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Understanding Indigo Adults: Origin, traits and Characteristics

Understanding Indigo Adults: Origin, traits and Characteristics

Understanding Indigo Adults- Origin and Characteristics

Most people on this planet perceive this world through their five senses. They analyze everything with logic. And shun anything that comes outside this frame of perception. But there are people who are able to perceive more than our five senses allow.  Known as “Indigo Adults”, they are intuitive and may also display psychic abilities. They are loving, empathetic, intelligent and curious. And have a strong sense of purpose. They strive to raise consciousness and change the world.

Let’s find out more about indigo adults and what makes them stand out.

Who Are Indigo Adults and Their traits?

Indigo adults are very spiritual and intuitive people. They are born with superior qualities and seem to be wiser than their age.

Indigo adults are a step ahead in human evolution. They have a very high level of self-awareness. And hold a deep spiritual connection right from birth. Indigos live and think outside the box. And that does not only mean that they are creative. But that they do not conform to what the society calls “normal”. They live their life on their own terms and are happy to do so.

Indigos are superior when it comes to ethical and spiritual progress. Moreover, some say they’re a race of people who will one day fight the current social system. To establish a more mindful society to improve the world.

Caregivers identify most indigo adults in their childhood and call them indigo children. But some people grow up to self identify themselves as indigo adults.

What Does the Term “Indigo” Signify?

The word “indigo” describes people with the above abilities. Because their perceived aura is a shade of indigo or royal blue.

Furthermore, in humans, indigo represents the sixth chakra. It denotes a person’s connection to the spiritual realm. It also represents wisdom and consciousness.

How Did the Indigo Concept Come to Be?

The concept of indigos formed in the west during the 1960-70 period. That’s when people started questioning mainstream religions. And began identifying with eastern concepts like intuition and reincarnation.

The term “indigo child” was first used during the New Age movement in the 1960s, 70s. Many western communities saw a shift in their spiritual perception during those times. People started questioning the mainstream beliefs. And exploring life with more consciousness.

Another wave of indigo surge happened during the 1980s, 90s. More people started exploring alternate belief systems. Furthermore, western communities started adopting Eastern and European beliefs and religions. And they began embracing the concepts of reincarnation and intuition.

Other terminologies, such as crystal children and rainbow children also came up. Crystal and Rainbow children are born to a prior generation of indigo parents. And, “star seed” or “star child” refers to indigo people who have reincarnated many times. Also referred to as old souls.

Top 10 Characteristics of Indigo Adults

Indigo adults display many specific qualities. The following are some of the most common ones.

Understanding Indigo adults origin and characteristics
Understanding Indigo adults origin and characteristics

1. Indigo adults are spiritual

Indigo adults have an innate sense of spirituality. Some of them even have awareness of other dimensions and parallel realities. So, they bloom when born in a family which accepts their beliefs. People who don’t understand indigos usually refer to them as “different”, “special” or “gifted”.

2. Indigos are very intuitive

Indigo people perceive life beyond the five senses. They are so intuitive that people wonder if they have psychic abilities. So, they take decisions that may seem random. But usually supported by their strong intuitive abilities. In social situations, they are able to sense the good, bad, truth and lies in an effortless manner.

3. Indigos live with purpose

Indigo people are born with a sense of purpose to make the world a better place. They like spending time working towards bringing change in social or environmental fields. Moreover, they have the grit and passion required to pull this off. They cannot stand injustice. And are capable of dedicating their entire life to achieve a noble mission.

4. They are sensitive

Indigo adults are very sensitive to their surroundings. That’s why indigos often have major and frequent mood swings. Their energy levels can run high or low depending on the people and situations around them. Some people are also sensitive to foods like sugar, meat, and artificial additives. Even battery and electrical equipment sometimes go haywire in their presence.

5. They are wise

Indigos display remarkable wisdom from a very young age. And they further continue to grow wiser with age throughout their lifetime. Furthermore, some of them act out of their psychic experiences. Hence, they are sometimes unable to convey the reasoning behind their wisdom.

6. Indigo people are intelligent and curious

Indigo people cannot accept anything without knowing the reason behind it. They like to question everything. And put all their energy towards finding the answer. So, they don’t usually prefer mainstream thoughts and occupations. They prefer to work with fluid systems where there is freedom of thought and action.

7. They are quick to get frustrated

Indigo adults experience frustration when they see wrong happening in the world. Especially when it involves harm to people. They may find difficulty in finding the right outlet to express their frustration. Because not everyone is as affected by the wrongdoings in everyday life. Furthermore, indigos also get upset when people belittle their psychic or spiritual understanding.

8. They are creative

Indigos enjoy the process of creating. Be it art, music or any other department, they have a burning desire to create new things. Moreover, their ability to think out of the box makes them excellent artists. They don’t enjoy monotonicity and look for passion in every task they undertake.

9. They are different from others

Indigo adults realize that not all people in society can understand them. They may have faced difficulties growing up as indigo children. Especially if born into a family that shows resistance to their beliefs and way of life. Hence, indigo adults prefer spending time on their own or in the company of other indigos. But that doesn’t mean they do not mingle with non-indigo people. They do engage with others, especially those who are accepting of their ways.

10. They are loving and empathetic

Indigo adults are very inclusive of all living entities. Be it other people, animals or nature. They value and love everything. People often misunderstand them. But indigos are able to empathize with others’ inability to understand. Moreover, they feel the pain of the world like it’s their own. They are introverts but open up to those they are comfortable with.

Common Physical Features of Indigo Adults

Some physical features seem to be in common in most indigo adults. Here are some of them –

  • Indigos usually have either green eyes or deep blue eyes.
  • Indigo adults have fair-skin, no matter which part of the world they hail from.
  • Indigo people usually look young in their appearances. But seem mentally old and wise.

Closing Thoughts

Indigo adults are people who live in higher spiritual realms. The intensity of their experience may differ. But they experience life in a more involved way than the rest. They feel empowered and flourish in supportive environments. Whereas, they find great difficulty adjusting in difficult and non-accepting environments. In conclusion, indigo adults have beautiful minds and immense love for everyone. This world can definitely gain from more indigo people!

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