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60 Vision Board Ideas – Tell Your Story Effectively

60 Vision Board Ideas – Tell Your Story Effectively

Vision Board Ideas – How to Tell Your Story Effectively

Each one of us has a dream or a goal that we wish to achieve. Most of the time, we have these goals either in our minds or jotted down in our diary. However, it is known that the human brain reacts better and more effectively to visuals. Visuals can comprise a lot of things – photographs, quotes, notes, stickers, etc. When you compile all of this in a systematic manner on board, it becomes a vision board. And, all the things mentioned become your vision board ideas.

But, before we talk more about it, ask yourself this – what is visioning? And, how can it help you stay focused?

Visioning – What is it?

Simply put, the process of formulating a goal or a vision for your future is known as ‘visioning’. It is often known to be a mental process that enables you to stay in touch with your subconscious mind and always be aware of your future plans.

Now, that we all know what visioning implies, let us take a closer look at what are vision boards and how can you efficiently create one.

What is a Vision Board?

A vision board lets you plan your goals and dreams in a visually pleasing way. 

As briefly mentioned above, a vision board is essentially a board that details your most desired goals and plans in a visual format. Among the many benefits of creating these boards, the one that stands out the most is the positive influence it has on your mind towards achieving a set goal.

To ensure that you create an effective vision board, try to be as imaginative and creative as possible. Your vision board should articulate your set goals flawlessly. The more colorful and artistic the board is, the more motivation you would feel every time you look at it!

what is vision board, how to create it and vision board benefits
What is vision board and how to create it and vision board benefits?

Vision Board Ideas for Everyone

Here are some vision board ideas that can be used by almost everyone:

1.  Healthy habits vision board    

Healthy habits vision board 
Healthy habits vision board 

This type of board is very personal and it acts as a great visualization tool for people who want to develop healthy habits and let go of the ones that are toxic for them. Let’s say that you have been trying to consistently exercise every day, but for one reason or another, you cannot stay committed. The healthy habits vision board will be a great reminder to keep yourself on the track.    

2.  Five-year plan vision board    

Five-year plan vision board
Five-year plan vision board

Building a five-year plan vision board can be a great way to remind yourself of your personal goals and what certain areas of your life will look like five years down the line.

It can contain goals like your finances or the number of countries you want to travel by then, or even finish reading a certain number of books every year. Indeed, it can be as simple or as complicated as you want.    

3.  Fitness goals vision board    

Fitness goals vision board 
Fitness goals vision board 

This one is very similar to the healthy habits vision board, but the most important difference is that it is focused on fitness goals in general. You should add images of workout, strength training, etc. In this vision board. 

You can also add pictures of vegetables and smoothie bowls, as well as some motivation quotes related to fitness.    

4.  Affirmations vision board    

Affirmations vision board 
Affirmations vision board 

Whether or not you believe in the power of affirmations, it is true that reading positive words every day has a positive effect on our psyche. So what are you waiting for, go on and create a vision board that is filled with words of encouragement, affirmations that remind you what a wonderful human being you are, and inspirational words that will help you go out and seize the day, every single day.     

5. Inner journey vision board    

Inner journey vision board 
Inner journey vision board 

Create a vision that is rich in images and words that encourage you to learn more about yourself, and love yourself just the way you are. It should encourage you to be more introspective, mindful, and self-aware. 

You can fill it with quotes related to mindfulness as well as sayings that teach you to evolve and grow as a person. You can also learn more about the benefits of mindfulness here

Vision Board Ideas for The Multitasking Woman  

For the multitasking, busy woman, a vision board can help with annual goals, setting intentions, or just remembering to love and laugh.  

6.  The pink sky    

The pink sky 
The pink sky 

In this type of vision board, lines and places are cut out from magazines to show what you want from your life. You can stick these cut-outs around the image of a head like they are the sun’s rays radiating from the top of mind of the image.

It is called the pink sky because the background of the vision board is pink. You can also choose your own favorite color. 

7.  Annual goals vision board    

Annual goals vision board 
Annual goals vision board 

This is a great idea for the vision board, especially for working women. Sometimes, as a woman, you get so focused on the needs of your near and dear ones, that you end up neglecting yourself.

Juggling your time between family and work can take a toll on self-care and needs. This vision board will help you stay on track for your own goals, away from the people around you.    

8.  Intention vision board    

Intention vision board 
Intention vision board 

If you want to set your intention for the future to be more optimistic and happier, this is the perfect vision board for you. An intention vision board is particularly helpful for those women who are so busy that they get distracted during the day. 

This board will remind you to continue your journey towards your intention and achieve your goals. The intentions themselves can be, being more productive at work, spending more time with your children, or even committing to an hour of yoga on a daily basis.    

9.  Love laugh love vision board    

Love laugh love vision board 
Love laugh love vision board 

By using simple images that capture joy and simplicity, you can create a vision board that reminds you to keep life simple. Add images of nature, people you love, hot cup of tea, or anything else that reminds you that life is wonderful. 

This vision board is a great way to infuse positivity in your life and help develop gratitude for all the good things that you have.    

10.  Dream life vision board    

Dream life vision board
Dream life vision board

One way of motivating yourself to go after your dreams is to visualize all of it on a vision board because it provides clarity as to what your life will look like once you have achieved this goal. You can also categorize certain sections of the board based on the specific goals for your travel, health, or finances.     

You can even add things you have already achieved, to remind yourself that you are moving forward in life. For instance, one of the goals you have achieved in the financial sector that could be added is the fact that you have paid off all your student loans.    

Vision Board Ideas for The Avid Traveler    

If you love traveling, these vision board ideas will thrill and excite you:

11.  The “Have been there’ vision board    

The “Have been there’ vision board
The “Have been there’ vision board

If you like traveling, and you have a good number of countries under your belt, this is the perfect vision board for you. You can pin the pictures of all the countries that you have been to on this board. You can even add a small map of the world, and insert pins on the places where you’ve already traveled.    

12.  The ‘Yet to go there’ vision board    

The ‘Yet to go there’ vision board 
The ‘Yet to go there’ vision board 

If you have a list of countries or places that you have not yet visited, but would like to in the near future, you can create this vision board from that. It goes off interesting places in these countries, the local foods, cultures and customs, vegetation - there is an endless list of things you can add. 

Just like the last vision board, in this one tool, you can add a map of the world and insert pins on the places where you want to go.    

13.  Actions vision board    

Actions vision board 
Actions vision board 

This one is a little bit different. Instead of adding pictures of the places, you can make a vision board of all the things you did or want to do in the future at these exotic locations. For instance, if you went surfboarding in Australia, or enjoyed bungee jumping somewhere in Europe, those pictures will look perfect on this vision board.    

14.  Cultures and cuisines vision board    

Cultures and cuisines vision board 
Cultures and cuisines vision board 

If you like to go to unknown locations and study the culture of those places, this is the vision board for you. It is perfect for showing love for the exotic cuisines, cultural festivals, and amazing people you have met from all around the world. 

You don’t necessarily have to rely on pictures you have taken yourself, you can also cut out pictures from magazines and newspapers.    

15.  Travel companions vision board    

Travel companions vision board 
Travel companions vision board 

In this type of vision board, you can add pictures of the people that you have traveled with, or the people you met at certain places in the world, and ended up having a grand old time with them. 

It’s a great way to commemorate the good times you had with the wonderful people, and it will also inspire you to continue your adventurous journey in the future.    

Vision Board Ideas for Elementary, Middle School, and High School Students    

If you are a parent or teacher of a student, encourage them to check out these vision board ideas for some learning and art!

16. Clip art vision boards    

These types of vision boards are perfectly suited for very little kids in elementary school. It’s a great way to show them how to commit to an art project and tell a story using clip arts.

Teachers and parents can also use these types of vision boards to spend some time with the children and teach them how to convey simple information using clip arts.    

17.  Vision boards inspired from nursery rhymes    

Again, very well suited for elementary school children, this type of vision board is great for enhancing the memory of the children and teaching them nursery rhymes in a fun way. It doesn’t even have to be limited to nursery rhymes. The teachers can also ask the students to use them to tell a simple story they read in a book. 

For instance, pictures of tiny dwarves, apples, and a beautiful princess can be used for telling the story of snow-white.    

18.  Goal setting vision boards    

These types of vision boards are more suited for middle school children. The teacher can have a discussion with the whole class regarding what their goals will be during the school year. 

Then, the children can go home and make a vision board featuring their own personal goals. It’s a great way of teaching kids how to make plans and work towards them at an early age.    

This vision board is well suited for children in high school, but it can also be helpful for middle school students. These types of vision boards are a great way for students to map the direction they want to take in a few years. They can also start their way on the vision board and figure out what they need to do to get to their desired college and degree.     

They can make a list of all the extracurriculars they need to take part in, internships they need to do, and the exact colleges they need to apply to. The details can also guide them to make different vision boards for each of their career-related sectors. 

For instance, make up one vision board just for extracurriculars, while another highlighting what papers they need for applying to a specific college, etc. This will help them get everything streamlined and hassle-free.    

20.  The color vision board    

For elementary school students, the color vision board can be a great way to teach them emotions and how to identify them. For instance, the teacher can say that the color red makes her feel angry. 

Then, she can tell the students to make a vision board with each color and write down what the color makes them feel. It can be quite therapeutic, and a great tool for children to learn to identify and name their feelings.    

Vision Board Ideas for Teachers    

For teachers, vision boards can help guide students on different paths. Check out some of these amazing ideas:

A career-related vision bored by a teacher would be completely different from one created by a student. While the latter will have the personal goals of the student, the former should be more generalized and should act as a guide for students to help them on their professional journey.     

For instance, the teacher can create separate vision boards for someone who wants to become a lawyer, or a doctor, or go into administration. The teachers can then hang these vision boards in their classrooms and school halls.    

22.  The challenges vision board    

This type of vision board helps the teacher identify the challenges that they faced in their previous years, and what their strategy is for solving the same problems this year. 

It’s a great way to visualize everything that may be a bit of a hurdle in the future, and the solutions for the problems as well. The teacher can make it a personal vision board to be hung in their own personal office.    

23.  The growth mindset vision board    

A growth mindset is a very big topic in education right now, and what better way to teach the students the value of a growth mindset if not with a vision board. This board can feature words that explain the benefits of a growth mindset, how to develop it, and what will be the results of having such a mindset. 

The teacher can then hang the vision board in the class. You can learn more about the growth mindset here.

24.  New beginnings vision board    

When the school year is just starting, the teacher can make a new beginning vision board outlining the goals of the rest of the school year for the students of different classes. This vision board does not have to be strictly career-oriented. For instance, the teacher can make a vision board encouraging the students to try something new, save money for a car, try to develop one new habit, or be kind to their friends and family.     

Having this visualized in front of them day in and day out will help the students internalize the words of encouragement and make a positive change during the school year.    

25. Social and emotional learning skills vision board    

Teachers who work with students on the autistic spectrum can benefit greatly from this kind of vision board. It will feature the various emotional and social skills that the students should aim for in the class. For instance, having one conversation with a classmate every single day, or learning to express their feelings towards their family members, or learning to identify a particular emotion, etc.     

Students who are autistic or have Asperger’s syndrome can benefit immensely from having their emotional and social goals visualized and hung up at a place where they can look at it every day.    

Vision Board Ideas for Couples    

Whether you want to highlight your relationship goals, or you just want to celebrate the time you have had with your partner, these vision board ideas are sure to thrill you:

26. Relationship mileposts vision board   

In this board, you can add the relationship milepost that you have already covered with your partner. For instance, you can add the first trip you two took together, pictures from the day you moved in together, or even your first anniversary. It’s a great way to reminisce about your love in a visual manner and remind yourself of how great you two are together.  

27. Relationship goals vision board   

What do you hope to achieve in your relationship moving forward should be added to this vision board? Some relevant topics include communicating more, spending more time together, traveling together, taking dance classes together, or even trying new things in the bedroom.

It will motivate both of you to strive to be better towards each other every day. Check out some more relationship goals to add to your bedroom here.

28. Family vision board   

If you 2 are already married, this vision board can Feature pictures of you with your children, or even with your pets. But if you’re not married, you can add pictures of having dinner with each other’s family, or places that you all traveled to together. These types of vision boards can also be gifted to each other on special occasions.    

29. Personal appreciation vision board   

Again, this one can be made casually, or you can Make it as a gift for your partner. Make a list of 10 qualities that they have that are impressive or lovable for you. You can add things like lovable, good communicator, integrity, charity, etc.

You can also add their pictures in which you find them at their most lovable and kind – that will make the vision board even more intimate.

30. Expectations vision board   

This one features some expectations both of you have from each other, and instead of reminding each other every day, you can make a vision board out of it. You can add small things like washing the dishes at night, making your bed, or even big things like working on better communication with each other. Basically, add whatever you think both of you need to work on together.   

These vision board idea are perfect for those of you who have just started your yoga and meditation journey, as well as for the experienced ones:

31. The discipline vision board   

If you are struggling with incorporating yoga or meditation in your everyday life, this vision board can help you. It will include an interactive component where you place a tiny check in front of the days when you meet your daily goal.

You can also inspire yourself by adding a rewards component. For instance, when you complete a certain number of days of consecutive meditation, allow yourself an extra dessert.   

32. Vision board about yoga poses   

This one can be a dynamic board. Add some pictures of your favorite yoga poses, or the ones that you’ve been trying to master, throw in some inspirational quotes, and maybe even add instructions on how to do those specific poses. Once you have mastered them, you can add new ones too. Keep doing this until you feel like you have reached your goal poses. 

33. Vision board about meditation goals   

Just like the yoga poses a vision board, you can also make a meditation goal vision board. This one will feature all the milestones that you want to hate in your meditation journey. For instance, if you want to get started with meditating for just 10 minutes every day, make your vision board around that goal.

Slowly, as you progress, keep on changing these goals and with them, your vision board. Learn more about meditation and its benefits here.

34. Vision board about yoga and meditation benefits   

This particular vision board will remind you why you started this journey in the first place. You can add pictures and words that remind you of the immense benefits of yoga and meditation.

You can also refer to this article here to get to know what some of these benefits may be and make a note on your vision board of the ones that you think are most important for you.  

35. Inner peace vision board   

In this vision board, you can add quotes and pictures that inspire you to be more mindful and more at peace with yourself. When you look at these pictures and quotes every single day, you will be reminded of your journey to inner peace, and how far you have come.

In tough times, this board can also work as a way of centering and calming yourself. Here are some ways to attain inner peace.

Vision Board Ideas for Improving Self Confidence and Self Esteem   

It’s an endless journey, to improve your self-esteem, but these vision board will help you get there and make the journey more fun too: 

36. Ways to improve self esteem vision board   

In this board, you can add all the tiny changes you can make that will help you make a positive change in life and more towards better self-confidence and self-esteem. Make sure to only add things that you know will work for you. You can check out this article for finding out what are the ways to improve your self-respect and self-esteem.   

37. Radical acceptance vision board   

The best way to move towards better self-esteem and self-confidence is to accept yourself for who you are. This is known as radical self-acceptance and you can make a vision board out of the best ways to move towards this goal.

In the long run, it will help you come to terms with yourself and love yourself unconditionally. You can get some ideas for the same here.   

38. Dreaming and scheming vision board   

In this vision board, Add all the milestones and goals that you have already achieved. This is because sometimes the only way to accept your own worthiness is to see it visualized every single day. From things as small as working out every day to learning a new language can instill new confidence if you just let it.   

39. I am vision board   

Sometimes the best way to improve your self-esteem is to remind yourself of all the things that you already are. To make this vision board, add a circle in the center with the words I am.

Around it right on Paste cuttings of adjectives that you think describe you in a positive way. Some of them are – tenacious, loyal, entrepreneur, creative, observant, etc. Here is a good example of this type of vision board.

40. Make your dreams happen vision board   

In this vision board, you can add what your life would look like if you had that desired level of self-confidence and self-esteem that you strive for. For instance, you can add scenarios like what kind of clothes you would wear if you had a positive self-image, or what activities you would take part in. This will inspire you to move towards your self-esteem goals faster.   

Vision Board Ideas for Learning New Things   

If you have started learning something new in adulthood, you are already amazing. Check out these vision board ideas to compliment and inspire your journey:

41. Vision board for learning a new language   

This one is pretty easy to make. All you need to do is stick a few post-it notes on a piece of paper and Cardboard and add some fun colors and quotes to motivate you. On the post-it notes, you can add new words to the language that you are learning every day. Looking at them will help you remember the words quicker.   

42. Learning a new musical instrument   

This one is very similar to the one mentioned above. Simply add musical notes and anything new you learn That day on the vision board. Let it stay there until you have completely internalized it, and then move on to the next stage.   

43. Learning how to cook   

For this one, you can add your favorite recipes on the vision board, as well as pictures of the final dishes. One sure and had some experience, you can even add photos of food that you have prepared yourself.

It will inspire you to keep moving forward and learn new dishes to put on your vision board.   

44. Learning how to paint.   

For this hobby, creating a vision board is the perfect expression. Instead of cutting out some words and images from some magazine, paint your own ideas on the vision board. Or add miniature versions of paintings from around the world and from different artists to inspire you.   

45. Learning arts and crafts   

A vision board is a perfect outlet for expressing your newfound interest in arts and crafts. Collect all the pretty pictures and magazines from your house, discover a new theme among them, and start making a vision board. Or you can focus on something completely random! There are no rules, except to have fun.   

Vision Board Ideas for Mental Wellness

Mental wellness is a tough and rocky road. But that does not mean you cannot add some color to it. Here are some vision board ideas to help you on your mental wellness journey:

46. Therapy vision board   

This is helpful for people who are undergoing therapy. Your vision board is the perfect place to write down Those tidbits that come up when you’re talking to your therapist.

Because you are man full time to forget things after a couple of days, so any breakthroughs that you have in therapy Being placed on your vision board will stay in your memory for a long time.   

47. Best life vision board   

Imagine what your life would look like if you did not have all the mental health issues that you do now. Now translate that onto this vision board. If you are having trouble visualizing this, start with thinking of how your day would start, and then Progress. Seeing your best life In front of you will motivate you to move closer towards it every day.   

48. The happiness vision board   

Sometimes, all you need to do is remember all the good things in your life because you are having a crap day. This vision board will help you with this. Select photograph words sad pie your loved ones, as well as landscapes that make you happy and stick everything on this vision board. The idea is that every time you look at it, you will feel joy.   

49. Portable vision board   

Sometimes, you need to look at everything good in your life, but you’re not at home. You can make a portable version of the happiness vision board in a Journal notebook and just keep it in your purse.

Whenever you are feeling overwhelmed or too negative, just take out the notebook and remind yourself of the good things waiting for you.   

50. Feeling good vision board   

For people who are struggling with mental health, this is a perfect vision mode. In this, you should visualize happiness and fulfillment being invited into your life. Make sure that you only add things that genuinely make you feel good, whether it is soothing pictures, inspirational words, or things that you need to pay more attention to.   

Random Vision Board Ideas   

Check out some of these random vision board ideas to get inspired to make one on your own:

51. Rewiring vision board   

The main feature of this vision board would be focus words that anchor you to your dreams and keep you inspired for a long time. The focus words should resonate with you, support your intentions, and you should be able to connect with them as you go about your day. One example of such a vision board is this one.    

52. Keyword based vision board   

The one benefit of choosing a particular keyword for your vision board is that it allows him to apply one thing over the whole board. For instance, you can create a vision board with the keyword level up. You can use it to move towards your goals of improving health, writing a book, or being more spiritual.   

53. Shared vision boards   

Did you know that there is such a thing called a vision board party? It is a great way for friends to share their goals and make a vision board that features all of their dreams.

This type of shared vision board helps develop a sense of accountability and motivates everyone to work harder to make their goals and dreams come true.   

54. Financial planning vision boards   

This type of vision board is created keeping in mind the financial planning for the next couple of months. It is ideal for people living on a budget, or even those who are struggling to save money for something.

A good way to develop better financial planning habits is to stick pictures of something you are hoping to buy on the vision board, for when you’ve saved enough money. This will motivate you every day to budget better.   

55. Charity goals vision board   

If you are someone for whom giving back to society is very important, but you are having trouble saving enough money to give to charity, this is a vision board for you.

List down One or more of the charities that you are planning to donate to, write down why you are passionate about donating to these places, and keep this vision board in a place where you can look at every day.   

56.  Vision board online  

If you are someone whose main source of income is the Internet, this is going to be a perfect vision board for you, as it will be custom made for your online business and it will be used for your phone’s lock screen or laptops wallpaper.

It can have the goals that are specific to your particular venture, or instance, increasing viewership on YouTube, getting your articles ranked on SEO, or getting more followers on Instagram.   

57. Clothesline vision board   

Instead of using Cardboard, glue, and cut-outs, this particular vision board just uses some rope and clothespins to display the photos and words. It’s a great way to unleash your creativity and you can even use souvenirs from trips to add to this vision board like key chains, small pebbles, or even twigs and leaves that look pretty. If you want to make it extra special, you can even go to the thrift store to get some supplies.   

58. Vision wall   

A vision wall is basically a vision board that is mounted on the wall, instead of being foldable or portable. It is more or less a permanent fixture. You can add anything to it, for instance, quotes from books that you get inspired by, intentions, travel photos – basically, the sky is your limit.

The idea behind this type of vision board is to only add things that really add value to your life over the long term. If you don’t want to stick something on the wall, you can use a corkboard to make this type of vision board.  

59. You are power vision board   

In this vision board, you should add phrases and words that are specifically chosen In such a way that they make you feel powerful. They can be your own words or words by somebody that inspires you. Add pictures of yourself where you think you looked transcendent and powerful, to create a daily power dose just waiting for you on your wall.   

60. Spiritual vision board   

If you are into spiritualism and want to add that flavor to your walls, this is the perfect idea for you. This vision board should evoke a sense of enlightenment in you. If you are, for instance, a believer in Buddhism, you can add pictures and words of monks.

Similarly, if you believe in principles like the red string of fate and that we all have a soul mate, add words and pictures related to those concepts.    

Final Thoughts

Remember, no goal or plan is too tough once you set your heart and mind to it. Once you know what you want from your life, creating a vision board helps you give yourself a daily reminder of what you have to achieve. So, get crafty and bring your dreams to your dream board.