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How to Raise Your Vibration and Live Your Best Life?

How to Raise Your Vibration and Live Your Best Life?

How to Raise Your Vibration and Live Your Best Life?

Everything is energy in this universe – this is not just believed by those of us who are spiritual beings but also by various prominent scientists. Nikola Tesla’s famous quote “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration”, just proves how scientists for years have been suggesting us to be mindful of our energy and vibrations.

In fact, a few scientists have also quantified the vibrations of various moods and states of being of a human being’s mind.

Such studies only confirm what spiritual gurus have been trying to tell the world for years, i.e., when you are vibrating higher, you are happier and calmer. On the other hand, when you are vibrating lower, you are sad, angry and irritated.

A study by Dr. David Hawkins is one such substantial example. Thus, it becomes crucial to understand how to raise your vibration and make the best out of your life. 

‘Raise Your Vibration’ – Meaning

When we say that everything is made of energy, we also have to understand that this energy vibrates at different speeds. If we are made of atoms and we have our own energy then it becomes paramount for us to ensure that this energy vibrates at a rate that can make us our best versions. Raising your vibration essentially means turning your life in the direction of happiness, satisfaction, and productivity.

Some events may look like a mere coincidence to you but in reality, you attract your own vibration. If you are vibrating higher, you attract the same kind of frequency. This is also the reason why you must believe that your life and its events are entirely in your hands. All you have to do is vibrate higher and attract what you want. 

“The amount of time it takes you to get from where you are to where you want to be, is only the amount of time it takes you to change the vibration within you. Instant manifestation could be yours if you could instantly change the vibration”.

– Abraham Hicks

Why Should You Raise Your Vibration?

  1. To take charge of your life 
  2. To attract positive things in your life 
  3. To control your emotions 
  4. To feel happy, satisfied and productive 
  5. To utilize your maximum potential 
  6. To live your best life 
  7. To feel at ease 
  8. To eradicate hate, fear, and anger from your life 
  9. To create love, compassion, and hope in your life 
How to Raise Your Vibration and Live Your Best Life?
How to Raise Your Vibration and Live Your Best Life?

How to Raise Your Vibration?

Many times we feel low and we want to increase our vibration to be more confident and attract positive things in life. Here are some ways to raise vibrations when depressed –

1. Eat high-frequency food 

High vibration foods are nuts, honey, chocolate, rice seeds, herbal tea, etc. These food items have high energy and help you feel good instantly. This can also work as a simple experiment you do with yourself to understand the importance of higher energy.

Eating greens and cutting down alcohol can turn out to be the easiest way to increase your vibration. For some people, alcohol works as a depressant. To remain spiritually connected, you must cut down on your drinking habits and release toxins from your body.

It will make you feel fresh and energetic. The food you eat needs your maximum attention if you are planning to work on your energies and vibrations. You have a reason to eat healthy now. 

2. Meditate 

Another higher vibrations inducing activity is meditation. Proven as one of the most effective tools to keep you grounded and in touch with your reality, meditation is something that everyone should indulge in.

Early morning meditation and bedtime meditation are the most effective ways to shift your vibration and keep negative emotions away.

We know for the fact that happiness and pleasure are linked to some neurotransmitters such as endorphins, dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin. It is scientifically proven that meditation triggers the brain to release these neurotransmitters. 

Many people complain that they don’t get time to meditate but taking out 5 minutes of your busy schedule for something that is only going to make your life productive and fill you up with positive thoughts, is worth an effort. 

3. Do physical activity 

People often suggest you hit the gym when you complain of anxiety and depression. While we are in the state of pain and misery, we don’t like to entertain the suggestions that seem shallow to us but in reality, these suggestions are indeed the opposite of shallow.

They are helpful and stimulating. It shifts your vibrations and increases your vibration. Activities such as running, yoga, gymming, Zumba, etc ensure that your mental health remains good.

Doing all these activities trigger your hormones and neurotransmitters, which in turn, gives you energetic frequency. It is always a healthy choice to take out time for such healthy activities to make your life its best version.

4. Reduce the usage of internet 

In this era of technology and social media, it seems almost impossible to cut down the usage of social media but one must understand that disconnecting from the matrix once in a while, can save you from a lot of negative thoughts and low-frequency emotions.

We live in times when we feel it is an absolute necessity to check our social media feeds after waking up and before going to bed. However, studies have proved again and again that doing so creates anxiety and depression.

Seeing other people’s lives creates jealousy, hate, and anger. To not feel a low vibration level, you must unplug yourself from the Internet and live some mindful moments. You can make it a rule to not touch your phone every few minutes.

You can also mindfully choose not to use your phone right after waking and before going to bed. 

5. Bathing 

It may be a little difficult for you to believe that a simple and regular activity such as bathing can change your state of mind and increase your vibrations, in addition to making your body feel fresh. The idea is to use perfect essential oils, fragrances, salt, and organic body wash.

The whole process detoxifies your energy fields and helps you align your chakras. In Native America, smudging with cedar, sage, and lavender is considered to be the best energy cleanser. You can smudge your surroundings, objects and yourself to raise your vibrations.

6. Spend time with high vibration people 

It is highly common for people to feel depressed or burdened but not knowing the reason behind it. It is possible that your surroundings are vibrating at low speed. To feel elated and positive, it is necessary to have a surrounding that is uplifting and positive.

You must be mindful of your friend circle and observe the pattern. You must consider how you feel when you are around your so-called friends. Ask yourself if you like yourself when you are around these people. Do you feel motivated and happy around your close friends?

Do they inspire you to do better in life and appreciate you for the good things that you do? If you have friends who let you down, it is time to maintain some distance. Pay attention. 

7. Spend some time in the surroundings of nature 

Mother Nature is uplifting. No matter what you are going through in life, if you spend time around the beauty of nature, you are bound to feel elated and happy. The green color will surely increase your vibration and shift your vibration level. It also helps you declutter yourself and your life.

This is the reason why when you sit on a top of a hill overlooking the entire city, you feel rejuvenated and calm. After spending some time with nature, you can almost hit a restart button, get clarity and start all over again. 

8. Listen to music that is vibrating higher 

Music is an integral part of everyone’s life. We all spend hours listening to music in our house, car, and workplace. By being mindful, we can convert this everyday practice into high vibe activity. All you have to do is just listen to music that is vibrating higher.

Music has vibrating energies and you can check at what speed each song is vibrating at. Consider music as something that you consume and just like food, you can’t consume anything that makes you feel depleted. Make sure the lyrics of a song are not making you feel sad or disappointed. 

9. Be giving and loving 

There is no greater joy than loving someone with all your heart and giving without expecting anything in return. Law of attraction teaches us that if we are loving and giving then we are likely to receive the same energy from people. However, make sure you don’t do things to accept anything in return.

Let this be a natural process. Loving someone with all your heart fills you up with all the goodness of the world including hope. It is a highly stimulating activity that can raise your vibrations manifold. 

10. Show gratitude 

Spiritual gurus, time and again, have suggested practicing gratitude every day to enhance the quality of our life. All you have to do is take out 5 minutes every day to be thankful for all the great things in your life.

You should not forget the value of the smallest of things in your life. Showing gratitude is the same as inviting good things in abundance in your life. You can always find things that you are grateful for such as your parents’ love, weather, clear sky, etc.

You can notice that when you are feeling gratitude, you can’t feel any other negative emotions such as anger or hate. So, make sure you show gratitude to increase your vibrations and positive energy.

11. Accept and forgive 

It gives you immense satisfaction and peace when you begin to accept people and situations for what they are. There is no denying that sometimes it gets really difficult to make peace with your circumstances but with practice, you can learn to forgive yourself and others.

Sometimes, what weights you down is your own expectations from yourself or from others. When you begin to accept people as they are and forgive them for the mistakes they commit, you make it easy for yourself.

Emotions such as blame, revenge, disappointment, etc are low vibrating emotions and you don’t want to indulge yourself in them. To amp up your vibrations, accept and forgive. 

If you can start implementing all these techniques in your life, you can begin to live your best life.

12. Be Mindful of Your Thoughts

Our thoughts design our lives. And this is why it is important to pay attention to it. However, our minds always roam from positive thoughts to negative thoughts. Thus, our focus should be on creating a balance. You don’t need to force positive thoughts in your mind nor need to repel negativity. Simply, have a neutral pose. 

For this, just sit down with a calm mind and try to pay attention to how your thought process works. Is it going towards negativity? Are you trying to make it positive? Whatever it is, your mindfulness will bring a balance to make it rhythmic with your vibrations. And by and by, this will help in raising your vibration.

13. Appreciate Your Life

As per the law of attraction, what you think you become. And this makes a lot of sense in concern with our vibrational energies too. In other words, if we focus our senses or energies towards the goodness or positivity around us, the cosmos will replicate it in our lives. Thus, it is very important to shift your energy access to positivity. 

In real life, you can take it as the choices you make. Like, instead of cursing your life, continuously nagging, or finding faults, it is better to appreciate what you have got. So, have you had a delicious meal? A cozy home or a loving partner? Well, anything and everything that makes things better including your whole life – appreciate it as bliss!

14. Drink a Lot of Water

Water helps our body in getting rid of toxins. And this directly boosts the vibrational levels to make it of higher frequency and starts positive processes in the body. Thus, drinking a lot of water makes sense in this regard.

Also, science favors the point that staying hydrated makes us more energetic, active, and healthy overall. So, it is an easy way to raise your vibration. 

Now, although drinking water is quite beneficial for you, don’t overdo it. By this, experts mean that one should listen to the body’s demands.

So if you are feeling that you are already hydrated or you’ve got enough water and aren’t thirsty, there is more harm than good in forcibly drinking more water. Also, make sure the water you are drinking is clean and pure.

15. Cut on Addictive Substances

Whatever substance we intake has its own positive or negative effects on our bodies. And any kind of addictive substance, be it alcohol, drugs, tobacco, weed, etc. may cause an ebb to our inner vibrations.

Thus, to maintain positive energy, it is suggestible to avoid any kind of addiction. Although you can have it for medicinal purposes if needed, still it is preferable to keep it low and cut on the high doses or consumption. 

Hence, if you are highly addicted to something, it is best to go for therapy or professional help to get rid of it as soon as possible. You can do it by yourself with dedication and positivity.

And don’t pick it again anyway. Remember – your inner strength should guide your life, not the negative peer pressure. 

16. Have Compassion

For raising your vibration, one of the most important things to embrace is kindness. Love and compassion are the emotions that make us human. Of course, these are the crux of emotional wellbeing and mental health. However, compassion can play a vital role in raising your vibrations too.

Positive emotions like compassion, empathy, love, etc. bring a sense of positivity and calmness to our inner selves. And this positivity helps in raising the vibrations of the body.

So be kind and compassionate to everyone. This will help you to raise your energy and to feel inner calmness. At the same time, don’t forget to include yourself in your range of compassion. You deserve your compassion before anyone else. Thus, a step towards mindful self-compassion is also needed. 

17. Consume Positive Media

In this era of social media, everything seems overwhelming. There is a constant sense of show off, comparison, guilt, and jealousy hovered over the virtual world. This is why experts suggest being mindful in choosing what media to consume. This includes everything from books, songs, movies, to news, social media posts, blogs, etc. 

Thus, start cutting the toxic media around you. For this, ask yourself – is this media making me feel negative, gloomy, jealous, or any such kind? If the answer is yes, leave it immediately. Instead, go for positive, growing, empathetic media that makes you feel good and eventually raises your vibration. 

18. Surround Yourself with Aesthetics

Beautiful, calming, and pleasing things fill us with a sense of positivity. And this helps in raising our vibrational levels too. This is why many mental health coaches advise being in a positive surrounding. So, when you are ready to shift your energy from negativity to positivity, it is great to do it better with this little step. 

Indeed you can simply choose to keep more positive colors, signs, symbols, patterns, pictures, artifacts, etc. around you. Be it a little keychain to the curtains of your home, or your working desk at the office, etc. try to make it more visually pleasing and aesthetic.

However, this does not mean being gaudy or being too materialistic. Instead, it’s just about playing with little things, adding a special touch to make it simple yet aesthetic. 

19. Make High-Vibrational Relationships 

The kind of people you stay with makes a great impact on your vibration level. Being in good relationships or with people who emit a sense of trust, calmness and positivity attract positive vibrations in your life.

Good relationships bring little changes in your thought process too bringing unconditional loving behavior, kindness, warmth, etc. in your nature. These raise your vibrational frequency and start the cycle of receiving more joy, love, and miracles in your life.     

Thus, take a move to deepen your connection with positive people. Tell them how they matter in your life, give them some time, share your joy with them. And eventually, these beautiful bonds will help you in raising your vibrations too. 

20. Be Conscious of Your Environment

Have you ever had a sudden negative feeling or felt a kind of uneasy sensation lingering at a place? On the other hand, there are some places which bring us a kind of inner joy and calmness.

This is because every environment has its own positive or negative vibrations. So when you enter a place with low vibrational levels, you generally experience negative thoughts surging around. The same is the case in a positive environment.

Thus, it is important to manage your vibrational levels according to the environment you are in. For this, the gospel is to be conscious.

For instance, if you are in the company of some toxic people, being conscious of this will help you in understanding your environment and maintaining your pose so that it doesn’t harm you. Similarly, being conscious of your positive environment will help you in raising your vibrations.

21. Listen to Your Inner Child

In the race of life, we often get so indulged in everything that we forget to listen to our inner children. Ask yourself – when was the last time you did what you wanted without having a second thought or guilt trap? Yes, this includes those simple little things like eating candies, enjoying the rain, dancing insanely, and so on. 

The point is – your inner child knows better about the secrets of the cosmos than the grown-up you. Don’t agree? Well, look at children. They always have a sense of natural positivity. Of course, this means higher vibrational levels.

Indeed, the thing you can do to raise your vibrations is to be a child again. So, try to be more free, natural, avoid overthinking, and embrace positivity. Yes, it won’t happen in a moment. But it will. After all, it’s all about trusting and developing by and by. 

22. Have Self-Love & Care

As already said, love is something that can change everything for good. And we often try to embrace it well. But the biggest pitfall is when we restrict this love and care for others only. In trying to be the so-called strong you, don’t be the harsh one. Embrace your delicate emotions, fear, needs, everything. And with equal love and care as you would do for your dear one. 

This simple step of self-love brings positivity to life. This helps to raise the energy frequency to vibrate at a higher level. So, whenever you feel upset or like a failure, be your helping hand. Do what you love, eat something delicious, have a soothing massage,… after all you deserve it too!

23. Go for Clarity

Thoughts and words pave the way for one’s life perspective. Like, when you are quite entangled in this and that in your thoughts, your life seems equally cluttered and tiring. On the other hand, when you are calm and clear, everything seems smooth and perfect.

Why does this happen? Because your thoughts affect your vibrational levels. And this is why it is important to adopt clarity of thought process to raise your vibrations.

For this, you can begin with small steps towards clarity. To begin with, set an intention to declutter your thoughts from time to time.

You can do this by scheduling an inner cleaning time each day. Like, at bedtime, before sleeping just have a quick recap of what ‘valuable’ you did today. Next, decide what important thing you want to do tomorrow. That’s all. You’ll see the difference yourself. 

24. Practice a Morning Ritual

The first thing we do in the morning has a strong connection with our vibrational levels. And holistic practices and morning rituals can play a vital role in raising our vibrational levels to high frequencies.

This is why spiritual gurus and holistic coaches focus on cultivating practices and habits like morning rituals. Such practices give a positive start to the day, energize the body, and activate the mind. 

Morning rituals can be anything like yoga, meditation, praying, sun gazing, etc. It doesn’t need to be a religious practice or otherwise. Just remember that it should make you feel good and positive. So, go for something based on your inclinations. And try to embrace it as a positive morning habit. 

25. Keep a Journal

You must have heard from time to time about the pros of writing a diary or a journal. However, the point that it can help you to raise your vibration might be something new for you.

While writing a journal, the process is to be mindful of yourself and to consciously think about it to record it well. In this way, you go through your inner emotions, turmoil, etc., and release any kind of toxicity disturbing you. Thus, the whole process works as a kind of wellbeing practice. And it can help in raising your vibrations too. 

Hence, set a time to journal writing. Spend time to reflect on your thoughts, feelings, and write down whatever comes to your mind. It should be natural. And as an extra plus, you can read it for motivation when feeling down. 

26. Expand Your Creative Wings

Creativity works as a crux of self-exploration and personal development. Besides, it can help in raising your vibrations too.

Engaging in anything creative makes you happier and fills you with positivity. And this positivity can, at the same time, help in raising your vibration levels. Thus, creativity is something that should have a special corner in your life. And it can be anything. 

For instance, if you are into painting, art, or calligraphy, it’s great to pursue it. If you are more into dance, creative writing, or music – it’s great too. The point is about indulging in something that you heartily enjoy.

Also, it is crucial to keep it natural. That is, do not force yourself to pursue it. Rather keep it as a hobby or something that you do when you need quality self-time. 

27. Look for Beauty

Our world is filled with so much beauty. A delicate bright blooming flower,  a laughing child, the morning sun, and the starry sky… Well, there is so much to look for in life. At the same time, these little glimpses of beauty fill us with peace.

This can help us in vibrating to the higher levels too. Thus, look for the beauty around you and make a move in making the world more beautiful.

You can do this in some simple ways. Like, make a stranger happy by helping or complimenting him/her.

These small efforts in your day to day life, done without expecting anything in return, can give you true joy and peace. Of course, this will raise your vibrations too.

29. Laugh Your Heart Out

The energy vibrational levels of a person depend a lot upon how the body feels at the time. In other words, when you are physically free, comfortable, and in a good mood, your energy vibration levels are naturally towards the higher side.

So, it is advisable to adopt simple yet effective ways like laughing to lift your mood and to raise your vibration level. 

Thus, to access a higher frequency level, make a point to laugh. But how? Well, you don’t have to overthink. Simply, don’t bind yourself. Be it a silly meme, a casual banter, an insane party, enjoy every moment. And in that way, laugh naturally. This will create a positive aura around you.

Hence, not only yours but the vibration level of others around you will also raise.

30. Stretch & State Out Loud

Feeling gloomy, upset, or in low vibrating states? The best way to instantly activate or energize yourself is to stretch your body. As already said, physical activities can be quite helpful in raising the vibration levels. Besides, you don’t need to be a gymnast or something to do this. Simply move your body to stretch it or pandiculate when feeling low. And this works. 

Also, there’s another way to raise your vibrations instantly. It is – saying out loud. Like, after getting up in the morning if you are feeling tired or low, simply say something positive loudly.

It can be something as simple as – ‘This is a beautiful day’, or ‘I’m feeling great!’. By saying these, you give your mind the hints that everything is good. This creates a positive impact on your mind and eventually helps in raising your vibrations.

31. Smudge Your Space

Vibrational energy has a direct relation to the living space of a person. Since most of the time spent in a day is in this space, it is important to make it more positive. And the easiest way to do this is to smudge the space.

Smudging the space is a holistic way to get rid of any kind of negativity in the place or to raise its vibration levels. It is a common practice in many cultures too. 

For this, one has to clean the house from an energetic perspective. This can be done by burning certain herbs and letting their smoke float in the space.

The herbs with certain medicinal properties not only works as a disinfectant but also helps in raising the overall vibration of the space. Just make sure to smudge space in the right way. 

32. Say NO to Negativity

Raising one’s vibration levels is directly connected to getting rid of any kind of negativity. This includes negative people, negative emotions, wrong practices, and so on.

Thus, your focus should be on raising your energies to a higher level saying no to anything negative. You can do this quite easily. Simply, stay in touch with the right people, indulge in positive activities, and feel good about yourself.  

And make a thumb rule to avoid anything that brings negativity to you. You can identify the situation for this. If feeling overwhelmed, nervous, anxious, burdened or anything like this, it means that something is wrong.

Identify the source of such negative emotions and try to solve it as soon as possible. This is crucial to maintain your sanity and high vibration levels.

Now, you are aware of how to raise your vibrations. So it’s time to understand –

What Happens When You Raise Your Vibration?

Our energy vibrations are scientifically proven to affect various processes and aspects of our lives. Some of the things that happen when you raise your vibration are –

  1. Being at a high vibe helps to synchronize the energy flows of the body.
  2. This helps in having a more peaceful state of mind. Also, it positively affects our body and nervous system.   
  3. It creates a balance of energy in the body. In other words, there is no such positive or negative energy. It’s all about the vibration level of the pure energy that a lot of people count. So, higher vibrational energy gives us positivity. 
  4. Along with worldly things, this eventually helps in one’s spiritual path too.

Thus, raising your vibration can play a crucial role in molding other components of your life. So, let’s answer some FAQs related to it and see how you can raise your vibrations in certain daily life situations –

How to Raise Your Vibration when Depressed?

Feeling bad, lost, or, blank in the chaos of life is something obvious. Yes, everyone encounters a low point in life at one time or the other. However, it is important to accept the situation and rise above it. In leading a positive life high vibration levels are important. Thus, here are the things you can do when you feel bad or face low mental health –

  1. Take a bath with salt and essential oils, change your clothes, and try to energize your body.
  2. Meditate or indulge in any mindful activity.
  3. Think about high vibrational emotions like compassion, empathy, happiness, peace, joy, etc. Reflect on those memories connecting to it.
  4. The food you eat also impacts your vibrations. Thus, try to eat healthy, fresh, and veg, if possible. 
  5. Talk to high vibration positive people. Ones who are dear to you.

How to Raise Your Vibrational Frequency?

We have already discussed the ways to raise the energetic frequency. However, if you are looking for some actionable steps to move to the high frequency that you can implement now, here is the way advised by the experts in the field –

Pause and look into yourself. What are the sounds you can hear? The slight tick-tocks sound of the clock, a bird’s chirping, a kid saying something far away, a horn of a car, foot-steps going here and there… whatever it is.

Can you smell something? A flower, soil, perfume, or food? What are the things you can see around you? Just answer these. And understand the moment you are living in. This is the process of being mindful. Practicing this state of consciousness will raise your vibrations.

How to Raise Your Spiritual Vibration?

Being in the state of spiritual enlightenment is the highest vibrating state. One can develop his spiritual skills to the extent of having some remarkable intuitive gifts like being able to hear to your inner self or to have a vision of what’s going to happen. Thus, here are the ways to raise your spiritual vibration –

  1. Try ‘Chakra Healing’. It is the process of attaining a balance of the 7 chakras in the body that are placed on a longitudinal axis. 
  2. Go for Vibrational Therapies like Reiki, Acupressure, Acupuncture, etc. You can take the help of an expert or try it yourself under the right guidance. Don’t try acupuncture yourself as a mistake can be harmful in the practice.
  3. Recognize Your Energy Level from Time to Time. You can ask yourself – are you feeling calm and peaceful? Or else, are you in a disturbed state? And try to shift your vibrational energy to the high vibrational energy.

Raise Your Vibration Meditation

Meditation is one of the best ways to increase vibration frequency. Since it’s a very crucial practice, here are the steps to follow –

  1. Sit down or lay down at a clean and calm place. Make sure that you are away from any kind of hindrance or disturbance.
  2. Close your eyes gently.
  3. Take deep breaths slowly. It should be in the process of – breath in and breathe out. 
  4. Try to concentrate on the mindful activity of breathing. 
  5. Be calm and simply focus on this. Avoid any other thoughts. However, you don’t have to force yourself. Let it be natural.

Also, you can check this video for a guided meditation to raise your vibration –

Use Music to Raise Your Vibration

Music is considered one of the best ways to calm down oneself. And with the help of the right kind of music, one can reach a higher vibrational state. Here is the way to use music to raise your vibrations –

  1. Choose the right music. If it’s a song, it’s lyrics should be positive, uplifting, loving, and should make you feel peaceful or empowered.
  2. Go for higher vibrational frequency music. 
  3. Lastly, choose something with which you can connect yourself. Otherwise, it will be all too machinery.

Thus, listening to music that returns shifts your vibrations towards positivity. And doing it right will make a positive difference. You can also visit these videos for some high vibration music –

Raise Your Vibration Books

Books can be a great way to reach higher vibrations. Thus, it is advisable to read good books which make you feel more peaceful and happy. 

At the same time, you can try some self-help books too. These can be empowering and guide you to raise your vibration. Here are some books you can refer to –  

1. ‘Raise your vibration: 111 Practices to increase your spiritual connection’ – Kyle Gray in which Kyle unveils the 111 essential practices. The book gives an idea about vibration and Kyle teaches some simple ways like to eat high vibration food, meditation, etc. In the book Kyle explains the whole process of vibration in an effective way. 

2. A practical guide to vibrational medicine’ – Richard Gerber, M.D. Here, Gerber has explained the relation of energy fields to the human body and emotions.

3. ‘Power vs Force’ – David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D. The book talks about various stages of human vibrations and the ways to raise your vibration. This is considered to be one of the best books in the niche.

4. ‘The Intuition Principle’ – Angela Artemis. The book discusses the path to find the true purpose of life with the help of high vibrations.

5. ‘The seat of the soul’ – Gary Zukav. In the book, Zukav discusses the life transformation practices and the sole purpose of life. It deals with the spiritual awakening process and how people are scared to move on this path.

Raise Your Vibration Quotes

1. “Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change.”

― Wayne W. Dyer
“Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change.” ― Wayne W. Dyer

2. “Sometimes in order to be happy in the present moment you have to be willing to give up all hope for a better past.” 

―Robert Holden
“Sometimes in order to be happy in the present moment you have to be willing to give up all hope for a better past.”  ― Robert Holden

3. “You cannot perceive what you are not in the vibration of.”

– Darryl Anka
“You cannot perceive what you are not in the vibration of.” – Darryl Anka

4. “How you vibrate is what the universe echoes back to you in every moment.”

– Panache

5. “Every human brain is both a broadcasting and receiving station for the vibration of thought.”

– Napoleon Hill
“Every human brain is both a broadcasting and receiving station for the vibration of thought.” – Napoleon Hill

6. “One positive thought produces millions of positive vibrations.”

– John Coltrane
“One positive thought produces millions of positive vibrations.” – John Coltrane

7. “Listening to your ego brings your vibration down; listening to your higher self brings your vibration up.”

― Caroline A. Shearer
“Listening to your ego brings your vibration down; listening to your higher self brings your vibration up.” ― Caroline A. Shearer

8. “Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” ― Rumi

9. “What I know is that if you do work that you love, and the work fulfills you, the rest will come.”

 ― Oprah Winfrey 
“What I know is that if you do work that you love, and the work fulfills you, the rest will come.” ― Oprah Winfrey

10. “Appreciation is the purest vibration that exists on the planet today.”

– Esther Hicks
“Appreciation is the purest vibration that exists on the planet today.” – Esther Hicks

Closing Thought

Personal development is a slow and steady process. You can’t accept bringing changes in one day but it is worth all efforts and time. A lot of people read and understand the value of high vibrations but don’t really implement the methods and techniques. It is really important to religiously follow a regime and then expect some results.

If you often feel bad and depressed, then it is a must for you to raise your vibrations and give your body some energetic frequency. Why would you want to live your life without utilizing your full potential? Isn’t that idea scary? Tap into your best mode by raising your vibrations.