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Spirit Guide & Their Healing Presence

Spirit Guide & Their Healing Presence

Spirit Guide & Their Healing Presence

A spirit guide is a soul that connects with your soul even before you are born. Its ability goes beyond the realm of the ordinary. This guide will then take you through the various stages of life. In the process, it will align your soul with the supreme energy that sustains the universe.

The spirit guide may not be visible upfront. You can simply feel their presence as if someone is keeping a watch over you.

What is a spirit guide?

A spirit guide is like someone who watches over you always. They are not physical beings and are your forever friends. 

A spirit guide is like the core entity that your soul has evolved from. Their role often resembles that of a protector at every stage in life. Your inherent traits (behavior and attitude) resemble this spirit guide. However, with the passage of time, these traits are modified or hidden. The spirit guide is like the ray of light that shows the soul its correct direction.

There are various phenomena that science is not able to explain. These are accredited to supreme power. This supreme power is said to sustain the universe. Our souls and energy chakras are meant to align with this supreme power. The spirit guide helps do this. You may experience them as guides and angels watching over your life and giving you valuable advice, from time to time.

Who is my spirit guide?

Spirit guides can share your experiences when you feel their presence around you. But you will not see them because they are not physical beings. Therefore, these guardian angels are not governed by the law of nature.

Once you connect with your spirit guide, they will always be there to guide you through thick and thin. The spirit guides could come to you like animals, a deceased ancestor, your favorite character-literally any form.

The beauty lies in opening your mind to their voice. There are many types of spirit guides that surround the human soul. At different points in time, the soul will seek guidance from different spirit guides. Some people may also have a group of guides.

These guides are like friends, some of them stick around for a lifetime while others move on. Irrespective, if you establish a genuine connection, their guidance will considerably improve the quality of your life.

How do I find my spirit guide?

It is said that an individual has almost 30 spirit guides at different stages in their life. These guides have presented themselves since the birth of the individual.

Having a spirit guide is extremely helpful. It’s like being able to view every situation/challenge in an unbiased manner. This, in turn, allows an individual to make better decisions. Their intervention helps an individual fuel his or her creative energies in a better way. Gradually. this will have a positive impact on the personal and professional life of the person.

Spirit guides are able to fuel a person’s spiritual growth. This brings us to the obvious question as to where does one find their spirit guide.

Well, there are many signs that one comes across while searching for his or her spirit guide. All we need to do is keep our eyes open and pay heed to the signs!

The entire cycle of life and death is a procedure to refine the soul. Once the soul is pure and attains the required spiritual growth, it moves beyond the realm of life and death. This evolved being has learned everything that was there to learn. They are like ascended masters. Therefore, it is now in a position to guide others.

The once ordinary being has now evolved into a spirit guide.

Here is an interesting video on how to meet your spirit guide

How to Make Contact With Your Spirit Guides!

10 signs that indicate the presence of a spirit guide

Spirit Guide & Their Healing Presence
Spirit Guide & Their Healing Presence

There are many ways through which your spirit guide will try to communicate with you. Interestingly, they could be sending you a message right now but if you are not aware, you will not notice. From meditation practice to the expert that guides how to communicate, there are many methods. Here are the Signs your spirit guide is around you –

1. You experience a flash of light

You experience a flash of light
You experience a flash of light

This is a common symptom. It usually happens when the person is in the midst of some work. Suddenly he or she visualizes a flash of white light. This is a sign that the spirit guide is trying to reach out. 

2. Ringing sensation in the ear

Ringing sensation in the ear
Ringing sensation in the ear

If one experiences a high pitched ringing sensation in any one of the ears, it is an indication that the spirit guide is around. This often occurs when the person experiences a surge of emotions – happy or sad. 

3. You hear your name

You hear your name
You hear your name

There are instances when you hear your name being called out. But when you turn to find the source, there is no one. This is a sign that the spirit guide is trying to reach out. 

4. You get strange dreams

You get strange dreams
You get strange dreams

Getting the same dream, again and again, is also a sign that a guardian angel is trying to connect. If someone gets the same visions, again and again, he or she should seek the guidance of an expert to connect with their spirit guide.  

5. You experience the supernatural presence

You experience the supernatural presence
You experience the supernatural presence

When alone, people sense a strange presence around them. This could be the spirit guide. It usually gives an extremely positive feeling. Some people also experience a slight tickling sensation on the top of their heads. This is because the spirit guide is connecting through the crown chakra. Even the pets behave weirdly when spirit guides are around. 

6. An unlikely coincidence keeps recurring

An unlikely coincidence keeps recurring
An unlikely coincidence keeps recurring

If the same thing keeps happening, again and again, the situation has a deeper message. For example, the same book keeps falling off the shelf when you are in the library. You keep meeting the same person each time you step out of the house. This means that the individual should focus on understanding the message. It is the guidance coming from their spirit guide. 

7. There is a sharp rise or drop in temperature

There is a sharp rise or drop in temperature
There is a sharp rise or drop in temperature

When spirit guides are around, individuals experience a sharp rise or fall in the surrounding temperature. This is often accompanied by unexplained odors/scents. 

8. You notice electrical anomalies

You notice electrical anomalies
You notice electrical anomalies

A sudden disruption in the radio signal or the television frequency is also a sign that the spirit guide is around. 

9. Books falling off the shelf

Books falling off the shelf
Books falling off the shelf (Source – LiterallyInsider)

When you are around and books start falling off the shelf, it is a sign that the spirit guide is trying to reach you. 

10. The urge to write

The urge to write
The urge to write

Sometimes you will experience a strong urge to pen down thoughts. This form of free flow writing is often an indication of a spirit guiding trying to convey a message.

How do I connect with spirit guides?

Once an individual finds his or her spirit guide, they need to establish a connection. Before you connect with a spirit guide, one needs to connect with their inner self.

The first step is to spare some time on a daily basis and practice self-care. Pay attention to the physical and mental well being. The self-care routine can involve anything that you like to do. 

It could be listening to music, dancing, cooking, etc. The second most important step to identify the spirit guide is to meditate.

While meditating, the individual learns to calm down his or her thoughts. Thus, they experience inner peace. As a result of this peace, they are able to hear the loving voice of their spirit guide and angels. Here are the 5 steps to connect –

1. Identify a spot

This has to be the dedicated spot you choose to follow the procedure to connect with your spirit guides. Connecting with your spirit guide becomes easier when you have a dedicated space.

2. Send an invite

Spiritual teachers are always there to provide all the spiritual guidance that you need. But they may not intervene without invitation. Hence, welcome your spirit guide. A simple way to do this is to meditate, clear the thoughts from the mind and extend the invitation to the spirit guide or guardian angel.

3. Be aware

Receiving guidance from the spirit guide becomes easy once you are mindful and aware of their existence. Gradually, this guidance leads to spiritual awakening.

4. Conversation is the key

Speak to your guide. The more you get to know them, the more you are fueling your spiritual growth.

5. Record what you learn

Make it a habit to record whatever you get to learn from your spirit guide. Sometimes the messages may not make sense immediately and you may need to ponder over it for some time. Occasionally, you may also need to seek help of likes of spiritual guide medium Yamile Yemoonyah or others.

You can look for good cosmic helpers in your neighborhood or those willing to do sessions over the web. If your spirit guide messages are confusing, book spirit guide medium sessions or reach out to people like spirit guide medium Yamile to help you interpret the signs.

Remember you may have communicated with people everyday but communicating with spirits is a totally different ball game.

7 Advantages of connecting with Spirit Guide

One can experience many benefits of connecting with their spirit guide. For starters, it helps you lead a happier and healthier life. Some of these advantages are listed below:

  1. It helps in ensuring clarity of thoughts. Because the calming voice of your spiritual guide will help you see the larger picture. This will automatically prioritize your thoughts. 
  2. Once an individual is able to connect with their spirit guide, he or she is on a spiritual journey that helps uplift the soul. They get clarity about the purpose of their life. They are very much like your soulmates
  3. Such people are never lonely because their spiritual guide is always with them. 
  4. The spirit guides are like reliable friends, they will always support you. Irrespective of the situation, their guidance will teach you to look at the larger picture. Their guidance nurtures the soul with unconditional love.  
  5. There is a consistent surge in the positive energy that such individuals experience.
  6. The spirit guide is also like the voice of intuition, it gives you warnings and guides you through the tough times in life. It is like your personalized warning system. For example, if you are taking a decision that will adversely impact you, the spirit guide will try to warn you. 
  7. People who connect with their spiritual guide, learn to be compassionate and loving. This is because the people who connect with their spiritual guide can align their souls to the love that flows through the universe. 

Where do I find my spirit guide?

The best place to find your spirit guide is through meditation. Spirit guide meditation is an extremely effective means to connect with them. The purpose of this meditation is to calm the soul and reach out to your angel. Of course, spirit guides meditation is a long process. It takes time before you can connect with your inner aura.

Once this happens, you can channelize your energies to reach out to the spirit guide. Meditation works well by improving the awareness of the mind, body, and soul. It also helps to purify the soul and teaches the individual to focus on connecting with the supreme energy that flows through the universe. As soon as the mind is calm, the soul can hear the wise words of the spirit guide.

What is spirit guide meditation?

Spirit guide meditation is the process through which an individual uses meditation to connect with their guardian angel. This meditation involves calming the senses. The idea is to divert the conscious from the current scenario and focus on falling into a relaxed state of mind. Those expecting to meet their spirit guide after the first session of meditation are likely to be disappointed. 

It will take time and a conscious effort. Meditation needs to be a part of your routine. Gradually, as the soul achieves the required level of calmness and clarity, it will open the mind to connect with your spiritual growth.

Spirit Guide names: How to find?

Each one of us is blessed with characteristic gifts and challenges in our journey as a human being. We often look up to our spirit guides for practical advice on identifying these challenges and overcoming them. We are born with a personal team of guides, all spiritual beings willing to handhold us through our journey.

Yes! Spirit guides are superior beings but they do have names. And addressing them by their names is one of the best ways to connect with them. Our roles keep changing during our lifetime.

You may not know the names of all these spirit guides. But that is okay. No one expects you to know it all. However, you are likely to know the name of the spirit guide that sticks with you through your life. Here are a few tips on how to find your spirit guides names:

  1. Ask them: What do we do if we don’t know a friend’s name? We ask them, don’t we? A spirit guide is also like a special friend so feel free to ask them for their name when you connect with them. 
  2. Seek divine intervention: Meditate and visualize a big screen. What is the first thing that you see on this screen, this is an indication of the name of your spirit guide. If the visualization is not clear the first time, take a break and do it again. 
  3. Take action: Some sessions with these divine beings may prompt you to write or draw. Go with the flow. If you speak to spirit guides and draw or write, you could actually be putting the spirit’s thoughts on paper. 

Remember there is no compulsion to address your spirit guides by their names. They are gentle beings in a divine space. The guides will always be there to help, irrespective of whether or not you address them by their names. However, labelling people and items is a culture that is deep-rooted in the human mindset.

Therefore, knowing the name just makes it easier to build a stronger connect. Different types of spirit guides From an ancestor to a beloved pet, your spirit guide could be anyone. Leading clairvoyant Yamile Yemoonyah will introduce you to the various types in her books. You can also connect with your spirit guide or guides to choose your personal path.

Sometimes a strange development manifests your dreams and hints at a particular type of spirit guide. There are many possibilities. The key is to be aware of your surroundings and notice even the slightest change. Let’s look at the different types of spirit guides.

Types of Spirit Guides

1. Archangel

God appointed them leaders of the angel world. They are known to work with countless humans to help them heal from within. An archangel has a large energy signature. If your spirit guide is an archangel, you are likely to notice a big shift in the energy of the surrounding once they are around. God has designated them with the task to take care of all human beings. 

2. Guardian angels

This type of spirit guide is your exclusive source of assistance. You can call upon them whenever you need them. They have a special connection with your soul and are with you right till you die. A guardian angel is a special soul who loves you very much. Also, your guardian angel is not restricted by your faith or religion. 

3. Animals

Many people have animals as their spirit guide. After all, even animals have special characteristics, gifts, and traits that we can learn from. For example, a dog is a good example of loyalty. Sometimes your spirit animal could be a beloved pet who has crossed the rainbow bridge and joined your team of spirit guides. Alternatively, the animal could appear as a picture on some item or cross your paths frequently. 

4. Ascended masters

Great preachers like Lord Buddha or Mother Mary have lived a human life and achieved spiritual enlightenment. Many times people have these great masters as their guides. The ancient wisdom and healing powers of the ascended masters from the spirit world show you the light even on the darkest of days. 

5. Departed souls

A loved one who has left for heavenly abode often ends up being a part of your team of spirit guides. When invoked, they will step forward to guide you.

Animal Spirit Guides

There are occasions when our spirit guides may choose to communicate through animals. This is extremely normal. In fact, some people also identify with some animals as their spirit animals.

So how do you know if your spirit guide is trying to convey a message? Sometimes even your beloved pets who have crossed the rainbow bridge come back to you as spirit guides. Therefore, it is important to know how to read the signs.

Identifying animal spirit guides

  1. If you see the same animal, again and again, do not ignore it as a mere coincidence. This is a sign that your animal spirit guide is trying to communicate.
  2. If a bird or an animal appears when you are stressed or in doubt, it could be your spirit guide.
  3. You experience an emotional connection with an animal, it feels like they empathize with your condition. This is again a sign of an animal spirit guide in the vicinity.
  4. The animal spirit guide can also come in your dreams. They may show you a place or an object in your dream, all of which is an effort to tell you something.
  5. You can also see symbolic representations of the same animal or bird repeatedly. This could be in a picture, a piece of jewelry, furniture, literally anything.

The type of animal spirit guide that we identify with, speaks volumes about our personality traits and our life ahead. You can read more about this symbolism as well as the method to identify your animal spirit guide right here.

How to communicate with your spirit guide?

Spirit guides are supernatural beings. While they act as a refreshing and inclusive companion on the dark days, the light only comes through if you manage to communicate with them.

Spirit guides do not have a specific language of communication but they do speak to us through various mediums. Initially, this communication appears as a mere coincidence. But, if an individual is looking for guidance, he or she should keep his eyes open for such meaningful coincidences.

Here is a look at the ways your spirit guide can communicate with you:

  1. Numbers: Spirit guides often use numbers to send their messages to us. For instance, if a unique number sequence keeps appearing in front of your eyes repeatedly, it is a message from your spirit guide. This could also be just one number which could end up being your lucky number. 
  2. Paintings / Writings: Visualizations are often considered a common medium for spirit guides to communicate. If the same painting or writing keeps appearing, do not ignore the message. It may not be the same wordings or shapes but the overall meaning that it tries to convey will be the same each time it appears. 
  3. Dreams / DeJa Vu: We often dream about situations that are yet to happen. This is again a sign from your spirit guide. Sometimes even when the mind is burdened with certain thoughts or problems, our dreams present the solutions to us. 
  4. Intuition: Another way that the spirit chooses to communicate is through a person’s gut or instinct. Sometimes when everything appears rosy on the outside, your gut still warns you against proceeding, this is the spirit guide sending a message. 
  5. Meditation: While our spirit guides are always around us, we can only hear them when the mind is at peace. Meditation is a time when we cleanse the mind of all thoughts and focus on our inner well being. Since the mind is at peace, this is also the time you’re you can hear the message from your spirit guide.

What do they look like?

A spirit guide could look like many things. It all depends on your visualization. Primarily spirit guides are beings without forms. However, they choose to reach out to us through a certain medium assuming a certain form.

This is to help us to connect with them. Therefore, your spirit guide could look like a loved one, an animal, a creature of the fantasy, some saint or preacher, practically anyone or anything. In simple terms, your spirit guide would look like something that you can connect yourself with. 


Each time you feel cornered in a problematic situation, you need to remember that you are not alone. Your spirit guides are with you, holding your hand through every step. All you need to do is stay calm, seek their guidance and have faith in their ability to heal your soul.