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Positive Character Traits are Lifelong Assets

Positive Character Traits are Lifelong Assets

positive character traits

We are all born with certain qualities. Some of these qualities are inherited which are given to us by our genes and many are the product of our learning, past experiences, and luck. The dictionary meaning of trait says that it is a quality or a characteristic feature; which is typical to a particular person or community. Character traits are the most priced aspects of a person’s behavior which are labeled to them based on specific situations. Some of these character traits are considered good and some are not. The good character traits are called positive character traits and not so acceptable traits are called negative character traits.

What Are Character Traits?

Character traits are those aspects of one’s behavior that are liked, less liked, or avoided by the people or community around them. It involves a variety of personal qualities that may or may not exist in an individual. A character trait helps to define the nature of the person. These traits are based on our moral principles.

What is a Positive Character Trait?

The good character traits which are liked and admired by our fellow humans are called positive character traits. It describes a person’s good nature. The examples of these traits are honesty, kindness, caring, loving, righteous, brave, wise, etc; these help develop a positive and pleasing personality.

What Are the Negative Character Traits?

These are less likable traits of a person which are considered bad in terms of social regulations. Examples of negative traits are selfishness, laziness, jealousy, anger, greed, etc. A positive or negative trait is determined by the community in which we live in and the situation we belong to.

The simplest example is being aggressive is a negative trait for a priest. The society wants him to be virtuous and humble. Aggressive is a positive trait for a football player. His aggression on the field will earn him a goal. Character traits are based on varying situations. People around us influence traits as well.

Difference Between Character and Personality

Personality is a combination of several qualities that makes a person’s character. Does it include behavior, thoughts, and feelings that define “who we are”? Character is the moral code of conduct that defines a person’s values and principles. It includes those qualities that explain “how we are?”

Positive Character Traits are Lifelong Assets
Positive Character Traits are Lifelong Assets

Let’s see a few points to understand the differences between character and personality.

  • The inherited and learned qualities or behavior patterns determine our personality. Character refers to attitudes and moral values that are learned by observing others.
  • Personality is what you appear from outside. This is an image of us, which is projected to the outside world. Character is in-built and shows your inner world.
  • All physical and mental qualities of a person together become his or her personality. Character refers to moral conduct, which is acceptable in society.
  • Our society does not validate personality. Character is evaluated by social rules and regulations.
  • Our character traits are based on belief and value systems. Personality traits are usually genetic.
  • The character may vary with the situation or circumstances or may purposely change while personality tends to be innate.
  • Your personality traits create a good image for you and help to develop good public relations. The character moves around your values and determines what is right and what is not.

List of Positive Character Traits

Positive character traits starting with ‘A’

  1. Accepting – can easily accept others without making judgments.
  2. Active – engages and participates in various activities.
  3. Adaptable – you can adjust to new situations.
  4. Affectionate – loving and warm-hearted.
  5. Alert – you can think clearly.
  6. Ambitious – is a person who has a strong desire to achieve his goal.
  7. Amusing – fun-loving and pleasant.
  8. Assertive – you are confident and determined.
  9. Attentive – watchful and aware of all the things happening around.

Positive character traits starting with ‘B’ & ‘C’:

  1. Brave – you are ready to face all problems with courage.
  2. Broad-minded – you are open to changes, tolerant, and do not get angry.
  3. Careful – someone who is cautious with everything.
  4. Charming – you are beautiful, good looking, and attractive.
  5. Cheerful – happy and fun-loving person.
  6. Clever – you are intelligent and quickly link your ideas and actions.
  7. Compassion – kind-hearted and feels for others.
  8. Confident – being sure of oneself and aware of personal qualities and abilities.
  9. Courteous – A polite, well behaved, and respectful person.
  10. Creative – you can create new ideas and work on it.
  11. Curious – one who is eager to know things.

Positive character traits starting with ‘D’& ‘E’

  1. Diligent – you work hard to achieve things in life.
  2. Dependable – a reliable person.
  3. Disciplined – you are the one who follows rules very well.
  4. Dutiful – being faithful towards his work.
  5. Easy-going – the person is happy-go-lucky and relaxed.
  6. Efficient – A well organized and systematic person.
  7. Energetic – you are active and do not get tired easily.

Positive character traits starting with ‘F’ & ‘G’

  1. Fairness – impartial and do not like to discriminate among people.
  2. Faithful – the person is loyal and devoted.
  3. Flexible – can easily adapt and adjust to any situation.
  4. Forgiving – A forgiving, merciful, and lenient person.
  5. Friendly – easy person, warm and sociable.
  6. Generous – kind, unselfish, and open-handed in nature.
  7. Genuine – you are real and true.
  8. Graceful – A person who is beautiful and elegant.

Positive character traits starting with “H”

  1. Hard-working – one who is efficient and can work with commitment.
  2. Helpful – have a strong desire to help others who are in need.
  3. Honesty – someone who is always truthful in his actions. Never tell lies or does wrong things.
  4. Hopeful – you are always positive about things getting better in life.
  5. Humility – you are modest and do not like to take pride.
  6. Humorous – you are funny, amusing, and entertaining.

Positive character traits starting with “I”

  1. Imaginative – someone who can think of new ideas. You are resourceful to create new things.
  2. Impartial – someone who is unbiased and fair-minded.
  3. Innovative – can make new ideas, has a creative and experimental attitude.
  4. Integrity – having strong moral principles.
  5. Intelligent – is sharp, bright, and brilliant.
  6. Intimate – you can easily get into close connections.
  7. Independent– you can think and act on your own.

Positive personality traits starting with “J”,”K” and “L”

  1. Jovial – fun-loving and carefree nature.
  2. Just – a fair-minded and righteous person.
  3. Kind – being friendly, caring, and considerate toward others.
  4. Liberal – An open-minded and respectful person.
  5. Logical – objective and straight forward in nature.
  6. Loving –You are compassionate and caring towards others.
  7. Loyal – you are faithful and can give constant support to others without complaining.

Positive character traits starting with “M”,”N” and “O”

  1. Mature – someone who is dependable and sensible.
  2. Merciful – you are forgiving and soft-hearted.
  3. Meticulous – you are careful and like to do work perfectly.
  4. Modest – A timed and reserved person.
  5. Motivated – you can inspire, lead, and stimulate yourself and others.
  6. Neat – A clean and tidy person.
  7. Open-mindedness – are willing to consider new ideas easily.
  8. Optimistic – hopeful and confident about oneself.
  9. Organized – the person is systematic and orderly in his actions.

Positive personality traits starting with “P” &”Q”

  1. Patient – someone who is uncomplaining and tolerant.
  2. Peaceful – someone who loves a calm and harmonious life.
  3. Playful – light-hearted and jolly.
  4. Pleasant – charming and lovable.
  5. Polite – soft-spoken and humble.
  6. Powerful – A person who is strong and shows physical power.
  7. Practical – a person who is sensible and realistic in solving problems.
  8. Punctual – you love to do things on time.
  9. purposeful – A firm and determined person.
  10. Quiet – someone who prefers to remain silent and listen to others.

Positive character traits starting with “R”& “S”

  1. Reasonable – fair, sensible, and logical.
  2. Reliable – A person who can be trusted easily.
  3. Responsible – A person who can manage things well.
  4. Righteous- someone who is law-abiding and follows morality.
  5. Rationale – one who works with reason and logic.
  6. Self-confident – the person is aware of his abilities and qualities.
  7. Sensitive – can easily respond to things.
  8. Simple – A straight forward and understanding person.
  9. Sincere – being real, honest, and genuine.
  10. Skillful – being expert and proficient.
  11. Smart – the person is stylish.
  12. Stable – a sensible and clear-headed person.
  13. Strong – powerful and well-built.
  14. Supportive – A sympathetic, caring and protective person.

Positive traits starting with “T”

  1. Tactful – shows skill in dealing with difficult situations.
  2. Talented – a skillful and gifted person.
  3. Tidy – neat and well kept.
  4. Trustworthy – honest and dependable.
  5. Truthful – being sincere and genuine.

Positive personality traits starting with “U”,”V,” and “W”

  1. Understanding – can get a clear idea of the concepts.
  2. Unselfish – selfless and considerate in nature.
  3. Valiant – courageous and disciplined.
  4. Virtuous – being moral and ethical always.
  5. Vital – someone who is indispensable.
  6. Warm – friendly, kind, and pleasant.
  7. Wise – someone who is sensible and enlightened.

14 Benefits of Positive Traits

Your character influences the people around you. Everyone loves to be around a happy and encouraging person. Positive character determines your success in all walks of life. It influences your decisions, attitude, social communication, personal relations, and workplace excellence. Our mental wellness is dependent on developing positive traits.

The advantages of having positive traits are as follows.

  1. Character plays an important role in developing individual personality. Everyone likes people with positive character traits.
  2. People with good quality traits can easily develop honest relationships.
  3. They have a good reputation in society with positive traits and can easily attract opportunities.
  4. These people have good self-worth and they always feel happy and secure.
  5. You can become better leaders as you are admired and respected by others.
  6. Pleasant personality makes people popular in social circles.
  7. They are righteous and honest and live a purposeful life. A positive person is a good role model for others to follow.
  8. A student with positive character traits is liked by teachers. Everyone loves and respects them. Popularity makes it easy for them to get a leadership role in a school.
  9. People with positive character traits never compromise on quality. They will always do what is right.
  10. If you have an honorable character, you can work in teams. You will be listened to by your teammates as you are dedicated and efficient.
  11. People with positive traits have peace of mind. They are happy and internally motivated.
  12. Positive character teaches you to accept success and failure in a similar manner.
  13. positive traits help you to keep going in hard times. It makes you strong from within.
  14. positive traits create a foundation for happy and healthy relationships.

How to Develop Positive Character Traits?

A few guidelines to develop positive traits are mentioned below.

  1. Being kind and caring towards others help in developing good interpersonal relations.
  2. Being supportive and helpful towards others makes you popular.
  3. Engage in positive self-talk about yourself and in this way you can develop good traits. A few examples are, “I am honest”;” I love to help others”, etc.
  4. Respect yourself and all others connected with you.
  5. Always feed your mind with positive thoughts and never hurt people purposefully.
  6. Judge people fairly and avoid criticizing others.

Building positive character traits is a long and enduring journey. It will be time taking and laborious.

Closing Thoughts

Moral principles guide our thoughts, emotions, and actions. We can become happy and successful in life. Having positive character traits enhances our ability to form a pleasant personality. You should develop a personal value system. It will help you to determine your life goals. It makes your life meaningful and worth living.

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