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What Is Emotional Energy? – Regain Yourself If It Got Drained

What Is Emotional Energy? – Regain Yourself If It Got Drained

What Is Emotional Energy - Regain Yourself If It Got Drained

Emotional energy is the governing force of your life. In most cases, it is linked to your feelings and emotionally driven actions. It is the foundation for all your relationships, allowing you to think and function in a certain way. 

It is powerful and dynamic and plays a pivotal role in your health to be functioning in an optimum way. Without it, you will not be able to take any responsibility or even vent out how you feel.

But there’s more to it. So, let’s know the true meaning behind it…

What is Emotional Energy?

In the most simplistic terms, the energy originating from our emotions is known as emotional energy. 

There are tons of different emotions that human beings face throughout their life. Hence, the vibrations or energy levels for each of the emotions are also very different. 

And the range of emotional energy is like a spectrum.

So, when we are feeling elated, over the moon, or anything positive, our energy levels are extremely high. In other words, the energy level is on the higher vibration spectrum.

On the contrary, when we feel sadness, depression, grief, envy, or even anxiety, our energy levels drop down. So, the energy level is on the other side of the spectrum with extremely low vibrations. 

Emotional energy is very important as it decides how an individual is going to behave at any given point in time. Without emotional energy, the existence of humans is futile.

But if it is so important, why do we go low on our emotional energies?

What Drains Your Emotional Energy?

Your emotional energy doesn’t drop out of the blue. There’s always some deep reason hidden behind it. Some factors that drain your emotional energy are:

1. Excessive Worrying 

When you think a lot about something, it will usually end up draining you. Excessive worry can lead to disastrous levels of low energy. 

For example, you must have noticed that when you are highly tense, you feel like you are running low on energy levels. It feels as though someone is constantly trying to take your energy out. 

2. Negativity 

The more you feel negative about something, the energy levels go down. You will not feel light or good from within. It holds true whether the negativity is towards any object, person, or situation. 

3. Guilt 

You must have heard the term “guilt trip.” It usually happens when you have done something unexpected, and you end up cursing yourself repeatedly. 

The more you pester yourself on such things, your guilt level rises, and you deplete your emotional energy.

4. Envy 

Human beings are known to compare themselves to others who do better. We often put ourselves in the worst spot and keep envying others for what they have or achieved. Even having envious feelings towards someone indirectly could be energy-taxing. 

5. Not Having Boundaries 

Do you not know how to protect your boundaries? In most cases, do you hesitate to refuse anyone? 

If yes, this is a major reason you feel low levels of emotional energy. This is because constantly entertaining other people and moving in the way they want you to go ahead can be draining. 

6. Holding On To Loss 

Another major reason is when you keep holding on to loss forever. If you have faced a loss a few months or even years back and yet you cannot let that go, it will be extremely heavy and drain your emotional energy completely.

Wondering if there’s any way to regain your dropped emotional energy levels?  Let’s get to know that here…

How Can You Boost and Regain Your Emotional Energy?

If you feel that your emotional energy levels are going low, then there are a few ways that can help you boost and regain it. There’s no need to wait until it naturally grows. Some of the best ways are:

1. Do Things That You Love

One of the best ways to boost and regain your emotional energy is by doing things you love. This can be pursuing a hobby like baking, going out with friends, or even enjoying coffee. 

The more you devote time to the things you love, the more it will make you more positive and rejuvenate yourself from within. 

Take some time and schedule the things that you love to do. This is always suggested if you have been overwhelmed lately and do not know how to handle it.

2. Surround Yourself With Positive People

It is extremely important that you surround yourself with the right kind of people. People who are positive about themselves and their lives will always treat you well. Their vibrations will be positive, allowing you to regain your lost emotional energy. 

If you feel that someone around you is being toxic, then exit from that situation at the earliest. People constantly drain you out and are not worth the time or the energy.

3. Learn How To Say No

You have to learn and implement how to say “no.” This could be to your family, your partner, or even to your parents. 

People who can’t say no often do things that they don’t want to, and this drains them more. Understand that it is okay to say no, and sometimes, that’s all you need. And this should be done without feeling “guilty” about it.

4. Replace The “Shoulds” In Your Life

Many of us surround ourselves with “shoulds” and “ifs.” This is something that often takes out much energy. 

Words are extremely powerful, and they are more important when you are talking to yourself. 

If you are always in a dilemma and keep asking yourself questions with “shoulds” or “ifs,” you add unnecessary weight and burden to your chakras. 

Remove these words, and you will be able to see the miracle it has on your life.

5. Meditate To Be Mindful

Every day, we are bombarded with many stimuli, and it is easy to get overwhelmed. To increase your emotional energy, be extremely mindful about yourself and how you feel. 

In most cases, you do not even have the time to sit down and understand your feelings. To ensure that this is not the case, the right way to go about it is via meditation and mindfulness

When you practice meditation and mindfulness daily, you are more aware of yourself. It will have a positive impact on your emotional level and help you regain the same.

6. Allow Yourself To Be Vulnerable

Human beings do not give themselves the time and space to be vulnerable and feel emotions. This is bad as it can easily impact our emotional energy. 

Allowing yourself to be vulnerable once in a while is necessary. You have to open up to someone who you love and trust to have that safe space for expression. This gives you emotional strength and much wisdom as well.

7. Be You

Start being yourself and not what others expect you to be. It is a great thing to understand others and act how they desire. But at the same time, always living someone else’s standards might drain you out. 

This is one of the major reasons why, once in a while, you need to be yourself and do what you want to do. 

Be available to yourself, and only then can you achieve higher levels of emotional energy. Prioritize yourself, and when you feel content with yourself, you will automatically be able to make others feel the same.

8. Don’t Worry About The Small Things

If you keep worrying about the small things, it will never make your mind clutter-free. You will always be boggled with small things and never have a safe space to elevate your emotional energy.

So stop beating yourself up and constantly worrying about the small things. 

9. Let Out A Smile

Smile works like medicine when it comes to elevating your emotional energy. The more you smile, the more your emotional energy becomes troubled. You must rediscover your inner child and let that child live through it. 

Laughter is the best medicine. It is also known to have an impact on your immune system and can reduce tension and stress to a great extent. 

10. Don’t Keep Fearing The Past

If you keep living in the past and fear it, the baggage will never be lifted. The past has already passed, and hence, you need to let it go. The mistakes you made are a lesson. The moment you can achieve this, your emotional energy will be regained. 

Even talking or writing about the same can be great for your emotional energy, and it makes you feel liberated.

11. Allow Yourself To Switch Off

Take your time to reset and switch off completely from the outside world. This is important to regain your emotional energy, and it will allow you to think in a more positive direction as well. 

You need to switch yourself completely and not get in touch with things that make you feel negative. 

12. Start The Day In The Right Way

And finally, learn how to start the day in the right way. Make bed, meditate, have a good breakfast, and give your family some time. 

Starting the day in the right way is important, and it can help you to have better emotional energy as well. 

When you start your day correctly, it is like fuelling yourself with positivity and good energy.

A word from TheMindFool

Emotional energy is one of the most important types of energy. It greatly defines how you feel at any given moment. 

It is possible that sometimes you might feel low levels of emotional energy, and this is when you need to sit back and just relax. 

In that case, practice the mentioned tips, and you must maintain a routine to achieve the desired results. High emotional energy levels can make your vibes positive and attract like-minded people.