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Full Moon Ritual – A Purging Process

Full Moon Ritual – A Purging Process

Full Moon Ritual – A Purging Process

The supernatural aura of the lunar light has always attracted us. For centuries, human beings have been guided by the phases of the moon. A full moon ritual is a spiritual practice that is done with good intentions to harness its mystical powers for manifesting our desires and wishes.

The rituals give forward-moving energy by letting go of old emotional patterns and shedding off old habits that are no longer serving any good purpose in life. 

These are solemn ceremonies that are followed in a definite order. It is a time to reflect and experience the magical strength of the natural energies to empower you with love, fulfillment, and peace.

What is a Full Moon Ritual?

Full moon rituals are ceremonial practices done to leverage its mystical energy of the moonlight to empower your health, relationships, career prospects, and overall wellness.

The full moon is an epitome of beauty and spiritual vibes. When you connect with lunar energies, you explore the natural rhythms of the cosmos. It symbolizes power and fulfillment. 

Thus, moon rituals are a series of symbolic and intentional actions taken to tap the moon’s energy. It helps you to connect with natural forces and bring positive life changes.

Full moon rituals are old and traditional practices that have been widely done in Egypt, Babylon, India, China, and many other Asian countries. 

People believed that, since the moon is the closest celestial body, next to planet Earth, its magnificent energy can be used to cleanse and rejuvenate human souls from all evils. The cycles of the moon influence growth and signify empowerment.

When life meets challenges and despair, moon rituals are a good way to reflect and ponder on you. It is time to plant seeds of wishes and positive intentions.

Full moon spells and rituals are all about cleansing and recharging your emotional and spiritual power bank. The rituals embody the realm of emotions and intuitions. The ritual is done on a full moon night to create positive energy within you.

The rituals help in emotional healing. You resonate and tune in to an inner blissful world of absolute power and glory.

Full Moon Rituals Symbolic Meaning

In ancient China and Greece (Mesopotamia), people associated the full lunar phase of the moon with feminine energy and divinity. The various lunar cycles are symbolic of purifying and cleansing human spirits.

It releases negative energies and empowers us with positivity, hope, and psychological nurturance. The Buddhists considered the full moon ritual as a spiritual process that guides towards spiritual ascension.

This lunar cycle has the peak of cosmic energies that can be used to set intentions. It helps to harvest fertile emotions for growth and prosperity. It is used to improve your psychic energies. 

In some cultures, the light of the moon directly influences human emotions. People behaved differently on full moon nights, which they would not do otherwise.

Thus, the energy of the full moon rituals is utilized to reflect and encourage personal well being.

Full Moon Ritual – A Purging Process

Why Do People Do Full Moon Rituals?

Full moon rituals connects you with the natural energies of the moonlight.

A full moon night is looked up by expressing gratitude. These rituals are ceremonial practices done to bring good luck and fortune. It is your spirit guide that helps to release negative thoughts and emotions. It lights you up with positive vibes that foster growth and empowerment. There are various reasons for doing such rituals. Some of them are:

  1. Since the full moon is the most energetic cycle of the moon, it is a time to set a sacred ritual that heals your inner self.
  2. Setting good intentions and manifesting them in desirable ways can happen on a full moon night.
  3. It helps you to release pent up negativities and emotional blockages.
  4. You get connected to your free-willed higher self.
  5. Moon rituals are a powerful way to align your thoughts, emotions, and actions with the ebb and flow of lunar energies.
  6. You can manifest your dreams and follow your goals; by releasing things that are trying to hold you back.
  7. It helps to let go of unresolved conflicts with others. You tend to become more forgiving and loving from within.
  8. You can do a full moon ritual for chakra cleansing.
  9. It helps to understand your deepest wishes, emotions, and intuitions.
  10. Moon manifesting is a way to dust of old habits and inner whims that are disturbing and will not serve any more good.
  11. The moon is the mirror of your spirits. It represents your inner world, it helps you to honor emotions that are stressful and requires emotional healing.
  12. Lunar energies are feminine. It is widely used by females to regularize their hormonal cycles.
  13. It represents your current mood states. Moon cycles can elevate mood and bring happiness.

A-List of 10 Full Moon Rituals

The full moon phase comes once a month to allow you to pause and contemplate your thoughts and actions. It reminds you to look back and realize, whether the desired seeds of intentions were accomplished or not. 

You are slowed down to analyze your strengths and weaknesses to achieve goals. It allows you to focus on what you have done and achieved over the entire month. The seeds of intention are sowed on a new moon phase and get acknowledged in the full moon phase.

Full moon intention is an honest reflection and assessment of your endeavors. It represents the moon manifestation and cleansing of your soul. It also recharges you with a positive mindset to start anything new.

There are various rituals that one does during the full moon night. Some of them are –

1. Cleanse your mental space

Cleanse your mental space
Cleanse your mental space

A full moon night is a time to manifest your deepest desires. It is the time to unwind and clear mental blockages, if any. 

Your mental space resembles your ideas, thoughts, feelings that are closely connected with your physical presence with others. 

A full moon symbolizes positive energy. You can imbibe this energy to cleanse your space. A smudging prayer ritual can be done. You can even take a saltwater bath to unlock and refresh.

2. Recharge your stones and crystals

Recharge your stones and crystals
Recharge your stones and crystals

The bright glow of the moonlight is a good way to recharge your crystals. It cleanses them from negative vibes and increases their beauty and shine. This is to bring good luck, to set positive intentions and emotions. Crystals have immense healing power, so to rejuvenate its power is essential to empower yourself with positive energies.

3. Moon meditation

Moon meditation
Moon meditation

This ritual is done by basking under the lunar light. You need to sit and relax under the moonlight. A perfect time to tune your thoughts and feelings into desirable actions. 

Moon meditation is all about contemplating your intentions and goals. In this process, you close your eyes and feel the light fill up your physical space. Focus on your breathing. 

Breathe slowly and feel the divine light purifying the body and mind. You may repeat this process, as many times as you wish to. Moon meditation is a good way to evaluate your inner world, to understand and let go of those thoughts that are disturbing.

4. Let go negative emotions

Let go negative emotions
Let go negative emotions

this moon ritual is a common practice where you release your disturbing thoughts and troubling emotions. 

You undergo a process of self-reflection and notice relationships and behavior that isn’t doing much good to you. 

It is time to shed those old patterns to move ahead in life. Avoid having negative emotions that hold you back on a full moon night. 

These are distracting patterns that hinder your progress. Let go of your emotional baggage while you meditate on a moonlit night.

5. Make moon water

Make moon water
Make moon water

You can make personalized moon water to cleanse your mental vibes. Moon water enhances your positive feelings. It can be used to cleanse your physical space. 

Making moon water is a solemn practice of purification. Here, you place a glass container, filled with purified water under the direct moonlight. You can place it outside the house or can keep on a window sill. 

The next morning, before the sun rises, take in the container and store the moon water for future use. This sacred water can be used to manifest your soul’s desire and unfulfilled wishes.

6. Full Moon Bath Ritual

Full Moon bath Ritual
Full Moon bath Ritual

Moon bathing is done by sitting and meditating under the moonlight. You can even take a walk on a moonlit night. 

Moreover, you can even arrange for a ceremonial bath by using moon water, herbs, crystals, and essential oils. The moon bath has healing properties. 

It cures pitta Dosha that generates too much heat inside the body. The bath is soothing and you can give yourself that extra care that you deserve. 

The full moon represents abundance; it calls you to celebrate its presence by basking under the illuminating glow. This lovely alluring can be refreshing. It brings focused energy and sensuality.

7. Make a to-do list and set intentions

Make a to-do list and set intentions
Make a to-do list and set intentions

This ritual reminds you of your progress in setting intentions and deliver goals. A full moon night is mesmerizing. While basking under the moonlight, you can make a to-do list for the upcoming month. 

It is a way to explore your strengths and weaknesses as well. Make propositions and intensify your positive intentions. Pledge to work on it and seek the blessings of the moon.

8. A chill ritual

A chill ritual
A chill ritual

The full moon has abundant energy. The light is bright, clear, and illuminating. Just chill and bask under the moonlight. Focus on all the good things in life. Practice gratitude and experience happiness that lies within you. 

Notice all the things around you without reacting. You need to delve deep into your feelings. Eliminate thoughts that are unhealthy. 

Consider your purpose in life and think whether you have done anything to achieve it. This ritual is an ideal time to examine, inspect, and ponder about your mental space and let go of irrelevant things.

9. An energy cleansing ritual

An energy cleansing ritual
An energy cleansing ritual

Cleanse negative energies surrounding your physical space. This ritual is practiced to purify the place by using herbs and essential oils. It cleanses and removes stagnant energy from your home. You can use incense sticks, light them up, and allow the smoke to fill the space. You should waft the smoke to every corner of the room to purify it. Then, open the window to allow fresh air to get in. make room for the old energies moving away.

10. Wish manifestation ritual

Wish manifestation ritual
Wish manifestation ritual

This ritual focuses on making a list of your wishes. Write it down on a piece of paper. Light a candle, be present in your moments, and let go of your negative thoughts. Think about what you wish to release and what you want to call in your life. Set intentions that are clear and achievable.

These are full moon wishes. Place it in a glass jar and put it under the moonlight. The next morning, put the paper in a place, where you can see it every day. Take a look and reflect on your wishes.

How To Create Your Full Moon Ritual?

Full moon ritual is a celebration of a lunar phase that is symbolic of abundance and purity. These rituals are graceful and powerful enough to satiate your wishes. You can make a tailor-made ritual with a specific intent and purpose. The steps are simple, yet elegant.

Ingredients that you may need

These are spiritual tools to make a ritual of your own.

  1. Moonstone or amethyst crystals which can harness lunar energy.
  2. Moon water, already prepared and kept
  3. Essential oils such as rosemary and lavender.
  4. Seashells 
  5. Epsom salt
  6. Notebook and pen
  7. A plant-based drink 
  8. Light music that fills up space.
  9. A yoga mat to sit and meditate quietly


  1. Create a sacred space that is quiet and undisturbed for this ritual. It can be beside a window sill or any place where the light of the full moon falls directly.
  2.  Meditate and feel relaxed. Sit in absolute silence and feel peace within.
  3. Let go of your wandering thoughts and do not react to them.
  4. Breathe slowly and set your intentions.
  5. Be grateful for all the things you have in your life.
  6. Take a pen and notebook to write down your wishes.
  7. Make positive affirmations that align with the vibes you wish to call in.
  8. Avoid judging your thoughts and feelings and seek moon blessings by meditating silently. 
  9. You can even moon bathe with the use of herbs, crystals, and essential oils.
  10. Soak up in the water and enjoy the refreshing drink.
  11. Close your ritual by ringing a bell or saying a short prayer. Seek the blessings of the moon. You can salute its feminine energy by chanting any sacred mantra.

There is no right or wrong way of creating a full moon ritual. Trust your intuitions and follow your heart. Be truthful and grateful to everything happening around and see the magic that gets created.

Full moon ritual for love

The moon magic and rituals blend your need and want with celebration and festivity. A full moon love ritual can be simple but powerful enough to bring desirable changes. A moon ritual for love helps to celebrate and attract love in your life. It is a way to create more love spells and develop loving relationships around.


  1. On the night of the full moon, find a quiet place in your house to perform the ritual.
  2. Light a scented pink candle or a red candle to create an aura of sacredness. Take a pink heart-shaped paper to write down your wishes and intentions. You can write verses like “I am thankful for the love in my life.” Or “Bestow me with endless love.” 
  3. Keep the piece of paper in an altar, if any, or fold it and place it near the window sill, where moonlight can fall over it.
  4. You can place a rose quartz crystal on top of the paper.
  5. Meditate quietly and seek blessings to offer you endless love for your friends, family, and colleagues. Be grateful for all the loving experiences that you have in your life. Most importantly, experience self-love to self validate your thoughts and feelings.
  6. You may carry the rose quartz in your pocket or bag, as a reminder to focus on kindness, love, and compassion. Place the heart-shaped paper, where you can see it every day to embrace your love life.

Full Moon Ritual for Inspiration

A full moon can inspire you to work hard and meet up with expectations. It is a time to motivate and move ahead in life with a positive attitude. A simple ritual for inspiration can be done in two ways.

1. Powerful words

Powerful words
Powerful words

Words shape your mindset and behavior in desirable ways. On a full moon night, speak empowering words that are inspiring and affirmative. Examples are – “I am strong enough and capable to do things, I love.” Or it may be “I wish to let go of all negative emotions that I have for others.”

Then sit under the moonlight and say these powerful words loudly to yourself with conviction and positivity. You can keep a lighted candle to illuminate the place and make your ritual more magical.

2. Release ritual with candles

Release ritual with candles
Release ritual with candles

This ritual inspires you to shed off old emotional blockages and helps to heal your wounds. Light the candle and add some magical aura into the space. You may choose to write one aspect of yourself in a piece of paper that you need to surrender. For example – “I let go of my imperfections.’ “I let go of my relationships that do not support me any good.”

You can take a fireproof container and put that piece of paper in it. Begin to burn it and see it turn into ashes. By this, you blazed away your negative vibes. At last, you scatter the ashes in the wind or bury it when done.

The video shown below is about the full moon release ritual in a simple way.

Full moon release ritual

Full Moon Ritual Benefits

Full moon rituals are a good way to commune with nature. The benefits of doing such rituals are

  1. It has a unique energetic significance that fosters positive growth within you.
  2. Full moon rituals are a way to reveal your deepest secrets and release unhealthy patterns of thoughts and feelings.
  3. It is a wonderful time for meditation, cleansing, and healing of your inner world.
  4. The rituals help to shed off the old and embrace the new way of living.
  5. It allows you to connect with the universal harmony of nature.
  6. You feel powerful enough to transform life, your way.
  7. This time allows you to look within, rest awhile, and reconnect with ‘self’.
  8. You can expand your realm of consciousness by manifesting desires and wishes with the help of natural forces.
  9. Your emotions run high and psychic energies augment to make space for personal development.
  10. Full moon rituals are mindfulness practice that allows you to be present and contemplate on goals and purpose in life.

Closing Thoughts

Full moon rituals are a symbol of growth and fulfillment. It’s all about honoring your inner ‘self’ that deepens connectivity with the natural forces.

You need to change your perspectives, emotional patterns, and let go of limiting beliefs to foster spiritual awakening and growth.