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Green Aura & Many Shades of It

Green Aura & Many Shades of ItUpdated on September 23, 2020 | Published on July 9, 2020

The Many Shades of Green Aura

“Auras are like a signature, each as individual as the person they surround.”

— Anonymous

It is said that people reflect aura colors in sync with their energies. And not just people, everything that we see around us has an aura. Be it visible or invisible, each element of this earth radiates an aura represented by colors. In this article, we will read everything about green aura and shades of green aura. But before we do that, let us see what aura means.

What is an Aura?

Aura is an energy field that surrounds you. It is an invisible reflection of your being. Auras usually carry colors that one cannot see with blind eye.

In simple terms, aura is an energy field surrounding us. What we see is a physical body. However, the physical body is also surrounded by an energy body made up of invisible vibrational energies. It is represented by our dominant emotions and personality.

The New Age beliefs suggest that auras are emanated through a combination of various colors that hold meaning on a deeper level. For example, a person may radiate a particular shade of green aura that has a deeper meaning attached to it.

The Many Shades of Green Aura
The Many Shades of Green Aura

Chakras and Auras

We know that each body, whether human or not, is composed of an energy body. Just like the physical components work together in a body, the energy components are also constantly on the go. The invisible energy body consists of two components – chakras and auras. Now, what is the difference between the two terms? Let us look at this through an example:


Chakra is like the brain and heart of a physical body. It is the control center of the energy body that is present in each and every being. On the other hand, aura is equivalent to the visual appearance of the whole body. For instance, the way we sum up the physical characteristics of a person as tall, short, fat, lean, etc., auras describe the characteristics of the energy body.

To sum up, chakras control the energy fields around us. And this in turn determines our auric colors.

Difference Between Auras and Chakras

Chakras Auras
Chakras are the energy centers or energy points in a body Auras are the energy fields that surrounds a body
There are seven chakras in a body An aura is composed of seven layers
Chakras are usually deep rooted and do not change easily Aura colors change as per moods and environment
Chakras are internally placed in a body Auras are externally placed outside a body

In this article, we will learn more about the color of the heart chakra i.e. the green color.

Here’s a video that shows how to heal your heart chakra –  

How to Determine Aura Color?

Auras are not easily identifiable. For people who have high intuitive abilities, it might be easier. However, with practice, one can learn to perceive auric energies. Try believing in your gut feeling. Or, you can sometimes determine auras by sensing the vibes that a person emanates.

It takes the gift of special sight to see aura colors around people or objects. For us, it is a rather daunting task to determine that. While the normal eye cannot see auras or auric colors, we all make use of our auric senses in our everyday lives. Some people call it the sixth sense, while some may call it vibes.

More often than not, we sense when someone from far away is looking at us. At other times, we are quick to say that the vibes did not match. Sometimes, we get this amazing energy from people and we often feel like they are radiating so much positivity. Contrary to that, we also sense when someone is radiating negative energy. All of this is nothing but sensing or detecting auras. With meditation and practice, a person can learn to see auras and their dominant colors.

What Does a Green Aura Mean?

Different shades of green aura radiate different meanings. Bright green aura represents love and light. Yellow green represents creativity. Similarly, the light green color represents growth. On the other hand, some other shades of green like dark green or muddy green represent negative emotions.

A person with Green Aura may display a wide variety of characteristics. Green is also a representative of the “Heart” chakra. Thus, it is also the color of your being. Green aura personalities radiate a variety of emotions.

While it may mean a lot of different things, let us look at each shade of green aura and see what it means.

Different Shades of Green Aura

  • Light Green Aura
  • Dark Green Aura
  • Yellow Green Aura
  • Bluish Green Aura
  • Bright Green Aura
  • Muddy Green Aura

Light Green Aura Meaning

Light green color like the color of new leaves represents growth. It means that the person is open to growing, learning, or healing. It is the color of newness. In other words, these people are new to the world of healing and self-care.

They always try their best to put in maximum efforts towards the well-being of themselves and others.

Dark Green Aura Meaning

When the aura color is more towards darker green, it indicates deep-rooted jealousy within the person. Such people often find it difficult to accept criticism. Consequently, they find themselves in the loop of self-assumed negativity.

Going out in nature helps such people in balancing their emotions. Most importantly, they should always try and master self-control when it comes to negative thinking.

Yellow Green Aura Meaning

The mix of these two colors is indeed a positive blend. It represents a life full of positivity and creativity. People with yellow green aura are the ones who cherish life as it comes.

They often find creative ways to solve a problem or to simply express themselves. The artist in them never fails to express through their creative demonstrations.

Blue Green Aura Meaning

Some people also call this turquoise aura. However, since turquoise aura people possess characteristics of both green and blue auras, we can comfortably tag it as bluish-green aura.

This is the color of a natural healer or someone who helps people in general. It is usually found in doctors, teachers, therapists, and people with professions of such kind. Bluish-green symbolizes healing energies and compassion.

Bright Green Aura Meaning

Do not confuse bright green with dark green. The bright green shade or forest green is the one that lacks dullness and is full of light and glow. It represents love and relationships. People with a bright green aura or emerald green auras are often content with their current life situations.

They also handle their relationships very smoothly. Similarly, such people do not crib every now and then about problems in life. Instead, they choose to take on any challenges that life offers.

Muddy Green Aura Meaning

Colors such as olive green or grayish-green can indicate regressive thinking. It can also mean stubbornness or selfishness. People with a muddy green shade of aura color are often self-consumed and ignorant towards the needs of others. They do not trust others easily and thus, are always overly cautious.

Maintaining a Balance

We all know the importance of balance in life. And this holds true in each and every element of this Universe. Likewise, people with green aura personalities need to balance some of their dominant characteristics. A person with balanced green energies achieves prosperity along with a healthy state of mind. To negate the obstructive traits of green color, one can practice meditation.

It is also worthwhile to note that with practice comes perfection. Thus, with constant efforts and reaffirmations, one can get rid of the negative energies that reside inside us. Go out in nature, take long walks, spend time with yourself, or do whatever it takes to keep you on the track of reasonable behavior.

To master the art of balancing your auras, you can take the help of various guided meditation videos available on the internet. Just sit with the intention of cleansing your aura and flow along with the meditation. This will be a life-changing technique to balance your auras and maintain a positive outlook.

Closing Thoughts

Green aura is one of the most powerful aura colors. Green is the color of love, unity, freedom of mind and body and spirit, and a whole lot of abundance in life. While there are few downsides to this aura color, nothing is permanent. You can always nurture the positive characteristics and enjoy your blessings.