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Try Healing Affirmations Now For Your Inner Peace

Try Healing Affirmations Now For Your Inner PeaceUpdated on October 30, 2020 | Published on January 27, 2020

Healing Affirmations for inner peace

Have you ever had this dream in the middle of the night where your soul is stuck in your body, and you can’t move? You want to get up, but your body is frozen. It’s like you are trapped inside your own body. It’s horrifying.

If you are one of them, then I feel you because I’ve been there. And when I wake up, I think of only one thing. How amazing is the process of our mind-body that it can totally influence how we look and feel? And for that matter, we need to keep them in sync, to have a positive outlook in life or else we’d end up as a mess.

So, when I wanted to come out of this, I took resort to healing affirmations. These affirmations work wonders in treating or healing your mind, body, and soul like never before.

You might be thinking, it’s easier said than done. But trust me; it’s tried and tested by people like you and me, and they are a better person now with meaning in their lives. It’s for everything that you’re upset about. So, without further ado, let’s start with this comprehensive list for all things healing.

Try Healing Affirmations Now For Your Inner Peace
Try Healing Affirmations Now For Your Inner Peace

I am covering 4 critical emotional states for affirmations to make it easy for you to get what you’re looking for.

1. Health is Wealth:

Getting exercise, sufficient sleep, and thinking happy thoughts vs. being a couch potato eating junk food, diet soda with an irritable mood. Which one are you?

If you are the latter one, then it’s time to buck up. If you want good health, you need to learn to appreciate and love yourself. Love yourself and your body as much as you can by treating it as a child. If you fall ill, going to the doctor won’t suffice. You need to understand what your body wants.

Here are some health and healing affirmations to follow:

  • I love the food that works best for my body. I love every cell of my body.
  • I wish for a healthy old age because I wish to be healthy now.
  • I am figuring out new ways to take care of my health.
  • My body is always on the run to improve my health.
  • I balance my life, work, and rest equally.
  • I am free of pain.
  • Healing works! I allow my brain to direct my body to the healing process.
  • I ask for help when needed.
  • I am happy to be healthy and alive and want to live every day happily.
  • My body is healthy, and it’s getting better.

2. Forgiveness is God’s Command:

If you’re still bitter from inside owing to unforgiving thoughts, then you can’t be happy. You got to make peace with your mind.


Because bitter thoughts won’t bring peace to you. In this stage, if you are already working on your healing affirmations, but if they aren’t doing any good, then you need to revisit your forgiving part. If you want to live in the present, then you need to let go of the past. Blaming others for your feelings won’t do good because you are shouldering your happiness onto others.

So, these are some affirmations for those who are having a hard time to let it go:

  • Things happen for a reason. They teach you something.
  • I made mistakes because I am not perfect. And that’s okay.
  • Self-hatred will not do any good.
  • I am a good person, and I am getting better at it.
  • I am letting go of all the anger and anxiety.
  • I deserve true love from people.
  • I choose to forgive, and I choose to be free.

3. A Broken Heart:

When you go through a heartbreak, all you want is the pain to go away.

Let’s face it.

It takes time, and it’s really okay. Breathe!

Now, if you need a little boost for your positive spirits, let’s get to some healing affirmations for soothing your heart:

  • I am enough to complete me.
  • I let go of the past.
  • I am ready to give life another shot.
  • Something good is coming up.
  • I am going to be okay.
  • I am full of energy, and I am ready to kick start.

4. Putting a Stop to Emotional Neglect from Childhood:

Life is getting tougher. You are busy, and as you grow old, you must have realized how your parents must have been busy too. So much that they might have even neglected you at times when you needed them emotionally.

It still hurts, right? Enough of pain and trauma as you’re not being punished.

Why don’t you try these healing affirmations to mend a heart broken with childhood emotional neglect?

  • I am liked and loved by all.
  • Asking for help is cool.
  • Feelings can’t be right or wrong. They are just felt.
  • I deserve to be cared for by people.
  • My feelings matter, and I am going to take care of it.
  • I did not choose to be neglected.
  • I can validate myself.
  • If my parents aren’t able to look after me, I will look after myself.
  • I am pain-free and I am willing to forgive my parents.

Closing Thoughts

You are now ready with the healing affirmations for –

  • Health
  • Forgiveness
  • A broken heart
  • Emotional neglect

Let the positivity flow into your blood. These daily affirmations will allow you to stay on the right path. And remember one golden rule – For affirmations, being consistent is the go-to method. Cheers! You are now officially ready to fire these positive affirmations to yourself. Are you up for it?