore, it is important to ensure that your fuel intake is clean. Eat healthy food, relish every morsel and thank the lord for whatever is on your plate.

10 Tips To Meditate Spirit Guide Meditation

The process to practice this meditation is extremely easy. The challenge lies in convincing the mind to meditate daily. Here are a few simple tips on how you can do this meditation:

  1. Find a nice quiet place in your house. For beginners getting the mind to focus can be difficult. Therefore, you should opt for a surrounding where diversions are minimal.  
  2. Start with simple breathing exercises. Breathing in and out also has a rhythm. The first step to practicing meditation is to ensure that you align your mind to this rhythm. Practice the simple inhale-exhale routine and focus all your attention inwards. 
  3. The breathing exercise will calm your mind. The next step is to release the tension from the body. As long as you are stressed, the mind will not open the channel to communicate with the spirit guide. With each deep breath that you exhale, try to rise above the stress in your mind. 
  4. Let the energy of the universe flow through to you. There is a power beyond science that is responsible for the overall functioning of the cosmos. In your attempt to reach out to your spiritual guide, you need to align your soul to this divine power. Start by appreciating the supreme energy and reach out to it. Once you acknowledge its presence, imagine your aura to be surrounded by it. If the vision of the glimmering light in your aura is persistent, it is a sign that the channels are opening up. 
  5. Announce your intention to connect with your spirit guide. Remember that they are always with us but we need to call out to them if we want them to speak. 
  6. Once the spirit guide is aware of your intention, allow the thoughts to flow. Open the channels in the mind and soul to hear their message. 
  7. By this time, you will attain a certain clarity in your thoughts. This is a sign that your spirit guide has connected with you. Ask your spirit guide all the questions and doubts that have been bothering you. They will guide you.
  8. Make it a habit to speak to your spirit guide. You can share your experience with them. The spirit guides present have a treasure chest of wisdom that can benefit you immensely. Many of them have lived and suffered through the human experience hence they will empathize with you. 
  9. As you receive all the guidance, it is time to wake up from your meditation. Gradually bring your mind back to the present world. But in the process do not forget to thank your spirit guides for their words of wisdom. 
  10. Do not interrupt the flow of thoughts. Once you awaken from your meditation, you are likely to experience a strong urge to write or draw. Give yourself 4 to 5 minutes to do this. Through this simple exercise, you get a chance to put your spirit guides message on paper. This will help you interpret their wisdom.

This is a beautiful process that can help your life a happy and fruitful life. 

After the Spirit Guide Meditation

The meditation practice helps you connect with your spirit guides. But the process does not end with the meditation. Also, the spirit guide may not be able to give you all their wisdom in one session. So in order to understand the message, you are likely to need multiple sessions. Therefore, it is important to preserve / note down the message each time you manage to establish a connection with your spirit guide. 

Here are a few things that you can do to note down this message:

  1. Keep a pen and paper handy each time you start your spirit guide meditation. 
  2. Do not suppress the urge to write or draw random things that come to the mind. 
  3. Maintain a journal for each meditation session. In this journal elaborate on your experience in each session.

Guided Meditation Spirit Guide

This video will help you to understand further meditation with Spirit guide

And To Conclude

Spirit guide meditation is a beautiful practice that can help you get the right guidance for any aspect of life. You need to be aware of the existence of your spirit guide and pay attention to their advice.

They will help you make wiser choices that will propel you to greater heights-both personally and professionally.