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Indigo Children: Who Are They and What Makes Them Special?

Indigo Children: Who Are They and What Makes Them Special?

Indigo Children: Who are they and what makes them special?

How many of you remember there’s a soul inside you that has a voice of its own? How many of you can connect to the divine power that resides within you? Or, How many of you can recognize the cues illuminated by the light inside you? For the handful who replied in YES. Well, Congratulations! You belong to the crystal clan, also known as indigo children.

Who Are Indigo Children?

Indigo children are light-bearers who are driven by the sole purpose in life: to awaken humanity. They are gifted souls empowered with various spiritual and psychic abilities. 

In the world where most of us are greatly forgetting the ‘feel’, the indigo child will appear as a Paradigm Shifter. They are the old souls who refuse to succumb to societal norms and carve a peaceful way for the coming generations.

While addressing the aura colors of different kids, it was coined that the Indigo children have an aura, indigo or royal blue in color that manifests a change in humanity. They possess supernatural powers and are determined to bring us closer to our true essence.

These spiritually gifted children though extraordinarily empathetic are often misdiagnosed or misjudged by society as mentally ill patients.

A Look Back Into The History

The inception of the concept

The concept of indigo children was first introduced by Nancy Ann Tappe who was a deep researcher of auric fields. She wrote a book called “Understanding your life through color” in 1982 where she defined a person based on her new auric color method. It stunned the world when the characteristics defined were accurate and foolproof.  Here’s what she quoted in her think-piece:

“Usually each universal age is accompanied by a preponderance of people with that life color. For instance, now most adults are either Blue or Violet, the two colors with the attributes most needed in this the Violet Age of transition. During the next age, the Indigo Age, Indigo colors will be the norm”

Furthermore, she also added that Indigo children have been one of the most exciting revelations in human evolution. According to Tappe, the traits of an Indigo child is widely present in about 95% of children born from 1978 to 1988. The book also explains how these children with high-level consciousness will be an irreplaceable part of the future.

Further development

This concept was later popularized by a couple, Lee Carroll and Jan Tober in their book “The Indigo Children: The New Kids Have Arrived” in 1998. Both the husband and wife are self-help lecturers, Carroll is also a channeler of what he calls ‘Kryon’. It is a metaphysical angelic concept that he claims to be real.

The Indigo Child is a boy or girl who displays a new and unusual set of psychological attributes, revealing a pattern of behavior generally undocumented before.” – says, Carroll. They define these children with extraordinary abilities like high I.Q, resistance to authority without explanation and acute self-confidence. He also articulates that these children are often misdiagnosed with brain disorders like ADD or ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) and are medicated wrongly when all they need is special care and training.

The book by the duo has a significant impact on society and it sold a whopping 250,000 copies worldwide. Hay House, a publishing house also proclaims that they have sold more than 500,000 books on the concept of Indigo children.


Doreen Virtue, a psychotherapist who has also written books on Indigo Children has asserted it as a leap in human evolution. According to Ms. Virtue, “They’re vigilant about cleaning the earth of social ills and corruption, and increasing integrity… their generations tried, but then they became apathetic. This generation won’t unless we drug them into submission with Ritalin.”

These were a few big names who have been writing about this Indigo evolution. However, there are a lot of other names with different theories. But one thing stays common with all of them: they all agree to their supernatural abilities.

Now that you are aware of the definition and history in detail, let’s find out if you are one of them!

Indigo Children: Who Are They and What Makes Them Special?
Indigo Children: Who Are They and What Makes Them Special?

21 Signs You Are One Among The Special ‘Indigo Children’

1. You FEEL a lot.

Like a LOT. Indigo children are the extremists who delve into each emotion fully. Right from a hilarious rom-com to a weepie, you experience the movies in real sense. Since you are so deeply attached to your inner self, all your emotions resurface with a higher intensity than others.

2. The school wasn’t easy for you

Indigo children have high IQ, but they still don’t ‘fit in’ the traditional schooling pattern. The rigid structure in school appears meaningless to you and you struggle with the class assigned readings. While in your daily life you are an avid reader constantly seeking answers, you find it difficult to conform with school patterns.

Indigo children will thrive if they are admitted into a less structured school – a school that allows free thinking and acknowledges curiosity.

3. Horror movies are not for you

Indigos suffer the downside of extraordinary memory. Since they are spiritually gifted, they tend to remember things for a longer period even on a dark lonely night. Thus, if you still ṣremember your first horror movie as you watched it yesterday – you know you are one of them!

4. Creativity runs through your veins

A creative outlook is so inherent to an indigo’s character that it wouldn’t be wrong to say: Indigos DNA is made of art. Right from music, painting, crafting, writing, building or even cooking – you will always find an artistic turn in your job or home life.

You may or may not be acclaimed for this creative side. But nonetheless, you enjoy creative self-expression.  

5. You expect a lot from yourself (and others)

You are a self-critic always bashing yourself for the ideals that you are set to achieve. While this can also be advantageous, being over critical can also lead to major disappointments. Not only yourself, but you also expect the best from others which often puts you off when not fulfilled.

6. Leadership comes naturally to you

Indigos are born leaders. Thus, if you are one of them, you will find it very difficult to work in teams when you are answerable to others. You will not be able to obey authority without explanation or even conform with orders.

You offer more productive results when put in-charge with the freedom to enforce decisions.

7. Fulfillment always wins

Indigos are not driven by materialistic things. Money does not matter to them as much as fulfillment. You will pick a less lucrative yet fulfilling career field mostly in the field of arts that offers a decent living. That’s about it.

Long story short, you don’t run after money but don’t resist it either. Self-contentment is more important for you.

8. You can’t blindly respect authority

You aren’t disrespectful to it either but you simply can’t revere with them because everyone else does. Instead, you question if and only if the answer satisfies you, you will adhere to it. You prefer to think, analyze, and then decide instead of following the rule because it’s a rule.

9. Truth is all that matters

This is one of the most significant qualities of an indigo child. They prioritize truth over everything else.

You will be an ardent believer of “The truth may hurt for a little while, but a lie hurts forever.” When you are around someone, you can easily reckon who is lying or even hiding the truth. Your search for truth over deception never ends.

10. You want to change the world

As indigo, you constantly feel a driving force in your conscience that tells you to create a change. This strong sense is the primary determinant of most of your decisions. If there’s anything that disagrees with this purpose, you don’t consider it as intensely.  

11. Your perception is different

You have a high level of understanding most others of your age. You perceive humanity and life in a different manner. The constant urge to find the truth makes you different from the lot.

It often makes you feel out of place and lonely but once you realize that you are indigo, you will learn to cope with it. This perception also advances your intuitive power. You tend to know about people more than what is revealed.

12. You are headstrong and stubborn

You are so determined and strong-willed, that you easily jump over the thin line between stubbornness and perseverance. As a child, you were often labeled as obnoxious and as an adult, you still find it difficult to operate in the command of others.  

13. Nature is your home

You develop a strong connection with the natural world – the plants, the animals and everything else that’s always been around. Nature feels like a break from the pretension that this world compels you to put up with. A walk on the edge of the ocean, or amidst the trees makes you feel home.

14. Spirituality attracts you

You are interested in both the genres: Spirituality and religion but they chose the former since it reflects the truth in its purest form.

You don’t pick a specific practice to follow instead mix and match different traditions, the ones which successfully answer ‘Why?’. Indigo children are free-spirited and open-minded. They refuse to be convinced with dogma or fundamental teachings.

15. You feel like you don’t belong to this gen

You are an old soul. More like 13 in age, but 43 in mind. You feel so alien to this generation and the people surrounding you that you are often left to believe that you have probably lived many lifetimes.

Plus, as a child also, your wisdom never matched others of your age.

16. You are full of empathy and compassion

You simply don’t understand cold and calculative people. Every time you hear a lightning strike, you fear the destruction or even the thought of cutting down trees angers you. This is because you care, you care a lot.

Indigo children are a lot more empathetic than people from the past generations but this is also the reason why most of them are found suffering from depression.

17. You seek explanations

If you have been the child who never stops asking ‘Why?’, you are an indigo. Unlike others who accept shallow answers, Indigos are born with undying curiosity and thus keep on digging unless they are completely satisfied with the answer.

18. You are a gifted storyteller

Your imagination power is surreal. You are capable of thinking beyond this world. No one can beat you when it comes to storytelling. Whether it’s about keeping the crowd entertained or a quick competition of storytelling – you give life to your imaginations.

19. People have diagnosed you with ADD or ADHD

That’s how our society functions. Anyone who seems different than the usual is considered mentally ill. Since you don’t fit the normal standards, people will often wonder if you have been diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

20. You don’t respond to guilt discipline

The play games of ‘wait till your father gets home’ doesn’t work with you. You are very clear with your thoughts and are not afraid of it. Thus, the entire guilt-trip scenario doesn’t have an impact on your thoughts or on your actions.

21. Boredom strikes too soon

Since indigo children are blessed with gifted powers and unusual intelligence, they tend to struggle with the routine work. Your inquisitive mind desires something extra and this is another reason why you are often misdiagnosed with ADD or ADHD.

This was an overall guide for you to identify whether or not you belong to the indigo clan. Apart from this, indigos are loners who like to spend time alone and strive for long-lasting relationships. Most of them are aware they are ‘special’ but not in a narcissistic way but in a more authoritative way

While reading this, if you nodded your head for more than 15 traits in this list, the cue is yours to pick! 😉

A Peek Into The Indigo’s World

Indigo children are very determined. They are here for a purpose and they are not going anywhere without fulfilling it. Indigos have been shouldered with the responsibility of changing the world for the good, redefine humanity and light the candles of love, unity, and brotherhood. Being the frontrunners of change in society, they are full of forgiveness to help heal the earth.

Just like Indigos as a being are far from usual, an ideal Indigo’s world will also be extraordinary. Here’s a sneak peek into the dream-world for the commoners:

  • Nature will be preserved in its best form. Air and water will be kept clean to ensure the chemical-free growth of the greens.
  • Organic will regain its momentum. All the agricultural produce will be freshly grown with minimum processing and refining.
  • Education will be free of any biases and authority. Children will be free to ask questions and have a dominant say in their future.
  • The governing Political system will function for the benefit of society. Democracy will redefine itself, leaders will not be driven by self-interests and socialism will be at its peak.
  • The family will not just be defined by ‘blood’ but also via emotions. The people who you spend the most time with will be classified as your greater inner circle.
  • Peace and harmony will reinforce in the world and the countries will work collaboratively to enhance human living.
  • Every human being will be treated equally and will possess equal rights and responsibilities. The concept of classification via race, caste, creed, sex or religion will be demolished.

Long story short, all the discriminations and evil inherent in society will be abolished. The ideals and authority will be questioned to re-establish equality and prosperity.

3 Reasons Why Being An Indigo is Not Always Fun

By this time most of you must be like ‘I wish I could be one of them!’. Well, here’s an eye-opener: Just because these qualities are rarely found doesn’t mean it should be idealized. Far from it. Apart from the name and the responsibility, it is really exhausting at times. The constant drive that refuses to settle can be paralyzing making them prone to the following:

1. They turn in on themselves

Indigo children find it their responsibility to change the world and free them from the ‘normalized’ chains. However, when the purpose is not fulfilled, they are compelled to return to the usual lifestyle. The shift in purpose doesn’t go well on them and they are thrown off their life path.

2. They are depressed

The perception of indigo children is far-fetched and can sometimes foresee the challenges yet to come. Since their vision to create a change is so strong, it’s unfulfillment can result in various mental shifts ultimately making them depressed. Not only depression but Indigo children also deal with major anxiety and life-threatening addictions.  

3. They are brutally honest

In this sugar-coated world, integrity must be one of the most celebrated qualities. However, the world perceives it differently. Indigos are often referred to as indifferent and corrupt because even though they are utterly right, they might not always have a full-fledged explanation of their correctness.

They Are Passionate Truth-Seekers

Indigo children as a child are often misjudged as headstrong and obnoxious while they are just trying to extract the truth from the deception. They face difficulty with absolute authority and don’t blindly believe in half-baked truths or illusions like most other children. They will instead question the leaders, try to reason everything and expose the falsehood if they are convinced that it’s a bullshit façade.

Many people have also claimed that the Indigo label is so casual, that it can be used by anyone. However, the specific qualities of an Indigo are far from usual. The ‘truth’ is so inherent in them that they will challenge every norm, even the ones that have been believed for ages. This trait is surely very unusual.

Crystal Children v/s Indigo Children

There is a disagreement with the origin of crystal children. While the majority believe that they are the same as indigo children, a few others differ.

Crystal children are born with a crystal-like hue and are usually more peaceful than the indigos. They are naturally drawn towards magic and magical beings and communicate telepathically. While indigo children came into appearance in the 1970s, they joined the auric field in the 21st century and are believed to be the ‘beautiful’ future.

There’s also a concept of rainbow children with a major disagreement in thought. While some believe that they have an identity of their own, others say they are nothing but crystal children. There’s also a group that says rainbow children are the group of crystal children.

What Happens to Indigos Who Are Misdiagnosed?

Indigo children are often diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and other behavioral issues and mood disorders. Consequently, they are heavily medicated with heavy dosage at a very tender age.

Suppressive drugs such as Ritalin or Adderall have a much larger impact on Indigo children than on others. It causes them to lose touch with their intuitive capacities and forget their life’s purpose. This further delays the much-required change in the world. Indigo and crystal children have their strings attached to the wayward spirits, which makes them restless in school and also while sleeping. This is the primary source of identification for ADD or ADHD in children.

A few authors have also conformed to this statement with their respective theories. Doreen Virtue, in his book “Care and Feeding of Your Indigo Child” said, “Indigo Children who take Ritalin or other psychotropic drugs soon lose touch with their intuition, psychic abilities, and warrior personality. These children were sent to Earth with these three spiritual gifts for the express purpose of cleaning up our planet, environmentally and socially.”

What Should You Do If You Are A Parent of An Indigo Child?

Don’t treat them as ‘different’

If you are a parent to an indigo child, it’s always better to still treat them as a child. If you constantly emphasize on their supernatural powers, it will either scare them with a thought that they are not ‘normal’ or make them pompous who consider themselves ‘better’.

Don’t deny disability in lieu of indigo

“The view in medicine is that ADHD is a defect. It’s a disorder. If you’re a parent, the idea of ‘gifted’ is much more appealing than the idea of a disorder.” – David Cohen

Parents to Indigo children are often found dismissing the possibility of ADD or ADHD on their child, because of their high IQ. Of course, who will want to acknowledge that their child is a neurodivergent when you can instead believe that they are made for a higher purpose in life. However, it will devoid your child of the desired care and medications that it needs.

What Should You Do If You Are An Indigo Child?

If you have conformed to most of the signs mentioned above and believe that you belong to this crystal clan. You must not shrug it off and instead try to capitalize on your gifted powers. Apart from that, the following are some tips that you can adapt in your daily life.

1.      Practice mindfulness.

2.      Start your day with meditation

3.      Spend time with nature

4.      Don’t restrict your creativity

5.      Learn about spiritual awakening process

6.      Rehearse emotional acceptance

Let The Change Begin!

The world has been extremely harsh on Indigos. And why not, everyone fears change except for these rare beings. In spite of the constant torture, they still refuse to settle with the “common” views because they are so determined to bring the change.

Thus, it only makes sense if we let them be.

Because today or tomorrow, the change is bound to manifest itself. (Fortunately, for the good!)

Little by little, light will win over darkness.

The truth will emerge over deception.

And, love will prevail as the ultimate hero.

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