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300 Things To Be Grateful For

300 Things To Be Grateful For

300 Things To Be Grateful For

Take a minute to sit back and think about all that you have. Not many of us realize how blessed we are until we actually end up losing something. Why should you let that happen? As you are reading this, think about all the little things that make your life worth living. These are things to be grateful for. All of us have something or the other that we need to be thankful for. This applies even in the most challenging times.

What is Gratitude?

Gratitude is an expression that lets the other person know how thankful you are. To be able to express gratitude is a beautiful virtue that teaches a human to be compassionate. You may not be able to experience everyone’s problem but if you are able to empathize with their pain, you can help them. This ability comes from being able to express gratitude for all that we have. Don’t be ungrateful!

Look around you and there is so much that you can be thankful for. Your gratitude journal list need not belong. All you need to do is experience the little joys in life. So here is a list of things to be grateful for!

300 Things To Be Grateful For
300 Things To Be Grateful For

300 Things To Be Grateful For

Things To Be Grateful For Life in General

We all have so many complaints about life. But do you know that life is not fair? There could be many who could be battling worse scenarios than the one that you are facing. Compared to them, you are still in a better place. Here are a few things to be grateful for in our daily life:

1. You were able to wake up this morning and experience yet another beautiful day!

2. The ability to see! Nature has so many wonders and you can see them all. Soak in all the colors.

3. You can walk and move your hands, this empowers you to do so much more.

4. You can taste so many different flavors and smell so many different fragrances. 

5. You have a roof over your head because there are many who are living on the streets

6. You have at least one person in your life who cares for you. This could be your friends and family, parents, anyone.

7. You were blessed to be educated. That is enough reason to practice gratitude. 

8. You are lucky to have an intellect and it has a positive impact on your personality.

9. For those who are married, you are lucky to have a partner to share your life with.

10. You can sleep peacefully at night, not many people have this facility!

11. You may not be at the mercy of the unexpected seasonal cycles. Instead, you are blessed with facilities like a fan / heater / air conditioner, that make times more comfortable.

12. You were able to manage a few hours purely for yourself.

13. When you need medical attention, you can afford a doctor.

14. You are blessed with an intellect that helps you stay updated with whatever is happening in the world.

15. A random stranger appreciated your kindness or maybe someone was kind to you. Such acts of kindness can surely make your day.

16. Your childhood friend called you after so many years.

17. You are not a slave. You can feel free to express your opinion and as long as it does not hurt the other person, no one will punish you.

18. You have decent clothes to wear. Yes! That is a reason to be thankful for because there are many who don’t have this simple facility.

19. Are you able to worship your god? If yes, it is a reason to be grateful for.

20. There is someone in your life who loves you unconditionally.

21. You can buy your favorite meal and share the pictures on social media. 

22. There is an option to travel by comfortable means, you don’t have to walk or worry about your travel.

23. You can afford a holiday when you want it.

24. Friends and family invite you to be a part of their celebrations.

25. You were able to take decisions, not everyone is blessed to do that.

26. You got a chance to live by your decisions.

27. You have access to facilities that push your ability to think, they expand your horizons.

28. You have the luxury to complain. Some people don’t have that facility.

29. You can comfortably afford three square meals a day.

30. There is a comfortable change of clothes waiting for you when you get home.

31. You are able to entertain yourself with TV programs.

32. For many, even the luxury of wearing a comfortable pair of slippers to avoid the discomfort of walking on the hard floor, is a blessing.

33. You have a nice and soft bed to sleep on, every night.

34. You have a fantastic view from your balcony, many people don’t have a balcony.

35. You can cook your favorite meal, pamper yourself.

36. You have the comfort of starting your morning routine with a cup of coffee or tea or whatever is your favorite beverage.

37. You have a house help to take care of your chores, not everything is on your shoulders!

38. You can treat yourself to a morning outing and buy a few things, every now and then.

39. You can read your favorite book.

40. You have a hobby or a passion, something that truly interests you.

41. You are able to survive each day without begging others for mercies. God has blessed you with this ability.

42. You are high on self confidence.

43. You are in great shape –physically and mentally.

44. You have all utilities in your home.

45. You are happily stocked on rations to manage your meals for the next day or week or even more.

46. You have caring neighbors that are concerned about your well being.

47. You live in nice, clean and comfortable surroundings.

48. You can do some charity, even though a small amount, it is a small step through which you can help others.

49. You have access to clean potable water.

50. You can live life on your terms!

Things To Be Grateful For Health

Wise people always consider health to be an individual’s biggest asset. After all, as long as you are healthy, you can achieve all that you want. If you are not healthy, no matter how much money you earn, you will never be able to enjoy it. So here are a few reasons why you should be grateful for your health:

51. First and foremost, you are healthy!

52. You live in a safe country

53. You are emotionally fit; this gives you a chance to experience a wide range of feelings.

54. You feel anxious. But the levels of anxiety are normal. They only indicate a need to change things for the better.

55. You are blessed with a healthy family or a partner.

56. Even if you are not scoring 100 percent on the health meter, you have the ability to avail medical assistance.

57. You can exercise. This is your chance to become healthier.

58. You can breathe comfortably, this is a big blessing and truly a sign of god’s blessings.

59. You are able to live a comfortable and independent life.

60. You have access to medical care.

61. Your body is able enough to carry you through thick and thin.

62. You still feel young at heart.

63. Your body is always there for you, helping you to the best of its ability.

64. You can accomplish goals.

65. You are able to take care of your loved ones.

66. You are still healthy enough to take up a new activity.

67. Each time you fell sick or suffered, your body worked hard to recover.

68. In spite of a tiring job, your body always finds the courage to take you home.

69. Your health supports you to achieve your dreams.

70. Your body is like a temple, and taking care of your health is the way to worship it.

71. You are in good shape and can take care of your daily activities.

72. You have the ability to heal yourself.

73. You can try your hand at different exercises, even yoga and aerobics, because your health permits you to do so.

74. Your body has at least one healthy habit.

75. You feel good after a heavy duty workout session.

76. Your mental health allows you to rightfully experience a wide range of emotions.

77. You can control your temper and have meaningful conversations.

78. You can cry and express your joy / sorrows. There are many people in the world who yearn for this opportunity.

79. You can sleep nice and comfy.

80. You wake up feeling fresh and happy.

81. You can walk without a stick.

82. You can eat your favorite foods. Because of your health being under control, there are no major restrictions.

83. You can enjoy a jog in the park.

84. You can take a flight of stairs without gasping for air.

85. Your hearing works perfectly fine which means you can listen to your favorite music.

86. You are healthy and perfectly capable of helping friends and family, whenever required.

87. You can feel the beautiful weather around you.

88. You can take up challenging tasks because you are mentally healthy.

89. You can watch the beautiful sunrise because your vision health is in top condition.

90. You can impress people with that firm handshake because you are physically fit.

91. You have a pleasing personality because you are physically and mentally healthy.

92. You can dance to your favorite song or at least shake a leg like you want to.

93. You can roll your eyes in wonder when you see something amazing.

94. You can clap your hands to appreciate someone.

95. You can modulate your thoughts and emotions because of the control that you have over your mind.

96. You can strengthen your body to do more.

97. You can feel the wind blow through your hair!

98. You can live a longer life. Research shows healthy people live longer.

99. Your lifestyle can inspire others.

100. You can make the most of every opportunity that life provides you with.

Things To Be Grateful For Work

Not many of us realize but we do spend a large part of our lives working round the clock. After all, this work or office, is where you spend so much of your time on a daily basis. Now when one thinks of work, complaints are usually the first to come to the mind. But, do you know, there is a lot to be grateful for even when you have a bad day at work. Here is a list of few:

101. The coffee machine that is home to a lot of gossips and a warm beverage when you need one.

102. A good boss who understands your requirements.

103. Colleagues who are like extended family.

104. The canteen guy who always manages an extra scoop for you.

105. The cleaning staff that keeps your premises sparkling clean.

106. Some good friends that you made at work.

107. A jovial boss who knows how to lighten the mood.

108. An excellent work environment that motivates you to give your best.

109. The printing machine that has occasionally bailed you out of personal emergencies as well.

110. A boss that you can talk to just like a friend.

111. Good working conditions, this includes a clean place to sit and operate.

112. Colleagues who are willing to hear you out even with the strangest of ideas. 

113. Access to clean drinking water.

114. A canteen that takes care of your meal requirements so you do not have to manage lunch boxes at home.

115. A management that gives you holidays so that you can enjoy more time with your friends and family.

116. A culture that allows you to leave early occasionally, when you are done with your work.

117. A salary that helps you put food on the table for your family.

118. A recreation facility that allows you to exercise and rejuvenate even when you are at work.

119. Access to fair employment and evaluation, away from any gender bias.

120. An opportunity to speak to the senior management if something is really bothering you.

121. A good reward for hard work.

122. You are working for a reputed brand.

123. Your company is still earning profits which means they can pay you well.

124. You are working for a company with a flat hierarchy. There is no fear in approaching your boss.

125. You have an office with a good interior, much better when compared to the others.

126. You have the comfort of working from an air conditioned environment. 

127. There are good washroom facilities at your workplace.

128. You have colleagues that are willing to support you when you are falling short.

129. You have the freedom to try new ways to do the task. There is no compulsion to go by the book.

130. Your boss treats you like an equal.

131. A secure technological network to support your day to day routine.

132. A support team to ensure that your work does not suffer.

133. Your desk neighbor who always greets you when you come in to work.

134. You still feel like going to work when you wake up every morning.

135. You feel like you are a part of the company and like to work for its growth

136. You occasionally go out with your work friends and its fun.

137. Even when you are working late nights, your boss stays back with you.

138. When you make a mistake, you have the courage to accept it because you know that your colleagues will respect you no matter what.

139. The company that you work for is known for its employee friendly HR policies.

140. Your company has supported you when you were sick and unable to put in the required hours of work.

141. Irrespective of your caste / creed / color, your company will give you a fair chance to grow.

142. Your organization gives you an opportunity to amplify your learning.

143. Though the feedback on your performance is honest, your managers help you work on your weak points.

144. Every month that you have spent with the organization, you have experienced personal and professional growth.

145. People respect you for the job that you have.

146. Your work hours allow you a decent work-life balance.

147. This job has always given you time to be with your friends and family.

148. The work related stress is always positive.

149. Your boss is always open to conversations that help you improve your professional attitude.

150. You have the job!

Things To Be Grateful For Friends & Family

This is of course one of the most important reasons that all of us need to be grateful for. Can you imagine life without loved ones? It sounds so scary, doesn’t it? This is the exact reason why friends and family are the biggest reasons why we need to express gratitude. Here is a look at some of the reasons why you need to be grateful for your friends and family:

151. They are the solid foundation around which your life revolves

152. You will always have someone to come back home to when you come back from a tiring day at work.

153. You know that there are always friends or family to take your side when the world is against you.

154. You have a friend who will give you an honest opinion.

155. You have a good secret keeper in the form of your friend.

156. Your family will love you no matter what.

157. You have someone to take care of you when you are not doing so well.

158. When you are looking for guidance, your family is willing to help.

159. Your friends will not leave you in a lurch if a problem were to knock at your door.

160. You have true friends, who will stand by you even when you have a nasty fight with them.

161. You do not need to hide your emotions from your friends and family.

162. You have a family that has seen you through thick and thin.

163. They will share your laughs and make your special moments even more special.

164. You have friends whom you can call family.

165. You can get together and celebrate the festivals.

166. You need not be alone in the holiday season.

167. Good friends and family will always watch your back.

168. You will always find the motivation to push the limit with friends and family.

169. When you are with family, you will always have a good time.

170. Vacations are always fun when friends and family are around.

171. You need to be worried about being judged.

172. Everything that you know comes from the experience that you have with friends and family.

173.  Every family member or friend has a unique personality. Over a period of time, you adapt a lot of good traits to refine your personality from them.

174. When you are too tired to cook, you can always drop in to the house of a close friend / family, they will be happy to feed you.

175. You can always rely on the experience of the senior family members to take tough decisions.

176. The comfort that someone is there to watch your back makes you take the extra effort, always.

177. They will laugh even on your sad jokes!

178. Good friends add to the happy experiences in life.

179. A loyal friend who is always there to hear you out.

180. A supportive family always willing to bail you out of your troubles.

181. A spouse who has always coped up with your stress and tantrums.

182. The time that you spend with the people you love.

183. The gifts that they give you, it makes you feel loved and wanted.

184. Every happy memory that you have with them.

185. The time that you spend with them, every weekend.

186. The delicious food that your grandma fed you when you were a kid.

187. The way your mother tucked you in bed.

188. Your school friends who made your childhood all the more interesting.

189. The way your sibling hugs you to greet you when they see you after a long time.

190. The way your friend took your side when the class teacher scolded you.

191. The treats that you shared with your friend and even the secrets.

192. The first crush that your friend helped you overcome.

193. The first late night outing with that special person.

194. The first date with your spouse.

195. The first time you held your baby.

196. The crazy theories that you and your friend made, back when you were kids.

197. The time when your friends help you propose your first girlfriend.

198. The time when your friends and family helped you get over your first break.

199. The way they celebrated each of your achievements, no matter how big or small.

200. When your friends stood up for a weird idea even though they knew it would fail.

Things To Be Grateful For Love

This is one of the best emotions that bind the human race together. The love that one experiences from the minute that they are born to when they leave the world, is immense and overwhelming. It defines your journey for life. So here are reasons why you need to be grateful for the love in your life:

201. It makes your life worth living

202. You never feel dejected.

203. There is always some motivation to keep you going.

204. No matter how difficult the situation is, you always find a reason to look at the silver lining of the cloud.

205. You evolve with each passing day because love helps you become a better person.

206. You learn to feel joy and pain, becoming a compassionate human being.

207. You have someone in life who will always keep you grounded.

208. A sweetheart who holds a special place in your heart.

209. The love that you feel for your mother because she brought you into this world.

210. The love that binds friends and family together.

211. The emotion of love teaches you to care for others around you.

212. You have a partner with whom you can share your life.

213. Every single moment in your life when your parents showered you with love and affection.

214. The occasions when your mother’s love made up for all that you were feeling bad about.

215. Tough times when no one but your parent’s love was with you.

216. Friends who always welcomed you with love, even when you were seeing them after days.

217. Your fiance or wife who loved you even when your pockets were empty.

218. The love that you felt when you did something nice like helping a stranger.

219. The love for life that keeps you going every single day.

220. The love that pushes you to go beyond your tried and tested limits.

221. The ability to love someone.

222. The love of a friend or family that reminds you to come back home on time.

223. Practicing self-love to evolve into a better human being.

224. The warmth that the feeling of being loved brings.

225. The unconditional love that you get from a stray.

226. The random act of kindness from a stranger that makes you feel loved and special.

227. The ability to see that twinkle in the eyes of your loved one, each time they see you.

228. The positivity that soars through your body each time you express your love.

229. The love that you experience for the nice and green nature around you.

230. The appreciation of someone who loves you truly.

231. Loving someone who is always there for you.

232. The love that comes in to your life through your day to day interactions with the people around you.

233. The way love changes your perspective on everything, teaching you to see the other person’s suffering as well.

234. The warmth and love that you experience while cuddling with your favorite person.

235. The love that you experience for your favorite food.

236. The appreciation that you get when you cook something for your partner.

237. The love that your children show you when you come back home from a tiring day at work.

238. Hearing good news from the personal and professional front is another reason to experience the emotion of love.

239. The spontaneous date nights that rekindle the spark in your relationship.

240. The sudden flashback of happy childhood memories.

241. The love of your parents when they gave you a goodnight kiss.

242. The love for technology that is expressed through the fetish of owning new gadgets or at least knowing everything about them.

243. The love for yourself when you buy new clothes and accessories.

244. To be able to pamper your loved ones.

245. Reduce their pain, even if it is by a small amount.

246. The love for traditions like Halloween and Christmas that spread the festive cheer.

247. The ability to love someone unconditionally.

248. To spread love and peace around you.

249. The pain that love often causes because it helps you mature into a stronger person.

250. That exciting business idea which unlocked many opportunities.

Things To Be Grateful For Random things

As you would have guessed by now, life has a lot to be grateful for. The alive, breathing and kicking you is a proof of God’s miracle and you should leave no chance of appreciating it. Here are a few random things that many of us would be grateful for:

251. Access to the internet.

252. All the lovely things that the world wide web taught you.

253. The ability to laugh at jokes, even the bad ones!

254. The cool breeze on hot summer days.

255. The feeling when you are wrapping up work on a Friday.

256. The excitement of planning a vacation.

257. The happiness of serving your favorite people

258. Every bite of food that you are able to put in your month.

259. The favorite scarf you wear like it’s your lucky charm.

260. The lift boy in your office who always holds the door for you.

261. The boss who has always understood your challenges and helped you overcome them.

262. Your family doctor who has helped you take care of your health.

263. Your house help who keeps your home in top condition even when you are working long hours.

264. The taxi driver who ensured that you reach work on time.

265. Your belief in the supreme power that ensures you never lose hope.

266. The sunrise that blesses you with a new day full of new opportunities.

267. The clear blue sky that soothes your eyes.

268. The ability to see all the wonderful colors that are out there.

269. The nice chatty neighbors who ensure that you never have a dull moment in your life.

270. The honesty of the people around you.

271. Every feedback that you received for every idea.

272. The extra hour that you were able to sleep for.

273. The intriguing conversations with random strangers.

274. The spell check facility in your office email that saved you from embarrassing typos.

275. The lovely music that you heard when you stepped out of the house this morning.

276. The chirping of birds that made you realize the beauty of the nature around you.

277. The diversity of caste, creed and color all around you.

278. The ability to travel across borders, if you wanted to.

279. Binge watching your favorite TV show.

280. Meeting your favorite sitcom star.

281. Buying that comic magazine, you often read as a kid.

282. Gifting an expensive item to your parents.

283. Cooking your first meal.

284. The first time your salary was credited into your account.

285. Access to fresh drinking water.

286. Finding something you thought was lost.

287. Meeting a long lost friend.

288. Buying your favorite snack.

289. Leaving early from office.

290. Being appreciated at work.

291. The first time you hosted a party.

292. The time you bought your own place.

293. The first time you drank with friends.

294. The time when you hosted a party for your friends.

295. The time when you overslept and woke up to a beautiful morning.

296. The first time you danced in the rain.

297. The vehicle that you own.

298. Being able to adapt to the latest technology.

299. Watching your sibling complete their education and become successful in life.

300. Being safe, sound and healthy in these uncertain times.


Life is never a bed of roses but we still have a lot to be grateful for. Every time you express gratitude for these little joys in life, you remind yourself about the miracle that life is.