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Change is the Only Constant: How to Live a Fuller Life!

Change is the Only Constant: How to Live a Fuller Life!

Updated on June 26, 2023 | Published on January 29, 2020
Reviewed by Katina Tarver, MA (Mental Health and Wellness Counseling), Life Coach
Change is the Only Constant: How to Live a Fuller Life!

Life is beautiful, we all can agree on that. Even so, we get trapped in the illusion of time and space when in reality, there is none. We live a happy memory for the rest of our lives inside our heads, over and over. In the same way, we tend to repeat a traumatic incident in our brains as well, without giving it a thought that it’s only past that’s playing with our head. The past isn’t here anymore, the future cannot be seen and the only thing permanent is the present moment and nothing else. Everything is the result of change. There is nothing to question – change is the only constant in life. As soon as we accept this powerful quote, we will be relieved of all the pain that we think life as given us.

One must always remember that change is an imperative part of life. One just can’t do without it. While many people are afraid of change, it is, in fact, a good thing, when you train yourself to only see the positive in it. Life is full of change—weather, moments, wins, losses, people, jobs—everything is temporary. Thus, it is often advised to live your life in the moment without worrying about the future. There is nothing else but the present. Everything else will change tomorrow, even though it doesn’t seem that way sometimes.

Since we are talking about change being the only constant, let’s explore more on this life-changing quote.

Where Did This Quote “Change is the only constant in life” Come From?

The words were first spoken by Heraclitus in the book Fragments. His asserted that life is always in flux. He had a similar philosophy as Yin and Yang in Taoism.

Most of us know that Greek philosopher, Heraclitus of Ephesus created this quote. He mentioned the quote, “change is the only constant,” which he mentioned in his book titled ‘Fragments.’

Over the years, this saying has been molded to “The only constant in life is change.” However, it holds the same meaning. The quote was found in more than 100 writing pieces of this ‘dark philosopher,’ or so he liked to refer to himself.

His famous assertion, “Life is flux,” is of the view that everything and all things change. The way up and the way down are one and the same. His philosophy was identical to the concept of Yin and Yang of Taoism. It states that everything is in a state of change. This is exactly what Heraclitus observed.

All change is one and vice-versa. Day turns into night and the process repeats. People take birth and they die after a few years. Even atoms die after serving their purpose in the body. So, do not get attached to anything in life because nothing stays the same forever.

Change is the Only Constant: How to Live a Fuller Life!

What Do These Words Teach Us?

You can apply this principle to your life by following four steps- learn it, embrace it, accept it and then apply it. This will involve understanding the message, moving towards a greater purpose, and embracing the meaning of the quote. Lastly, you have to apply what you learned to your life.

As popular as this simple quote is, not many of us have learned the art of successfully applying its meaning into our lives. There are four main steps to make this quote a part of your existence-

  • Learn it
  • Embrace it
  • Accept it
  • Apply it

First, you need to understand the message behind it. If you cannot relate with the message, you cannot go to the next step. Thus, this quote clearly directs that one should not be afraid of change because either way, they will have to deal with it. So, why don’t we strive to enjoy the process?

Secondly, once you look at the positive side of change, you will feel a fire rekindling inside yourself, the kind that will help you become your greatest version. When you see yourself as a being moving through time for a greater purpose, you will embrace this quote and live your life through it. This quote will thus start making sense to you!

Thirdly, when you embrace the meaning and truth behind this quote, you will naturally accept it. As mentioned earlier, as soon as you learnt the meaning of it and embrace the authenticity of the same, you will naturally accept it. The philosophy of this quote will resonate with your truth in such a way that you won’t stop yourself from living your best life and accept all the changes of life with your heart.

Lastly, you will learn to apply changes in your life as well. The philosophy will help you be your best version. You will not be afraid to accept and embrace changes in your life. In fact, you will only get better at living your life, once you know there is nothing to regret ever. It’s always changing. Circumstance. Always!

The best way to accept change in life is to flow with it. Train your brain to be flexible enough to know and accept things for exactly how they are. Do not be afraid to look at the present for what it is. Look it in the eye and feel the changes. Remember, you cannot grow if you cannot feel, see, accept, and embrace the changes life brings to you.

5 Benefits of Embracing Change as the Only Constant in Life

There are many advantages of embracing change. You are not easily overwhelmed, you have a sense of balance, and you become more real. You will also feel more grateful as you get an opportunity to accept things as they are.

According to Buddhist teachings, we are made of little deaths—this means that we die every moment and we are born at the same time as well. The greatest of all impermanence is death. We are born, we live, and then, when the time is right, we die. This alone should inspire us to accept the truth of change.

Whether you want it or not, things will keep on changing and you will keep on growing. Thus, the best way to accept change is to embrace it. So, what benefits do you get once you embrace change instead of running from it? Let’s find out.

1. You don’t let life overwhelm you anymore

You don’t let life overwhelm you anymore
You don’t let life overwhelm you anymore

When you accept the changes, you expect them quite often. You train your mind everyday to be ready to face any situation that demands change in you and the environment you live in. Thus, it helps you become better at living life and doesn’t leave you overwhelmed like it used to before. 

2. You develop a sense of balance

You develop a sense of balance
You develop a sense of balance

Everything in nature occurs in a cycle, including this human experience. When we realize this, we take things as they come to us. We begin balancing life, starting from day one and then leading to larger, bigger, and grander experience. There is a sense of equilibrium in our lives when we embrace changes for a better life. 

3. You become authentic

You become authentic
You become authentic

Perhaps the best thing that can happen to you after embracing the truth of change is that you become completely authentic in your existence. You let go of all those parts of your being when you understand that life is always flowing and embracing change is one way to live an authentic life with real people around you. You can only recognize real when you are authentic as well. Remember that! 

4. You don’t force things anymore

You don’t force things anymore
You don’t force things anymore

Once you are of the opinion that change is the only constant thing in life, you flow along with everything. This means that you don’t force things in life. You understand that forcing things creates a block in your energy which only holds you back from reaching out to things and people that deserve your attention. Thus, you stop forcing things and start embracing them. This helps you move forward without any negative feelings or attachment to the past.

5. You become more grateful

You become more grateful
You become more grateful

When you embrace change, your attitude toward life completely turns around. You know you will not be the same person you were moments ago. Thus, you become more present in life, in the moment, everywhere.

You become grateful for everything that’s around you because you know that if you don’t live this moment completely, it will be gone in the blink of an eye. Thus, you become more connected with the world around you. You are amazed all the time and as a  result, you become more grateful. It’s a great feeling.

There are so many more benefits of accepting and embracing change as the only constant thing in life. Once you embrace, your way of seeing life will change drastically and you will be able to give yourself countless reasons for loving and appreciating life for all that it is. The best way to embrace change is to love yourself.

When you love yourself, it becomes easier to accept all that’s not meant for you and everything that is. It doesn’t matter how frequently your life changes, when you truly love yourself.  Nothing matters except for the fact that you are truly amazing and so is everything else around you.

Closing Thoughts

Perhaps the best thing about accepting change as the only constant in our life is that we truly learn to look at it with a giant magnifying glass. We appreciate everything around us because we know that things will not remain the same for a long time.

Someone with a negative mindset would fear the change. He or she may try to run away from this truth. However, once a person learns that there is no escape from change, he or she slowly starts to look at it as a positive thing. He or she then learns to embrace as well as accept this truth of life and flow along with it.

The greatest advice one can get is to enjoy life without attachments. Once you detach yourself from this life and people, you attach it to yourself and your purpose. And then, you have no other option but to bloom.