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The Importance of Reading & Why You Must Start Reading Today

The Importance of Reading & Why You Must Start Reading Today

importance of reading

Reading is essential for those who seek to rise above the ordinary.”

– Jim Rohn. 

Well, indeed. Books introduce you to a world you never thought existed and helps you reckon the reality in it.  If you know an avid reader and wonder what’s with their obsession with reading. Here’s the answer: reading! Yes, the importance of reading is so immense, that a lineup of books might fall short.

After all, there’s a reason why all our school lives, we have been mutually advised the same thing both from our parents and teacher: read, read and read more.  

Why is Reading SO Important?

Reading enables a 360-degree growth of an individual. It develops your thought process, expands your viewpoints and keeps your mind active. The importance of reading in a child’s life has been identified as a key area of its development. 

Books are often referred to as the best friends of humans. This is mainly because of its capability to carry thoughts and feelings unlike anything else. It is the only place where you can see the power of imagination unleash without any barrier. Apart from that, it is a fun exercise and a great means to be informed. 

Top 15 Benefits of Reading

If you are on the other side of the shore, that is, if you belong to the small pack of people who don’t enjoy reading – you will be amazed at the number of benefits you are missing out on, every day.

So, let’s begin to understand the benefits of reading – 

1. Reading sharpens your mind and develops cognitive thinking

Psychologists and counselors around the world suggest reading for multiple purposes. It has a credible history of improving mental health alongside sharpening your mind and developing critical thinking.

Have you ever noticed, most of the successful people around the world admit to reading every day? It is certainly not just a coincidence. They all confer to the importance of reading and the power of knowledge. 

2. It helps in self-discovery

Books contain stories, characters, and situations, each with its own set of features, both good and bad. It familiarizes you with the thoughts of the author and in the process unfolds the depth of your thought process.

It helps you reckon your own self under different circumstances which are yet to occur in your real life. It’s amazing how amidst the words and phrases of a person, completely unaware of your existence can help you discover yourself!

3. Improves your writing skills and builds vocabulary

Writers and readers. This is because the importance of reading is not just limited to emotional and physiological benefits, it also has academic advantages. The words, phrases, expression, style of writing of other authors can help you understand the craft of writing better.

Along with that, while reading you will come across words you have never heard of. This will trigger your curiosity to comprehend it’s meaning and ultimately your vocabulary will begin to expand, one word at a time.  

The Importance of Reading & Why You must Start Reading Today
The Importance of Reading & Why You must Start Reading Today

4. It’s a great stress-buster

There are a number of researches on the internet that will advocate for this statement. The very act of reading reduces stress levels to a considerable level. If your only purpose to go for a walk is to catch hold of that rising anxiety, I would suggest – catch a book and start reading. It is 300 percent more effective.

Books give you an escape from the hustle-bustle of your daily life and act as a breather. The feeling is better experienced than explained. 

5. Importance of reading in building focus and concentration

According to a Microsoft study, the human attention span has reduced from 12 seconds in 2000 to 8 seconds in 2015. This fall is major because of the unprecedented rise of the internet.

It is undeniably the greatest resource in the history of existence but that doesn’t wipe out the drawbacks. However, reading can help you dodge the impact of a low attention span and improves your focus extensively. 

6. You will enjoy the me-time

If you have ever looked closely – most readers are introverts. That’s because reading is quite a lonely activity. In a sense, it’s just you and your book – no demands, no expectations. This doesn’t mean that reading will transform you into an introvert, it will just teach you how to enjoy being in your own company.  

7. Books augment creativity and imagination

Reading improves perspective at a different level. You see things, you never imagined before. You try to immerse yourself into the author’s connotation and put your own creative thinking into play.

Since books expose you to multiple kinds of plots and characters, it accentuates your vision and triggers your creativity as well.  

8. Evolves you as a human being

Readers are empathetic and kind by nature. Good books not only make you strong emotionally and academically but also help you become a better human being. This is one of the most significant benefits that states the importance of reading.

You understand people better, learn to accept the different stages of life and be gentle towards other’s viewpoints. All of this because you read and comprehend other’s experiences.  

9. Reading improves your memory and language skills

When you read books, you are compelled to remember various things: the plot, the name of the character, their backgrounds, and so much more. As you train your brain to remember all this, your memory automatically tends to get better.

Reading habits can also help you grab a tight command on the language and help you flaunt the uninterrupted flow of words in your statements and of course, the stunning grammar! 😉 

10. Helps you learn the art of empathy

Remember, empathy. NOT sympathy! Good books tend to make you part of the plot. You are immersed into the storyline so much so that you experience the pain and joy along with the other characters.

It makes you a good listener since you are always in a conversation with the book and become more aware of how different things affect different people in different ways. And, all of this combined makes you more empathetic in life.   

11. Books are the source of light on the darkest days

The importance of reading on the days when you feel down and discouraged is immense. Life is certainly not easy and there are days when you need a little push to get back up and fight.

This is the time when you need to find books (good ones, only!) and spend time reading. Within half an hour you will discover new hope and motivation to restart. It’s not magic, but it isn’t less either. 

12. You learn new things, daily!

One of the most prominent benefits of books is that it expands your knowledge – the reason why we learn to read in the early stages of our lives. Reading adds depth to your knowledge, makes you aware of different cultures, people and mindsets around the globe.

This, in turn, makes you capable of making better-informed decisions in life. Long story short, you learn new things with every book that you read – in fact, with every lesson that you read. 

13. The joy is immense

The most underrated benefit of reading but still celebrated – Joy. Yes, reading brings you joy and pleasure in unexplainable ways. If you choose your books wisely, you will never have to depend on others for your own happiness. Just grab a book and start reading. 

14. Importance of reading in boosting sleep

Longing for a good night’s sleep? Put down your smartphone and find a book. No, not in the sense that reading is boring and can put you to sleep at any time. But in a way where it can improve your sleep pattern and restfulness.

Since it helps you de-stress and relax, (check, point 4), books boost a peaceful sleep. If you don’t believe me, here’s what stats have to say: Just 6 minutes of time-read can reduce stress by almost 68%!

15. It’s a great source of entertainment

The entire world is in search of just one thing, all the time: Entertainment! Still, most of us forget the fun residing within the white pages of a crisp book. In fact, it was the only (also, great!) source of entertainment in the times of No-TV, No-smartphone. It still is, only if you know how to relish it.

If you wish to see numbers about the importance of reading, here’s one: A research coined that subjects reading for just 30 minutes a day, lived for two years more than their peers who didn’t. However, you must have a considerable speed to gauge maximum benefits.

If you wish to improve on it, here’s something we crafted a while back!

Start reading, Today!

Whether you are reading for pleasure or for a purpose. What matters is that you are reading. 

So, if you don’t already have a book in hand, it’s time you get one! Start with a romantic or a classic, or simply pick a best-seller; make yourself a hot cup of coffee and let the reading begin. With time, you will find yourself deeply engaged in reading. Don’t forget, a few words have the power to change the world, better than a sword. 

Happy reading. 

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