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12 laws of Universe for a Wholesome Life

12 laws of Universe for a Wholesome Life

Understand the 12 laws of the Universe for a Wholesome Life

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration”

– Nikola Tesla

If you are one of the 65 million people who have enjoyed Paulo Coelho’s ‘The Alchemist’, chances are that you’ve been introduced to the Law of Attraction. However, that is not the only law you should look into. There are a total of 12 laws of the universe as per Dr. Milanovich and Dr. McCune in The Light Shall Set You Free (1998) that shape your life.

Philosophers, thinkers and other great men have attested to the fact that understanding these spiritual laws of the Universe equals holding life’s magic wand to success.

What is Universal Law?

The Laws of the Universe are the intrinsic, inherent, and unchanging rules and governing principles that apply to one and all living creatures on this planet. Each of these laws are intertwined and connected to each other. It governs life and everything that happens within you and around you.

Universal laws can be considered as divine guidelines that explain the physical world. It teaches ideal ways for behavior that emanates positive energies and can enhance our physical, mental, and spiritual growth.

These ancient principles have passed the test of time but still remain the foundation of mastering your life with love, happiness, peace, and abundance. The 12 Laws of the Universe help to understand the secrets of creation. The laws are based on hermetic philosophy. It is insightful and provides a work plan that can help you carve and live your best life.

12 Laws Of The Universe

The 12 universal laws encompass the laws of divine oneness, vibration, action, correspondence, attraction, cause and effect, compensation, perpetual transmutation of energy, relativity, polarity, rhythm and gender.


Law of Universe #1 – The law of divine oneness

Law of Universe #1 - The law of divine oneness
Law of Universe #1 – The law of divine oneness

Spiritualists believed that anything that exists in this Universe is interconnected; maybe we do not realize it that often. We often belong to an ‘inseparable’ and divine source that regulates and guides our thoughts, feelings, and actions. Everything that is seen around us is a part of a whole and thus together, ‘We are one’. 

Human beings are born different; with their unique features and qualities, still there is a strong affinity and connection to a supreme power or higher energy that guides and regulates us all equally. To put it simply, we may vary in our physical plane of existence but we are connected spiritually.

The entire cosmic creation with living and nonliving things is made up of energy. These energy vibrations permeate through everything around us, be it living or material. Each soul is a part of this ‘super-power’ and thus the energies (whether positive or negative) emanating from these souls can affect all, not one.

Since there is an inherent bond of “Oneness” that binds us all in one thread, we are one. Whatever we think, feel, act does affect the collective consciousness of the ‘entity’ or ‘Universe”.

How does it work for you?

The law of oneness is a reminder that your thoughts, emotions, and actions are powerful enough to make a difference in someone else’s life. Thus everything you do or things that happen to you can impact the people directly or indirectly.

For example: You are feeling happy and elated because you have been promoted and your pay hike took place. This incident made your spouse, parents, and children happy as well. According to the law of divine oneness, since you all are a part of the same creation; so the positive energy of happiness that you experienced made everyone else happy.

When we become aware of this law, we will find that our life is a matrix. Everything is connected to everything else. We are a small part of the Universe, intertwined with others. So, if we behave well with others and perform good deeds, then the best things will come to us as well. The positive energy of ‘One’ affects ‘all’.

It gives us immense joy when we are kind towards others; because the positive energy we emanate by being kind gets counted as a blessing for us. It makes our life purposeful and worthy.

Law of Universe #2 – The law of vibration

Law of Universe #2 - The law of vibration
Law of Universe #2 – The law of vibration

The law of vibration is based on the fact that everything in this Universe is energy and thus it vibrates at certain frequencies. When we say vibration, we mean light vibration and motion that governs the physical world.

Every small particle in this cosmic realm is moving and generating energy vibrations at specific frequencies. Be it a tree, or people around, or even the cells in our body are moving continuously.

In the words of Panache, “How you vibrate is what the Universe echoes back to you in every moment.” The law says that whatever energy vibration you send to the Universe, it will eventually get attracted towards your own life.

To make things move your way and achieve desired goals, you need to align your energy vibrations with your desires. You need to find out ways and develop strategies to make things happen, otherwise it won’t happen anyway.

How does it work for you?

Your thoughts are energy vibes that can be both positive and negative. When you think and ponder about something, the brain cells activate and vibrate at specific frequency and generate energy.

This energy will attract what you have sent out through your thoughts. It means that if you think positive things, you tend to attract positive vibes from the Universe. Likewise, negative thought patterns will attract negative vibes. Thoughts are your brain child. It helps to create your own reality.

Thus when you understand and accept this law, you will consider your thoughts and feelings as energy vibrations. You will start things afresh and can transform your life. For example: if you choose happiness and peace, more of it will be drawn towards you because you are emanating positive vibrations that are in harmony with your happy feelings.

Law of Universe #3 – The law of inspired action

Law of Universe #3 - The law of inspired action
Law of Universe #3 – The law of inspired action

This universal law of nature states that you need to take actions that support the fulfillment of your wishes, desires, and goals. You should make necessary efforts to accomplish what you have wished for. Unless actions are taken that are in harmony with your thoughts and perspectives; no foreseeable results are possible.

How it works for you

The law of action also explains that you need to possess an inner urge to do something. The motivation and inspiration to accomplish goals and achieve success have to come from within. It takes you closer to your vision and purpose in life.

When you act on something, you set your thoughts and feelings into motion. It works for you and with you to realize your dreams.

Law of Universe #4 – The law of correspondence

Law of Universe #4 - The law of correspondence
Law of Universe #4 – The law of correspondence

The law of correspondence is based on the fact that your outside world is a mere reflection of your inner world. It means that the way you think and feel gets manifested in the same way in your outside world.

Your current reality is formulated by the events formulated within you. Thus, the law of correspondence points out that your ‘inner self’ is in constant communion with your ‘outer self’.

The law states “As above, so below”; “As it is inside, so it will be outside”. To quote Louise Hay, “The thoughts we think and the words we speak create our experiences”. This extraordinary spiritual law tells you that nothing in the outer world can change; if you do not change the key components of your inner world.

When you desire to make changes in the world outside, first make changes in the way you think and feel. Your attitudes and behavior directly influences the things happening to you.

When thought patterns are changed, it can change your perspectives and thus the things you look at also changes.

How does it work for you?

It is pretty clear that if your attitudes and thought patterns are counter to the goals you have, you will have a hard time getting desired success. If you want to see positive changes around you, transform undesirable thoughts.

Let’s see an example – For some time now, you are falling prey to workplace bullying, resulting in stress. You have become anxious and fearful. You find it hard to control the chaos going on in your life.

If the law of correspondence holds true, you will find that since there is chaos and anxiety within, it is getting reflected in your outside world. Since you are too anxious, you are unable to resolve issues rationally and thus falling prey to bullying.

Unless you resolve the inner chaos, the same negative parts will get reflected in other spheres of your life.

Law of Universe #5 – The law of attraction

Law of Universe #5 - The law of attraction
Law of Universe #5 – The law of attraction

In the words of Buddha, “What you think, you become. What you feel, you attract. What you imagine, you create.”

The above quote says all about the law of attraction. This spiritual law of the Universe uses the power of your thoughts and emotions to carve a life of your choice. The world is full of endless opportunities.

It is up to you what you want to attract in your life. Simply speaking, this law explains your ability to attract in your life whatever you have wished for. If your thoughts are positive and well-aligned, you will attract positive things in your life.

The law dictates that whatever is conceived, imagined, and held in the mind is achievable. Every now and then, you are sending out vibes through your thoughts and emotions and attract more of what you have put out. It is the most powerful natural law of the Universe.

How does it work for you?

As the law is based on the principle of “Like attracts like”; it means that if you feel anxious, burnout, anger, and resentful, you are emanating these negative vibrations to the Universe. As a result more of it will come back to you and mess you up.

Similarly, if you are joyful, happy, peaceful, and abundant, then you are sending out positive signals to the Universe. The Universe responds to it and gives you back more of it.

Thus, whatever you think and feel in a given moment is a request to the Universe to give you back more of it. It is important to send out energy vibrations that resonate well with your mental state. It should be well tuned with what you wish to attract in your life.

Law of Universe #6 – The law of cause and effect

Law of Universe #6 - The law of cause and effect
Law of Universe #6 – The law of cause and effect

The law of cause and effect is also known as the ‘Law of karma’. This law is based on the simple proverb “You reap what you sow”. It means that every word you speak, every thought that you think, and every emotion that you feel, all directly influences what you get back. For every effect, there is a cause. This law is also known as the “iron law of the Universe.”

For example: if you have an unhealthy lifestyle, followed by too much junk eating, lack of exercise; you may land up gaining weight and become obese. So, obesity is the effect and food habits and lifestyle choices become the cause.

This law is based on a scientific proposition that there is always a reason behind everything that happens within you and around you.

How does it work for you?

Human mind is a wonder domain where every line of thought, feeling and their corresponding action produces specific effects that manifest and create a life of your choice. All human workings and deeds are based on this phenomenon of cause and effect.

For example: You had a bad day in office; due to work overload and a bad encounter with your boss. When you get back home, your bad mood follows you. You started behaving badly with your spouse, showing anger towards your children.

There was anger and anguish already dwelling inside you. It resulted in a verbal fight with your spouse at home. Every small act of yours has a cause and a resultant effect on others around you.

Law of Universe #7 – The law of compensation

Law of Universe #7 - The law of compensation
Law of Universe #7 – The law of compensation

The law of compensation states that you will always be compensated for your good deeds and actions. If you influence somebody’s life in a positive way, you will also reap the benefits of it. Your hard work and efforts will never go in vain. 

How does it work for you?

The law is beneficial because it inspires you to live a purposeful life full of happiness, inner peace, gratitude, and fulfillment. You will always be returned back, what you give. For example: if you give love, you get more of it. If you sow the seeds of resentment and harbor anger against others; you will be compensated in similar ways.

Think about the various things you are contributing to your daily life. It must be love, kindness, happiness, optimism, and many more. All these good feelings generate positive vibrations and influence others around you. See it being returned to you, your life soars high.

Law of Universe #8 – The law of perpetual transmutation of energy

Law of Universe #8 - The law of perpetual transmutation of energy
Law of Universe #8 – The law of perpetual transmutation of energy

The law says that the cosmic energies are always in a state of motion. This motion transmutes and takes different forms. Human beings have limitless energy and power to change the conditions of their daily lives. So, all of us have the ability to manifest a better life for ourselves.

The formless energy that is flowing in us can be molded in whichever way we want. The higher energy vibrations consume and transform the lower ones.

How does it work for you?

If the law holds true, you will feel anguished and disappointed in the company of an aggressive individual. Your positivity and peace of mind may start depleting.

For example: say, you are in a bad mood today and your friend calls you for an evening meet up in a coffee shop. Initially, you denied the offer but after a few more requests, you agreed to it. After meeting the person, you started feeling good and suddenly you found that issues that were bothering you since morning had disappeared.

This suggests that initially you were vibrating at a lower frequency (bad mood); then exposing to the higher frequency of a happy, loving, and encouraging friend; you could change your negative energy vibrations in a positive way. Your friend triggered energy transmutation in you.

Law of Universe #9 – The law of relativity

Law of Universe #9 - The law of relativity
Law of Universe #9 – The law of relativity

This law says that nothing in this cosmic realm can be considered good or bad. Any situation or person is just a spectrum of expression. There is no good or bad, right or wrong present anywhere in this Universe.

It is us who assign meaning to the things we see and the people we meet. Thus, there comes a general tendency to choose certain things as ‘bad’ and those in our favor are considered ‘good’.

How does it work for you?

The law helps us to realize that every situation is actually neutral, unless we start assigning meaning to it. There can be many viewpoints for a particular situation that happens to us or around us.

For example: You have been given a challenge, where you perform poorly and feel miserable. You may feel sad and victimized. On the other hand, this feeling can be changed if you visualize the situation as an opportunity to learn. It is a matter of perspective.

If you change your outlook, the situation and the feeling associated with it appears different. If you analyze the reason for your failure and gain wisdom from it, you would never blame yourself or the situation. Rather you would come out with the best version of yourself.

Law of Universe #10 – The law of polarity

Law of Universe #10 - The law of polarity
Law of Universe #10 – The law of polarity

According to the law of polarity, everything in this Universe has an opposite. Where there is love, there is hatred; honesty and deceit exist together; where there is despair, hope exists. This is the only reason that helps us to change our thoughts, beliefs, and feelings easily.

As everything exists in twos, it is up to you what to choose and how to accept it as it is. When you work with this law, you will understand that to understand success, you will have to experience failure. You cannot fully understand anyone without experiencing the other.

How does it work for you?

When you go through life’s struggles; you may lose hope and fall into despair and sadness. But, if you look at it from a different perspective that bad days won’t last forever; you will be in a better position to appreciate the good developments that come next. When you regularly remind yourself of this polarity, you can develop resilience and courage to fight all odds.

For example: A divorce may be extremely heartbreaking for you but at the same time it teaches endurance to sustain the pain and cautions you to choose the right person next time. It gives you strength to overcome issues that don’t work well.

Law of Universe #11 – The law of rhythm

Law of Universe #11 - The law of rhythm
Law of Universe #11 – The law of rhythm

The law of rhythm is called the law of perpetual motion. It states that everything in this universe happens for a reason and it occurs only at the right time. The law claims that the energy vibrations in the Cosmos work like a pendulum. If it swings to the left, it has to swing to the right as well. Everything has a pattern and moves through cycles. All the natural happenings like seasons, life cycle – dying and living, developmental stages of living beings. 

How does it work for you?                                 

The law of rhythm tells you to take note of your inner ebb and flow. Life will always have ups and downs, but you should accept both equally well. The best opportunities are always around, but you need to choose them in the right way and at the right time. With regard to emotions, the law of rhythm works well.

Your happiness and peace of mind is not based on external factors. It is in you. You need to control your emotions; so that the ups and downs of life do not override you; especially when things do not move your way.

Law of Universe #12 – The law of gender

Law of Universe #12 - The law of gender
Law of Universe #12 – The law of gender

This law focuses on the fact that everything exists either in masculine or feminine energy. This law governs the creation and describes the two sides of the same coin – Yin and yang. Both masculine and feminine energy is equally important. They are needed for life to exist on this planet.

We all have a certain amount of both energies present in us. How we balance these two energies and manifest it in our lives depends on us. The yin is the feminine energy and yang is the masculine energy. Both are interconnected and cannot exist without the other.

How does it work for you?

The feminine energy is inward flowing and receptive. It is passive and is the essence of creativity and nurturance. It is your kind, compassionate, and empathetic side. On the other hand, the masculine energy is outward flowing. It resembles action, determination, commitment, and hard work.

The human soul and ego also relate in similar ways. The soul is calm and energetic. The ego is self-centered, dominating, and forceful. Thus when it comes to real-life situations, these two energies operate in close harmony with each other.

For example: Any creative activity takes time and adequate nurturance. In our physical world, a seed takes time to become a plant; it takes 280 days for a baby to be born. Likewise ideas, intentions, and thoughts are seeds. When you implant this idea into your fertile mind, it takes time to bloom and flourish. 

You can manifest nothing instantly. The law of gender says that ideas are feminine energy and the actions that you take to accomplish your goals are the masculine energy. Thus both have to work in close harmony to realize your vision. Life can never exist, if these forces are not playing their role together.

How to live by the Universal laws?

After having such a long discussion on the 12 spiritual laws of the universe; you must be wondering how you can leverage the power of these eternal laws to invite more happiness, peace, and abundance in your life? And if at all you do so, will you ever have a perfect life?

Well to be more precise, life can neither be perfect nor can we. What we can do is simply understand the basic tenets of these spiritual laws and absorb them in our daily lives to bring content and bliss.

The concepts of the Universal laws are simple, yet elusive to grasp because it is on us to develop a positive mindset and harness its powers in desirable ways. The right alignment with these universal laws of nature will bring abundance and fulfillment to your life. It helps you to understand how everything within and around you works in perfect harmony.

When you learn to live by these laws, you can derive the best from your life. Your thoughts, perceptions, beliefs, and actions can work in harmony and carve a life you wish to have. There is no perfect way of doing things.

If you raise your vibrations, you ought to invite good things into your life. Positive emotions will start flowing in and you will be able to align your thoughts and actions with it.

Improving our lives and living it to the fullest is not a matter of chance, but a choice. If you choose happiness, nothing can stop you from being happy. These laws also help you become certain about your abilities. There will be less confusion and struggle.

As you navigate through your life’s path, the Universal laws act as guidelines to help you reach higher levels of the spiritual plane and become more aware, conscious, and successful in whatever you do. You can balance your life with more harmony and less chaos.

Law of Universe books

These books are highly recommended to know the secrets principles of the universe. It can be used to manifest anything that you have desired for so long. You learn to take step by step methods to take control of your life. Few notable books are

1.  The Secret – By Rhonda Byrne (This book talks about the miraculous Law of Attraction)

2.  The Universal Law of Creation: Secrets and Laws of the Universe – by Gino Dicaprio (This book is about using laws of universe. If you read this book, you know how to harness positive thinking to conquer obstacles in life)

3.  The 12 Laws of the Universe – by Peta Gaye Reid ( A lucid explanation of the spiritual laws)

4.  The Law of Attraction – by Esther and Jerry  Hicks ( this book highlights the application of the Law of attraction)

The video link given below explains the basic tenets of all the 12 laws of the Universe.

Final thoughts

Knowing these laws is your first step towards a better tomorrow. You now hold the tools to shape your future and make conscious decisions that will lead to desired outcomes. We, the beings of this universe, alone hold the power to create heaven on earth. Incorporating spiritual teachings in everyday life is a small, yet powerful step towards the same.