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Moon Bath: Complete Guide

Moon Bath: Complete Guide

Moon Bathing

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The mystical nature of lunar light has always fascinated living beings on Earth. The ancient system of Indian medicine known as Ayurveda has also spoken about moon bathing.

It is a ritual cleansing of the body and soul. It envisaged that the process is highly useful for curing “Pitta Dosha”, meaning an angry and fiery temperament that causes too much heat inside the body.

Ayurveda also says that moonlight has healing properties. It provides the body with a special aura and beauty. It brings harmony in the body system and promotes physical and mental wellness. This procedure resets your hormones and energizes you with divine power.

What is a Moon Bath?

Moon bathing simply means exposing yourself to the light of the moon and experiencing the cool lunar energy.

Moon bathing means simply basking yourself under the moonlight. It helps you to commune with nature. In one way, the mystic moonlight enhances body skin tone and beauty.

On the other hand, moon bathing can help in cleansing biological toxins. Metabolism, regulation of hormones and improving physical imbalances are the other benefits. It creates healthy emotions and you move on to make better interpersonal relations.

The moonlight fills you with positive energy. It motivates you to create new life changes. While bathing under the moonlight, you just sit silently and absorb the power of the reflective light that falls on you. Just experience the cooling effect nurturing your spirits with softness and elegance.

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When To Do A Moon Bath?

Moon bathing can be experienced in any of the phases of the moon, but the best healing properties lie with the full moon and new moon cycles. Let’s explore a few of them.

1. Full Moon Bath

The energy of the moon is at its peak on a full moon phase. This energy can heal your physical problems and emotional pains. The mineral absorption in the body is more. You will feel relaxed and revived. On a full moon night, you may feel emotionally overwhelmed.

Thus be gentle and bask under the lunar light slowly. Set good intentions within as the full moon signifies the culmination of positive mental energy. The energy of the full moon teaches gratitude. It is the reflection of your wishes and desires.

2. New Moon Bath

 This phase of the moon has cleansing properties. The energy of the new moon can detoxify your bodily imbalances in a better way. Exposure to new moonlight can treat skin rashes, heartburn, anger, and hypertension.

A new moon bath is a good way to self validate your thoughts and feelings. You can grow as a better spiritual being, devoid of agonies and in better control of your emotional states.

3. Waning Moon Bath

This lunar cycle symbolizes the time to unwind and reflect on your inner “self”. It tells you to let go of your negative thoughts and release unhealthy emotions. You can experience a calm mental state with renewed physical energy. Moon bath in this lunar phase purifies your mental evils and prepares you for a fulfilled life, full of hope and optimism.

4. Waxing Moon Bath

This phase of the moon is a time that represents growth and nourishment. A ritual bath at this time can gather strength and energy, to replenish your immunity, vitality, and sensuality. You may brighten your career, job prospects, and business development. Personal relations and love life are improved.

The Amazing Power of Moon Bathing
The Amazing Power of Moon Bathing

Why do a Moon Bath?

Moon bathing is powerful, yet the natural process to harness lunar energy within you. It has no negative effect. It can be done anywhere, where the moon is visible and in any of the lunar cycles. There are a few reasons why you need to self soothe yourself with its manifold benefits.

1. Replenishing

The day to day stressful events take its toll on our physical and mental health. A moon bath can help you reduce stress. You can reflect and meditate your inner power through lunar light. Nourish positive thoughts and spiritual feelings to adorn your best “self”.

2. Energy Boosters

Moonlight is the reflected light of the sun. The energy that a moon emits is devoid of heat and fire; it has immense energy to boost your mental well being. It harvests positivity, strong will power, courage. You are able to deal with your troubled thoughts and irrelevant fears.

3. Cooling

Moon bathing is cooling and a natural activity that offset your body heat and hormonal imbalances. It removes stressful thoughts and restores peace of mind.

4. Feminine Nature

The elegant feminine nature of the moon has vibration energy. It penetrates into your soul and heals trapped emotional wounds. As it heals you from within, the change is transformative. It longer serves to bring a major change in the way you live your life.

The elegant feminine nature of the moon has vibration energy. It penetrates into your soul and heals trapped emotional wounds. As it heals you from within, the change is transformative. It longer serves to bring a major change in the way you live your life.

Does Moon Bath Remove Negative Energy?

Yes, it does. Let’s see how? The full moon and new moon phase have the power of cleansing and healing.

  • Your negative emotional states such as anger, fear, greed, and jealousy are cured.
  • Moonlight has immense energy to recharge your soul with goodness and positive vibes.
  • It sets clear intentions and deeper emotions that are devoid of misery and suffering. 
  • It banishes your disturbing thoughts.
  • The illuminating moonlight has the power to release your negative energies, arising out of pessimism.
  • The moon bath serves to heal your past emotional trauma. You can forgive others easily.
  • Full moon rituals boost your physical energy and mental resources in this hectic pace of modern living.

How To Do Moon Bathing?

Moon bathing is a holy ritual and a beautiful way to commune with the cosmic energies of nature. The process simply means energizing yourself under the moonlight. It empowers you with a cool and radiant glow. Moon bath revitalizes the body and cleanses your spirits. There are two ways to do a moon bath.

1. Direct Method

In this way, you bask under the lunar light either in open spaces or sitting in a window sill. You don’t have to step out of your house to embrace its positive effects.

All you need to do is sit near a window; where moon light can come in and flood the space with its bluish aura and vibrant violet hues. The most effective time for moon bathing is between waxing moon and full moon. You can do any one of the following.

  • You can spend some time outside the house at night, basking under the moonlight.
  • Take a moonlight walk and enjoy its cosmic energy which is refreshing as well as healing.
  • Sit beside the drapes on a window sill, where moonlight can fall on you directly. Expose your skin to absorb the light for at least 30 minutes.
  • Lying on a mat under the moonlight in your room balcony or a terrace floor.

2. Indirect Method

Moon bath ritual can be done by making and storing moon water on a full moon or new moon night. Later, this water can be mixed with your regular bath water to enjoy a refreshing bath. This method is followed inside the house by following a few simple steps.

10 Steps in Full Moon Bath Ritual

There are a few steps involved in moon bathing that are intuitive and relaxing.

  1. On a full moon night, run a hot water bath. Pour a few drops of moon water into it. You can add Himalayan salt and rose petals to nourish your skin.
  2. Switch off artificial lights and lamps, instead, you may use a candle. 
  3. Your body can absorb minerals during a full moon phase; hence use Epsom salts, if you wish. 
  4. Do deep breathing and practice mindfulness and soak yourself in the bathwater for 30 minutes.
  5. Pour some essential oils such as rose, balsam, lavender for a fresh and soothing aroma.
  6. You can add crystals such as rose quartz, moonstone to increase the feminine power of the water. Rose quartz is used for self-love. Selenite can be used for spiritual cleansing. Adorn the edge of the tub with various crystals to create a mystic self-care altar.
  7. Set positive intentions and fill your heart with pure thoughts and healthy emotions.
  8. You may use this bath time to remove negativity, disturbing thoughts, relationship issues or obligations that feel heavy on you.
  9. You can brew some antioxidant-rich herbal tea or warm lemon water. It keeps you hydrated.
  10. Savor and enjoy every moment of this ritual bath. Dedicate your focused energy into this mystic moment which is only yours’. Schedule it properly and experience its healing effect on your body and spirits.

The below link shows the wonderful benefits of moon bathing to regulate female hormones.

Moon Bathing Benefits

Exposure to the moon bath can be soothing and refreshing. Besides this, it has other health benefits such as –

  1. It cools excess body heat (pitta dosha), anger and emotional imbalances.
  2. Moon bath lowers hypertensive symptoms, anxious mood, and mental restlessness.
  3. Moon bathing can reset body hormones. In females, it regularizes menstruation and improves fertility.
  4. Ayurveda supports moon bathing as it has healing properties. It reduces migraine, urticaria and body inflammation.
  5. Moonlight elevates vitamin D and nitric oxide that helps to regulate blood pressure.
  6. It can detox negative emotional states, thus helps to re-evaluate your intentions and feelings.
  7. It allows you to slow down, relax and pause in a steady way that is cooling and replenishing.
  8. You can bask in the glow of the moon and meditate fresh thoughts and renewed feelings of positivity.
  9. Moon bath helps you to introspect and look within and heal your past emotional wounds.
  10. It is a conscious practice to change your destructive negative thought cycles. You can build positive and affirmative ones that foster spiritual growth.

Closing Thoughts

Ancient cultures across the globe have used moon bathing meditation as a powerful tool to cleanse your Chakras. The feminine nature of the moonlight balances your internal state of mind, giving you a positive note for self-validation and sacred energy.