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Ways of finding things that make me happy

Ways of finding things that make me happyUpdated on January 15, 2021 | Published on December 14, 2019
Reviewed by Katina Tarver, BS (Psychology), Life Coach

Tips to Solve the Dilemma of Things That Make Me Happy

Happiness is one of the best desires and every person craves for it. Be it in a relationship, health, job, career or even financial stability. Most importantly, when a person is happy, he/she has a sense of fulfillment and success. However, some people dedicate time and effort on worthless things. And stop asking themselves and analyzing that – what are the things that make me happy? They forget the art of being happy. They never realize that happiness helps in reducing stress levels.

So, if you wish to feel good and improve your overall wellbeing then happiness is the key. Amidst this, if the question – which are the things that make me happy, troubles you. Then do read our article to know the ways to find happiness.

How to find things that make you happy?

Ways of finding things that make you happy
Ways of finding things that make you happy

1. Start from scratch

We have notions about happiness since we were kids. Because they get infused either by society, family, friends or teachers. But do they make you happy? If no, then isn’t it appropriate to clean the slate to start something new.

Since childhood, we have been told about happiness. At times, we are being bombarded by unusual things and vague ideas that permeate our lives. For example:

  • If I buy a lavish home, I will find happiness
  • Losing weight is one of the best things that make me happy
  • Committed relationship will shape my life
  • Moving out from my homeland will be a key to success.

Well, one of these points, could bring happiness. But to start afresh, brush off these presumptions. Forget what your family and friends said about happiness. Set on a journey to unearth some unknown results. You never know, you might just encounter something out of this world!

2. Start taking notes

The moment that gives you happiness, note it down. No matter if it is a vague thought or a sad idea. Just make a note of it. You never know, you might just encounter something unusual that fuels happiness.

When you make a grocery list, it gives you an idea of how much food supplies will help you strive throughout the week. On similar lines, noting down about the moments that give immense happiness add direction to your life. Start maintaining a list like – 100 things that make me happy. And it solely depends on you if you wish to update it on a weekly or monthly basis.

For example, saving money to explore 100 beaches, spend one whole year to explore the world, or finishing knitting for my baby. This will not only give you motivation but you’ll know about things that make you happy. However, don’t wander off blindly as it is important to have a purpose while taking notes. And at any point in time if you feel confused, then start questioning yourself – that what are the things that make me happy. With this, you will get clarity to find solutions.

Have a note about the things that make me happy. It could be small, big, difficult or even easy. You may also have a note on your desktop. Whenever you think that you have wandered off, or feeling low, read the notes. It will show you a way to stay happy!

3. Prioritize your happiness 

There are a lot of things that make might you happy. Interestingly, they cost little or nothing, yet it becomes impossible to prioritize them. Suppressing your desires will lead to unhappiness so it’s best to embrace them.

When surrounded by our loved ones, we tend to concentrate more on their happiness than ours. We start giving excuses of being busy or stressed out. No wonder spending a day with family, sunbathing, cycling with the little one, etc., gives happiness. Amidst this, what really makes you happy? It could be writing a book, taking a stroll in the woods, dancing, and so on.

So, start valuing your happiness because if you fail to do so, no else will do it. You can strike a balance between your needs and your loved ones. And if you think it is selfish, then it is not. If you are happy from the bottom of your heart, you will likely spread happiness across.

4. Hold onto happy people 

Spending time with family and friends who appreciate and respect you is a great way to happiness. They mold you to be a better person.

Positive people will add positivity to your life. Moreover, positive thinking has an optimistic impact on your happiness. So, it’s best to stay surrounded by people who give us joy. Happy people will motivate you and give you a boost to stay happy. Besides, negative people will always be ready to pull you down.

So, why give them a chance? However, there will be a certain set of people who despite being filthy-minded might give happiness. But if they are interesting and make you feel good about yourself, then you might just give them a chance!

5. Stick to a healthy lifestyle 

Exercise is a great way to stay fit. But at the same time, it is a great medium to stay happy too! A study highlighted that exercise gives more happiness than money.

While walking, jogging, or cycling; we are so engrossed into it that we don’t feel anxious or stress out. And once a person starts getting physically active, then he/she gets immense joy after meeting the fitness goals. He/she also start feeling proud of oneself for the extra efforts put in to enhance physical appearance in the gym.

Moreover, a nice walk in the evenings helps to meet strangers thus giving a break from a monotonous life. Besides, it is also important to stick to healthy eating habits. Because if you choose junk food, then the appearance that you worked on in the gym – will vanish in no time. 

6. Show gratitude

Gratitude makes a great difference. A simple “thank you”can have a great impact on the level of happiness. A study states that people who exhibited gratitude had overall heightened well-being!

There are many ways of showing gratitude. You may maintain a journal, share it with your friends or shower gratitude when others help you. All these practices give a feeling of joy and peace. And if you are consciously aware that why you are thankful, then it will give you immense happiness. Every day spend a moment to thank for the necessities that you have. Then it could be food, a place to live or a job! Moreover, gratitude helps in enhancing mental health

Maintaining a gratitude journal is a great practice. It helps in keeping a person in a thankful as well as in a positive state of mind.

50 things that make you happy

  1. Watching the waves for hours
  2. The smell of wet mud
  3. Wearing designer clothes
  4. Sweating it out for 6-pack abs
  5. Enjoying cartoons that I loved in childhood
  6. Bathroom singing
  7. Dancing in Elvis Presley’s style
  8. Driving through countryside
  9. Trekking at higher peaks
  10. Relishing street food
  11. An amazing hair day
  12. Receiving a mail from best friend
  13. Buying balloons for street children
  14. View from the airplane
  15. Participating in a flash mob
  16. Pampered with favorite pastries
  17. Partying with friends every weekend
  18. Reading novels
  19. Brewing strong coffee
  20. Making candles
  21. Taking up ballet classes
  22. Snuggling in the sofa
  23. Orange sunsets
  24. Mending relations with friends I had a tiff with
  25. Pampering my kids with a healthy diet
  26. Long talks with my best friend
  27. Entertaining office colleagues
  28. Relishing a well-cooked turkey
  29. Finding happiness during family functions
  30. Inspiring others with small talks
  31. Birds chirping
  32. Finding money in a hidden pocket
  33. Getting free coupons from Starbucks Coffee
  34. Getting free beers at the favorite restaurant
  35. Stumbling upon a cute corgi puppy
  36. Getting retweets and shares on social media
  37. Perfect popped popcorn
  38. Popping bubble wrap for hours
  39. Playing indoor games
  40. Sweating it out in the gym
  41. Cuddling Persian cat
  42. When the mobile phone is 100% charged
  43. Flaunting favorite bikini
  44. Scuba diving in the Channel Islands
  45. Teaching street children
  46. Playing violin
  47. Decorating home with fairy lights
  48. Completion of a project before the deadline
  49. Watching favorite movies on repeat mode on Netflix
  50. Singing in church’s choir

Closing Thoughts

Happiness comes in from or small and big things you undertake every day. It may also come from the habits you practice every day. So, if you want to know the mediums to stay happy, then do follow these basic tips. If you are still confused then you may take this test to discover more about things that make you happy!