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How To Send Healing Energy To Someone? A 13-Step Strategic Guide

How To Send Healing Energy To Someone? A 13-Step Strategic Guide

How To Send Healing Energy To Someone

If you feel hurt and want to help others when they experience rough times, you might want to know how to send healing energy to someone.

You may not be able to make their worries vanish by making the impossible happen, but you can alleviate their pain and struggles.

It doesn’t matter if you’re physically close or on the other side of the world. You just need to have a clear mind and ask the other person to accept whatever good vibes you’ll send.

But wait, that’s not all. So, let’s get started…

How To Send Healing Energy To Someone? 13 Steps

Before you embark on this auspicious process, you must have clarity about it. Sending healing energy is all about sending positive energy to another person. It doesn’t need any fancy setup or hour-long sessions.

The liberating process is rather direct and easy as long as you follow these steps in order…

1. Ensure the receiver is prepared

Ask the energy receiver to choose a quiet place without disturbance. Make sure they also focus and have a mind full of positivity so that they can receive your energy.

2. Be cautious about empathy

There’s a high chance you are an empathic person. So, ensure you don’t mirror others’ feelings. If you meet a grumpy or sad person throughout the day, you might feel their emotion like it’s your own.

Recognize if you have any such energy within you and cleanse it out of your body. Build boundaries so your soul stays safe and unaffected.

3. Calm your mind

Select a soothing and comfortable space where you won’t be disturbed. Sit cross-legged with a straight back and lay your arms on your lap.

Focus on your breath for a few minutes. This will calm you and get rid of all your thoughts. Continue until you start feeling relaxed and slightly sleepy.

4. Don’t forget to breathe

During the process, your breath might become shallow. If you’re stressed, you might even forget to breathe. So, remind yourself to breathe, as it will calm you and get rid of negativity.

Take gentle yet deep breaths. Inhale while counting to 4 and exhale while counting to 8.

5. Say healing affirmations

Say affirmations to feel empowered. Tell yourself that you’re born to heal. Say the name of the person you want to heal repeatedly. This will plant higher energy in them.

6. Invest time in positive self-talk

During the previous step, you might lose energy. To ensure your energy is balanced, immerse in positive self-talk. Tell yourself affirmations depending on how you feel.

If you feel doubtful, say: “I don’t doubt the validity of this process.”

If you feel it’s not enough, say: “I’m doing my best.”

7. Have a strong imagination

Don’t let any vision of doubt seep into your mind. Imagine energy reaching the other person. Visualize them feeling uplifted and healed from their troubles as your energy reaches them.

8. Make sure you’re grounded

Grounding is an important step in sending healing energy. It’s even more important if you indulge in this activity regularly.

Imagine your root chakra (located at the base of your spine) growing roots and penetrating deep into the Earth.

When you breathe in, imagine energy moving upward from the Earth and then filling your entirety. When you breathe out, imagine the energy circulating throughout your body and traversing downwards into the Earth. Continue this for one minute.

This will help you get continuous energy during the energy-sending session.

9. Develop energy

Next, rub your hands for about ten seconds and pull them apart slightly. Make sure the gap between your hands is extremely short. You will feel some energy between your hands.

Focus on this feeling to intensify and expand it. As though a layer of energy is developing between your hands, slowly expand the gap.

If you have any trouble feeling this, practice hand chakras, which help in creativity, healing, and expression.

10. Start setting intention

Focus on the created energy ball and then keep pure intentions. Remember that this won’t help solve their problems for good. This will only temporarily support them. Based on the receiver’s need, visualize a color for the energy ball, like

  • Indigo: spiritual guidance
  • Green: love
  • Yellow: power
  • Orange; creativity
  • Red: security
  • White/translucent: neutrality

11. Send energy

There are different options for this step. So, let’s have a look here.

With crystals

To do this, take any crystal based on its healing properties and the healing required. Cleanse the crystal of negative energy and charge them. Do it in either of the following ways:

  • Place the crystal in sunlight or moonlight. (Make sure the crystal isn’t the kind that gets damaged by sunlight.)
  • Burn incense and let the smoke pull out the negative energy from the crystal.

Program the crystal and set its intention to send positive energy to the receiver. Say, “I intend for this crystal to bring positive energy and heal <receiver’s name>.”

With the Law of Attraction

With the Law of Attraction, you can’t attract anything on anyone’s behalf. Instead, you send your high vibrations and positive energy with your heart energy to them.

Begin by sensing your heart in your chest. Visualize a white or silver light coming out from your body. During this, you may feel a warm sensation around your heart.

Visualize the light traveling to the receiver. Then, the receiver must visualize the light beam reaching their heart. If they fail to visualize it, they won’t receive it.  

With meditation

This is an age-old method of sending healing energy. For this, you must close your eyes and breathe deeply. Calm your mind and focus on the breaths.

Visualize new thoughts coming to your mind, but let them pass through your body. Don’t retain or focus on any of these thoughts.

Sometimes, your mind may still wander off to other thoughts. Make sure you don’t judge yourself for this.

Remember that it’s quite humane. Moreover, if you let this get to you, you’ll be filled with uncomfortable thoughts. Instead, gently refocus on your breaths until the thoughts leave your mind.

Once your mind is stable and clear, focus on your own energy. Imagine it filling you up to every little area of your body.

Then, through your mind’s eye, visualize the energy receiver until a vivid and clear picture of them appears in your mind. This is not just about their face, but everything – every detail of their head, torso, limbs, and even clothes.

Next, imagine your energy gathering up around your chest into a ball of white light. Set an intention for this ball of light.

For instance, if you want it to help them get over a breakup, the energy will be “love.” If it’s for sickness, it’ll be “healing”. If it’s for the effect of low energy, it’ll be “positive energy.”

Name your energy and feel it in your body. You can even use your personal experiences or memories to define and feel this energy within you. Don’t try to think from the receiver’s perspective. This will help you avoid summoning the wrong feelings.  

Lastly, visualize the good feelings and ball of white light going toward the receiver. Imagine the person being engulfed in the positive and warm white light that gradually seeps into their body.

Via angels

If you ask angels to send the receiver energy, they will help as well. In this case, the receiver may not believe in the existence of angels. But that’s alright because angels won’t abandon anyone just because they don’t have faith.

However, the receiver must pick up the energy sent to them. If they don’t, it won’t work. Make sure you clarify this to the receiver.

To practice this method, start by saying, “Angels, please help me deliver healing energy to <receiver’s name>.”

If you feel doubtful of the process, ask the angels to send a sign that they are connected with you. This sign can be anything. You may see the word “angel,” see an angel-shaped cloud, or find a feather unexpectedly.

But angels follow the divine order of life. Sometimes, due to this, they may be unable to send signals. If this is your case, have faith in them and ask them the favor.

Let go of your worries, as they will do everything in their power to fulfill your request.

12. Take care of yourself post-session

After the session, you’re highly likely to get drained of energy. So, recharge yourself post-session. Here are some options:

Dip in a saltwater bath

Epsom salt is popular for neutralizing toxic energy. It helps you let go of negativity. Take a salt bath with Epsom salt. It will also relieve any sore muscles and relax your entire body.

Connect with nature

There are multiple ways to get this done. Go for walks barefoot in any serene natural setting, like in the park, along a beach, or by a river. It helps you receiver energy directly from the Earth. If there are grassy or sandy areas, you can also lie down on them.


Another session of meditation is a great way to relax right at your home without making too much effort. Focus on your breathing and calm your mind.

Let go of your existing thoughts, and don’t hold on to any thoughts as they come. Don’t judge yourself for not being able to ignore thoughts.

Set the intention to receive energy from the universe. Imagine a stream of energy on top of your head – the crown chakra, which fills your entire body with positivity.

Other methods

You can also burn some sage and circulate the smoke in your entire room to push away negative thoughts and make space for positive ones. Put off the sage once you’re done and relax yourself.

Or, listen to soothing music and tunes. Focus on the sounds and every little high and low. Let your soul flow along with the tune to uplift your energy levels.

13. Be thankful

Thank the universe whenever you can. Don’t just do it during energy sending, but anytime when something slightly good happens. This will always keep low energy away from you and protect you during and beyond the sessions.

A word from TheMindFool

As you see, the process of sending healing energy is quite simple. The only thing that might make a session futile is the energy receiver’s lack of will to accept it. They have to agree to follow along and embrace the power you send them.

Sometimes, people subconsciously want to learn lessons from the universe. So, part of them rejects positive healing energy.

If that’s the case, you can’t force them to accept your goodwill. All you can do is play your part and have faith that it will reach them. The rest depends on their will!