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Steps to Success: 10 Ways to Reach Your Goals

Steps to Success: 10 Ways to Reach Your Goals

10 Essential Steps to Success!

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We all have the ability to dream. However, most of us do not find the courage to turn our dreams into reality. Those who do, know that there are a few essential steps to success that will enable you to live the life of your dreams! They know what works and what doesn’t in their quest of being successful! They are willing to follow any regime that brings them closer to their success.

If you are someone who is willing to live your best life and not settle for anything less than what you deserve, then you must read this article and follow these 10 important steps to build your path to success and live as gloriously as you are willing to. The best thing about following these steps religiously is that once you cross a certain amount of time practicing these rules, you will become a natural at them. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s learn about them all!

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What is success?

The term ‘success’ usually makes us feel good about ourselves. In the heads of many, being successful means achieving some kind of goal, such as earning money and having an established career. However, for some, it’s maintaining good health or having a family. Clearly, it is a subjective term.

However, success is mostly related to becoming great at things we love doing. The highest form of success really is all about living the life you want the way you want it. All you have to do is pay attention to yourself and know exactly what you expect success to be for yourself.

Since success does not mean the same thing to everyone, there is also no single way to achieve it. There are numerous ways that can lead you to a successful and fulfilling life! If one way doesn’t work for you, you should resort to a new one. Thus, slowly and steadily, you will learn your way through success.

However, there are some universal steps to success that will definitely help you to achieve your goals in life, and it’s time we learned about them.

10 Simple Steps to Success in Life

Whatever your goal in life is, you must know that to be successful in life, you should be positive in nature and detached from the end result on the other side. Remember, that first rule of success should be having your life flow with ease and your mind full in peace. To reach that state in life, there are certain steps to success that are explained below. So, go ahead and learn about them.

Step #1. Learn to focus on the positives

Learn to focus on the positives
Learn to focus on the positives

The first thing that you should do is decide to focus on positive things and experience in life. Our brain is originally designed to keep us in survival mode, not thriving mode. It generally shows us the fear-side or negative side of the story. However, with a little bit of practice, we can learn to focus on the positive side of every experience.

So, before anything else, you can start with writing positive experiences from the past since our brains re-create our past experiences and creates emotions based on the same. So, focus on positive past experiences and keep repeating them over and over until your brain learns to focus on positivity than anything else in life. If you remain consistent with it, you will learn to allow only positive things inside your head and filter out the negative.

Steps to Success: 10 Ways to Reach Your Goals
Steps to Success: 10 Ways to Reach Your Goals

Step #2. Get into a growth mindset

Get into a growth mindset
Get into a growth mindset

As per psychologist Carol Dweck, there are two types of mindset- fixed mindset and growth mindset. When you are in a fixed mindset, you believe that intelligence and wisdom cannot be enhanced. Well, wrong. Someone with a growth mindset keeps improving himself or herself to keep growing in different areas in mind.

People with a growth mindset also believe that they are capable and deserving of growth and their belief system often drives them to better things and people in life. So, what are the things that can help you build a growth mindset and are essential steps to success? Check them out below-

Believe in yourself

People who want to grow keep on believing that their efforts and hard work will come to fruition. They believe that it is already in motion and happening in real life until it manifests.

Learn new skills

Anyone who has a growth mindset knows that he or she will have to keep their brain active and craving for new skills and development of new talents. They just know how to feed the right things to their brain. The best way to do that is to learn the new and necessary skills for record-breaking growth in life.

Failure is just a lesson for them

Failure is inevitable and people with a growth mindset just know it. The only way to success is through failure. People who want to keep growing to know this and aren’t scared of losing or failing in life. When you accept this, you will become more fearless and grateful in life.

If you are living in a fixed mindset, then follow the above steps and learn to grow in life.

Step #3. Set your goals every day by writing them down

Set your goals every day by writing them down
Set your goals every day by writing them down

The best way to be clear on your goals is to set them every day. It’s even better if you write them down since the law of attraction says that when you put in writing, you can consider it done. According to Brian Tracy, the guaranteed success formula for achieving massive success is to write down 10 goals and identify one goal that has the greatest positive impact on your life.

Next, he advises making a list of potential obstacles with the best solutions as well as the necessary skills needed to reach there. Finally, the organization or individual in question starts taking action to achieve the goal set.

Henriette Anne Klauser, author of the book Write It Down, Make It Happen: Knowing What You Want and Getting It, says writing goals in a journal, planner or sticky notes helps focus attention on the goals which help them become more real.

With time and effort, one can develop this habit of setting goals every day by writing them on a clean, white sheet of paper and finally, take necessary actions to achieve it.

Step #4. Become more emotionally intelligent

Become more emotionally intelligent
Become more emotionally intelligent

Emotional intelligence is a way to use one’s emotions in positive ways and release stress and negativity by using emotions wisely and productively. As per recent studies, people who are more emotionally intelligent earn more success than those who do not have any or have less of it.

Since emotionally intelligent people are able to understand not only their own emotions but the same of others as well, they know how to use people’s emotions to help themselves become successful in life.

Here are some ways to improve your emotional intelligence-

Pay attention to your own emotions:

When you learn to understand yourself and your emotions, slowly and gradually, you start understanding the feelings of others as well. You can relate with people because you know that we are all connected by one thing or another and that people are bound to act in a way due to universal chemistry or psychology of the brain

Releasing emotions

When people understand how strong your emotions really are, they start feeling them and releasing them without bottling them up or repressing them. So, they know how to deal with emotions to keep their vibe high and positive. This eventually helps them feel good about themselves and attract success in no time.

Listen to other people

In today’s world, people do not have time to listen to others. Instead, all they want to do is tell about their problems and their life. Emotionally smart people listen to people and this doesn’t mean their words but also their actions, body language, and other non-verbal signals.

Step #5. Develop and nurture certain traits and characteristics

Develop and nurture certain traits and characteristics
Develop and nurture certain traits and characteristics

According to key researchers, Ian McRae and Adrian Furnham, there are six main traits that can be used to judge people’s performances at the workplace. If someone has none or very few of the following traits or characteristics, then chances are that his or her success will be hindered. However, one can also work toward the development of these traits and earn the success they deserve.

If you want to be successful in life, then consider nurturing the following traits in life-


The most successful people in the world have immense courage. They aren’t afraid to take risks and jump on an opportunity without considering its potentiality. However, they balance the risk with common sense and know when to step down.


Successful people are more curious than others and always question things and the world around them. They ask questions like a five-year-old quick and do not care if people judge them, for they know that they have the vision to stay true to.


When successful people perform, they know that they are inviting a lot of competition and they aren’t afraid of it. In fact, they look at it in a healthy way. They do not let negative emotions like jealousy or fear enter their aura. Instead, they glow more at the thought of improving themselves not because they want to beat others but because they want to grow for themselves.

Accepting unclear situations

Though clarity is essential for success, people with a growth mindset know that ambiguity is a part of life and they should be accepting of it instead of worrying about it. Rather than being rigid, they become flexible and mold themselves by accepting ambiguous situations.

Adjusting in nature

People who have the potential of being massively successful teach themselves to adjust quickly in difficult situations. They are open to change no matter what and are willing to deal with the obstacles they come in the way of their success because they know that this will eventually bring them closer to success.


People who have conscientiousness as important traits care about the effects of their actions on others. They think about the consequences of their actions on others and also consider the perspective of other people and how their actions would affect them.

Step #6. Mental toughness and will power

Mental toughness and will power
Mental toughness and will power

When people see opportunities in challenges and solutions in obstacles, they find more mental strength and develop strong will power. When people are resilient in living their dreams and stay motivated to achieve success, they are said to be mentally tough.

Such people believe in their ability to reach where they want to, are confident in themselves to achieve their goals, and committed to finishing what they have started. Also, such people have a strong support system of family, friends, therapists, and life coaches, who help them get up every time they fall in life.

When people persist in the face of challenges and know that they will soon earn the reward of their hard work, they have strong will power. As per studies, highly intelligent people rely on their willingness to create things than anything else to taste massive success in life.

It takes time and effort to build strong will power. However, once an individual develops it, he or she becomes unstoppable and only stops when he or she gets what they deserve in life.

Step #7. Inner motives over outer ones

Inner motives over outer ones
Inner motives over outer ones

Successful people know that when they focus on their inner selves, they shall always know the truth of themselves. With this truth, they start building their lives and enjoy their time as they move towards their goals.

When you have intrinsic motivation to achieve something, you draw inspiration from within and not outside. If the motivation and inspiration are derived from one’s own self, the drive to success remains inexhaustible. When the goals come from within, the person becomes unstoppable since the reward of success isn’t money or any other materialistic motivation but inner happiness that isn’t attached to anything material.

What comes from within is always powerful and something that one enjoys doing because more or less that is the individual’s purpose during his or her time on earth. So, if you are someone who isn’t sure about your goal in life, go within and find what you loved doing as a child, and you will know what you want to achieve in life.

Step #8. Expect to succeed

Expect to succeed
Expect to succeed

When you believe in yourself and work hard toward your goals, you automatically expect to succeed in whatever your goals are. Visualize yourself as being successful in your life, feel the emotions that you would be feeling once you finally get the first taste of success.

Take your mind to success before you actually reach there physically. Your emotions are so strong if you learn to use them positively. Feel how you would feel once you achieve your goal and show up every day in the vibration of that person. Also, do not focus on your goals so much that you forget enjoying the small moments and victories of your life. Celebrate your life every day without getting attached to the result of your set goals.

Step #9. Be grateful

Be grateful
Be grateful

One of the best steps to reach your goals is to be grateful for all you have and where you are going. When you are grateful for everything in life, for instance, going on a date, getting a good job, etc., you attract more of it.

The best way to come into the habit of being grateful is to wake up and say ‘thank you’ and keep saying thank you until it comes naturally to you. Feel it when you say it. Keep a gratitude journal as well and write down 10 things you are grateful for every day and soon, you will see the difference between the things you attract. You will soon come across the much-awaited success that you deserve.

Always remember that you are on a beautiful journey and the path will always be more spectacular than the destination. When you take curiosity in one hand and courage in another and know when to jump and be fearless, there is nothing in the world that can stop you from becoming your greatest version in life.

The feeling is incredible when you dance your way to success rather than running towards it. Slow is beautiful and you will eventually reach your goal once you learn to be grateful about everything in life.

Step #10. Stay true to your vision

Stay true to your vision
Stay true to your vision

All successful people have a strong vision and are absolutely ready to take a bullet to stay true to it. Allow your vision to become clear with time and do not bring in any excuse that may drive you away from your vision and ideas.

Start with making a vision of immediate goals and complete them. You will start getting confidence from smashing immediate goals and objectives and so on, you will know what will be your next goal and how you will develop the vision for it.

Other Ways to Reach Success

Even so, it is important to stay focused on the above 10 steps to success, it is also important to give yourself some downtime and refresh yourself before you take up the tasks to reach your goals again. Thus, resting and relaxing is another way to find tremendous success.

When people work constantly for a long time without taking a break, they burn out with time. This creates anxiety and depression which might hinder your success in life. To keep them at bay, it is important to take care of yourself and thus, it’s a very important way to reach success.

Other than above, being consistent with your work, creating the right connections, setting realistic goals, being kind and honest, and eliminating distractions are a few other steps to success one can bring in his or her life.

Closing Thoughts

The single, most important step to success is the focus—without it, you cannot reach where you are supposed to or deserve to. So, no matter what happens in life, do not lose your focus. Rest as much as you want to feel rejuvenated and alive, but do not lose your focus.

The above steps to success are a result of years of studies and research on highly intelligent and successful people. Thus, these are tested ways that will get you closer to your goals in life. So, if you are someone who is struggling with tasting success or get distracted by mundane things in life, then it is important for you to follow the above steps and get that sweet taste of success soon.