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Akashic Records – A Complete Guide!

Akashic Records – A Complete Guide!

The Mysteries of the Akashic Records

When discussing Akashic records, often the visuals of a massive library comes to mind. They are thought to be the repository of all the knowledge of the universe. Some equate them to the book of life and some consider them as a mystical supercomputer.

What Are The Akashic Records?

Akashic Records are the universe’s divine database. This heavenly library records every thought, intent, and action.

Akashic records are as the name suggests records. But these are the universe’s divine database. This heavenly library records every thought, intent, and action of every living and non-living entity in all of the worlds (parallel universes).

The term ‘akashic record,’ comes from the Sanskrit word ‘Akasha.’ Akasha means the sky or space. Akashic records are considered to be present on a different plane. It is believed to be a nonphysical plane that exists at a higher level of vibrations.

While the term akashic record gives the right idea of being a source of information. It gives a wrong idea to people where they believe the records to be physical books. The akashic records are not books that are found in a mystical plane.

They are a stream of information that is repeatedly getting updated. They can be thought of as a divine database that is constantly updated with each new thought and actions of individuals. Similar to the existence of the records in the ethereal plane, the records are also in ethereal forms.

These records have the accounts of every human, plant, and animal that ever existed on earth. It contains accounts of what had happened in the past. It further records what is happening in the present. Again, it also records the different versions of the future.

Even more interesting fact about the akashic records is that the rules of time and space don’t apply here. This is because the akashic records exist in a higher plane. This fact enables the entrant of akashic records to access any information they want. This means a person can find out what had happened millions of years ago. Plus, they can get their hands on the information of any person who existed in any century. For them, accessing information of the past becomes as easy as accessing the information of the present and future.

Akashic Records – Experts Opinions

Edgar Cayce the famous psychic who is also known as the sleeping prophet popularized the akashic records. According to him, the Akashic records are not just records or memories of things that happened. Instead, he said that the akashic records influence our everyday lives.

He pointed out that the records have an influence over our relationships, jobs, personality, and belief systems. Edgar also said that the records can help us understand our potential and where we are headed.

Edgar regarded the records as the universe’s divine supercomputer. That recorded everything. According to him, there is an akashic record for our soul, plants, house, pets, and even our relationships.

He also highlighted that akashic records connect every one of us together. In this akashic plane, we have a collective consciousness.

Linda Howe is another popular expert in the field of Akashic records. She says that the akashic records have the ability to transform our lives for the better. Accessing the knowledge of the records can help us choose the right path in life.

Previously accessing the records was only limited to shamans, mystics, and great spiritual teachers. However, Linda highlights that now in the modern-day every individual has grown to become a higher soul. For this, each one of us can get a look at the records, if we want.

Since the records are said to present different versions of the future, one can get a glimpse of where they are headed. If the present actions do not show a great future, an individual can correct their ways. In this sense, Akashic records can save us from devastation.

The Mysteries of the Akashic Records
The Mysteries of the Akashic Records

Use of Akashic Records

The akashic records can be used for different reasons. Similar to the varied interpretation of the akashic records, there are varied uses of its knowledge. The use of the records is however highly subjective to an individual’s desire.

Broadly speaking, the akashic records can be accessed for the following reasons:

  • Akashic records conserve and convey information. For this reason, people can rely on Akashic records to get an answer to their specific question.
  • The akashic records have the potential to guide individuals on their right path. It can allow people to realize their true soul purpose. Mostly the messages through the records come via an individual’s spirit guide or angel. Therefore, praying to your spirit guides during the meditative state can bring forth answers.
  • In one’s day to day life, it is easy to lose connection with oneself. In such cases, akashic records can be of immense help. It is believed that one’s past deeds have an influence over one’s present life. Since these records store everything about a soul, one can learn the reason behind their hardships.
  • Going for akashic record sessions has another great benefit. It can help heal your emotional trauma. The records can help you understand why it was necessary to go through a difficult life event. When you understand why it was necessary to feel the emotional pain you can allow yourself to heal.
  • The divine records have been present from the dawn of creation. Therefore, it has information about everything and everyone. For the people who want to know the hidden truths of the universe, the akashic records are a valuable treasure.
  • Further, any person who wants to be in tune with himself can seek the help of the records. When the right questions are asked, the akashic records can help the person to become spiritually awakened.

History of The Akashic Records

A prominent figure of theosophy, Helena Blavatsky was one of the first people who made references to the akashic records. Upon inquiry from her disciples, Helena revealed that she gained the knowledge about the records from the Tibetan monks.

The Tibetan monks considered the akashic records to be present in an ethereal plane or akasha. In eastern culture, akasha is regarded as a vital element in the ‘5 elements of life’ philosophy. According to the eastern beliefs, all of the worlds (i.e. all the planets and galaxies) have been derived from the akasha (or space). Therefore, the akasha is a part of each organism. It has its influence over the world around us.

The akashic records have existed from the beginning of time. It is the only original source of knowledge from which humans can learn. From ancient times, Indian sages, mystics, shamans, and monks have been accessing its divine knowledge. The references of the records can be found in almost all religions. It is just known with different names.

Rudolf Steiner was a well-known clairvoyant and philosopher of his time. He also referenced the akashic records. Rudolf Steiner admitted that the records exist and that every thought and action of individuals are recorded.

The akashic plane is believed to be walked by spirit guides and guardian angels. Though an account of every single deed is recorded, the guardians of the records do not judge. The spirit guides access them to help their beloved humans. However, some cultures do believe that the akashic records are used to judge the fate of a soul.

In today’s time, more and more people are getting awakened. This has led many modern humans to discover their life’s purpose through the akashic records.

How Do The Akashic Records Affect Our Lives?

When people first discover the records, their curiosity leads them to this question:

How do the records affect us?

Akashic records have a heavy influence on us and the universe. It can be thought of as the divine mind of the universe. Even though the record doesn’t judge, it does play a vital role in connecting us with each other. The records connect multiple souls with each other in different lives.

All the archetypal personalities and symbolism can be found in the akashic books. The records have the ability to draw individuals to each other. This means the records can make people cross paths with others. On the other hand, it also possesses the power of instilling a repelling force between individuals.

This might be the reason why we are attracted to some people and repelled by some. The akashic records know about the journey of a soul. Therefore, they do play a role in bringing new people and events in someone’s life. The records can push people to discover their true selves.

Every human behavior and actions can be found in the records. In reality, the records have the ability to shape our consciousness. Masters and teachers in the past have accessed the akashic records to ascend their souls. The same can be done by people today with the knowledge of the records.

People who are interested in past life regression can attempt to access the records. We are not born remembering our purpose, but accessing the records can make us remember.

The following types of individuals should definitely go for akashic record reading:

  • People who want to receive information about their past life
  • Who wants to take full responsibility for their present life
  • Individuals who want to know about their soul’s journey
  • Have a yearning to return home
  • People who want to heal the ailments suffered by their physical body

Who Can Read Akashic Records?

In theory, anyone can read the akashic records, if they want to. You do not have to be a mountain-dwelling sage to get access to the records. Yes, though the existence of the records has been hidden for a long time. But, truthfully it’s knowledge was actually incomprehensible than hidden.

Now that times have changed, people are keen on raising their vibrations. They have opened up their consciousness for greater knowledge. Meaning, now more people are able to access the records and more of them are able to understand it.

Sometimes the akashic records can be accessed unknowingly. In such cases, people even don’t realize that they have received information from the records. You see, the akashic records exist in an ethereal plane. They are present in a sea of fluctuating energies. When the consciousness of people gets tuned in to a particular frequency they can access the records. This can even happen unintentionally.

An example of this phenomenon is the random intuition people get in their daily lives. It can be as mundane as predicting a rainy day or as significant as sensing an impending accident.

Akashic Records Reading

While there are unintentional incidents, people can access the records when they want to. But this will take some practice. This can be done through regular meditation and prayer. In a meditative state, our brain opens up to new dimensions. Akashic records are also present in one such dimension. However, the most important thing while attempting to enter the akashic realms is having pure and clear intentions.

There are some people who have reported to access the records in their first attempt. It is possible to do that for some. It all depends on their level of consciousness. For others, it may take some time before they can access the records. Don’t lose heart in such cases.

What Happens When You Open The Akashic Records?

The internet has abundant recounts of people and their experiences with the akashic plane. If you have gone through them, you will notice that the akashic plane is different for everyone. While some recount the akashic world to be in a temple environment, some say it is more like a movie of their past lives.

Some people even say that they entered the akashic realm through astral projection. Their experience was also different. For them, the akashic realm constituted of white light and divine beings. With so many different recounts, it can be well established that the akashic record will appear unique to you as well.

Even though the experience is different for everyone, there is one common element to them. After entering the Akashic realm, people feel extraordinarily peaceful. The akashic plane exudes a feeling of wholeness and love. Spiritual beings can be seen walking in the realm. 

Some people have come forward to say that akashic records are like a gigantic library. Here the books are not written in a known language. But understanding the language is also not necessary since the books speak to you. It has been indicated in people’s recollection that the books and the spirit guides speak to them telepathically.

How To Access The Akashic Records?

As mentioned before the akashic realm can be entered unintentionally. But your aim should be to get access to the records when you want to. This will allow you to derive information that helps you in some way in the present. You might not get entry to the realm in your first attempt, practicing the method will improve your chances.

The akashic records can be entered with the following steps:

1) Have clear intentions

Have clear intentions
Have clear intentions

It can’t be stressed enough how important it is to have clear intentions when accessing the records. Clarity is what will help you inch closer to enter the akashic realms. Confusion and a haphazard train of thought will just hamper your chances.

Take some time (a few hours or days) to arrive at a question. Be clear on why you want to get answers to it and how it can help you in your present life.

2) Be clear on what you want to ask

Be clear on what you want to ask
Be clear on what you want to ask

When you are done with your intentions, it is now time to ask the right question. Most of the time, people make the mistake of asking a vague question. This often results in no response or even unsatisfactory answers. 

Focus on the specifics. Think if this is the right question to ask. Further always concentrate on how the answer to it will benefit you. In the beginning, it is best to stick to one or two questions. As you become an expert, you can have a list of questions.

3) Sit in a quiet place

Sit in a quiet place
Sit in a quiet place

While accessing the records choose a quiet place to sit down. You shouldn’t be disturbed or distracted at this time. To make a connection with your spirit guide or angels you can also do a prayer. Plus, you can also chant a mantra if you feel it will make you more receptive to the heavenly entities.

Any time and any place are right for attempting to access the records. However, it is important that you are comfortable, receptive, and not distracted.

It is best to meditate in the early morning or late at night. This will give you the quiet time that you need to make a connection.

4) Meditate on the subject of your question

Meditate on the subject of your question
Meditate on the subject of your question

You can ask whatever you want. But it is advisable if you stick to a particular topic. For example, if you are going to ask about issues with your spouse, it is best if you meditate on relationships.

Again, if you want to know what is going to happen in your professional life? Meditate on how you have landed a particular position and how your work is going.

5) Introduce yourself to anyone you encounter

Introduce yourself to anyone you encounter
Introduce yourself to anyone you encounter

The akashic realms are unchartered territory for you. You don’t know who you will encounter. The realm is said to be walked by spirit guides, angels, and other souls like you. Whoever you meet it is essential that you introduce yourself and state your intentions. You never know, if that entity may just have been waiting to guide you.

Again, if you encounter souls like you, who are looking for answers, introduce yourself. Chances are they are or may have been connected with you.

6) Ask your question aloud

Ask your question aloud
Ask your question aloud

After beginning the process of accessing the akashic records, for a few minutes, meditate. When you feel that you are slipping into a receptive state start focusing on your question. Ponder on it some more. Lastly, think about why you want that question answered and ask that question out loud.

Your question can be anything like:

I have been working for 3 years in the XYZ company as a team leader. Where is my professional life headed?

7) Wait for a response

Wait for a response
Wait for a response

After you have asked your question aloud, it’s time for the universe to give you an answer. Therefore, be patient and wait. The answer may not come immediately so you can keep focusing on the question till then.

If even after waiting for 10 to 15 minutes you don’t get an answer then end the session. Many people can’t access the akashic record in the beginning. But after multiple attempts, they did get success. 

You just need to repeat this mindful session a few times more. There are also some Akashic guided meditations that can help you in this endeavor.

8) Try to interpret the received answer

Try to interpret the received answer
Try to interpret the received answer

When you receive an answer from the akashic records, it may not be so clear. You may need to figure out what the answer means. Also, the messages may come in different forms. The message can be a visual or auditory message. It can also come in the form of taste, sensation, or even smell. So be aware of your senses.

9) Keep repeating the above steps

Keep repeating the above steps
Keep repeating the above steps

Even if you are able to access the record in the first attempt, it will take some time to make sense of the answers. Therefore, you need to keep repeating these steps to get better at interpreting the messages.

10) Write down your experience

Write down your experience
Write down your experience

Sometimes the answer may not make sense to you when you are in the session. Therefore, it is advisable to write down what you saw or heard. Recount what was your experience and write it down in detail.

Forget about it for a day. The next day read what you have written. This will give you a fresh perspective on your experience. Things that were not apparent before may become clear later.

Akashic Field: A Place Beyond Time and Space

In the earlier sections, it has been already mentioned that the akashic field is beyond time and space. In this dimension of the universe, the rules of time and space do not apply. What is often represented as a plane or even dimension is sometimes referred to as a field. A field that was present from the beginning of time itself. This field is called the Akashic field.

The akashic field predates time. Ancient scholars believed that this field is the originator of our world. This means our world has emerged from the akashic field.

In a 2014 interview, Mr. Deepak Chopra revealed that cosmologists believe the universe is constantly created from the Akashic field. It happens from a phenomenon called eternal inflation. Cosmologists believe that this subtle sea of fluctuating field is responsible for the creation and sustenance of our world.

Find this interesting interview below:

The Akashic Field

The concepts of the akashic field will become clear to you if you compare it with the quantum mechanics of physics. According to, physicists have done an experiment to know more about the nature of the photon. With the experiments done on space, it has been found that photons can behave both as a matter and a wave. It appears in these two different forms depending on how they tried to measure it.

From this experiment, it was concluded that reality too depends on how we perceive it. It is up to the people to choose how they see reality. From these data and experiments, the universe and its origins seem so mysterious. What physics now shows through quantum mechanics had already been mentioned in ancient cultures.

Ervin Laszlo on Akashic Field Theory

Ervin Laszlo is a science philosopher. He is a Hungarian pianist who is also a visiting faculty at the Graduate Institute Bethany.  Ervin Laszlo is one of the founders of a secret group called General Evolutionary Research. The primary aim of this group was to learn about the evolution of the world and humanity.

Ervin Laszlo is one of those esteemed professors who believe that the knowledge of science and religion are not exclusive of each other. He is also a supporter of the Akashic field theory.

In 2004, Laszlo published a book named ‘Science and the Akashic Field: An Integral Theory of Everything.’ In this book, Laszlo pointed out that the universe emerges from the Akashic field. Further, he states that the Akashic field consists of the universe’s information.

In his book, Laszlo proposes that this field is the quantum vacuum (or point akashic field) from which information is conveyed to the universe. This is an intelligent field that carries the memory of the universe. This intelligent field is responsible for the creation and running of the atoms and galaxies.

The teachings of Ervin Laszlo also suggest that evolution and creation of complex organisms is not a chance occurrence. This intelligent field or the point akashic field has an integral role in giving it the present form.

Check out this insightful 2014 interview with Prof. Ervin Laszlo:

Akashik Memory

Final Thoughts

There are several mysteries hidden beneath the fabric of reality. Though the knowledge of the Akashic records has been present since ancient times, it is only now that we comprehend it.

The Akashic records hold divine information that can make people’s lives better. Tuning our consciousness to the Akashic field can uncover the truth of our existence.