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Success Iceberg Illusion- Qualities to Look for

Success Iceberg Illusion- Qualities to Look for

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Do you know what’s similar in all successful people around us? It is not just quality but a whole concept which is called the “Iceberg Theory of Success”. This success iceberg theory focuses on doing whatever it takes when you aim to be successful.

Let’s start with the structure of the iceberg.

As you must have seen that a fraction of the iceberg floats over the surface of the sea while the largest part is beneath the water. Its existence resembles the image of a successful person.

We can see the person’s success, the achievements, and the entitlements that he/she possesses, but the efforts taken to achieve the outcome is overlooked just like the part of the iceberg which is beneath the water.

The outcome also covers the wealth and expensive possessions of a successful person. And when the efforts go unnoticed in these cases, then it can cause a negative impact on an aspiring person who wants to be successful.

Success Iceberg Example

Let’s take a look at a very successful businessman. He has cars of high-end brands, a luxurious flat or a bungalow, and maybe even a weekend home. If we take a closer look at the businessman, we will get to know his accomplishments. This is the visible part of the iceberg, called the success iceberg

Here, we tend to ignore the unknown part of the iceberg, which is hidden under the water. It is much larger than the visible part. It’s the part that stands for all the efforts and the hard work that was required to achieve the outcome. It can be long working hours at the office, studying hard for exams, etc., and even the years that are taken by the businessman to achieve success.

Take a look at this video –

Iceberg Illusion

The Truth behind Success Iceberg

It helps us to understand that every successful person had to put in a lot of effort and dedication to achieve his goals. Considering this, we can set practical goals or expectations from our success, but it also helps us to be more persistent, as we are clear now that we have to do whatever it takes to achieve the desired outcome.

Let’s Break The Iceberg Illusion of Success

Whenever you see a famous personality or a successful person, you could try and look into the efforts that they had to put in order to achieve the status that they possess at present. If you too are up for the same efforts and commitment, then you could go for taking a chance to become a successful person.

When you start, it will be from scratch. The situations and your determination will take you at a peak point that is not easy to achieve.

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Success is Like an Iceberg

Those under the water are the achieving points that are not realized by everyone. To list out those, let’s start with good habits, followed by passion and innovation required for becoming a successful person. 

Though good habits should be shared with everyone. It will make you more efficient and help you to become successful, and overall, it means to bring a change in people around you. 

“Breathe! Relax, reflect, and rebalance. You’re all set!”

An extraordinary teacher in Canada, Sylvia Duckworth, created the following image to explain the hard work and efforts that go behind anything grand.

Success Iceberg Illusion
Success Iceberg Illusion

Qualities of Success Iceberg


Those who take risks, they achieve something in life. Without risks, nothing is impossible. In trying to avoid failure by not taking risks, you also move away from success.


Change is constant. It is imbibed in the attitude of a person and his approach to taking things in life. The change should be taken positively, as it helps in developing your personality.

Beneath the Tip of the Success Iceberg - Qualities to Look for
Beneath the Tip of the Success Iceberg – Qualities to Look for


The way we take feedback from others holds vital importance in shaping our road to success.

“Accept disappointments with a smile and head-on with the next step to achieving success.”


The most crucial one, it decides how you handle rejections or failures in life. While it is not confined to only handling our failures, but also accepting the accomplishments of competitors.

“If you’ve failed, it’s OKAY. Learn and don’t repeat them!”


It clearly leads to success. We need to respect the time and that is why, if we aren’t disciplined enough, then you will not only waste and lose time but also shove away your success.


You have to work day and night to be successful. Even if you are alone, you need not stop and continue with your efforts. It requires persistence, which leads to the ultimate goal.

“You can admire persistence, as far as it’s for the right cause.”

Hard work

It’s the primary factor that leads you to the success tip. Nothing goes right if hard work is not put in the right direction.

People appreciate hard work, but that does not equate to work for long hours. It simply means to be focused on the things that will work for you, your employees, and your company.


The most important in the iceberg tip is success. After going through several phases and putting a ton of effort, you reach there. It gives you the happiness of your life. It is the saturation point where you’ll feel content.

However, in making sacrifices for success, you need to keep an eye out as to what you are sacrificing. If you are not giving time to your family and friends when they are in need, then this sacrifice is not admirable.

To Sum Up

Thus, the key to success iceberg illusion is to bring balance in your life after gaining success. In today’s age, where technological advancement is at its peak, you need to try the conventional method of taking notes on a paper. Write down what caused you to stress, happiness, fun, or depression. Formulate a plan of action and implement it.

After being successful, you need to be grateful to yourself that you remained focused on it. In a nutshell, success will not be born in your comfort zone. You’ll have to come out of your shell and start exploring!