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Understanding and Applying the Law of Compensation

Understanding and Applying the Law of Compensation

Law of Compensation

What will I get in return? What’s in it for me? How soon can I expect it?  – The law of compensation is the answer to all of these questions. While everyone hates to accept it, we all look for these answers even before we start the activity. Let’s see how this law of nature manifests itself to ignite this matter.

What is the Law of Compensation?

The law of compensation re-establishes the concept of ‘you get as good as you give’. The universe ALWAYS compensates you for all your deeds, efforts and contribution – however much, however little.

Often the word ‘compensation’ gets the most of us thinking about money or monetary rewards. Money is certainly a form of compensation but not the only form of compensation. Thus, when we talk about this universal law, it covers ALL kinds of blessings that you receive in return for your contribution to the world.

The compensation can find you in so many forms – money, fame, relationships, material possessions, or anything else that you have been expecting in respect to a deed performed. It might also be in the form of experiences like the fulfillment of a long-drawn dream, securing a job in a top organization, meeting your soulmate or attracting something you have been wishing for.

However, the crux of this law is that all these blessings will be in the same proportion to what you put out into the universe. Nothing more, nothing less.

Where Did ‘Law of Compensation’ Come From?

This concept goes back to 1841 when an American philosopher, Ralph Waldo Emerson, published a book called Essays. This law was formed when Ralph in his essay ‘Compensation’ defined how there is dualism in every bit of nature – day and night, man and woman, ebb and flow, action and reaction.

He went on to explain the law of karma, the law of cause and effect and the law of action and reaction. All of these work on the same idea as of the law of compensation. Irrespective of the name, each section led to just one conclusion: You get what you give.

Here’s what he said –

“Whilst the world is thus dual, so is every one of its parts. The entire system of things gets represented in every particle. There is somewhat that resembles the ebb and flow of the sea, day and night, man and woman, in a single needle of the pine, in a kernel of corn, in each individual of every animal tribe.” “The same dualism underlies the nature and condition of man.”

“Every sweet hath its sour; every evil its good.” “Every faculty which is a receiver of pleasure has an equal penalty put on its abuse. It is to answer for its moderation with its life.”

If you wish to read the entire composition, you can find it here.

Long story short, like there are no shortcuts to getting rich, there are no shortcuts to get more. To get more, you need to give more!

Understanding and Applying the Law of Compensation
Understanding and Applying the Law of Compensation

Why is the Law of Compensation Important?

The law of compensation is important because if you understand the concept of ‘you reap what you sow’, it will naturally determine what you give out to the universe every time. Every. Single. Time.

The law of compensation has a very simple motive: to balance the universe. Thus, when you spread love, you receive love; and if you spread hate, more hate will be returned to you. This is applicable for every emotion, thought and vibe. Fear. Hate. Resentment. Love. Joy. And everything else!

In fact, it doesn’t only include emotions and thought but also experiences.

So, say you are having a tough time at the office. You will be giving an equally hard time for others.


Do you think your best friend hates you? Very soon you will start hating your best friend too.


If you think it is difficult to trust in relationships. You will naturally perceive an image that is difficult to trust for others.

But, wait. It works the other way round also. So, if you think your job is wonderful or that your best friend loves you or that the relationships are beautiful – guess what’s in store for you?

9 Tips to Help You Make the Most of the Law of Compensation!

Just like the other 12 universal laws, the law of compensation also manifests itself on what you do. Each of these laws explains just one thing in the end ‘Your fate lies in your hand’. This means, only you can increase your compensation, ONLY if you want to. Thus, to help you, we have enlisted some tips below:

1. Do you want more? Give more.

Do you want more? Give more.
Do you want more? Give more.

In the long run, you can never be compensated for more than you contributed to the universe. Thus, you will be paid for as much as you have put in. So, if you want to earn more or receive more, irrespective of the kind, you need to increase the value of your contribution.

2. Fill your mind with positivity

Fill your mind with positivity
Fill your mind with positivity

Keep your mind filled with all the positive emotions – like happiness, satisfaction, optimism and you will be compensated by positive experiences in your daily life. Remember all the universal laws work in tandem with one another. So as the law of attraction states you attract what you focus on followed by the law of compensation that says you get what you give. 

3. Do more than what you are asked for

Do more than what you are asked for
Do more than what you are asked for

If you swipe through the history of the most successful people, you will see one common thing in all of their bios: they put in more than they take out. This is governed by the law of overcompensation. It states that people who always exceed the expectations are rewarded with additional gifts along with personal success.

4. Provide the causes, enjoy the effects

Provide the causes, enjoy the effects
Provide the causes, enjoy the effects

None of us can deny the power of the law of cause and effect. It is working even now, while you are reading this article. To leverage the effects you have always desired, you need to establish the causes. That is, say if you want a wealthy life, spread more wealth. Likewise, for every intention in life.

5. Take pleasure in what you already have

Take pleasure in what you already have
Take pleasure in what you already have

Don’t cloud your head with negative thoughts, instead, think of the positive happenings in your life. Don’t complain about what you don’t have or resent what has been done – instead, be thankful for what you already have. Focus on the good and you will naturally attract more good in your life.

6. Do your best in everything

Do your best in everything
Do your best in everything

Whatever task you have at hand, make sure you give it your all. Make this your life principle and see how your potential keeps multiplying. Try to achieve better each day, and better things will automatically come to you. Strive for bigger things in life and the universe will surprise you in exceptional ways.

7. Don’t fear to pay what you owe

Don’t fear to pay what you owe
Don’t fear to pay what you owe

Yes, you heard that right. Pay all your dues and your bills with a thankful heart. Don’t try and hold to the last penny like that’s all you have. Pay gratitude to the universe for its services and spend your money without any grudges. If it’s for the right reasons, the universe will provide you more.

8. Do not dwell on failures or unpleasant experiences

Do not dwell on failures or unpleasant experiences
Do not dwell on failures or unpleasant experiences

Life is a cycle, if you have experienced good, you are bound to experience bad and vice versa. So, instead of reminiscing on the unpleasant experiences, identify what it has to teach you and let it go. Otherwise, if you focus on it, just like the good you can also attract bad.

9. Don’t stop learning

Don’t stop learning
Don’t stop learning

As mentioned in #1, the only way to get more is to give more. And to give more, you need to continuously fill yourself with new ideas, thoughts, and information. The day you stop learning, will be the day you stop giving and thus stop receiving.

Precisely, do good to one and all, and better things will naturally find you. Do bad and worse things won’t spare you. The choice is yours!

How Can You Use the Law of Compensation for Your Benefit?

Do what you have been doing to leverage the other universal laws: watch your thoughts.

Step 1: Keep a close watch on your current contribution and compensation. Ask yourself daily, ‘What am I getting?’ and try to identify the answer.

Step 2: Once you find the answer, you know what you have been giving – thus if it’s negative, switch it to positive and good things will automatically find its way to you.

Step 3: The third step is simple, GIVE. No, not just money – but love, acknowledgment, kindness, happiness, and everything good. Remember what the law says? Give and get! 😉

Step 4: Find out ways to increase your contribution to the world. After all, your rewards will be in direct proportion to what you give out. Thus, the more, the better!

Step 5: Walk the extra mile. Make use of the power of the law of overcompensation (check #3 of the tips section) to gauge great success.

Some Ideas to Start Giving, Today!

There are some things in the world that are repaid almost immediately (with interest!). Joy is one of them. So, here’s the secret for all those who wish to dance in joy: add to the overall sum of delight in the world (selflessly!) and see how the universe blesses you with unlimited happiness.

Haywire about where to start? Don’t worry, we got you covered!

  • Make pleasant eye-contact with every person. Your watchman who just wished you a good day or your employee who came in to update you about the recent project or even a stranger who asked you to push the button of the elevator. Smile and appreciate their presence. You have no idea how it can brighten someone’s day.
  • Whenever you pray, pray for all the departed souls and the souls who are struggling with various diseases (both physical and mental). You never know who is praying for you!
  • A small reply to a brief request can also serve the purpose. Here’s how: Add ‘Sure’ every time you are asked ‘Will you excuse me?’. Add ‘Pleasure’ every time you hear a ‘Thank you’. Or just add ‘Be glad to’, whenever a passer-by asks for something.
  • Don’t forget to acknowledge efforts. Irrespective of the kind of labor it requires, learn to say ‘Thank you’ to one and all. The janitor who is cleaning the washroom for you or your house-help who reduces the burden of your daily chores – everyone deserves a thank you.
  • Don’t fear to offer help if it’s within your capabilities (materially, physically or emotionally). Be the reason someone believes ‘the world is full of kindness’ and doesn’t have to think twice before asking for help.

There can be 100s of other ways to spread joy. Till the time your intent and focus is clear, that is, without any selfish motive – even a simple smile will take you a long way.

It’s Time to GIVE (If You Want To Get!)

Now that you know the secret, it’s time for some action!

And if someone rolls their eyes at your kindness, and shrugs off your joy-spreading attempt, DON’T detest them. Instead, wish them love and kindness. Fill the world’s joy bank and watch your own bank multiply every hour!