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100 Values to Follow for a Happy Life

100 Values to Follow for a Happy Life

5 values to follow for a happy life

Values for life are things that you believe in. This belief defines your way of living life. Deep down, these values are like benchmarks that you will use to measure your achievements in life. If the events in your life are not aligned to the values that you believe in, you are likely to experience a sense of discontent.

Values in life are like anchors that hold it together and also like the compass that gives it direction. A ship can not complete its journey without a compass to give it direction and an anchor to keep it stable. Similarly, life without values is never happy and fulfilling. Adhering to value transforms you into a happier person. You can become an achiever too because you start adding value to other people’s lives as well.

What are core values?

Core values are fundamental beliefs that a person lives by. These values are essential to your existence and stick with you throughout. 

Core values are like cultural cornerstones. They stick with you throughout your life. These are like the foundation stones of whatever we choose to become in life. Here is a look at some of the core values that define success for individuals.

1. Be dependable 

From your parents to your spouse and sometimes even your friends, people will depend on you at different stages in life. If their cause is correct, don’t hesitate to stand by them. 

2. Integrity 

Many situations in life will test your integrity. The temptation to cross the line will be huge. Your integrity will keep you grounded and on the right path. 

3. Honesty 

Being able to speak the truth even in the most difficult situations, indicates honesty as your core value. More importantly being honest will make you feel good. 

4. Loyalty 

Unwavering loyalty is always rewarded with trust which helps build healthy relationships with friends and family, for a happy life. 

5. Passion

Pursue your tasks with passion. Don’t be let down by the challenges that come your way. As long as you are passionate about the cause, you will find it in yourself to overcome all challenges.

Values vs core values

There is a very thin line of difference between values and core values. While core values are like your base in life rarely changing, values evolve with different stages of life. For instance, you may value comfort as a young person but you may value health as you grow older. However your core values will decide the type of traits that you value at every stage in your life. 

How do you identify the right core values in life?

As we have told you, personal values in life are like the compass that guides you to move ahead. Simply put, they are like your highest priorities. Therefore, it is important to identify the right values that you want to follow. Of course, you will always have the option of choosing what the wise men have already said. But it is always advisable to spend some time connecting with your inner self. This will help you identify the beliefs that you would want to value. 

These personal values do not decide your career for you. However, they do influence the way you interact with people. Thus impacting your personal and professional relationships. Additionally, these values also become the foundation for all decisions that you take in your life. In the article that follows, we will identify the list of core values that can help you lead a happier life. Based on your personal experience, you can do further customizations to adopt these values in life. At the end of the day, your values revolve around what you have witnessed in your lifetime.

100 List of values for mental well-being

1. Believe in yourself

The world will say many things but it is up to you to pick and choose what you want to follow. Stop trying to live your life for others.

Not everyone has the same abilities or qualities. For instance, some people may be good at cleaning up a mess while others may be good at making one. The idea is to value the talents or qualities that you have. As long as you are not able to value them, you will not be able to utilize them to the best of their ability. Even the world will not respect you for what you are as long as you do not learn to respect them. 

2. Be compassionate

Compassion does not mean bearing the other person’s pain. It is simply about understanding the pain that the other person is going through. Your understanding may not change their fate but it surely gives them the strength to bounce back in life.

Seeing someone in pain often motivates you to act in a way that eases their suffering. There are times when you may not be able to do much. But even then standing by those who are suffering and assuring them of your support, helps. This simple act of compassion motivates the other person to develop a certain resilience to fight for the possibility of a better life. It is always easy to stand on the other side and talk about the various possibilities. However, stepping into the other person’s shoes and understanding their situation requires courage.

3. Patience is the key

Always count your blessings! Be happy with what you have and patiently work towards making it better, instead of complaining.

In today’s fast-paced life, we often forget to thank the Lord for his small mercies. As a result, many of us spend most of our time complaining about the things that we do not have. In the process, we forget to enjoy what we already have. Being impatient to achieve more only gives rise to stress and anxiety. The idea is to learn to make the most of what is available and patiently work towards achieving more.

4. Forgive and forget

Many wise men have often said that life is too short to hold grudges. Learn to forgive those who have wronged you. This simple trait will clear your conscience and allow you to lead a more fulfilling life.

Sometimes you come across people that go to any length to harm you. The wounds inflicted by their actions are painful. But when you hold a grudge against these people, you put an end to the possibility of healing these wounds. Instead, when you forgive them and continue your journey in life, you will notice that the pain vanishes gradually. Once you forgive, it becomes easier to forget the bad things that happened and move on in life. Even research recommends that the brain needs to forget (let go of some information!) every once in a while, to function smoothly. 

5. Give and you shall get

One of the most successful ways of maintaining a happy professional or personal relationship is to learn to give. And no, giving money is not the only means!

If you want to live a happy life, it is important to give people around you the means to do the same. Yes! When your actions help them lead a happier life, they will willingly reciprocate the gesture. For instance, if you want to be respected at work, you must give respect to your colleagues. If you want to learn, you must learn to give the knowledge that you already have. The simple act of giving helps build trust in the relationships that you have. This trust will improve the interaction in your personal and professional relationships.

100 Values to Follow for a Happy Life
100 Values to Follow for a Happy Life

6. Adaptability

It is important to adapt with every step in life. 

Life is never a straight line and with each curve, you need to adapt your strategy, evolve your move. If an individual does choose to restrict himself or herself to a particular mold, they will cause trouble to everyone around them. 

7. Stay aware

Being aware of one’s surroundings can bring about a lot of difference in the way you conduct your tasks. 

By choosing awareness as a value in life, you learn to keep your eyes peeled for anything that happens around you as well as inside you. Every single action has an impact on your decisions so it is very important to be aware of what goes on in your surroundings. 

8. Balance it

The key to leading a happy life is to find a balance between the expectations of others and your ability to deliver.

Different people in your life will have different expectations from you. However, when you choose balance as a value, you will always remind yourself to balance it all. Sometimes to make this balance, you may also decide to slow down in life. 

9. Calmness

Life is never a bed of roses, you will come across a lot of problems. The key to looking for solutions to stay calm. 

Staying calm is a very important value that can help change the outcomes of many situations. The minute you lose your calmness, you are likely to make mistakes and make hasty decisions. 

10. Discipline

This value is all about abiding by rules and controlling your actions, every step of the way. 

Adopt discipline as a value in your life and you will be able to achieve a lot more. Many people look at discipline as a binding but on the contrary, it is what sets you free. For example, the discipline to exercise, gives more freedom to the body as you age. Spending your time disciplining yourself today will ensure you end up successful tomorrow. 

11. Be creative

In a tech-driven world, creative people will take the lead.

Today we rely on technology for everything. But in the heavily mechanized world, what one needs to preserve is their creativity. These creative personal values breed innovation that helps achieve bigger things in life. 

12. Community

Community or social environment is a key value that defines our attitude in life. 

As humans, we are wired to behave like social animals. The community or our social environment plays a key role in shaping our life. Therefore, it is an extremely important value. Interestingly, the type of community that we grow up in, also impacts the other personal values in our life. 

13. Empathy

Walking a mile in someone’s shoes may not always be possible but in order to be able to give a fair opinion, you need to empathize with them.

Empathy is also an important value in life. It teaches you to analyze every situation from the other person’s point of view as well. Sometimes, this makes you realize that what seems as a probable solution to everyone else, may never actually feasible. 

14. Freedom

Just as you want to be able to express your thoughts freely, you need to give the other person this freedom.

The freedom to speak and do as you wish to, is extremely precious. Many of us may not realize it considering that slavery is long gone at least in most parts of the world. However, imagine you are not able to act out of your own free will like you do every day. Sounds scary, right? But, this is what happens when you don’t value freedom as a value. 

15. Innovate

Don’t let the circumstances deter you, innovate and look for the best possible solution. 

Innovation is all about making the best out of whatever is available. Take an existing thing and use it to make something better. The purpose is to overcome limitations and achieve your goal. 

16. Knowledge

Try to learn as much as possible. The knowledge that you gain along the way will surely help you in the long run. 

Knowledge is a very important value. This value is all about investing effort to gain knowledge on the subjects that interest you. When you know about a subject, you are better informed to give your opinion. This way you can be assured that others around you will also pay heed to what you say. 

17. Leadership

There are times when you need to take the lead. This will take a lot of courage and determination. 

Adopting leadership as a value ensures that you build within yourself the courage and determination needed to lead in tough times. This could be among friends, family or even the professional front. As a leader you need to understand that the future is uncertain and still show the belief in better prospects. Remember, all those who follow you will look up to you for guidance. 

18. Moderation

Anything in excess is bad. Therefore, adopting moderation as a key value is important. 

In all the noise that surrounds you, moderation can help you survive healthily. Don’t restrict your life with strict rules. Of course rules and discipline are important values. But they are beneficial only when followed in moderation. 

19. Peace

Peace is a very precious value. For those who have mastered it, there are many rewards. 

To be at peace, no matter how hard the other person or situation tries to instigate you is difficult. It may take years of practice. You need to keep practicing the art of maintaining peace, both inside and outside. It builds your character and your personality. For instance, those who remain peaceful are better decision makers. 

20. Purpose

Purpose or drive is the value that gets you out of bed every morning.

It is important to adopt purpose as a core value for life. This is because the purpose or drive that you choose is your key motivator for everything else that you do. Each step you take, is towards fulfilling this purpose. A life with no purpose is like a ship that sets sail but has nowhere to go. 

21. Responsibility

Being responsible for your actions gives you the courage to accept the outcomes of your decision and progress in life. 

Being responsible is a great way to add value to life. Simple things like cleaning the house or doing the dishes, teach you to be a responsible person. This responsible attitude reflects in your personal and professional relationships. 

22. Spirituality

Spirituality is not related to religion. It is a simple concept of investing some time on a daily basis to pay heed to your body’s requirements. 

In addition to your physical and mental well being, you need to pay attention to your spiritual well being as well. Simple things like meditating on a daily basis gives you the chance to slow down and pay attention to what your body thinks. You evaluate your actions and get a chance to rectify your approach. This happens along with your spiritual evolution. 

23. Friendship

If you choose good friends, you can be assured of support throughout your life. Therefore, friendship is a very special value that most people will hold very close to their heart. 

We are born into many relationships. But friendship is something that we get to choose. The type of friends we keep, says a lot about our attitude and overall behavior. Genuine friends will help you stay grounded giving you the right advice, no matter how bitter it sounds. 

24. Learn to accept

Once we start accepting a situation, we develop the ability to work on ways to overcome it. 

What we don’t realize is that a lot of our problems stem from the simple inability to accept the existing situation. No, this is not about accepting the situation and giving up. It is about accepting what you have and figuring out how to make the most of it. 

25. Be result oriented

Always have a result oriented approach in every project or task that you undertake. 

Working hard is good but working without a focus to achieve results is not correct. You need to develop the result oriented approach as a value. This result need not always mean earning some sort of materialistic pleasure. It could simply achieve the welfare of the people around you. 

26. Assertiveness

If you want people to listen to your opinion, it is important to be assertive. 

There is a very thin line of difference between being assertive and imposing your opinion. We need to adopt assertiveness as a value. Being assertive comes from knowing all facts and having complete faith in the cause and its positive results. However, being imposing means that you just want the other person to agree with you, irrespective of his / her own views on the subject. 

27. Be fun loving

Being fun loving is extremely important to lead a happy life. The basic value that we must follow in life is to enjoy it. 

No one likes the company of a boring individual. In our rat race to live life, we often forget to sit back and enjoy the small pleasures. When we choose fun as a core value, we gradually coax the mind into taking a moment to sit back and take note of these small pleasures. 

28. Be beautiful

Be beautiful inside and outside. Keep your heart clean and your mind will be free of worries. This is true inner beauty. 

When we talk about beauty, it implies true inner beauty. This beauty comes from thinking clean and acting in a righteous manner. It may not seem easy but once you start on this path, life does become beautiful. 

29. Be realistic

Set realistic goals for yourself. Do not get carried away by the people around you.

In every initiative that we undertake, it is important to start with realistic goals. Do not set targets that you can achieve. This will only demotivate you. If you set realistic goals, you are more likely to achieve them and even push yourself to go beyond. 

30. Gratitude

Gratitude as a value teaches you to be thankful for what you have. 

Gratitude is a core value that we need to integrate in our system. We need to be kind and thankful for all that we have. Instead of complaining about everything that we don’t have. 

Some other common personal values are:

31. Honor

32. Individualism

33. Competitiveness

34. Inquisitiveness

35. Spontaneity

36. Stability 

37. Charity

38. Cleanliness

39. Sincerity

40. Simplicity

41. Foresight

42. Hope

43. Rigor

44. Imagination

45. Ability to improve

46. Concentration or focus

47. Work in harmony

48. Be graceful

49. Be sensitive

50. Accept challenges

51. Be willing to serve

52. Be inspiring

53. Insightful

54. Supportive

55. Transparency

56. Optimism

57. Maturity

58. Motivate people around you

59. Openness of the mind

60. Be willing to discover

61. Always be approachable

62. Pay attention to detail

63. Express your thoughts in a comprehensive way

64. Devote yourself to the cause

65. Show eagerness to learn

66. Strive for excellence

67. Look for fresh ideas

68. Extend your hospitality

69. Think logically

70. Neatness

71. Maintain your poise

72. Adopt a proactive approach

73. Exercise self control

74. Aim for maximum utilization

75. Aim for sustainable living

76. Show tolerance

77. Respect traditions

78. Try to be unique

79. Educate yourself

80. Look for the truth

81. Respect other people’s time just as you would want yours to be respected

82. Work as a team

83. Share your knowledge

84. Share your prosperity

85. Endurance

86. Always be ethical in your approach

87. Build your potential

88. Welcome criticism

89. Be fair and fearless

90. Lean on your family

91. Use your ability to reason

92. Be accountable

93. Respect the law

94. Appreciate the good things happening around you

95. Establish order 

96. Take risks

97. Establish your personal boundaries

98. Try to be helpful when you can 

99. Think before you speak

100. Spread love

Importance of values in life

All of us have certain values in life, it’s just a matter of time before we choose to acknowledge them. Once you make peace with your values, life certainly becomes easier. Before we delve deeper, let us take a simple example.

For example, if you are someone who values family time but commit yourself to a 10 hour a day job, you will never find any time for your loved ones. This will result in a lot of dissatisfaction. If you are clear on your values, it will become easier for you to prioritize your decisions. 

Since the minute you are born, people around you pass on values to you. These values are what define the way you live life. Interestingly, these values are likely to change during different phases of life. What you value as a child will obviously differ from what you value as an adult. 

Here is why values are important

  1. Values in life help in defining the long term purpose of your life. 
  2. If you are clear about your values, you will find it easier to sail through even the difficult decisions. 
  3. Values help you prioritize your objectives. This in turn clears the clutter paving the way for a happier life. 
  4. Adhering to values will boost your confidence. This is mainly because decisions guided by our values in life provide satisfaction. 
  5. The values teach you to believe in yourself. You learn to form opinions instead of blindly believing in what people around you are saying. 
  6. Values help in making the right choices because you have a benchmark to weigh the pros and cons. You learn to choose on the basis of what matters to you the most. 
  7. Values bring a sense of stability to your life. They make it easier for you to identify what you want. This way you learn to stay grounded, no matter what the temptation is. 
  8. Identifying values also helps to boost your physical and mental well-being. Simply put, your overall happiness will increase. 
  9. Values in life ensure that you are able to give the right advice to your friends and family. 
  10. Lastly, values also help you build your courage to face every difficult situation that comes your way without being let down by the challenge it poses. 

Word from TheMindFool

The art of staying happy is not easy to master. It will take time for others to appreciate the values that you have adhered to. But gradually, these personal values will help you make decisions that will lead to a positive impact on your life as well as the lives of those around you.

Value for Happy Life FAQs

What are good values?

Good values are like the foundation of a happy life. Therefore, it is important to imbibe them in life. The types of core values that you choose become the pillars of your life and end up influencing the way you will interact with people in your personal as well as professional life. Simply put, good values act like a guiding star providing direction to your life, in every decision that you make.

Why do we need values in life?

Just like a ship needs an anchor to hold steady on the port or in the storm, we need to identify some personal core values in life that will guide us on how to live righteously. The importance of values lies in the fact that they define our character as a person which in turn defines our relationships. Once you identify the right values, you can learn to live a happy and healthy life, maybe even inspiring others to do so. 

How to write personal core values?

Identifying the personal core values that you hold in high regard is not an easy task. It is certainly not something that you will be able to achieve overnight. You need to connect with your inner self to understand what are the factors that matter to you the most. Once you are able to do this introspection, it will be easier to write down the personal core values that you want to base your life on. Some good ways to connect with your inner self would be to indulge in yoga, meditation, listening to soothing music, etc.

What are the factors that promote good values?

There are many factors affecting values. However, the most important ones to promote good values are your belief in the value system, your determination to rely on the values and your ability to tolerate. When you define a value system, you will find it difficult to adhere to it. There will be testing times. But your determination, belief, and tolerance will help you establish the goodness of these values even in these trying times.

What are the different types of core values?

There are many types of core values that define the foundation of our life. These values decide the way we will interact with everyone around us. The commonly acknowledged core values are honesty, accountability, determination, trust, and tolerance.