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Do You Create Your Own Reality?

Do You Create Your Own Reality?

Create your own reality

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In the words of Buddha, “What you dwell upon, you become”. The quote means that you are the master of your destiny. It is you who can create your own reality that matches your expectations, perspectives, values, likes, dislikes, wishes, hope, and dreams.

The concept is a progressive outlook on life that envisions the fact that human beings can change and re-create things according to their willpower and determination. It is you who can make a better place for yourself and have a life you long wished for. If you dwell on positivity, it can lead to smart and happy living.

Whereas, negative thoughts and feelings rule psychological processes and guide you toward failure and hopelessness. Intentions and thoughts can co-create a life of your choice. You are in full control of the various things happening to you.

What Does ‘Create Your Own Reality’ Mean?

Creating your own reality is all about a conscious way to choose what you want, change or modify things you don’t like, access your dreams by making it happen and learn to control the nitty-gritty of your life forces.

The term ‘create your own reality’ means the different ways by which you can co-create your life by the energy of your thoughts, beliefs, perspectives, and actions. The theory is based on the fact that when you change the way you see things within you and around you, it helps you to make a new outlook towards life.

The purpose of this reality creation is to make you understand and focus on what your life can be if you put in good deeds and guided effort into your daily living. As Norman Vincent Peale said, “Change your thoughts and you change the world”. 

Every life situation is an experience in itself. It is up to you how to perceive and respond to a situation. The way you experience various situations can depend on your beliefs and perceptions. Creating your own reality will help you to access a bigger part of yourself with positive energies that move towards growth.

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When you create your own reality, you feel safe, comfortable, and protected. You know you can be happy no matter whatever situation happens to you. It is important to understand that creating a reality that works for you and with you is a tough job to do.

Do You Create Your Own Reality?
Do You Create Your Own Reality?

Example Of Creating Your Own Reality

Our life and living make our reality. This reality creation is based on the understanding and interpretation of things that you want in your life. Thoughts and feelings have a vibration power with its resonance and reflection. This energy reverberates out to the universe and makes a real-world for ourselves.

Angry and revengeful people always perceive a situation in a wrong and negative way. Wherever they go, their aggression follows them and gets projected to the various situations they may come across.

A simple example can be, a person may experience a lot of mental irritation if stuck in a traffic snarl. He/she may start blaming the system or the people for their callous driving and many more. For them, the world is a bad place to live in.

They perceive and negatively reacts to things. Their ideas are just adding fuel to the fire and are creating a reality around them that fits into a mindset already existing somewhere within their psyche.

On the other hand, a generous and kind person may perceive the world around him/her in a positive way. He/she emanates positive thoughts and gives out positive signals to his/her immediate surroundings. This is a reflection of his/her internal state of mind.

Accepting life as it is without always trying to change and control things around is also important. Be responsible for your actions and never be reactive to situations. 

Only then, you can create a reality that you have always wished for. This creation process is highly subjective. 

6 Components of Creating Your Own Reality

Is creation all about making a new thing or it is just a modification of certain elements already existing in this universe? We have intrinsic power to formulate new ideas, conceive new thoughts, possess good and bad feelings, and put the action in the desired direction to accomplish our goals.

In this way, the idea which is your brainchild becomes a part of your physical existence and may become real for you. Creating your real-world needs a few components to conceive it and make it a truth of your physical existence. They are

  1. Willpower
  2. Thoughts and focus
  3. Emotions
  4. Beliefs
  5. Choices
  6. The power of words

Let’s study these aspects in detail.

1. Willpower 

The first spark of the creating process comes from your willpower. It is the determination to change the world within you and around you. 

By having strong willpower, you can create a real-world for yourself that is based on your likes, desires, and manifestations of all those wishes which you have carved for yourself. Does it give the full control over what you want? And how would you like to achieve it?

Every time you feel that things are going out of your hand, then you need to realize your inner power to take charge of what you are losing. 

To begin with the process of creation, a determined intention is needed. You cannot necessarily control the world that you live in but you can have a willful consideration that you are able to shift your thoughts, beliefs, and perceptions in a desirable way. It guides you to a conscious realm of thoughts that are positive and prompts you to make a real-world of your choice.

2. Thoughts

You create your reality by the power of your thoughts. Thoughts guide emotions and actions. The human brain never goes empty. 

Each line of thought is equally powerful to carve the real-world for you. The Perception of physical reality depends on the inner world of thoughts and beliefs.

When you realize that thoughts create reality, you can make the desired changes that you wish to see in your life.

Thoughts are alive and possess limitless energy. If you harbor positive thoughts, it generates positive vibes. Likewise, if you harbor negative thoughts, it generates negative vibes. 

Those vibes are projected by you to the outside world and you start perceiving things negatively. Your life is a mirror of your thought processes. 

It gives birth to a mental attitude that in turn creates reality. If you learn to control the nature of your habitual thoughts, you can create a new realm of positivity and happiness

Observe your thoughts, master them, and direct them in desired ways. Positive thoughts like gratitude, respect, and thankfulness will create happiness and joy. It emanates positive vibes that strengthen your ego. 

Harboring negative thoughts generates anguish and resentment. You feel victimized. It reflects negative emotions that keep moving around you.

Since our thoughts directly influence the way we feel and behave, it is important to create a reality of our choice. For example: if someone thinks he/she is a failure, he/she may start feeling inadequate and worthless. 

There will be no positive self-validation that can guide his actions. The person starts to feel and acts as a failure. He creates a new reality.

3. Emotions

Every thought carries an emotional note with it. It can be that of happiness, and joy. Or maybe that of fear, anger, and jealousy.

If you concentrate on pain and suffering you bring that into your life. Focusing on fear means it starts dictating your feelings and thereby your actions. 

As it kills your self-confidence, you always tend to move a step backward and cannot achieve success. Fear keeps you away from facing new challenges and opportunities. 

Life is not as difficult as it appears. It is your perceptions and emotions that make things difficult for you. 

Thus, let go of your worries and create your own reality. You can make a safety net and choose which emotion to attract – positive or negative into your life. Positive emotions symbolize growth. It paves a path towards manifesting your dream life.

4. Beliefs

Beliefs are the source of your thoughts. If you believe that you live in a hostile world, then you do. On the contrary, if you believe you live in a nice and generous world, then also you do. 

Thus, your life is a reflection of your subjective belief system. Beliefs make you understand that certain things hold in this world. 

Beliefs are images or ideas that trigger various thoughts in your subconscious mind. It is based on attitude, values, and perceptions. Beliefs come from social interactions and community learning. 

They are the core elements of how we see ourselves, others, and the greater world around us. 

For example, relationship failure is in most cases developed due to wrong belief systems. Have you ever realized why many people notice the same relationship problem, even with different partners? Why even after changing many jobs, you are unable to get your desired success? 

The answers to all these questions are your faulty belief system that guides irrational thoughts and malfunctioning actions.

In such a situation, instead of changing the external circumstances, try to look for internal adversities. 

There is a saying “You don’t see things as they are; you see things as you are”. It is time to clear the old mindset and erroneous beliefs to create a life of your choice.

5. Choices / Decisions

We all make choices about various things that we wish to have. The choices we make determine the real world for us. If we make good choices, the universe responds to that move in a positive way. 

It helps us to make it happen for us. Based on your choices, you can make proper decisions. Choices manifest your dreams and goals into reality.

6. The power of words

Words become real when you speak it in particular ways. It creates healthy thoughts and feelings. Words like “I am good enough”, “I can achieve my goals” can bring in a positive outlook in life. Words have the power to transform and re-create reality. 

It leads your mind, body, and spirit to an inner world of consciousness. Words get into your system and make you trust your worth and abilities. 

It has the power to hurt, humiliate, help, and heal. As Robin Sharma said, “Words can inspire and words can destroy. Choose yours’ well.” Kind words lead to compassionate feelings while harsh words lead to agony, misery, and sadness. 

If words are not chosen in the right way, you cannot create a positive reality for yourself. Words impact us and others equally well.

The link given below shows the way to create your reality. Reality creation is all about the manifestation of your wants and wishes in a systematic way.

Law of Attraction Vs Create Your Own Reality

There is a close connection between attraction and creation. The law of attraction helps to realize your potential and carve the real-world of your dreams. As the law says, you will attract things in your life in which you focus your attention.

If you attend to your positive thoughts, beliefs, and feelings, you can attract positive vibes into your life and create a wonderful world for yourself. Attracting things help you to form new ideas, set new goals, and achieve things of your choice.

The human mind attracts and creates things that are formulated by their thoughts, feelings, and actions. Whether the law of attraction is true or a matter of fiction is a matter of controversy. Each thought that you possess sends out vibration energy into the universe. 

You create a reality that is in agreement with that vibration. The more focused you are, the stronger is the attraction. Thus, the real-world is created that is in tune with your inner realm of self-awareness.

Create Your Own Reality Symbol

The Viking symbol for reality creation symbolizes strength, courage, motivation, honor, and determination. The symbol can be used as a reminder to those people who want to create a better world for them. 

The symbol denotes positive feelings and acts as a tool for achieving reality that you have long wished for.

Many people do create a Viking symbol to keep up their high spirits. They get motivated to work hard to create real-world positive things around them.

15 Tips To Create Your Own Reality

You are powerful enough to create a real-world for yourself. Empowering one with a positive attitude, balanced emotions and guided action is the first step to craft what you want. Few tips are as follows:

  1. Carry yourself with integrity and take pride in yourself. Having a positive attitude towards others will build the real-world for you.
  2. Involve in activities and in doing little things that you like.
  3. Take pride in your little achievements.
  4. Show kindness and empathy towards others and the world will feel a much better place to live in.
  5. If you want to be successful and aspire to be recognized, print business cards, build a website, and develop an attractive company logo. This gives you recognition and helps to achieve the desired results.
  6. Visualize and narrate the benefits of having a positive life for you. Practice this every day to create your reality.
  7. Surround yourself with the right people. When you see and hear positive things, your attitude towards life changes.
  8. Try to paint your perfect life with optimism and realism.
  9. Develop self-esteem and put yourself above everything.
  10. Have a growth mindset. Let yourself know that you can improve your skills with effort.
  11. Face your challenges with ease. Create positive vibes in and around you to realize your potentials.
  12. Do not try to control things that are meant to happen. You cannot change it. Accept and embrace it to move ahead in life.
  13. Hold on to your values and beliefs firmly. Things that are true and fair for you should be acknowledged. 
  14. Imagination is the mother of all creation. So, imagine, idealize, and create a new world based on a proper outlook.
  15. Reality creation is based on a logical analysis of situations. Being present in moments is a proactive way to create your own reality.

A Word of Caution

‘Creating your own reality’ may be a tricky and quirky task for people suffering from depression or any other mental illness. The practice may seem difficult or impossible to attain at times, because such people struggle a lot to unlock the dark mysteries whirling within them.

When suffering, it might be difficult for someone to see things positively and bring desired changes in thoughts and feelings in a constructive way. In such situations, the person should seek professional help from a psychologist or mental health expert to develop appropriate coping strategies and formulate a healthy perspective full of positive thinking and optimism.

A Controversial Note

At times, there is the stuff that happens on its own. We do not have any control over them. The matter of the fact is we can create our reality only to a certain extent. 

Various life situations pose a threat to our existence over which humans cannot do anything. In such circumstances, we are not responsible for what’s happening around us. 

It is very much real but not in our control. Example: the death of a loved one. We have not created this reality but it did happen. 

Universal truths exist independently of our whims and wishes. It is wrong to believe that we have all the power to create our own reality. It can be created and lived only with things that are in control of us.

Thus, let go of things that happen, as they are meant to happen. The only thing that remains is our attitude towards life and the ways we experience, think, and feel within us and around us.

Closing Thoughts

Human evolution follows a path of self-awareness and positive thinking. Trust your intuitions and craft a real-world for you that tunes with your inner realm of psychological consensus.