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How to Manifest Your Dream Life?

How to Manifest Your Dream Life?Updated on September 23, 2020 | Published on October 26, 2019

How to Manifest Your Dream Life

You’ve heard about Rhonda Byrne’s world-famous book “The Secret”. You’ve probably even watched the viral interview of Jim Carrey on Oprah Winfrey’s show, sharing with the world how he manifested the famous $10million check. You’ve likely even implemented some of the principles of the Law of Attraction from one of the gazillion websites on the internet. 

But to no avail. 

That dream job hasn’t appeared on the scene, and neither has the love of your life. But you’ve been thinking about money and love all day! Why isn’t manifestation working for you then? 

Well, maybe, it is because you truly do not understand what manifestation is. You are not prepared to receive all that you’re seeking. Want to know where you’re going wrong? Read on to find out more about how you can actually manifest the life of your dreams.

What Is Manifestation?

To know how to manifest, it is necessary to understand what manifestation truly means. Broadly understood, manifestation means to bring something into a physical reality that you wish or desire for. It involves using the power of your thoughts, behavior, emotions, senses, and feelings to help make your wants and goals a material reality. 

Manifestation is an important pillar of the Law of Attraction, which states that like attracts like. Positive thoughts attract positive experiences whereas negative thoughts attract negative experiences. This is how using this universal principle, one can choose and manifest the life one wants!

How Does Manifestation work?

Similar to the law of attraction, manifesting works on some basic principles. Manifestation is a collective effort of your thoughts and energy to focus on your goals and create the life you desire. Our feelings and emotions have a strong impact on manifestation. If you constantly feel low and are prone to thinking the worst, then you will attract only negative energy in your life, thus blocking the process of manifestation. 

It is therefore important to first ask yourself how you are feeling. Are there any negative thoughts that are surrounding you in the present moment? What should be done to discard these negative feelings? 

It is highly crucial to have a positive mind and good energy to get rid of negative beliefs. One of the ways you can achieve this is by raising your vibrations. Everything around us is made of energy and the energy is in a constant state of motion. Raising your vibrations, therefore, involves changing the energetic vibrations. A simple deed of kindness or prayers and meditation can help you raise your vibrations and attract positive energies. 

Manifestation does not solely deal with your thoughts and feelings. You will not be able to manifest your dream life unless you start working on your goals and take efforts to realize them into physical reality.

How to Manifest Your Dream Life
How to Manifest Your Dream Life

How to Manifest?

It may take a while to conquer the art of manifestation and get the hang of it. But once you have mastered this skill you can achieve your goals faster.  

A few steps to the process have been discussed below:

1. Decide what you wish to manifest

Decide what you wish to manifest
Decide what you wish to manifest

It is essential to specify your exact needs and desires, have a clear idea about what you exactly want. The wants and desires must be realistic and not completely impractical/ imaginary.  

Few questions that you can ask before starting manifestation: 

  • Do I want this? 
  • What are its benefits?
  • What do I feel when I think about my desire?
  • Is it good for me as well as for others?

Reflecting on the answers to these questions will help you to get a clear picture of your goals. It will help you understand whether your goal is worth manifesting or not. 

2. Get rid of negative energies and thoughts

Get rid of negative energies and thoughts
Get rid of negative energies and thoughts

You must get rid of manifestation blocks such as a pessimistic mindset, toxic people, etcetera during manifestation. An emotional balance followed by the right mindset can be extremely rewarding while manifesting. Therefore, one should think positively and create an aura of positivity before starting manifestation. 

Meditation and breathing exercises can help one attract positive thoughts and feelings. One should also be patient and wait for the right time, but also continue working on their goals and objectives to manifest them.

3. Visualize what you desire

Visualize what you desire
Visualize what you desire

Visualizing your goals as if you have achieved them and are enjoying their fruits is vital to the process. To do this, you need to gather all your energy, concentration, good feelings and thoughts concerning the specific goals together. You need to then visualize in detail about how exactly you want the physical reality to be. Adding details here will give you a better picture of the outcome you desire. 

There are two ways one can do this:

  • Word manifestation: This is a technique where you can write down what you desire and affirm it to give your desire an extra nudge while manifesting it. It is recommended to write them in the present tense – as if you have already received it. Use phrases like “I have” or “I am” as opposed to “I will be” or “I am going to.”
  • Vision boards: Vision boards with bright images of positive experiences and feelings related to things you desire can be extremely beneficial here. They help you narrow down your focus to working towards only those things that truly matter to you. They also help keep up your energy, vibration, and consistency.

4. Take Action to manifest your goals

Take Action to manifest your goals
Take Action to manifest your goals

The final step is to take the required action to get what you want. Be energetic and diligent about reaching your goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are dreams a sign of manifestation?

Yes, dreams are often signs of manifestation. It indicates that your manifestation is close to fruition. You might as well get a direction or an answer. If you get some guidance in your dream, you should actually act on it. This can take you to the right path.

How do you know you are manifesting?

You know you are manifesting when small changes suddenly take place in your life. Some of these could be good or apparently bad. But those are just incidents prior to the actual manifestation. The definition of manifestation is a phenomenon or sudden appearance. So, these small shifts in your life make way for the grand incident to take place.

How to visualize and manifest your dreams?

You can manifest your dream life by visualization. For this, you have to simply hold a vivid image in your mind’s eye. Whatever you expect to happen in the future just mentally think and feel as if it had already happened! Your subconscious mind will not be able to understand that it’s not real! Gradually the image will sink in your subconscious and manifest in real.

How do you practice manifestation?

You can practice manifestation by setting an intention. At first, set a small goal. When you achieve it, set a bigger one. Manifesting dreams into reality takes practice. Eventually, you will manifest grand things in your life.

How do you manifest a happy life?

To manifest a happy life you have to set goals in various areas of life. Set health goals, career goals, financial goals, and relationship goals. To lead a happy and fulfilling life you must have a balance in all areas of life. Therefore, set individual intentions to manifest a happy life.

Final Words

Manifesting your desires is not a magic pill and cannot happen in a day. It requires the practice of good habits, conscious and consistent cleansing of limiting beliefs and thought patterns, the choice to stay positive and focused on your goals in addition to the techniques and tools mentioned above. However, just as intention and concentration are crucial to the process of manifestation, so is the act of letting go. Be passionate about what you want to manifest, but release attachment and resistance, and surrender to the Universe.  Don’t think about the “how.” Just enjoy the process.