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Work with Prana Energy to Unleash Your Superpowers!

Work with Prana Energy to Unleash Your Superpowers!

Work with Prana Energy to Unleash Your Superpowers!

Science has proved that everything is energy. The more energy you feel inside you, the better your life will be. There is positive energy and negative energy. Whatever you focus on will attract more of it inside. That said, do you know that there is a life force energy constantly moving inside of us?

In fact, it not only flows in and through us but also around us. It manifests itself through our breath. Also, it is called prana energy – vital energy. It is a vital life force that can completely transform our mind, body, and soul.

Prana holds the energy of all the three worlds. Just like a mother, our prana protects us from all that’s not meant for us, but only when we awaken it as the life force energy. How to allow oneself to let the prana flow inside and around us? What is the purpose of this life force energy? How to understand prana? If these questions are constantly hovering around your mind, then this article is for you!

What Is Prana?

Prana is quite a popular word these days. If you are into yoga or other spiritual practices, then chances are that you must have come across this word and learned about its importance and purpose as well. For those who haven’t heard of it, prana is a Sanskrit word, which means that it exists before atoms. The word can be split into ‘pra’ which means ‘to exist before’ and ‘ana’ meaning ‘an atom.’

Prana exists in many cultures as well. In China, they call it ‘chi’ or ‘qi’ and Greeks know it as ‘pneuma.’ The Maori in Australia call it ‘mana,’ Egyptians call it ‘aka,’ and the Japanese call it ‘ki.’ The point is that it means something significant to all cultures. Some call it energy; some call it spiritualism, and all of us know it as a vibe.

Prana is the energy or vibration that exists between the atoms. This vibration is our aura which is made of energy fields around us.

What is Prana Energy?

Prana energy is the life force, the vital energy which flows inside our bodies from the moment we are born. Many spiritual leaders know about the life force that prana is and thus, have developed various breathing techniques to awaken the same inside humans as well.

When the flow of prana is in balance inside the human body, mind, soul, and body are aligned. We feel some kind of unseen force or energy around that helps us become our greatest version. High vibration is the way to know whether the flow of prana energy inside you is uninterrupted. Another way to know about the smooth flow of prana in your body is synchronicities.

It feels like the universe is helping you flow through life and you come to know about the future events before just by feeling the energy of a person. Things that usually are troubling for other people do not affect you as much. You become whole and understand the mysterious cosmic powers of the universe.

Work with Prana Energy to Unleash Your Superpowers!
Work with Prana Energy to Unleash Your Superpowers!

Working with Prana Energy

Many yoga teachers explain that there are five types of pranas flowing inside the human body. They are-

  • Prana – The energy flowing in the upper part of the body. Basically, it is the region above the heart.
  • Apana Vayu – The energy flowing in the lower part of the body.
  • Samana Vayu –It flows in the stomach region of the body.
  • Udana Vayu –This includes the upper chest and throat region of the body.
  • Vyana – The flow of energy in the complete body. It affects blood circulation and joints.

These Panch Pranas, when balanced, unleash unimaginable powers inside any breathing body. Any imbalance in these pranas can be healed by Pranayama or breathing techniques.

There are 172,000 nadis or nerves or channels that function in our bodies. Now imagine awakening them to the point where they remain charged up to 100%. This is what the correct way of breathing does to you.

Basically, breathing techniques or Pranayama is the fastest and proven way to allow the flow of prana in your physical body. When energy flows in the body without any interruption, all the blocks are cleared and thus, the body achieves the balance it requires to live a long and happy life.

Another way of working with your prana energy is through yoga. The various yoga asanas help in the opening of chakras. The chakras, which are located at the back of the spine have blocks that open themselves at the time of the natural flow of prana energy. When the chakras are free from the blocks, the dormant energy which is located at the bottom of the spine called kundalini rises up.

In spiritual terms, it is said that when Shakti (dormant energy at the base of the spine) rises up to meet Shiv (sitting on the crown chakra), the body achieves balance in mind, body, and soul and there is nothing that can stop the person from unleashing his or her superpowers, those that this world cannot even comprehend.

4 Steps to Channelling Prana Energy

When working with prana energy, your focus should be on the following things-

Increasing your prana: The first and foremost thing to do is start utilizing certain breathing techniques to get the vital energy inside you vibrating, moving and then, flowing abundantly. Yes, it will seem difficult and challenging in the beginning.

You might feel dizzy during the first few days of starting Pranayama or breathing techniques but do not be afraid of it. That is just your vital energy getting in motion. However, if this continues for a long time, consult your yoga teacher or Guru.

As long as you are living in nature and learning to live according to nature, you are increasing your prana. There is no doubt about it. The energy of nature comes from five elements – Earth, water, fire, ether, and air.

As long as you exist between them all and make sure to refine your breath, you are in the state of increasing your prana energy.

1. Conserving your prana

Conserving your prana
Conserving your prana

Once your prana energy starts flowing in your body, know how to utilize it for your highest good. Yes, it is important to not only allow the flow of prana in your body but also learning the means to conserve it. Energy flows where focus goes, we know it. Bring it into existence and stop wasting time on things that do not put your soul on fire.

2. Channeling your prana

Channeling your prana
Channeling your prana

You now know how to increase your prana and conserve the life force energy flowing in you as well. The third task is to learn to channel it in the right direction. As mentioned before, wherever you take your focus, energy will start flowing there.

So, why not focus on things and people that will help you become your greatest version in life? Once you understand this, you will only allow what’s positive and good for you at the moment. Life will seem like a fairy tale and you will get exactly what you want from it.

If you use your energy for selfless reasons or purposes, then you will attract more spiritual energy. Even if you use your mental and physical energy, you will return spiritual energy in return. This is known as the principle of Karma Yoga.

However, you shouldn’t do something selflessly because you think that you will get something in return. When you expect things, this means that your task isn’t selfless because then you are expecting something in return.

3. Balancing the prana

Balancing the prana
Balancing the prana

Your body will remain unhealthy on an emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual level unless you learn to balance your body. The best way to balance your body is to release all the negative blocks and raise your vibrations.

There is no other way to do this than connecting deep with yourself by utilizing all these breathing techniques. Once your body achieves balance or homeostasis (in medical terms), you will automatically start living your purpose and the life of your dreams.  

4. Purifying the prana

Purifying the prana
Purifying the prana

Once you start working with the above four phases of prana energy, you will become extremely powerful. You will slowly learn about your capabilities and what you can do just by increasing, utilizing, conserving and channeling your inner energy. This will also inspire you to keep increasing your prana energy. It will keep flowing in and around you as long as you keep purifying it.

Purification doesn’t only mean continuing with deep breathing, meditation, and breathing techniques. It also means embracing the nature of love. It means that you do not bring any negative thoughts about anyone and life, in general. The more purity your thoughts will have, the more will be the flow of prana inside you.

When the prana energy flows inside us, we become so powerful that we start manifesting the life we have always desired. In fact, this prana energy doesn’t only affect us but also the people who come in contact with us. This is why it has been mentioned above many times that this vital energy flows in and around us as well.

In a way, those who practice Pranayama until they learn to not only allow the uninterrupted flow of energy within their bodies, but also influence every soul, positive or negative around them. This happens when you learn to conserve, channel, release, and purify your energy. In yogic terms, it’s called achieving ‘sidhi’ or enlightenment. This is what the sages achieve.

How to Let Your Prana Energy Flow Freely?

The best way is yoga. Yoga is more than a workout. It doesn’t only keep your physical body healthy but also your mental, energy, emotional, and spiritual body healthy. It is breathwork at its best. Interestingly, Pranayama is also a part of yoga. All you need is a good yoga teacher and you are good to go.

Apart from yoga, keeping a healthy lifestyle, following the laws of nature, staying close to nature, exercise, eating vegetarian food, intermittent fasting, quitting smoking and alcohol, and keeping your thoughts healthy are some other ways to keep the vital energy flowing.

Another way of letting the prana energy flow is by chanting affirmations or high vibrational mantras. Om is one way to do it. When you meditate, start chanting Om and you will feel vibrations in your body. This is your spiritual body making sense inside you!

8 Ways to Increase the Prana Energy?

We live in a world that subconsciously teaches us to only expect the worst in a situation. People are so scared of everything that they would rather do meaningless jobs, marry someone they do not care about, forget love rather than taking a chance on love, feel lethargic in chasing their dreams; basically, they know how to settle well than going after things that they really want in life.

Do you know why? Yes, now you do because the answer to the same is fading life force. Imagine becoming such a life force that people heal themselves just by coming in contact with you? Even if it seems like a dream or fantasy, it is in fact quite possible in this lifetime.

How do you think spiritual leaders are different from you? It’s because they were/are able to unleash their hidden powers; the world has no idea about these powers because most of us follow a pattern and do not even consider the possibility of looking beyond it. Thus, we live in fear.

When you live in fear, your ego is dominant. When you live in love, your prana energy flows because this is your true nature. This is who you are – a being made from the eternal love of the universe and nature.

So, how do you enhance or expand your prana energy? Find out the same below.

1. Yoga


It cannot be stressed enough that yoga is the evidence of the magnificent wisdom of our ancestors. Yes, it is the most efficient and ancient way of setting in the flow of prana energy within.

Yoga not only helps you in becoming healthy and strong but also makes you spiritual. It opens your body to miraculous personal and professional experiences. And it is so much more than just a workout. It is a way of life.

2. Breathing technique or Pranayama

Breathing technique or Pranayama
Breathing technique or Pranayama

In many spiritual texts, it has been mentioned that Pranayama or certain breathing techniques can open places inside your mind, body, and soul that you didn’t even know existed.

When you learn these techniques and apply the same in your body, you literally feel your body charging up and changing the way it used to work before. There is no looking back from there; you will only grow stronger.

3. High-vibrational diet

High-vibrational diet
High-vibrational diet

You are what you eat. So, when you replace all that junk food with organic food, you will allow the prana to flow through more easily. When you soak in the sun, eating fruits, cereals, and green vegetables, they bring the sun’s energy with them, inside your body. This is why it is said that non-vegetarian food should be avoided for they carry negative energy.

4. Meditation


If you are a meditator, then nothing in the world can chase away your peace and calm. A healthy mind is a mind that is calm. It functions better than chaos, anger, and stress any day. However, meditation is a wider practice than that.

A meditator soon becomes a manifesto since the cosmic wisdom of the universe starts flowing through their crown chakra and awakens the extraordinary abilities resting inside them. It helps you stay present at the moment and that is one and only way to stay happy in life.

5. Positive affirmations

Positive affirmations
Positive affirmations

Even though not many people pay attention to it, speaking is a form of prayer. Be very intentional in what you speak to yourself, people and the universe because it may manifest into reality.

This is why you should keep your thoughts positive and no matter if you speak of kindness only. This helps the prana energy to flow more efficiently inside your body.

6. Laughter


It is not only the best remedy for a healthy life but the uninterrupted flow of prana as well. When you are a happy being, you are also a light body. When you feel light inside you, you attract light and take away the darkness from yours as well as the life of those around you or bump into you. Thus, laughter attracts a happy, healthy and abundant life as well. How? Well, with the uninterrupted flow of prana energy.

7. Acceptance and release

Acceptance and release
Acceptance and release

When we see and understand things in terms of energy, we also learn about positive and toxic or negative energy. Thus, it is important to understand what to accept in life and whatnot. Accept people exactly for who they are, or do not accept them at all. When you can’t accept them but also can’t let them go, it gives way to a toxic situation which is a block to the free flow of prana energy.

Thus, it is important to learn about the toxic traits of people and release them the minute their negative thought process starts affecting you. However, the power of prana energy is such that if it’s purified regularly by the person in question, he or she can even heal the toxic person. Yes, these people are also healers.

8. Choosing love consistently

Choosing love consistently
Choosing love consistently

When we are born, the only thing we know is love because mostly, this is what people show to us. That is why we understand the language of love. However, when we grow up, people’s behavior toward us varies. There are emotions, like anger, disappointment, stress, etc, which also manifest inside us due to the behavior of others. It is important to unlearn this pattern because love begins from within.

Once we start loving ourselves, we won’t go ahead and show negative emotions to others for we will know that if we are hurting others, we are hurting within. Thus, when you think only in terms of love, you will exhibit love and heal people. It should be consistent. The more you choose to love; the better the flow of prana will be inside and around your body.

Closing Thoughts

There is a hidden power inside all of us. However, not all of us are able to see it in our lifetime. Those of us do, we know that we are so much more than our physical body. We are spiritual beings having a human experience and not the other way around.

We are powerful beyond measures and this is something that cannot be explained. This is a feeling, a belief, a knowing that can be understood only by people who have felt prana energy flowing inside their bodies effortlessly.