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Chiron in Aries: Heal Your Wounds

Chiron in Aries: Heal Your Wounds

Chiron in Aries: Heal Your Wounds

If you have struggled with identity wounds and individuality issues, Chiron is here to help you heal. Healer Chiron enters Aries and remains there from February 18, 2019, till April 14, 2027. Chiron in Pisces was an exploration of dealing with situations that had no clear solutions. Chiron in Aries, in comparison, will be about taking action to deal with the issues.

We are called to action and find strength and endurance to confront our deepest wounds and complications that are not in our control. But first, who is Chiron, and what does it mean? How can Chiron help us to heal our wounds? 

What is Chiron?

Chiron is associated with the archetype of the wounded healer. In Greek mythology, Chiron is neither fully human nor a complete animal. It is a Centaur; with the body of a horse and head of a human. In fact, Homer refers to him as the wisest centaur in the Iliad.

Due to his physical appearance, his mother Philyra abandoned him. Hence, facing rejection early on in his life, he carved a path of his own. Thus, Chiron resonates with those who have experienced the same kind of trauma. In the end, he became a mentor, teacher, and most importantly, the healer to many mythological heroes such as Achilles and Hercules.

Heracles accidentally wounded Chiron by a poisoned arrow. Even though Chiron himself was a great healer, he could not heal himself. He spent his whole life trying to heal himself. In the process, he discovered many healing techniques. But he could never heal himself.

He gained a gift of healing that he was able to bestow upon others. In the end, owing to the incurable wound, he gave up his immortality. And he became a part of the constellation Centaurus

What is Chiron in Astrology ?

According to astrology, Chiron is both a comet and a minor planet in our solar system. It has an icy composition that is related to water retention of our bodies as well as our feelings, emotions and spiritual aspects of self.

When Chiron is exposed to the sun, the ice sublimes to gas, skipping the liquid phase. This relates with the transformation of hardened emotional self into the spiritual higher and lighter aspects of self. The transformation can be physical as well, relating to physical healing. 

Chiron has an elliptical orbit, owing to which it spends varied time in different signs. It spends the most time in Aries and Pisces which can last up to 8-9 years. This points to the fact that it has some serious work to do in the two signs. 

Chiron orbits between Saturn and Uranus. These two planets are of oppositional nature. Saturn is the last visible planet and Uranus is the first transpersonal planet. The orbit of Chiron between these two planets links our physical and personal experience to our spiritual experience.

While Saturn is restrictive, Uranus is liberating. It is about redeeming and accepting our human hardened physical aspect. And through this acceptance, we find rejuvenation and healing. 

What does ‘Chiron in Aries’ signify? 

Chiron in Aries is about dealing with the identity wound and issues of individuality. The placement of Chiron in our natal charts, as well as Chiron transits, tell a central wound that one may be struggling with.

The sign and house where Chiron is in your birth chart can provide valuable insights into the issues. But with the wound, Chiron also comes with its healing powers. As we go through the pain, we gain wisdom. And it can be used to heal others. The house and sign of your natal Chiron may also show the possible challenges that Aries have for you.

Healing the wounds with ‘Chiron in Aries’

Chiron in Aries: Heal your Wounds

Chiron spent his life enduring the pain of his wound. Thus, it shows that despite being the human part of us, Chiron represents our ability to heal our wounds. It reminds us that we have to manage our failure. Once we have healed ourselves, we can help others with our experiences. 

Chiron in Aries encourages us to shun the negative expressions of self and follow the positives, especially for those who have a Chiron return. These expressions can be difficult to identify in our own selves. Below are some instances of negative expressions along with the possible positive expressions – 

Negative Expression with ‘Chiron in Aries’

  1. Not believing in oneself and feeling inadequate. 
  2. Comparing ourselves and wanting to be better than people around us. 
  3. Being self-engrossed and aiming all our actions at self-confirmation.

Positive Expression with ‘Chiron in Aries’

  1. Forgiving ourselves. If in the past you did not believe in yourself, take this time to restore the belief. Move forward with love in yourself. 
  2. Accepting that everyone is different and we do not have to compare ourselves to others. 
  3. Loving ourselves in the right way, acknowledging our strengths and weaknesses. This allows us to heal our deep wounds including those of individuality.

Finals Thoughts

Ultimately, Chiron is the alchemist of the Zodiac. It connects our human selves to our spiritual and higher selves. It heals our deepest wounds which become our greatest gift. Don’t lose hope! The stars collided so that you could be here today. So, transform your wounds to your powers in this transit of Chiron in Aries.