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What is Energy Reading?

What is Energy Reading?

energy reading

Everything is made of energy. The whole universe along with its varied entities is all manifestations of different energy forms. This makes energy one of the vital elements of our world.  Those who can do energy reading and can interpret it can uncover the hidden secrets buried deep within a person.

What is Energy Reading?

Energy reading is sensing someone’s energy field and giving its interpretations. Each individual has a unique energy field around them. A person’s thoughts and emotions influences this energy field.

Energy reading is not a new concept. People have been reading energies for centuries. Usually, people who are able to read other’s energy are highly intuitive. They are known as sensitive. Sensitive people are very susceptible to mild fluctuations in the energy fields of a place, object, and person.

Energy reading is sensing someone’s energy field (aura) and giving its interpretations. Energy reading is also known as aura reading. They can be used interchangeably.

In theory, energy reading is different from psychic readings. However, it doesn’t mean that psychics cannot give energy readings. While energy reading deals with using the sensory organs to read, psychic reading entails making a connection with a nonphysical plane. Again, while the energy reader notices the aura and chakras, a psychic reading entails getting information from spirit guides.

Have you noticed how you can instantly make up your mind about a person? Like or dislike a person without even speaking to them? Chances are you have picked up on their energies. Auras are the magnetic field around a person and yes, auras can be good and bad.

Every person has a unique energy field around them. Again, based on their thoughts, feelings, and emotions, different energy flows through them. In general, everyone is an energy reader to some extent. The only difference between a professional energy reader and a common person is that professional readers have refined their abilities. Hence they are extra sensitive to human energies and can easily interpret it.

You might have heard people say that a particular person gives off weird vibes. Usually, this is a case of people sensing someone’s energy.

Energy Reading and Akashic Records

As the name suggests, Akashic records are a type of record. But it is no ordinary one. It is the divine record of your soul. It has the secret to your soul’s journeys and its learnings.  The akashic record is the golden library that can tell your soul’s origins. It consists of all the information of your soul and your past lives. Further, it reveals the destiny of your soul.

Akashic record reading also falls under energy reading. However, this type of consultation answers some deeper questions about your life. Not all energy readers will provide you these services. Tapping into the akashic records requires skills and years of practice.

You should consider going for akashic record reading if

  • You want to know who you are and what is your purpose in this world
  • The universe keeps presenting you the same set of challenges and you want to know the reason
  • You want to connect to your spiritual self
  • You want to uncover your innate talents
Benefits of Energy Reading
Benefits of Energy Reading

Why Should One Go for Energy Reading?

Energy readings are great for someone who feels stuck in life. If you always work hard but are not able to overcome problems then you must consult an energy reader. Energies flowing through you can give clues to the reader on what is stopping you from achieving your goals.

This is also a good option for people who are having a hard time deciding something in their life. The decision can be related to anything such as solving relationship issues, finding your life partner, or being confident in your investment plans.

An energy reader can give you a unique insight into what is happening in your life. Based on your aura they can provide you the necessary guidance that can point you to the right path.

Often people who go for energy sessions have certain questions. In such a situation, the energy reader will ask you to talk about what you want to know first. They will prompt you to go into detail. This part of the session might extend to 30 minutes. After the reader has thoroughly understood the question and the context, they will proceed to read your energy vibrations.

Some benefits of energy reading are:

  • You receive guidance in your life
  • Areas that need special attention can be recognized
  • Energy blocks can be detected and removed
  • You will receive a new perspective on an issue
  • Energy reading can help with dealing with past trauma
  • It can provide you enough information to make the best decision for you
  • Energy reading can help you attract luck and fortune
  • An energy healer can work with you to relieve unexplained illnesses
  • If you feel lost, then energy reading can give you a new direction in life
  • You will uncover the reasons for your consistent bad luck
  • An energy reading can help you balance your chakras

How To Read Energy?

The best expressions of energies are emotions. The good and the bad, both energy flow can be reflected through a person’s emotions. While positive energies may result in happiness and contentment, negative energies generate melancholy and exhaustion.

Energies in some cultures are known as life forces. For example, in Chinese culture, the energy flowing through a person is called ‘chi’ or ‘qi’. Chi is considered to be the primary element of any living organism. Chinese medicine and martial arts have exercises that strengthen the ‘chi’. ‘Chi’ is thought to be crucial for both physical and mental health.

5 Ways to Develop Your Energy Reading Ability

1) Start focusing on people’s eyes

Start focusing on people’s eyes
Start focusing on people’s eyes

“The eyes are the windows of the soul”

Thomas Phaer

The eyes reveal a lot about a person. It can tell if someone is happy or sad. Further, it can also reveal if that person is trustworthy or suspicious. When you want to develop your intuitive powers, it’s best to start with the eyes.

Eyes are easy to read and can give you a heads up on the overall energy of a person.

The first thing that one notices about someone is their eyes. Therefore, start observing how someone’s glance makes you feel. Do you feel comfortable? Or agitated?

Eyes give out a great deal of information about a person. With some practice deciphering a glance will be easy for you. When you are good at it, you can easily tell if a person is mean, compassionate, angry, tranquil, or sad.

2) Sense the emotions generated by someone’s presence

Sense the emotions generated by someone’s presence
Sense the emotions generated by someone’s presence

After mastering the art of reading someone’s energy through eyes, focus on their presence. While sensing someone’s presence, understand what type of vibes they give off.

More often than not, we are subconsciously always sensing someone’s energy. It is true for everyone. If you want to amplify your energy reading skills, you need to consciously notice it.

The aura surrounding a person is like the air surrounding the earth. Aura of a person can be dull and draining. On the other hand, if the person is a compassionate human being, their aura will be bright and uplifting.

To decipher the energy flowing through a person first see the type of emotions generated within you. During this process, you also need to trust your gut.

3) Try to interpret the feelings created by the voice of a person

Try to interpret the feelings created by the voice of a person
Try to interpret the feelings created by the voice of a person

FBI profilers turn to the voice of a person to judge if he/she is telling the truth. Energy readers also resort to observing the voice and laugh of a person to understand their hidden feelings.

When it comes to voice, you need to notice the sound vibrations created by it. Is the voice low pitched or high pitched? Does the person talk in a slow or fast manner? A lot can be told about a person just by hearing them speak.

People speaking in a low audible range may have low self-esteem. On the other hand, loud talkers are usually a confident or overconfident person. Further, a person talking fast may mean that he is anxious. Again, someone who talks too slowly may be suffering from depression.

4) Observe what you feel from a handshake or hug

Observe what you feel from a handshake or hug
Observe what you feel from a handshake or hug

If you are sensitive to energy you can read a person if they are near. Professional energy readers can even do aura readings a few feet away from a person. However, for starters, you can begin with deciphering physical touch.

A handshake and hug, for instance, can tell you how a person is. For example, a firm and long handshake can indicate that the person is mentally strong and confident. In the same manner, if the handshake is limp, it might be that the person has low self-esteem. Clammy or cold hands may indicate that the person is anxious.

Besides, just resorting to touch you can also observe how the person makes you feel when he is near. Do you gravitate towards that person? Do they have a mysterious charm? Does their aura feel caring? Or do they seem vicious?

5) Focus on the overall vibes

Focus on the overall vibes
Focus on the overall vibes

Apart from focusing on the touch, voices, and eyes, try to read the overall vibes of a person. See if the energy flowing through them seems to come from a place of care and concern. Do they give off a vibe of positivity and kindness? Or do they come off as deceptive and mischievous?

Energy or the aura surrounding a person doesn’t lie. Paying attention to their overall energy field can give you the correct insight on them.

Tips To Get A Clear Energy Reading

  • You need to first relax
  • Ask the subject to sit before a plain background. Both light and dark-colored backgrounds can be used. However, avoid using design in the background
  • Maintain a minimum distance of 5ft from your subject
  • Focus on your peripheral vision to see the aura
  • At first, you may not see the full aura. It may appear as a thin layer of a single color. But with practice, you will be able to see more of the aura. Additionally, you will also be able to see different colors.
  • You can close your eyes for a few seconds and concentrate before gazing at the subject.

6 Signs Tell That You Can Read People’s Energy

1) Your guesses are usually correct

Your guesses are usually correct
Your guesses are usually correct

In every group of friends, there is a person who is brilliant in the intuition department. This means, most of the guesses and predictions of such a person come true. If whatever you predict or think actually turns to reality, then you may be able to read energy.

Energy readers are highly intuitive people. They can sense even minutest change in the energy field around them.

2) Crowded places seem overwhelming

Crowded places seem overwhelming
Crowded places seem overwhelming

Natural energy readers can sense and absorb energy. Therefore, being in a crowded place is a big deal for such people. Being around several people at a time translates to being bombarded with a large quantity of energy. This can be very draining for an energy reader. If you feel overwhelmed in crowded places, there are chances that you can read other energies.

3) You can tell when someone is lying

You can tell when someone is lying
You can tell when someone is lying

A natural energy reader is a human lie detector. They can easily tell when someone is lying. They are not only highly intuitive, but they can also pick up emotional energies. If you are a pro at catching liars then you may be able to sense energy.

Many times energy readers can face a hard time if they point out if someone is lying. You see, liars don’t like to be caught. They may start questioning you instead. Therefore, you must be careful about what you reveal after sensing the energy of a liar.

4) People call you extra sensitive

People call you extra sensitive
People call you extra sensitive

A big indicator of being an energy reader is if people call you a sensitive person. A sensitive person is someone who is a very emotional person. A sensitive person can be easily affected by others’ emotional state as well.

Most energy readers are empaths and healers. These qualities are essential for them to use their gifts but they also make them vulnerable to some extent.

Being too emotional and feeling other’s pain is a classic indicator that you are an energy reader.

5) You can actually tell what others are feeling

You can actually tell what others are feeling
You can actually tell what others are feeling

Being a natural empath, you can easily figure out what the person near you is feeling. This is another big indicator that you are able to read energies. Not all people are sensitive enough to know what is going in the head of a person, but you possess this ability.

For an energy reader, a glance is all it takes to know what the person is feeling. If people often tell you that you are able to get them then believe it. Energy readers effortlessly understand people. This is the reason why many people may even come to you to narrate their ordeals.

6) Violence and tragedies seem extra painful to you

Violence and tragedies seem extra painful to you
Violence and tragedies seem extra painful to you

As mentioned before, your senses are heightened compared to a normal person. This means anything or any emotion will be amplified for you. This principle applies to both good and bad actions. You are capable of experiencing enormous love and affection. On the other hand, you are also able to feel violence and tragedies to a greater degree.

This is another sure sign that indicates that you have the energy reading ability. For a born energy reader, violence and tragedies are difficult to view.

Different Colors of The Aura

When you have honed the art of energy reading, you will step into the world of auras. The world of auras will give a unique insight into the depths of an individual.

Aura of a kind and healthy person is vibrant. It will consist of beautiful colors. A vibrant aura is a sign of a spiritually awakened soul. On contrary to this, a dull-colored aura is the indicator of an unhealthy and closed soul.

Interestingly, an aura can not only be seen, but it can also be felt. Merging the clairvoyant and clairsentient abilities of yours can furnish a more valuable reading. This practice will be especially helpful if you are a beginner in aura reading.

Red, yellow, orange, blue, and green are the usual aura colors. There might in variation in the intensity of the colors in each aura. Besides these, an aura can also contain metallic colors such as gold and silver. Further, it is not uncommon to have white, black, and gray colors in an aura.

Energy Reading: Aura Colors & Meanings


This is the most common color present in all the auras. Red color can indicate both positive and negative facts about a person. Red color can be an indicator of a healthy ego. However, it can also represent anger and anxiety.

In a positive way, the red color can represent passion, strong will, and confidence.


Orange is a very positive color to have in an aura. The presence of this color represents creativity, intelligence, and perfectionism in a person.


Positivity, spiritual awareness, and easy-going nature are represented by this color in an aura. A pale yellow can indicate exhaustion suffered from long hours of work or study.


Blue color signifies the aura of a caregiver or a therapist. The presence of this color indicates intuitive power, sensitiveness, and caring nature.


A healer, creative, and loving person will have green in their aura. Green can be a color of both growth and change. Muddy green color can represent insecurity in a person. It can also signify a lack of responsibility in an individual.


Gold color represents spiritual thinking. A person having gold in his aura has divine protection. He/she is an enlightened soul.


This color represents the presence of abundance (both spiritual and physical) in life. A wealthy individual or a person who is spiritually awakened will have silver in their aura.


The color white represents purity in an aura. Truth, new energy, and good qualities are signified by this color. A shimmering white aura may mean angelic presence.


The presence of black color means that the person has the ability to transform energy. In a negative light, it can mean unforgiving nature and past life problems.

Aura Colors and Their Locations

The presence of colors in different locations of the body signifies different things. For example, shamans may have a black aura in their crown chakra. This represents their ability to capture energies. Shaman’s subtle bodies have the ability to crossover worlds.

Again, if the color red is arching above the person, it can mean anger and frustration. White color in the crown area can mean the person is an awakened soul. He/she is a spiritual individual.

Kirlian photos are a great way to see the aura. However, if you do not have it then you have to resort to your abilities. To view the entire aura you will need to use clairvoyance. This is because the Kirlian photos just reveal the upper portion of the aura. The upper part of aura represents the things that are happening in the present.

The left side of the aura signifies new energy. This means new influences are coming over that person. New influences can be in the form of a new project or a new person. 

Similarly, the right-hand side of the aura represents the energy a person is putting out in the world. This side of the energy is what you choose to show to the world. 

7 Major Chakras of The Energy Body
7 Major Chakras of The Energy Body

7 Major Chakras of The Energy Body

An invisible field surrounding the human body is called the aura or the energy body. The energy body hosts within it the different chakras. Chakras are like energy stations that have a direct link to the divine. They contain a library of information within them and represent the different elements of nature.

In Sanskrit, the word chakra translates to the ‘spinning wheel.’ The chakras are named so because the energy in the subtle body moves through them. There are 7 major chakras in our energy body. They are:

  • 1st is the Root chakra (located at the perineum)
  • 2nd is the Sacral chakra (located below the belly button)
  • 3rd is the Solar Plexus chakra ( located above belly button)
  • 4th is the Heart chakra (located above breastbone)
  • 5th is the Throat chakra (located at the throat)
  • 6th is the Third eye chakra (located between eyebrows)
  • 7th is the Crown chakra (located above head)

1) Root chakra

The root chakra is associated with all the basic needs of a human. Survival, safety, food, money, home, and family needs are represented by this chakra. The root chakra is also known as Muladhara. When the root chakra is strong a person is strong and confident. They will be self-sufficient and are capable of looking after themselves. The root chakra is associated with the earth element and is represented by the red color.

2) Sacral chakra

The 2nd chakra of the energy body is called the sacral chakra or the svadhisthana. It is represented by the water element and is of orange color. Creativity, emotional stability, sexuality, and vitality are associated with this chakra. When this chakra is strong a person is emotionally stable. The person will be in touch with his creative side. A strong sacral chakra will bestow positivity in an individual.

3) Solar Plexus chakra

The solar plexus chakra or the manipura is represented by the fire element. It is represented by the color yellow. This chakra is associated with self-control, productivity, and inner strength. When this chakra is in balance, the person will be confident and will get things done. An out of balance solar plexus chakra can delay completion of work and result in low self-esteem.

4) Heart chakra

The heart chakra or the anahata is associated with the air element. It is represented by the color green. Heart chakra deals with self-love, self-worth, and self-acceptance in a person. When this chakra is balanced the individual will form healthy relationships. He/she will be a compassionate person. Out of balance heart chakra, will lead to the creation of unhealthy relationships. Further, the person may feel isolated.

5) Throat chakra

Vishuddha or the throat chakra is associated with the ether element. It is represented by the color blue. This chakra is associated with finding one’s voice, expressions of one’s thoughts, and listening. When this chakra is in balance the person will be able to communicate clearly with others. Also, they will possess good listening skills.

An out of balance throat chakra will result in someone being too talkative. He/she will not be able to express themselves properly.

6) Third eye chakra

The third eye chakra is also called the anja. It is associated with the light element and is represented by the indigo color. Anja governs the truth and intuition in a person. When the third eye chakra is functioning well, the person will have a good intuition. They will be able to see the big picture in life. Plus, they will be open to new perspectives.

When the third eye chakra is in balance it can also efficiently control the other chakras. A blocked anja will make a person too cynical, narrow-minded, and untrusting.

7) Crown chakra

The crown chakra is also called the sahasrara. This chakra is associated with the cosmic energy and is represented by white or violet color. This chakra is not located in the physical body but hovers above one’s head. The crown chakra links a person directly to the spiritual realm. When it is in balance, the person feels like a spiritual being. He sees himself as more than a human being.

A balanced crown chakra helps in self-realization and gives a sense of freedom. An unbalanced chakra will result in the person being disconnected from his spiritual side.

Ability To Read Energies is Both A Boon and Bane

Some people are born empaths or sensitive. They can read people’s energy naturally. Other energy readers need to develop their skills. Energy reading is a valuable gift that help others. It can enable energy readers to comfort people going through a hard time. Further, it can also enable them to identify a distrustful person and lies.

However, this boon can also turn into a bane for some. Energy readers usually need to absorb and sense energy. This is good if the energy being absorbed is positive. But when the energy is negative, the energy reader will be harmed. Therefore, a person dabbling in energy reading must know how to protect themselves from negative energy.

Another bane of this skill is that a person may get overwhelmed with the daily influx of energy in them. In such cases, the energy reader should resort to meditation and creative activities. These avenues can help the energy reader to release the energy in a constructive way.

Final Thoughts

Energy reading is a valuable gift to possess. It can help a person to know more about themselves and others. Developing this gift is the right decision if you want to give direction to lost souls in this world. Energy reading skills will open up your spiritual side and let you experience the world in a unique way.

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