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Tips to Solve the Dilemma – Things That Make Me Happy

Tips to Solve the Dilemma – Things That Make Me Happy

Tips to Solve the Dilemma of Things That Make Me Happy

Happiness is one of the best desires and every person craves for it. Be it in a relationship, health, job, career or even financial stability. Most importantly, when a person is happy, he/she has a sense of fulfillment and success. However, some people dedicate time and effort on worthless things. And stop asking themselves and analyzing that – what are the things that make me happy? 

They forget the art of being happy. They never realize that happiness helps in reducing stress levels. So, if you wish to feel good and improve your overall well being then happiness is the key. Amidst this, if the question – which are the things that make me happy, troubles you. Then do read our article to know the ways to find happiness.

How to find things that make you happy?

There is so much in life that we come across. It is quite obvious to get distracted with these. And ultimately forget the meaning of life. That is, being happy inside out. Still, if you are here to find out what makes you happy, congratulations! You’re already on your path to the pursuit of happiness 🙂

1. Start from scratch

We have notions about happiness since we were kids. Because they get infused either by society, family, friends or teachers. But do they make you happy? If no, then isn’t it appropriate to clean the slate to start something new.

Since childhood, we have been told about happiness. At times, we are being bombarded by unusual things and vague ideas that permeate our lives. For example:

  • If I buy a lavish home, I will find happiness
  • Losing weight is one of the best things that make me happy
  • Committed relationship will shape my life
  • Moving out from my homeland will be a key to success.

Well, one of these points, could bring happiness. But to start afresh, brush off these presumptions. Forget what your family and friends said about happiness. Set on a journey to unearth some unknown results. You never know, you might just encounter something out of this world!

2. Start taking notes

The moment that gives you happiness, note it down. No matter if it is a vague thought or a sad idea. Just make a note of it. You never know, you might just encounter something unusual that fuels happiness.

When you make a grocery list, it gives you an idea of how much food supplies will help you strive throughout the week. On similar lines, noting down about the moments that give immense happiness add direction to your life.

Start maintaining a list like – 100 things that make me happy. And it solely depends on you if you wish to update it on a weekly or monthly basis.

For example, saving money to explore 100 beaches, spend one whole year to explore the world, or finishing knitting for my baby. This will not only give you motivation but you’ll know about things that make you happy.

However, don’t wander off blindly as it is important to have a purpose while taking notes. And at any point in time if you feel confused, then start questioning yourself – that what are the things that make me happy. With this, you will get clarity to find solutions.

Have a note about the things that make me happy. It could be small, big, difficult or even easy. You may also have a note on your desktop. Whenever you think that you have wandered off, or feeling low, read the notes. It will show you a way to stay happy!

3. Prioritize your happiness 

There are a lot of things that make might you happy. Interestingly, they cost little or nothing, yet it becomes impossible to prioritize them. Suppressing your desires will lead to unhappiness so it’s best to embrace them.

When surrounded by our loved ones, we tend to concentrate more on their happiness than ours. We start giving excuses of being busy or stressed out. No wonder spending a day with family, sunbathing, cycling with the little one, etc., gives happiness. Amidst this, what really makes you happy? It could be writing a book, taking a stroll in the woods, dancing, and so on.

So, start valuing your happiness because if you fail to do so, no else will do it. You can strike a balance between your needs and your loved ones. And if you think it is selfish, then it is not. If you are happy from the bottom of your heart, you will likely spread happiness across.

4. Hold onto happy people 

Spending time with family and friends who appreciate and respect you is a great way to happiness. They mold you to be a better person.

Positive people will add positivity to your life. Moreover, positive thinking has an optimistic impact on your happiness. So, it’s best to stay surrounded by people who give us joy. Happy people will motivate you and give you a boost to stay happy. Besides, negative people will always be ready to pull you down.

So, why give them a chance? However, there will be a certain set of people who despite being filthy-minded might give happiness. But if they are interesting and make you feel good about yourself, then you might just give them a chance!

5. Stick to a healthy lifestyle 

Exercise is a great way to stay fit. But at the same time, it is a great medium to stay happy too! A study highlighted that exercise gives more happiness than money.

While walking, jogging, or cycling; we are so engrossed into it that we don’t feel anxious or stress out. And once a person starts getting physically active, then he/she gets immense joy after meeting the fitness goals. He/she also start feeling proud of oneself for the extra efforts put in to enhance physical appearance in the gym.

Moreover, a nice walk in the evenings helps to meet strangers thus giving a break from a monotonous life. Besides, it is also important to stick to healthy eating habits. Because if you choose junk food, then the appearance that you worked on in the gym – will vanish in no time. 

6. Show gratitude

Gratitude makes a great difference. A simple “thank you”can have a great impact on the level of happiness. A study states that people who exhibited gratitude had overall heightened well-being!

There are many ways of showing gratitude. You may maintain a journal, share it with your friends or shower gratitude when others help you. All these practices give a feeling of joy and peace.

And if you are consciously aware that why you are thankful, then it will give you immense happiness. Every day spend a moment to thank for the necessities that you have. Then it could be food, a place to live or a job! Moreover, gratitude helps in enhancing mental health

Maintaining a gratitude journal is a great practice. It helps in keeping a person in a thankful as well as in a positive state of mind.

Being happy is about knowing what makes you happy. It’s about identifying, embracing and acknowledging those little happy things. There are so many things we need to be grateful for. But what do we do mostly? Ignore it, right? And then, we look for happiness in bigger things. Forgetting that bigger things come occasionally. It is the small things that made up life.

So let’s stop taking things for granted. It’s high time to appreciate what you have. To embrace those little moments of happiness! 

Know 100+ Things That Make You Happy
Know 100+ Things That Make You Happy

100+ Things that Make Me Happy

‘Things that make me happy’ means all those things that lift your spirits. Like, eating the food you love. Reading an amazing poem. Holding your favorite person’s hand. Or maybe, looking at the sky. 

Still, confused about what counts in it? Here’s a compiled list of things you might be ignoring but is a source of happiness nevertheless. It’s high time to acknowledge those. Let’s see!

Happy Things (Happy Stuff) in Daily Life

Our daily life is made of little happy things. These turn into positive thoughts. And a happier life. Let’s see what are these –

  1. Waking up daily to welcome the new morning! Afterall, as Rumi said – “The morning breeze has secrets to tell you…. Do not go back to sleep.”
  2. Getting ready for a new start daily. Seeing your reflection in the mirror, playing with your hair, admiring yourself. Little by little. 
  3. Hearing voices of your loved ones. Even if it’s your child reciting. Or your spouse quarreling. Don’t we miss all these silly things when we are alone? 
  4. Lying on your bed to have a comfort sleep after a whole long day. The more tired you are, the more you cherish this tiny little comfort.
  5. Wearing your favorite piece of cloth. Yes, that super comfy Tee. Or that gorgeous party attire. 
  6. When you don’t have to wait in the heavy traffic congestion on the street. That smooth drive without horn noises and stuff. Indeed, heaven. 
  7. An unexpected holiday party with your favorite people. Or, a sudden cancellation of the plan with those nosy ones (especially if you’re the introvert soul). Absolutely perfect recipe to make you suddenly happy in life. 

Things that Make People Happy about Relationships

Do you know what shapes a good part of your life? Yes, people in your life. Friends and family are the crux of our social connection. And there are so many things with them that makes us happy!

  1. When your loved one gives you a tight hug. Especially on those low feeling days. 
  2. Your first kiss with a special one. And those uncountable kisses following it in life. 
  3. Having loved ones or family members in life who really care for you. 
  4. When your loved ones remember your favorite things or preferences while buying you a present. 
  5. That cute little nic name your loved ones gave you. Okay, it can be embarrassing sometimes. Still, adorable. 
  6. Buying surprise gifts for them. And then seeing that shine of surprise and excitement in their eyes. You know it!
  7. When your loved ones take your favor in front of others. Or, when they tell you how they will never never leave you alone. 

Things that Make You Happy about Nature

Nature is like the balm to our mind. Besides, many studies suggest that it can drastically improve our health and happiness levels. So why not cherish it?

  1. The touch of that fresh, new-born shiny leaf. Or the newly growing delicate petals of a blooming flower.
  2. Mesmerizing sounds of nature. Like birds chirping. The sound of the rain or a natural waterfall. And the whispers of fresh breeze behind your ear. Yes, take a moment.  Feel the music of nature. 
  3. Feeling of the fresh air in your hair or against your face. 
  4. Beautiful, various kinds of plants you notice in the lap of nature. Be it Wordsworth’s Daffodils, early summer Daisies, interesting mosses, or our humble green grass. 
  5. Adoring baby animals. From lovely lambs, cute kittens, puppies, to the larger ones like baby elephants. It fills the heart with a cheerful feeling. 
  6. Refreshing delicious smell of fresh ripe fruits, lovely flowers, or that of the rain soaked soil.
  7. Walking barefoot on sand with sea waves splashing against feet. 

Things that Make Me Happy about Seasons

Different seasons symbolize different aspects of life. Mostly we have our unique preferences about these seasons. Like, some enjoy the rain party. Others – a summer eve. What do you like most?

  1. Feeling the warm sunshine on your face on a cozy autumn or winter morning. Or, sitting in the sun on the beach in lazy summers. 
  2. Swimming freely in water like a bird floating in the air. A perfect way to enjoy summers, no?
  3. Fresh flowers and ripe fruits, unique to each season. 
  4. A hot mug of coffee with quilt over the shoulders, by a fireside, in those chilled winter evenings. 
  5. Roadside colorful shrubs, flowers, and bushes – born every spring. Yes, they do look beautiful. Have you noticed yet?
  6. Enjoying the rainy season with your loved one/s. Be it a warm treat of mac & cheese or monsoon snacks party! Indeed, food and rain is a deadly combination.. 
  7. Wetting yourself, your body, your soul… in the heavy pouring rain. Or even mesmerizing, dancing in it. Also, who can miss that refreshing smell of the wet soil!

Creative Things that Make Me Happy

Creativity and happiness go hand in hand. As per the recent research study published in the BBC, it is found that creative things really improve your mood. 

  1. Singing your heart out. Or letting your fingers (or mouth) do the magic with a musical instrument. Yes, we are talking about your inner rockstar!
  2. Playing with colors and creating a painting out of it. Canvas is yours – create what you want. 
  3. Exciting DIY (Do it yourself) crafts. Be it a skirt from your old denim pants. A quick renovation to your garage. Or a cool leather camera holder out of your old jacket. 
  4. Insanely dancing on your favorite song. Bonus point – with your favorite person. 
  5. Pursuing your favorite hobby. Be it skating, rapping, an interesting sport, or maybe art & craft. 
  6. Experimenting with new things. Like, trying to give a new look to your room. Or, learning mandala art from YouTube videos. 
  7. Creating something new. Like, a sketch, baking caramel pie, trying your hands in wall art, or doing your girlfriend’s makeup!

Things that Make Me Happy about My Work

We spend a lot of time and energy at our work. No doubt, it has a great influence on our state of mind. Though it might seem boring. Like, what can be good about work, right? Well, there are things. You just need to look!

  1. When you can complete your decided to-do list on time. That productive feeling is priceless.
  2. The ability to work from home in a comfort. Laptop on the lap, coffee mug by side, while seated on the couch, and mind drown in your work. Somehow, it feels good. 
  3. When you get appreciation from your boss or clients on the project you gave your best.
  4. When you meet quite an urgent deadline. Or bag that big good project. Ah! go  ahead victor.
  5. That day when you are quite focused naturally. Work goes smooth, your mind seems refreshed, and overall you can actually enjoy doing your job.
  6. A seemingly lost business opportunity when turned back to you. Yes, you deserved it so much!
  7. When you meet a new colleague and instantly know your creative levels in the work conjoint. 

Things that Make You Happy about Yourself 

Happiness comes from inside. Our levels of happiness are decided by our inner state. So when we feel good about ourselves, we have an aura of positive emotions around us. Thus, admire yourself!

  1. When you feel perfectly comfortable in your skin. You deserve to love your body. And when you do it, it’s another reason to feel happy.
  2. Your favorite skill. From cooking amazing pastas to doing calculations in seconds. Or any other thing you are confident in. 
  3. Little mole or birthmark on your body. After all, it’s unique to you. 
  4. When you don’t procrastinate in doing something you dislike. We know that proud moment!
  5. That time when you stand for yourself or your loved ones. When you decide not to take others’ toxicity. 
  6. When you listen to your heart. And do what you want. That moment when you start being what you want. Not what you should. 

Favorite Things that Make You Happy

Almost all favorite things make us happy. Here are some. Think about others.

  1. Your favorite flavored ice cream in your hand. Instant happiness!
  2. When you listen to music or your favorite song. Plus your favorite singer’s live show. 
  3. Eating your favorite meal, that too, at your favorite place. Besides, relishing it with a well baked hot chocolate brownie?
  4. While shopping, getting clothing or a stuff exactly in your favorite color. Especially, after looking for it from store to store. 
  5. Reading your favorite author’s book. 
  6. Watching your favorite dramas,  web series, and movies. And enjoying your childhood favorite cartoons too!
  7. A holiday at your favorite place. 

Actionable Things that Make Me Happy

We do it. Forget it. Repeat it. And have our small moments of happiness with these. 

  1. Playing your favorite sport. It can be anything. Indoor games like chess, cards. Or outdoor ones like tennis. 
  2. When you fulfill your short term and long term goals.
  3. Sweating it out for a healthy body. And seeing its positive results on your health. 
  4. Playing video games with your group for hours in a row. 
  5. Cleaning your house and decorating it for a special occasion. 
  6. Finishing the task you wanted to do for a long time. 

Simple Things that Make You Happy

Happiness is a simple affair. Don’t believe it? Here you go –

  1. Cuddling your furry pet. Or a large cute soft toy!
  2. When you spend time with family and friends. Or grow your social network with the right people. 
  3. Binge watching Netflix or some old favorite ones on repeat mode. 
  4. Listening to ‘Love You’, or ‘Thank You’ from someone you adore. 
  5. Changing clothes to your comfy ones, once you get home. 
  6. Finding a few forgotten bucks or maybe more in a hidden pocket. 
  7. Suddenly finding your old toys.

Little Things that Make You Happy

We all are in our ways to find happiness. And there are so many such instances in day to day lives that fill our hearts with happiness. Some little things are –

  1. When you drop the phone and still find it perfectly unbroken. 
  2. Spending money on something for which you saved for so long. Also when you spend money buying a good book, a new videogame, or no doubt, your favorite food. 
  3. When you read a book aloud for your partner or share it with someone you adore. 
  4. Perfect popped popcorns. And if it is caramel popcorn, double happiness. 
  5. When your mobile phone is 100% charged. 
  6. A message from a friend you haven’t talked to for months.
  7. Getting good news. 
  8. A new year. 
  9. Pampering your loved ones. Basically, spoiling them out of your love. 

Things to Do to Make You Happy when Feeling Sad

Negative emotion fake smile   boost your mood

  1. Meditating or practicing mindfulness to gain control over things. If you have tried it, you might already know how therapeutically it works!
  2. Going for a long walk outdoors. Preferably, in the midst of nature. Like, a beautiful park or something like that. 
  3. Eating a lot of chocolates. Firstly, who wouldn’t feel good with a mouth full of chocolates! Secondly, chocolates are good for your brain and lifts up your mood. 
  4. Writing down all you are feeling. Of course, it’s like pouring your heart out on the paper. And it works amazingly. 
  5. Showing gratefulness and self-compassion. That is, thanking others as well as yourself for what you have got good in life. Also, being kind to oneself instead of trying too hard to grow a thick skin.      
  6. Cleaning your room, your wardrobe, or your whole house. As you like it. It fills you up with another kind of positivity. 
  7. Being kind. Helping someone else in need. Just smiling at a stranger. Laughing with a child. Feeding a stray dog. These all make us happy when feeling low. 

Things that Make Me Happy about World

Our world is a wonderland itself. Ever gave a thought about it? It’s the time. What are the things that make you happy about the world?

  1. Feeling that we all are unique yet similar. The string of humanity that ties one person to the other. 
  2. Seeing how some people work for greater happiness, rushing above from petty selfish boundaries. 
  3. The unique stories of every one’s perspective for life satisfaction. For example, older people feel different about the purpose of life. A small child feels different. 
  4. Beautiful people around the world. Their unique cultures, expressions, ideas, and lives.

How to Feel Happy Genuinely?

Do you feel happier every morning? Well, there’s this saying that every morning, we get a new life. And we can make it an opportunity to embrace our inner true happiness. So, what counts as true happiness? Some really simple things. 

  1. Don’t compare yourself with anyone. Repeat, ANYONE. You are unique, special, and flaw some. That’s enough. 
  2. Have your inner child alive in you. It’s not just about some occasional fun moments. Rather, it’s about some carefree and positive outlook towards everything. 
  3. Sleep well! As many studies show, sleep deprivation can make you feel low, depressed and stressed. So, no matter how good things go externally, you won’t feel good from inside. 
  4. Practicing Thankfulness. That is, being grateful for what you have. Besides, showing your genuine gratitude to others. It lets you see the positive things in life that you often miss. 
  5. Being self compassionate. Simply, not pull your failures. And not ignore your achievements. Be kind and patient with yourself. Yes!
  6. Treat yourself like the king/queen. In other words, don’t forget making yourself your first priority. You deserve your love, dear!
  7. Find meaning in life. What are you made for? And what is your inner call? Try to find out your answers. And remember – everyone has their own unique and true answers. 

How to Make Yourself Happy?

Looking for ways to improve your happiness quotient? Here’s the answer! 

  1. Make it simple. That is, try to avoid the complexities of life or difficult people. Be what you are. And show the same to others. Basically, no need to pretend. 
  2. Treat yourself with love and care. Just the way you treat a loved one. 
  3. Find happy people and surround yourself with them. Their positive aura will inspire you too. 
  4. Feel happy about others’ success. Understand that there is no competition in this world. Everyone is unique. Similarly, his/her path is unique. Hence, no one takes your place. 
  5. Try to gather experience instead of material possessions. 
  6. Show your love for others. 
  7. “I’m strong. Powerful. Beautiful.” – Make it your mantra. 

What Makes You Happy Instantly?

While there’s so much you can count as happy making things, some are special. These things can make you happy instantly. Basically, these act like your savior when you don’t have time to even get upset.  

  1. A quick refreshing bath in a cold shower. It always energizes. 
  2. Seeing your favorite person. Or even better, being with the person with a whole day plan. 
  3. Going through old photo albums. Thus, cherishing all those old memories. And reliving them in the moment. 
  4. Being pampered with your favorite flavor pastry. And a plus if the treat has more than one pastries. 
  5. Buying colorful big gas balloons. Then freeing the ties to see those rising up in the air till invisible in the clouds. 
  6. Amazing smelling candles. Besides, lighting those candles for a home candle light dinner. 
  7. Cuddling your dear one/s. Especially after a bad day. 

Something to Make Me Happy

We often come across something upsetting. And that leads to a whole spring of negative thoughts. Then we feel the need for something to make us happy. Well, here we have covered it. 

  1. A long, comforting warm bath. Simply being there in the shower, realizing how it feels good to have your ‘Me’ time some days. 
  2. Looking at the moon. And adoring its calm, peaceful, and energizing aura. Though it sounds weird, it is enough to make you happy. 
  3. Home baked birthday cakes. 
  4. Being wrapped in a delicate, soft, very comfy throw. Especially on winter nights while chatting with your friends. 
  5. Eating fresh fruit jam straight out of the container. 
  6. Buying something useful that you wanted to from ages (Well, there are some things, you know).
  7. Seeing a sunset. Adoring that orangish red shade of the sky gradually turning into blue, light grey, and then moon light fills. 

Random Things that Make Me Happy

Sometimes, little random things are enough for you to feel good. And guess what, you have ample opportunities for these small random happy making things. Let’s explore!

  1. A good haircut that perfectly suits your face. Besides, freshly washed amazing hair. We call it officially a ‘good hair day’.
  2. Getting free coupons or special discount coupons from Starbucks Coffee. 
  3. Decorating a Christmas tree with adorable colorful fairy lights, ribbons, and other stuff. 
  4. Getting free beers or a special discount on food in your favorite restaurant.
  5. Spending time with some adorable young citizens. Playing hide & seek with them. Telling them stories. And so much more. 
  6. Long happy talks with your best friend. Including all those interesting gossips, your inner jokes, and loads of silly things. 
  7. Popping bubble wrap for hours while snuggling on the sofa. Yep, we are talking about those lazy afternoons 

Mindful Things that Make Me Happy

  1. Keeping a Gratitude journal. It helps you in realizing, recording, and embracing your feelings. 
  2. Thinking about your life. It’s more like a mindful process of self reflection. For example, when you think – what or how you were 20 minutes before? 20 days before? And 20 years before? Or, do you think what you want in the next 20 minutes? 20 days? And 20 years? 
  3. Noticing when you really feel happy. When you wait a moment. Think about it. And ask – ‘What is making me happy?’. ‘Is it a person?’. ‘Or a thing or incident?’ 
  4. Thinking about things that could make you happy in childhood. What was your favorite hobby or dreams then? These make us instantly happy and nostalgic.
  5.  Figuring out your inner self. Do you ask yourself- ‘What kind of a person I am?’. ‘Do I find my energy within me or outside?’. ’What matters most in my life?’. It gives us inner peace and happiness.
  6.  Exploring your hobbies, ideas, and skills. Like, the things you generally excel in. Or what you can do effortlessly for hours without getting tired or bored? This self reflection makes us happy!
  7. Connecting the dots. You might have gone through this spiritual process time or the other. Like asking yourself – What kinds of people attract you? Do you enjoy doing something that you share with them? Is it something that works like a medicine or mood lifter? This makes you happy as you see things in clear light. For instance, if you are mostly connected to tech people. You love learning about coding.  And you actually enjoy it. So, you know, it makes you happy.

Okay, but…

How do ‘Things that Make Me Happy’ Matters? 

What are we looking for in life? Yes, fulfillment or happiness. And this lies in some little things. As published in Harvard, researchers studied about happiness and the links to  increased happiness. What they found was a simple old rule. Little things, simple efforts, increased happiness. That’s it! And this simple thing affects our life in all its ways – 

Personal Sphere

  1. Being happy makes your heart healthier. 
  2. Happiness lowers heart rate and maintains blood pressure. 
  3. It is a great boost up to your body’s immunity system. 
  4. These things reduce stress. It also helps you fight depression and anxiety. Thus, you feel more content, peaceful, and mentally healthy. 
  5. These help you to attain physical, mental health, and emotional wellbeing.

Professional Sphere

  1. As recent research suggests it boosts your overall productivity. 
  2. Doing things that make you happy positively affects your work performance. 
  3. Happy people tend to grow on the career ladder successfully. 

Social Sphere 

  1. Being happy helps a person to befriend others more easily. 
  2. These activities help you to have a better interpersonal understanding. And this improves your social interpersonal skills.

Happiness is subjective. It doesn’t need to be a high state to reach. Or else, great achievement or luxury. So, what matters in life? Well, ‘small things’. Those small things that we often ignore. Little moments. Simple cuddles. Yes, these small things matter in the long run!

Closing Thoughts from TheMindFool

Happiness comes from small and big things you undertake every day. It may also come from the habits you practice every day. So, if you want to know the mediums to stay happy, then do follow these basic tips. And explore yourself the ‘things that make me happy’. If you are still confused then you may take this test to discover more about things that make you happy!