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500 Things To Do When Bored

500 Things To Do When Bored

things to do when bored

At times you may feel that life is moving too fast and you need to slow down and take a pause. But, it’s a fact that when you get that much awaited downtime, you struggle to find out ways to keep yourself busy. Nothing looks interesting and boredom sets in. You are clueless of what to do next and make those moments meaningful and productive. There are plenty of things to do when bored; if you really wish to say a goodbye to boredom.

Let’s get started and check those 500 ways to keep yourself occupied and let go of weariness and timeout.

What to do when you are bored? 

Moments of boredom can feel difficult to escape when you do not know what to do. You may feel helpless and confused to find ways to come out of this state of mind. If you are spending your days indoors, you must be tired of the same old routine and struggling to get engaged in new things and fun activities.

You can consider this time as an opportunity to learn new things that you have put off for a long time now. Moreover, this spare time is a good way to connect with old friends, develop social bonding, recreate moments of happiness with close family ties.

You can actually make this time the best time of your life. We recommend many relaxing and enjoyable activities to do when you are bored.

So, let’s get started

500 things to do when bored

You can bust your boredom and lift your spirits by engaging in 500 different activities that give happiness and an absolute delight. You won’t even realize how time went off without being noticed. Sometimes you might run out of ideas to keep yourself engaged, you are cooped up in the four walls of your room and searching for ways aimlessly to move out of it. The below checklist mentions the various categories that will give you many ideas to work on and keep yourself busy.

Things to do when bored at home

Things to do when bored at home
Things to do when bored at home

We remain busy doing so many things at home but sometimes we run out of ways to keep ourselves engaged at home; especially after months of stay at home, isolation and quarantine due to social isolation norms set for the Covid 19 pandemic. Most of the free time is spent aimlessly without doing anything joyful and productive. Few ways to keep yourself busy at home are:

  1. Learn a new language that was on the cards for long
  2. Watch your favorite movie again and again
  3. Enjoy a warm sunbath early in the morning
  4. Make a playlist of your favorite songs from last year
  5. Get into a cleaning spree around the house
  6. Play video game with your child
  7. Embark on a new fitness regime to be followed every day
  8. Write a letter to your pen friend
  9. Do self-care as much as you can such as manicures, trendy haircuts, and fruit facials
  10. Have a guided meditation session to relax and rejuvenate
  11. Play with your pet and experience cuddling from your furry friend
  12. Make a cocktail with fresh fruits and yummy whipped cream
  13. Arrange a barbeque party at the house lawn and spend time with your loved ones
  14. Bake designer chocolate cakes and cookies
  15. Play hide and seek with your toddler
  16. Learn a new dance form
  17. Binge watch a new web series that your friend was talking about
  18. Brew a hot cappuccino and relax on the couch
  19. Take in nature and go for a walk
  20. Organizing your closet
  21. Rearrange the furniture of the house
  22. Buy new curtains for your living room
  23. Call your friend and indulge in guilt-free talking for hours
  24. Do some tricky puzzle and word search
  25. Clean your walking shoes and polish the rest in the shoe rack
  26. Buy a Feng Shui wall hanging for the front door
  27. Order a restaurant meal and satisfy your craving
  28. Shop provisions for your kitchen
  29. Plan a theme party with your friends
  30. Write love notes to your spouse
  31. Color your hair with bright shades, brown, burgundy, copper, black, or whatever you may feel like
  32. Change the wallpapers of the bedroom. It looks old indeed.

500 Things To Do When Bored
500 Things To Do When Bored

Things to do when bored with friends

Things to do when bored with friends
Things to do when bored with friends

Sometimes boredom may set in; even if you are with your near and dear ones. It can be with friends as well. Few dull moments and monotony always looks for some simple diversions and way out of it. Check out these simple ideas to incorporate while you are with your friends to eliminate feelings of weariness completely.

  1. Plan for a potluck party, a real fun and frolic time with friends with good food and wine on the table
  2. Visit an art gallery or magic show
  3. Have a movie night at home
  4. Do some bottle painting with acrylic colors
  5. Visit a vineyard and do a local wine tasting
  6. Play court games like badminton or lawn tennis
  7. Invite friends for an afternoon tea and snacks party
  8. Have a karaoke night with your best friends
  9. Create a collage with old pictures of college mates
  10. Make a to-do list for the next vacation with family
  11. Arrange a sleepover with best pals at home
  12. Have a cooking contest amongst friends and declare the winner
  13. Go for swimming and river rafting
  14. Create a photo frame together to put on some crazy pictures of you all
  15. Play a computer game together and announce the winner
  16. Make a spontaneous road trip
  17. Arrange a fashion show at home
  18. Visit a local event happening nearby
  19. Have a poetry writing competition
  20. Plan for some other friend’s surprise birthday party
  21. Make paper airplanes and throw them on each other
  22. Color an old T-shirt together with some crazy shades
  23. Do tongue twister exercise and see who wins
  24. Get into a movie marathon one after the other
  25. Wash the house backyard and parked cars in the garage
  26. Get into guilt-free chocolate eating and wine drinking; maybe till you drop
  27. Use sign language to communicate with each other
  28. Play word games
  29. Make prank calls to unknown number (sure you won’t get caught)
  30. Watch horror movies and do not sleep at night
  31. Make friendship bands for each other

Fun things to do when you are bored

Fun things to do when you are bored
Fun things to do when you are bored

Here is a bucket list of the various fun things to do when you are bored and confined at home.

  1. Search the refrigerator at the middle of the night and see what’s there to eat
  2. Start with a fake laugh and continue until you get a real one
  3. Imagine that you are talking to an alien
  4. Try out magic tricks on your own
  5. Go and ring the bell in somebody else’s house and hide behind the sidewall. Nobody is watching. Right!
  6. Make a large imaginary word of your own and search it’s meaning in the dictionary
  7. Read joke books and text weird jokes to your friends.
  8. Compose a song in a different language. Try out if you can
  9. Take funny online quizzes
  10. Call a friend and talk to them in a different voice
  11. Paint your nails with poster color
  12. Make a paper clipart; click photos and post it in Instagram
  13. Make your own sketch or self-portrait and see how you look
  14. Cut your old and shabby clothes with a scissor
  15. Get into a provision store and start shouting ‘rats around, rats around’. Note how others watch and react. You will laugh wild
  16. Become a detective for one day and move around in the community
  17. Walk on the road and try to follow your own shadow
  18. Learn the language of a parrot or scarlet macaw
  19. Slap on your face 10 times and feel how much it hurts
  20. Make a sudden shout in your friend’s ears
  21. Light a candle and blow it off. Repeat these as many times as you can
  22. Play spoon and lemon race 50 times in front of the mirror
  23. Take a nap on the dining table
  24. Call your friends at the middle of the night
  25. Go and play in the beach mud, create sand castles
  26. Have a pillow fight with your friend until all the pillows die
  27. Make emoticons with play dough
  28. Give funny names to your friends and tag those in their Facebook profiles
  29. Make a collage with white stripes of paper and color it (it’s like better to do something than doing nothing)
  30. Listen to a music online when bored
  31. Try to charge your phone with a laptop charger

Things to do when bored for kids

Things to do when bored for kids
Things to do when bored for kids

The quarantine norms have kept kids at home for months now. Parents are finding it hard to keep their children engaged in productive activities. Children are getting a lot of screen time that is harmful for physical health. Nobody wants to sit idle for hours. So let’s see few of the ways to eliminate boredom and feel good about doing something great and spending a perfect time together.

  1. A simple idea is to play some outdoor games
  2. Older kids love to go for a walk or bike ride along with a parent around the neighborhood
  3. To help mom or dad in household chores such as re-arranging the garden or cleaning the house
  4. Color and paint your old tees
  5. Play with Lego blocks
  6. Bake a cake with mummy
  7. Engage in an art challenge by inviting few friends at home
  8. Learn to play a musical instrument
  9. Create a large poster depicting the various things that the child is grateful for
  10. Engage them in a rock collecting activity and later color them all
  11. Play board games classics such as chess, scrabble, or carom with best pals around
  12. Arrange a tea and snacks party at home
  13. Plan an outing in the nearby spot with some outdoor games
  14. Write a letter to your grandparent
  15. Complete a jigsaw puzzle
  16. Complete a mind boggling math’s puzzle
  17. Learn and solve online worksheets and printed booklets
  18. Read story books
  19. Play scavenger hunt with mom and dad
  20. Join an online course on language learning 
  21. Go for taekwondo
  22. Practice handwriting at home
  23. Do yoga to increase concentration
  24. Do some random acts of kindness by giving food and essentials to poor children
  25. Water the garden plants
  26. Play tent house and camping in the backyard lawn
  27. Do some funny science experiment at home
  28. Play bowling at home with plastic bottles and a ball
  29. Make a pizza
  30. Bake a garlic bread
  31. Play computer games

Things to do when bored at night

Things to do when bored at night
Things to do when bored at night

We have so much passive entertainment like browsing google pages, watching funny YouTube videos, or looking into Instagram posts but these no longer seem as attractive as before; simply because we do it every day. Night times are quiet moments of solitude when we can actually do something very productive. Let’s get some great ideas of how to bust boredom at night.

  1. Set up a karaoke party with friends
  2. Arrange a house party with barbeque, old wine, and great conversations
  3. Reorganize your Facebook posts and delete the old ones
  4. Plan for the upcoming week by organizing your calendar. This also helps to avoid the last-minute rush
  5. Watch the stars in the night sky 
  6. Play online games such as Sudoku, spot the difference, and math’s maze, etc.
  7. Make a wish list of 20 things that you want to accomplish in a year
  8. Make a collage with your childhood photographs
  9. Sort your dresses and donate the old ones to a charity
  10. Take a soothing moon bath and fulfill your deepest wishes
  11. Go out and offer food to the beggars
  12. Decorate and re-pot your house plants
  13. Clean your bedroom drawer that is looking messy and full of useless stuff
  14. Knit a pullover and enjoy doing it
  15. Draw cartoon characters and let your child color it
  16. Watch a horror movie
  17. Prepare a nice and yummy meal for the family
  18. Re-arrange your kitchen cabinet and remove the unwanted things
  19. Watch cooking videos on YouTube
  20. Relax on the bed and listen to old and classic musical hits
  21. Draw a self-portrait
  22. Write a letter to yourself and see how you feel about it
  23. Eat ice cream with your family
  24. Make a list of the things that you need to finish in the next three days
  25. Create a social media page and engage in conversations with others
  26. Try night meditation to get a good sleep
  27. Enroll in an online personal growth program or take a personality test
  28. Do your homework for the official presentation to be placed the next morning
  29. Iron your clothes that you are going to wear tomorrow
  30. Get a warm shower with herbs and essential oils
  31. You can drive around the town seeing all the things on a moonlit night
  32. Visit a local carnival with rides, yummy food, music videos, and dance

Things to do when bored for guys

Things to do when bored for guys
Things to do when bored for guys

Sometimes busy men can also experience downtime when they are confused about what to do next. Maybe you are back from work a little early or you have taken a day off from work; you want to spend your time well but nothing seems appealing. Here are a few good ideas to try out to knock out weariness.

  1. Practice playing the guitar that you have not touched for years
  2. Try out a new recipe and hone your cooking skills
  3. Play basketball or cricket with your friends
  4. Write a love note to your girlfriend
  5. Make homemade ice cream and surprise your spouse
  6. Try out a new hairstyle
  7. Brew hot coffee and watch a crime-based web series
  8. Watch a nail-biting cricket match
  9. Workout in the gym
  10. Do some laundry and help your wife
  11. Babysit your little one
  12. Go for some kickboxing
  13. Surprise your girlfriend with a romantic date
  14. Watch the recent movies that you have missed
  15. Make a fruit salad for your family
  16. Create a YouTube channel
  17. Update your LinkedIn account
  18. Post vacation pictures on Instagram
  19. Shop provisions for the home
  20. Learn to play golf
  21. Buy a surprise gift for your wife
  22. Plan good health insurance for your family
  23. Play water balloons with your child
  24. Go for a walk with your dog
  25. Watch a baseball; or tennis game
  26. Visit a men’s grooming center
  27. Indulge in guilt-free drinking with friends
  28. Take your pet for a health check
  29. Play Ukulele sitting around a campfire with your friends
  30. Set up a home gymnasium
  31. Visit a magic show with your friend or family and spend the weekend even better

Things to do when bored for girls

Things to do when bored for girls
Things to do when bored for girls

Do you have a daughter at home who keeps on telling you ‘I’m bored, what can I do now? There are many fun-filled activities that can bust boredom and engage her in happy ways.

  1. Make homemade Christmas lights for the festive season
  2. Have a swimming competition with friends
  3. Learn to make grilled chicken and sausages from you mother
  4. Make a fruit punch with ice cream and surprise your parents with a treat
  5. Make origami craft and create an album
  6. Prepare your future goals and plan how to accomplish them
  7. Have an overnight movie marathon with girl gang
  8. Make a birthday card for your grandmother
  9. Do some mandala art and nurture your creativity
  10. Attend a musical concert in town
  11. Pay a surprise visit to your grandparent’s house
  12. Make a cloth bag with recycled clothes
  13. Fly paper rockets and airplanes and relive your childhood fun
  14. Start a blog and share your personal experiences with others
  15. Listen to motivational podcasts
  16. Browse the internet and find out amazing facts about various countries
  17. Read a book
  18. Make a friendship band for your best friend
  19. Make chocolate waffles and donate to poor kids living in the locality
  20. Help your mom and dad to plan for a family outing
  21. Go for nail art in the nearby gallery
  22. Watch the sunrise for three consecutive days and click pictures
  23. Learn how to play a musical instrument
  24. Make a collage of important monuments of the world
  25. Get a new hairstyle and facial massage
  26. Make hot chicken corn soup for your family
  27. Clean your room and get praised by your mother
  28. Make a vision board for future use
  29. Pick some food item that you have never tasted before
  30. Play mini-golf and amaze your friends
  31. Do some craft with the art paper folding

Creative things to do when bored

Creative things to do when bored
Creative things to do when bored

Have you ever tried to spark your creativity during the lockdown? If not, let’s take a look of the various simple things that you can do to make the maximum use of the available time

  1. Make a charcoal painting
  2. Try a short story with amazing characters
  3. Make a photo frame with the best out of waste materials
  4. Bake smiley cookies at home
  5. Do some origami craftwork
  6. Build an online community of like-minded individuals
  7. Make homemade soaps and perfumes
  8. Learn knitting and sewing
  9. Make chocolates at home and sell them in nearby shops
  10. Paint your room with bright colors
  11. Bring cactuses and orchids to decorate your home garden
  12. Decorate your house for a thanksgiving party
  13. Create a gratitude journal and write about the things you are grateful for
  14. Join an online math club and solve number games
  15. Cut color papers of various shapes and make post-it notes’ at home
  16. Redesign your old beaded bracelets in a new way
  17. Make a flower vase with a kitchen glass jar
  18. Create a pen stand to organize the pens lying here and there
  19. Go for a beach getaway and engage in watersports
  20. Learn fruit and vegetable sculpting to amaze your friends when they visit you next time
  21. Re-design paper clips in a new way. You can take a guided help from YouTube tutorials
  22. Make a magazine stand to organize newspaper and magazines
  23. Paint an empty wine bottle and use it as a flower vase
  24. Make new earrings from broken stuff in the drawer
  25. Learn to make folders and files from online videos
  26. Décor your bedroom walls with cool wallpapers
  27. Write 50 affirmations every day and live by it
  28. Learn to juggle a ball
  29. Improve your memory power by playing games and crossword puzzles
  30. Learn towel origami
  31. Start writing a romantic novel

Productive things to do when bored

Productive things to do when bored
Productive things to do when bored

Are you feeling bored right now? Thinking of how to utilize your time productively. Here’s the list of productive things that you can do to reduce boredom that can affect your mental health badly.

  1. Learn cake decoration such as frosting, icing, and fondant making. Online classes are easily available that meet your requirements.
  2. Make paper roses at home and use it for home décor
  3. If you feel like thanking someone for their kind act, write a thank you note
  4. Make a to-do list for the coming weekend
  5. Prepare fruit smoothies for your kids
  6. Reschedule your timeline by organizing the calendar. It can be holiday plans, plans for some upcoming office meetups
  7. Hone your typing skills
  8. It’s time to learn speed reading so that you can read faster and clearer
  9. Set up a bird feeder in your backyard garden
  10. Organize your Gmail and delete the junk ones
  11. Clean and organize your work desk by keeping all the things in the right place
  12. Go for a foot spa
  13. Wash the dishes lying in the kitchen washbasin
  14. Clean the dirty clothes lying in the dressing room cabinet
  15. Watch a Ted talk show and learn something useful
  16. Babysit for a colleague who needs a break
  17. Improve your recall by playing memory games with your children
  18. Make new investment plans to secure your future
  19. Schedule coffee with an old friend
  20. Join a prayer class 
  21. Make a list of quick household tasks that you need to do today
  22. Create a fragrant flower garden on the window sill
  23. Join an online reading community where you can discuss and review the latest good reads and best sellers
  24. Fix the wardrobe latch that got broken a month ago
  25. Plan your meal for tomorrow and get yourself organized
  26. Grow herbs such as celery, basil, caraway, cilantro, lemongrass in your kitchen garden
  27. Organize important papers and bills and put them in a folder
  28. Start doing regular freehand stretching exercise at home
  29. Re-visit your curriculum vitae and update it with your current skills
  30. Pick up an old hobby and kick start from where you left
  31. Make some SMART goals for the next 3 months and review them periodically

Things to do on computer when bored

Things to do on computer when bored
Things to do on computer when bored

We all get hooked to the computer and internet whenever we feel bored because it is easily accessible and we can actually spend hours in front of it. We love to play and scroll through our social media pages and see new updates given by others. But can we do anything meaningful on the internet? Yes we can. Few fun things to do online are:

  1. Google information about anything and everything that you want to know
  2. Take online quizzes and learn new things
  3. Learn online painting and craft activities
  4. Join an online cooking forum and share your recipes with others
  5. Do online jobs and earn money
  6. Use Instagram and Facebook for promoting your startup business
  7. Spend time by creating your own memes
  8. Do online shopping for even the tiniest thing that you might need
  9. Learn digital marketing and analytics
  10. Read product reviews of different consumer commodities
  11. Make online friends in chat rooms
  12. Visit a dating website and meet like-minded people
  13. Watch online magic shows
  14. Find the best deals on everything that you may need and save money
  15. Love the idea of playing an online game
  16. Find the love of your life through matrimony websites
  17. Get involved through online charitable trusts and help people in need
  18. Join a writer’s community and learn the skills of blog writing
  19. Find out interesting answers to tricky questions on the web
  20. Read  online astrological predictions and see what your stars tell about you
  21. Organize the files and folders of your laptop
  22. Change passwords of your bank account
  23. Do online recharge and pay the utility bills
  24. Make a weekend video call to your distant living relatives
  25. Search for new job opportunities
  26. Browse YouTube  to see exciting videos of your choice
  27. Delete unwanted programs from the laptop
  28. Install a new anti-virus on your computer
  29. Learn all the keyboard shortcuts to speed up your daily work
  30. Practice typing and increase speed
  31. Change the wallpapers and screensavers of your laptop. Give it a new look

Random things to do when bored

Random things to do when bored
Random things to do when bored

Have you ever tried doing some random stuff when you feel bored? Hope you enjoyed doing it. Few random ideas to keep yourself engaged are as follows:

  1. Plugin the hands-free in your ears and start listening to music
  2. Go to a park and start talking to unknown people
  3. Grab an ice cream of your choice by making a sudden visit to a parlor
  4. Sort out your clothes according to color codes. Keep same color clothes in one particular rack of your wardrobe
  5. Pick up some random hobby and start doing it
  6. Pay a surprise visit  to your best friend’s house
  7. Do some online random shopping; no matter you need it or not
  8. Go for a fashion photoshoot and develop your personal portfolio
  9. Bring home a dog and play with it
  10. Prepare a chocolate dessert and gift this to your neighbor who doesn’t like you at all
  11. Call your old classmates and catch up with them to know about what they are doing now
  12. Make a pledge to donate your organs in an organ donation forum
  13. Donate old magazines and journals to an old age home or a hospital
  14. See 10 virtual places of some famous iconic city
  15. Make scented candles at home
  16. Start having organic food and grow some in your kitchen garden
  17. Join a beginner’s online yoga session to stay fit and healthy
  18. Plan to have a sleepover in a haunted house with few friends
  19. Plan a long cycle ride to a far off countryside and enjoy the beauty of nature
  20. Take a stupid online challenge and see how you perform on it
  21. Wear a t-shirt that says ‘My life is beautiful’
  22. Blow a few balloons and pop one by one to enjoy that amazing sound
  23. Play balance race with newspaper on your head with your neighbor’s naughty child
  24. Make a prank call to unknown people and see how they react to it
  25. Answer some weird questions on Quora
  26. Write 10 good things and 10 bad things about yourself
  27. Take a random IQ test to find out your intelligence levels
  28. Stand in front of the mirror and make weird faces
  29. Do some random repairing in your home that you have overlooked for a long time
  30. Make a crazy signboard and put it in front of the main door.
  31. Plan your budget for this year

Things to do on your phone while you were bored

Things to do on your phone while you were bored
Things to do on your phone while you were bored

Sometimes you just wish to kill the time somehow; no matter where you are or what you do. You just pull out your cell phone and start scrolling through it. Smartphones have become widely popular because you can do so much with it. Few ways to bust your boredom by using your phone are:

  1. Listen to a podcast
  2. To play online quizzes
  3. Take an online class via Zoom or Google Duo
  4. Brush your language skills by taking an online English test
  5. To check Whatsapp messages
  6. You can check out Instagram posts
  7. Follow people over LinkedIn
  8. See your friend’s wedding pics over Facebook
  9. Browse web pages to gather information about an object
  10. Read emails and reply to the important ones 
  11. Take an online class on foreign language
  12. Do free 10 minutes meditation from online communities
  13. You can do online chatting with your old colleague
  14. Search the web to find an interesting fact about human beings
  15. Click as many selfies as you wish
  16. Delete unnecessary apps from your phone
  17. Put a new lock screen picture
  18. Write an email to an old friend who is no longer in touch with you now
  19. Share funny jokes with your friend
  20. Download and watch English classics
  21. Read online news from leading dailies
  22. Learn to make an apple pie from your nearby baker
  23. Research unknown topics to get more information on it
  24. Live stream a Netflix or Hot star web series
  25. Order an online meal from reputed restaurants
  26. Listen to a spiritual leader
  27. Buy movie tickets for the next available show
  28. Write an online test given by your school
  29. Join a public speaking forum and hone your skills
  30. Appear for a virtual interview session
  31. Attend a virtual parent-teacher meeting of your child

Things for couples to do when bored

Things for couples to do when bored
Things for couples to do when bored

Couples always look for boredom busters to remove their weary moments. They cherish excitement and happiness in their life; never a dull moment at all. The good news is you can always look for some interesting and fun activities to do with each other and spend quality time together.

  1. Cook together a new recipe
  2. Plan your fantasy getaway
  3. Play a piece of high spirit music and dance together
  4. Buy new furniture and furnishings for your new apartment
  5. Have a couple spa to feel fresh and rejuvenated
  6. Walk or jog in the nearby park
  7. Choose a healthy diet and follow it without fail
  8. Watch an old romantic classic together
  9. Go for some adventure sports such as scuba diving, rock climbing, paragliding, or bungee jumping
  10. Just chill on the couch and engage in productive conversations
  11. Participate in online challenges and see who wins
  12. Move around in the city vicinity in a motorbike
  13. Spend time together in a coffee shop
  14. Visit a bowling alley and play
  15. Go for a night walk together amidst nature’s wilderness
  16. Reading a book together and discussing the plot of the story, analyzing the character flaws, and anticipating the climax is a good way to stay connected
  17. Go for a date night
  18. Play card games at home
  19. Plan for tomorrow’s breakfast and do the necessary shopping
  20. Catch a sunrise or sunset for 3 consecutive days and enjoy the beauty of Mother Nature we live in
  21. Visit a bookstore together and buy few best sellers
  22. List your spouse’s favorite things
  23. Play indoor games such as chess or scrabble.
  24. Make a yummy pizza together for the dinner
  25. Make investment plans to secure your future
  26. Visit a wine shop and get into wine tasting
  27. Tell weird jokes to each other and laugh together
  28. Have some intimate moments of pure love and bonding
  29. Plan surprises for each other, however small they may be
  30. Organize a dress-up night and entertain each other in the house backyard or living room
  31. Learn a foreign language together
  32. Go for a couple game or a yoga class
  33. Visit a gynecologist together before you plan to have a baby
  34. Take a bubble bath
  35. Create a green kitchen garden together by planting herbs, seasonal fruits, and other seasoning plants
  36. Swimming together and enjoy being with each other
  37. Play with Lego blocks or jigsaw puzzles to unwind
  38. Have a standup comedy night at the house backyard with few friends to grand the occasion
  39. Write love letters to each other
  40. Confess the deepest and darkest secrets to each other

Cool things to do when you are bored

Cool things to do when you are bored
Cool things to do when you are bored

Few of the cool stuff to bust boredom are as follows:

  1. Go for antique shopping to décor the living room
  2. Change the battery of your remote
  3. Clean the refrigerator
  4. Re-organize the kitchen cabinet
  5. Make some online friends
  6. Take a video of your new recipe and make it viral over social media
  7. Start an online garment business
  8. Do a hair spa and try out a new hairstyle
  9. Teach your pet a few cool tricks
  10. Clean the backyard and car garage
  11. List down the names of the people who have motivated you to become who you are today
  12. Help your child to complete a word game
  13. Edit your old photographs using Adobe Photoshop and save them in a new folder
  14. Look into some funny pet videos
  15. See an old film that was really old, maybe before you were born
  16. Watch videos of a Charlie Chaplin muted show and laugh wild
  17. Make a list of gifts that you wish to give your family members for the Christmas festival
  18. Make greeting cards for Mother’s Day, Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas
  19. Go for a health checkup
  20. Try doing some woodwork at home, maybe a small kitchen stool
  21. Play a remote control racing car game with your toddler
  22. Make a family tree and find which generation do you belong to
  23. Start collecting antiques, coins, stamps, and baby photographs, etc.
  24. Join a public talk show and contribute your valuable opinions
  25. Take a virtual tour of the world’s best museums
  26. Watch a historical free documentary online
  27. Draw a landscape drawing
  28. Go for bird watching in a National park or a bird sanctuary
  29. Declutter and remove the excessive things you have then you might ever need. Donate those in a charity
  30. Find better deals for buying a new handset
  31. Buy a health insurance plan with the best premium options

Stupid things to do when bored

Stupid things to do when bored
Stupid things to do when bored

We try out silly and stupid things when feel bored, just to get some happiness and joy. It also reduces the monotony that has set in.

  1. Take a cool nap, time flies without being noticed
  2. Call a friend and spend hours talking
  3. Read the latest news of the day
  4. Ask a neighbor if they require any help or assistance
  5. Look at your childhood photos and get nostalgic
  6. Juggle with your kitchen knives (be careful, not for kids after all!)
  7. Purchase a stupid item that you will never need
  8. Make weird noises while you walk down a street.
  9. Join a laughing club
  10. Make stupid funny memes that no one dared to make before
  11. Pull your boyfriend’s beard to check whether it’s real
  12. Throw plastic balls in the swimming pool and tell your dog to get them back
  13. Give your pet a funny makeover and post the photos in pet forums
  14. List down the names of foods that you wish to eat in the next 3 months
  15. Play your favorite music, or a rock song and dance to its tune standing in front of the mirror
  16. Dress up as a superhero or superwoman and visit the kids in the community. Record their reactions and responses
  17. Pick up your makeup brushes and color your brother’s and dad’s nails when they are asleep
  18. Enjoy playing with play dough and slime with your tiny toddlers
  19. Make puppets with colorful socks and play with your children
  20. Practice a math puzzle and brush up your calculation speed
  21. Talk like your favorite cartoon character

Things to do when bored with family

Things to do when bored with family
Things to do when bored with family

Family time has to be enriching and fulfilling and we all try to make it happen. It has to be joyful that fosters good bonding and adds meaning to our life and living. Few awesome ideas to spend your spare time with family members are

  1. Arrange a puppet show at home
  2. Do sidewalk chalk drawing in and around your front yard to create great outdoors
  3. Arrange the cups and spoons in the kitchen cabinet in their respective places
  4. Start your day with a morning meditation session with all the family members
  5. Draw and color in an adult coloring book with your spouse
  6. Offer free deep breathing classes to your neighbors and ask them to join your family every morning
  7. Play jumping ropes with your kids
  8. Make physical activity and exercises a regular morning routine for all the family members
  9. Visit a craft store to buy essentials for a DIY project
  10. Share the various ways of time management with your teenager
  11. Make hot chocolate sauce together
  12. Watch the sunset and click the beautiful pictures of the dusk
  13. Give a random call to your spouse and talk in someone else’s voice
  14. Play hula hoop for 15 minutes on the lawn to stay fit and fine
  15. You can play the soap bubble game in the house backyard
  16. Create a dollhouse with cardboard and let kids enjoy doing it together
  17. Play cricket in the living room
  18. Teach your child to make a pair of binoculars using paper rolls
  19. Keep a talking pet bird and enjoy its company
  20. Play memory games with the entire family
  21. Moms and girls can make colorful headbands and bracelets with beads
  22. Throw a disco night in the house garden with great food and loving friends
  23. Prepare a yummy banana milkshake with daddy
  24. Clean your sneakers
  25. Change the furnishings of the house together
  26. Record 10 different sounds that you hear around in the next one hour
  27. Visit a zoo
  28. Make colorful tattoos at home
  29. Arrange a family activity outdoors in the local park
  30. Play a prank with your sibling and enjoy yourself together
  31. Go for a boat ride in the nearby lake and enjoy family time
  32. Teach your kids how to wash their own clothes
  33. Plan for an upcoming birthday in the family
  34. Get into the kitchen and help mummy to prepare the day’s meal

Parting words from ‘TheMindFool’

There are numerous ways to beat boredom and find fun, happiness in the little moments of life. Do things that keep you busy and increase your productivity. You can do so many things even from the comfort of your own home to stay engaged and bust boredom.

Needless to say, few twists and turns in your daily life and doing the same stuff in a different way can help to overcome weariness and make a dull moment more engaging and entertaining.

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