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Energy Clearing: Know What Matters

Energy Clearing: Know What Matters

Empath test :Know What Matters

The world around us is filled with all kinds of things – good and bad. There are people and objects that we rely on in our day to day life. But, did you know that everything around us carries an aura/energies? Energy clearing is crucial. It ensures that there is a smooth flow of your inner aura. 

It helps to clear the negativity in your mind. Therefore, this motivates you to maintain a positive attitude in life. The energy is supposed to flow so one should try not to hold it inside. To maintain a healthy environment outside as well as inside, we need to ensure the uninterrupted flow of this energy. Energy clearing is a crucial step towards achieving this. 

What is Energy Clearing?

It includes all the methods to cleanse your energy field. The idea is to get rid of all the negativity that one can accumulate during their day to day routine. 

Energy clearing is not a process restricted to human beings. Everyone and everything around us is made of energy. Thus, all interactions (conscious and subconscious) are just an exchange of energy. Clearing the energy field ensures that you are able to sustain your physical and mental well-being. Also, human beings are capable of leaving an energy imprint on everything. This includes everything- from their home to office to even pets or their favorite coffee mug. Sometimes this energy imprint is so strong that it stays on even though the person to cast it is gone.

A good example of this situation would be buying a second-hand car/home. Often when people are buying second-hand assets, they get an intuition. This indicates the type of vibes that the place/thing gives. There are times when the item often gives negative vibes.

People often end up believing that the place is possessed by malicious entities. Sometimes you may not even have paranormal experiences. But the place will not give you a positive feeling. As a result, the sale/transaction will not happen. Clearing the energy field will ensure it will help get rid of the negative imprint.

Even an individual’s closet will end up looking messy if you do not spare the time and effort to keep it clean. Picking your clothes from a messy closet is not an easy task. Additionally, it ensures that the person starts his or her day with a bad mood. Just like any other energetic body, the closet also ends up accumulating negativity.

Keeping it clean and organized will maintain a positive energy flow. Similarly, a business also needs a clear vision to succeed. If people working for it are not aligned with the cause, the order is disturbed. This leads to the development of negative energy which interrupts the success of the 

The world is made of various structures. Thus, each structure is part of a certain order. The order can be maintained only through the uninterrupted flow of energies. Therefore, this applies to the energy in your home, office, everywhere. The negative energy adversely impacts the mental well-being of people. However, energy clearing practices can help uplift the mind, body, and soul. This article elaborates on the details of energy clearing. 

Energy Clearing: Know What Matters
Energy Clearing: Know What Matters

Cleansing Your Energy Field: Why?

Everything around you is made of energy and this energy is experienced as a vibration. The vibrational energy can be positive or negative. There are times when the high vibration energy surrounding a person or an object attracts us towards them. 

Energy clearing practices demand effort and patience. The effect of energy healing can be experienced gradually. Thus you should be able to pursue the energy cleansing practices with determination. In this section, the focus is to understand the method of cleansing your energy as well as its advantages. 

All the energy in our body or in the objects surrounding us falls under a spectrum that goes from light to dark. Energy falling in the light spectrum is rooted in love and care. It has a positive vibration. The energy that falls on the dark side of the spectrum is rooted in fear and hatred. Thus, it has a negative vibration. People objects are constantly giving and receiving energy. Pay attention to the events in your daily routine and this exchange of energy is hard to miss. Also, this is not restricted to physical or verbal interaction. 

For instance, when people experience a headache. It could be associated with a lack of clarity in thoughts, stress, and uncertainties in the mind. Most people will experience this as a headache. They may also experience a strong urge to step away from the situation.

Maybe take a walk or indulge in their favorite (yet unrelated) activity. Do not ignore these symptoms of the physical body. In this situation, even a walk can help get rid of the stress and clear the thoughts. The simple activity actually has healing properties. It gets rid of the negative energies in the body.

Avoiding The Dark Spectrum

The energy that falls in the darker spectrum doesn’t serve any purpose. It does not help in improving the physical and mental well-being of the individual. Your focus should be on cleansing your aura and keeping your energy in the light spectrum.

This is not an easy task. When an individual experiences pain, his or her aura shifts to the darker side of the spectrum. This is because the mind is plagued by stress and concerns. Thus, this is a condition that the mind experiences each time we face a challenge. 

When your energy shifts to the darker spectrum, your body sends out clear stressors. For example, you develop a short temper and are never happy. 

Like anybody, a situation also presents itself with a certain vibrational energy. Each time, you face a challenge, you are actually receiving dense vibrational energy. In such times, the individual should focus hard on reminding himself or herself of the opportunity that a challenge provides.

Yes! Every challenge is an opportunity waiting to materialize. You can only see the advantage that the situation presents once you are able to calm your mind. If one lets the negative energies take control of the situation, they are blinded. They will never see the opportunity. 

As a result, such individuals are unable to practice energy healing. They lack clarity in their thinking process. They often end up saying things that hurt others or end up making matters worse. When the energy clearing is on track, there is a strong flow of positive energy in the individual. This keeps them healthy and helps them achieve spiritual catharsis. 

How Does Energy Flow?

Ancient healing practices talk about energy flowing through chakras. These chakras are the center of all types of energies in a human being. The aura that surrounds us is a result of the energies in the chakras.

Thus, any illness that one suffers from is an indication of an imbalance in the chakras. There is a critical balance in these chakras. This balance maintains the healthy functioning of an individual. Every situation that one faces in their day to day routine is an attempt to disrupt this crucial balance. 

The chakras are made of various aspects of experiences. There is a constant flow of energy between these chakras. When the flow is interrupted, the energy is blocked. The blocked energy piles up in the body as physical or emotional stress. As the stress starts to build up, the person can develop various types of illnesses. Thus, any form of medication will only be able to provide symptomatic relief from the illness. 

Even stagnant energy is unhealthy. For long term well-being, the individual will need to invest in energy clearing practices. One needs to remove the blockage. This will restore the smooth flow of energy.  As long as this does not happen, the illness will keep presenting itself in some or the other form.  

How To Clean Your Energy?

The simple rule to remember is that the uninterrupted flow of energy is the best way to cleanse your aura. However, the first step on the road to energy clearing is by analyzing everything that is within you. With each passing minute, you accumulate a lot of unneeded energy.

If this energy is positive, it uplifts your mood. But, if this extra energy is negative, it tends to ruin the delicate balance of chakras. This initiates a cycle of negativity. Little by little, the negative energy changes the person. It pulls him or her towards the darker side of the spectrum. There are various ways in which an individual can cleanse their energy.

Mentioned below are some of these methods: 

1. Yoga / Exercise

Exercise is always an excellent way to feel the positive energy in the body, even research says so. Start with yoga. Practice the mountain poses. You can even try simple breathing exercises to relax the mind as well as align the body and spirit. Focusing on inhaling and exhaling exercises is also a very good start.

The purpose is to soothe your mind and focus on channelizing your energies to overcome all the blocks in your chakras. Instead of yoga, you can also try other forms of exercise. This includes going for a walk or doing some type of physical exercise. The adrenaline rush that one experiences help fuel positive energy. It helps to get rid of the blocks in the chakras. However, you need to maintain a routine. 

2. Music and dance

Listening to your favorite tunes is also a good practice when it comes to cleansing your energy. Singing bowls, a Tibetan practice emphasizes on the importance of healing sounds to correct the balance between the energy chakras in the body.

The soothing music gives you the much-needed peace of mind by catalyzing the flow of energy. It is also an opportunity to connect with your inner self. Alternatively, even dancing can work wonders to generate healing energy in an individual. Dance alone or in a group but dance like nobody’s watching!

3. Infusions: The power of fragrance

Incense sticks, scented candles or even infusers are a great way to lift the mood and get rid of the negativity. There are various essential oils that are recommended to experience that serene environment. For instance, white sage has a mesmerizing fragrance.

Another option is the extract of the Palo Santo tree. This is a mystical tree that is popular in Native American culture. Its scent has a healing effect on the energy chakras.

4. The soothing ability of Water

Water has some amazing properties. When you are tired or feel too drained, water can help. Try splashing some water on your face. If simple washing does not work, you could try a hot water shower.

The transnational effects of water rejuvenate the body. Some people also added sea salt to this water while using it. Salt absorbs the negative energies and cleanses the aura. Saltwater is also easy to get. 

5. Meditate daily

Meditation is a simple practice that allows you to connect with your inner self. You do not need a guide to pursue this type of meditation. Just focus on calming the mind and cleansing your inner aura. 15 minutes of daily meditation is a good way to cleanse the body of all the negative energy that it accumulates. 

6. Light a candle

Fire is an extremely powerful means to remove all the negative energy in the body. Therefore, lighting a candle is a good way to channelize this ability of fire. Light a candle and hold it in your hands. Focus on the flame and channelize all the negative energy into the flame. As the flame glows, imagine all the negativity escape from the body. 

7. Play with pets

Cats, dogs and other pets are innocent souls. Their world revolves around their human interaction. They show unconditional love. When you experience an accumulation of negative energy, playing with pets is a great way to get rid of it. Holding a pet or even stroking them daily helps the body get rid of all the stress and negativity. 

You can choose any form of exercise that interests you. Just remember to make it a part of your routine. 

Clearing The Negative Energy: Importance

Anything and everything that we do is associated with a certain exchange of energy. Even in your day to day life, you can spare a few minutes. Use this time to understand the energy directed towards you. This is important because you should not be a receiver for negative energy.

Understanding the type of energy is easy. Some people associate it with color, others associate with some type of vibration. All you need to take a pause and focus. Understand the types of vibes that you are getting. 

The Symptoms of Negative Energy

Detailed below are a few common symptoms. These symptoms indicate the presence of negative energy in the body. 

  1. Someone with negative energy will always like to complain. This applies to any and every situation.
  2. They also feel angry or frustrated. Their short temper makes it difficult for them to get along with others.
  3. Anxiety and depression are common problems in such people. 
  4. People who have accumulated negative energy always like to criticize their efforts. They like to criticize others as well. 
  5. They refuse to see the positive side of any situation. 

How To Clear Negative Energy?

An individual always attracts people that compliment his or her energy frequency. Thus, if someone is accumulating negative energy, there is a high possibility that he or she may attract more people with similar vibes.

This only worsens the situation. Even an energy healer will find it difficult to do their job if the aura keeps tilting towards the darker side. 

Here are some simple methods to get rid of negative energy

1. Feng Shui

This is an ancient Chinese technique that relies on the spatial flow of energies. It helps to remove the negativity in the environment. If someone experiences too much negativity, he or she can consult an expert. The expert will help them understand how to reorganize the spaces around them.

Thus, the focus should be on achieving an arrangement that shifts the energy spectrum towards the white light. This could be something as simple as rearranging the furniture in the house. 

2. Nature therapy

Nature is a very impactful tool. Being in a green environment and experiencing the beauty of Mother Nature, is a great way to fuel the flow of positive energy. Therefore, you need to embrace the natural beauty with an open heart and forget about your worries. This technique works like a system reboot and helps clear all the negativity. 

3. Stop complaining

There are pros and cons to any and every situation. However, the negative energy prevents a person from seeing the positive aspect. Such people need to consciously remind themselves to stop complaining.

Make the most of whatever you have in life instead of cribbing about the things that you never got. You can start with something as simple as smiling more often. This is an attitude change and will take some time to show its impact.

4. Consciously avoid negative energy

Practice the simple method of telling your mind, body, and soul to stay away from negative energies. This is a simple mechanism that talks of shooing the negativity before it makes a home in your body. But, it is extremely effective. It actually helps curtail the problem in the initial stages itself. 

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And To Conclude

The healing practices or energy clearing methods should be a part of one’s daily routine. This is because of the balance of the energies in our chakras governs our life and its progress in a big way.

Thus, to ensure a healthy and happy tomorrow, every human being needs to work towards cleansing their energy field on a daily basis.