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The Law of Polarity Can Change Your Life! Find Out How.

The Law of Polarity Can Change Your Life! Find Out How.

The Law of Polarity can change your life!

Have you ever thought, how you recognize good as good, only because it is bad in the world? How you can identify hot because there’s cold in the world? And how you can experience love, because there’s hate in the world? Everything is dual in the world. You can’t have a positive without a negative. This is what the Law of Polarity states.

Law of Polarity Definition

The Law of Polarity defies the concept of opposites and defines how everything has poles identical in nature, varying in degree. A deep understanding of the principle will enable a sense of fulfillment and harmony in one’s life.

The crux of the law of polarity is to teach you that with every failure lies a possibility to succeed.

In our childhood, each of us was introduced to various opposites or antonyms. Hot – Cold. Left – Right. Up – Down. However, the law of polarity states that they are instead an inseparable part of one another, each at the end of the same scale. 

The distance or the difference between the two poles is referred to as polarity and there is a full range of spectrum or possibilities in between. Thus, all the opposites in the universe complement each other and are part of the whole.

If your conscious mind fathoms the basis of the law of polarity, it will be able to suppress the negative thoughts and believe that all things work together for your own good.

A-List of Real-Life Examples That Manifest Law of Polarity

Everything has two poles, everything has its pair, and everything is dual in the world – says Law of Polarity. Let’s explore some of the real-life examples that show us how one can’t exist without the other:

  • Good and bad
  • Acceptance and resistance
  • Life and death
  • Happy and sad
  • Love and hate
  • Night and day
  • Male and female
  • Pain and pleasure
  • Fat and thin

Above all… Success and failure. If you want to see it clearly, you will observe that success and failure are just positive and negative of ‘achievements’ in your life!

As stated by the universal law, all things are relative – So, stop looking at failure, accept and move on. You will be amazed at how failure itself has the potential of success.

Note: This list is not exhaustive but exclusive. Since the entire universe operates on the law of polarity and has its own pair – there can be innumerable examples that advocate for the same.

The Law of Polarity can change your life! Find out how.
The Law of Polarity can change your life! Find out how.

What’s the Science Behind ‘Law of Polarity’?

Hold your breath, as this is going to get deep!

To put it straight up, the scientific name of the law of polarity is wave-particle duality. This explains the dual nature of light. Various experiments have proved that light need not necessarily act in the same way. Depending on the experiments, it behaves in unique ways – sometimes it shows itself in particle form, and the other times it’s just a wave.

Physicists call it “the wave nature of particles” and “the particle nature of wave” explaining the dual nature of light.

How Can ‘Law of Polarity’ Work for You?

The Law of polarity exists to make you understand that every problem, regardless of the complexity has a solution within itself, if only you wish to experience it.

You need to begin by making a choice. Yes, simply a choice. Switch your thoughts from the positive to negative. Step back and introspect your feelings in that negative situation. Now for a moment, forget the ‘feelings’ and identify what it is trying to teach you. It might be difficult in the beginning but if you can achieve it, you will know how to work with the law of polarity and master view-switching.

Thus, every time you feel trapped in a situation, ask yourself ‘What is this trying to teach me? What is the positive pole of this situation?’ Once you identify the answer, see what actions can you take to reach a positive alternative.

Long story short, the entire law of polarity stands on YOUR CHOICE. That is, it depends on your focus and attention as to which side of the spectrum you will experience – positive or negative.

How Can You Use ‘Law of Polarity’ in Daily Life?

This will need some real-life situations in affiliation to the law of polarity. But before that, here’s establishing a relationship with the basis of life:

Have you ever heard of this axiom – “No matter what good you do, it’s evil for someone”. If you perceive this in tandem with the law of polarity – it plainly states, there’s good to everyone. But there’s also bad. There’s good and bad in all of us. The only thing that distinguishes both is choice or focus.  

Now, getting back to real-life situations:

Suppose, the love of your life breaks up with you. You might suffer from depression and perceive this situation as a tragic incident in your life. You will also experience a roller-coaster of all the negative emotions – jealousy, hurt, anger, sadness, doubt, depression, fear, etc.

For a moment, stop and introspect. Here’s how you can do it.

Negative Polarity: The love of my life left me and now I am alone!

(Forget about this!)

Positive Polarity: She was so controlling and spendthrift, now that she is gone, I can spend my money all by myself!

(Focus on this!)

Do you see how it works?

Every situation has its own ‘happy’ and ‘sad’. It all depends on how you look at it. The reason can differ but you need to start seeing the positive in every negative. If you establish this kind of perspective in life, your whole life will become a lot more balanced.

Polarizing Your Intentions

Just like a battery has two opposite terminals – positive and negative, every thought or intention has two components – content and energy.

So, say you want to find a new job – that is the content of your intention and the energy is the power that drives this intention. If you understand the law of polarity wholly, you will be able to draw the right kind of energy to your intentions that are governed by your subconscious.

Now following the previous example that is you wish to find a new job and seek financial abundance. However, your subconscious mind or mental vibrations are in tune with the lack you are facing right now and thus will attract more of the same: lack.

Essentially, if you wish to manifest abundance, you need to focus your mind on it and that is only possible when you conquer your limiting beliefs.

Law of Attraction and Polarity – Do they work together?

While the law of polarity and law of attraction is quite identical in nature, there’s a significant difference between the two. Irrespective of the correspondence, these two works together in mysterious ways that influence your manifestation potential.

The Law of attraction defines how we are naturally attracted to the things that harmonize with our vibrations and mental focus. And the law of polarity states how everything is dual, everything has poles and how these opposites coexist.

When you combine the two, you will realize how you can use the law of attraction to attract the positive poles classified by the law of polarity. As we said, it’s all a game of mental focus!

Understanding the Law of Polarity in Life

Based on the age-old maxim “Opposites Attract”, the Law of Polarity if put-to-use wisely, can help you attract other energies like a magnet.

The Law of Polarity In Relationships

We all know the universe has two kinds of energies: masculine and feminine and the more opposed these two energies will be, the stronger the attraction it is supposed to draw.

As governed by the Law of Polarity, the intensity of the polarity amidst the energies of both the partners determines the sexual attraction, intimacy and spiritual ecstasy of the relationship.

The masculine and feminine energies don’t necessarily define gender. That is, either of the genders can embody either of the energies. Until you are aware of the true nature of your energy and how it manifests itself, the gender doesn’t have any role to play.

Whether you wish to manifest a new love or want to keep your existing, embrace your energy and use this law of opposites to attract the right partner.

Here’s a table with some points to distinguish between masculine and feminine energy. It will help you recognize the kind of energy you have been putting out –

Basis Masculine energy Feminine Energy
Energy Rigidity and strength Free and full of life
Driving force Life Mission Emotions
Focus Looking for trouble Looking for love
Goals Freedom Giving love
Desires Wants to feel appreciated Wants to feel understood
Challenges Leaves too soon Stays too long

‘Law of Polarity’ For Personal Goals

You have already read this part in the section ‘How can it work for you?’ For an overall picture, here’s a quick recap:

The Law of polarity explains how every negative has a positive and vice versa. However, when you hit the rock-bottom of your life, you fail to see the light on the other end.

Exactly when the law of attraction comes into play and the two work together (refer section ‘how does the law of polarity and law of attraction work together) to help you achieve what you always desired.

A Quick Glance on the Other Side of the Law of Polarity – Depolarization

What? The law of opposites has the opposite? Well, yes! It does. It shows up when you fail to embrace your own natural energy.

Often in relationships, both the partners in an attempt please each other try to make up their own energy with the contrasting energy. So, say suppose, if a feminine partner feels unloved or unsafe, she may become rigid and closed. That’s when the polarity between the energies fades and the relationship becomes stale.

Apart from this, depolarization is also attracted when you fail to determine your limiting beliefs. For example, you have focused all your energy to find a new job in the answer to your dissatisfaction with your previous job. But if you fail to discern the reason behind the dissatisfaction like fear of failure or resistance to change, you will continue to attract equally unhappy jobs.

How Can You Prevent or Fix Depolarization?

Both the partners need to learn how to envelop their own energy. Also, identify your limiting beliefs so that you can fix them. Along with focusing all your energy on your goals, you need to introduce positive self-talk in order to leverage 360-degree advantage.

Final Thoughts!

The universe operates in equilibrium.

Thus, everything existing has its opposite, nothing is one-sided.

Remember the third law of Sir Isaac Newton that established the base of science – Every action has an equal and opposite reaction!

The law of polarity is exactly the same, with a few emotions in it! 😉