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Life’s Puzzle: Why Do Bad Things Keep Happening to Me

Life’s Puzzle: Why Do Bad Things Keep Happening to MeUpdated on January 2, 2021 | Published on March 28, 2020
Reviewed by Katina Tarver, MA (Mental Health and Wellness Counseling), Life Coach

Life’s Puzzle: Why do Bad Things Keep Happening to Me

We all experience downfalls in life. The road to success is not always easy. Knowingly and unknowingly we all get trapped in our own mistakes and fail repeatedly. Despite helping and maintaining positivity we tend to embrace failures more often. While some are quite bearable but some are extremely severe. And if such a series of recurring bad things keep happening. Then a good person starts feeling – why do bad things keep happening to me

He/she might lose interest in life and tag themselves as a victim of bad omen. But, do not forget that such bad situations could be a doorway to success. Want to know how? 

Hereby, we are sharing some of the best tips to cope up with negative thinking. And you never know that these tips might give you prosperity and happiness. But before we proceed to the tips, let’s quickly explore what is the root cause behind this feeling. Also, let’s shed some light on the behavioral changes one undergoes while engulfed in negative thinking.

Reasons Behind The Feeling – Why Do Bad Things Keep Happening to Me 

1. Lack of faith

Lack of faith
Lack of faith

Despite being able to handle the situation, yet a person continues to lack faith in oneself. Because of which this feeling of helplessness emerges. Instead of taking charge of the situation, such people prefer staying away. That’s why they cannot tackle a difficult situation and become disheartened. 

2. Bad attitude

Bad attitude
Bad attitude

Whenever bad things happen in a person’s life; they are also influenced by his/her mistakes. When a person becomes careless, he/she commits minute mistakes that lead to bigger problems. For example: 

  • Forgetting to switch ‘on’ the security system which results in theft.
  • Not attending the meeting on time, resulting in a warning from the boss. 
  • Not maintaining hygiene, thus resulting in illness.
  • Missing out son’s annual function because of oversleeping.

Yes, some situations arose because of bad luck too! But if you become cautious then there are chances to control the situation. But if the situation goes beyond more often. Then the question arises – why do bad things keep happening to me? Moreover, committing the same mistakes all over again shows that you haven’t learned anything from them. Rather you are inviting more bad vibes.

3. High expectations

High expectations
High expectations

Many people tend to keep high expectations. They want others to treat them with love and respect. And when these expectations are shattered then it leads to frustration and hopelessness.

4. Overlooking the good

Overlooking the good
Overlooking the good

Amidst problems, people tend to overlook the joyous moments of their lives. Then be it a job promotion, best friend’s wedding, or even a new car. Such a process is called a mental filter wherein you focus only on negative aspects. And if negative thoughts start flooding your head. Then there is no escape from thinking why bad things keep happening to me.

Life’s Puzzle: Why do Bad Things Keep Happening to Me
Life’s Puzzle: Why do Bad Things Keep Happening to Me

Behavioral Changes While Thinking – Why Do Bad Things Happen to Me 

When things turn awry, then be it losing valuables or tormented by the criticism. It leads to negative thinking. And when such things happen again and again, then you tend to experience the following behavioral changes.

1. An outburst of anger

An outburst of anger
An outburst of anger

If things do not happen as planned, we tend to lash out on anyone who is right in front of our eyes. Here, a person doesn’t care about the relationship or is unable to exhibit his/her emotions. And in such situations, anger becomes their only emotion.

2. Getting into the shoes of a victim

Getting into the shoes of a victim
Getting into the shoes of a victim

When a person starts raising the question – why do bad things keep happening to me? It’s nothing but victimizing oneself. They start feeling that life is unfair to them and they are the only ones caught in this vicious circle. 

3. Blaming oneself

Blaming oneself
Blaming oneself

When failures keep appearing than a person might start doubting his/her thinking power. They start cursing themselves for taking decisions. They feel that every decision is insensitive and naive. 

4. Depression


It seems like negative thinking can make depression worse. Depression demotivates and drowns the person in unhappiness.

5. Losing interest

Losing interest
Losing interest

A person who continuously has negative thoughts tends to lose interest. Then it could be the activities that he/she loves the most. Moreover, he/she might also feel detached or hard to communicate with anyone.

6. Lack of positivity

Lack of positivity
Lack of positivity

The antonym of negative is positive. So, a person who keeps thinking that why do bad things keep happening to me; tends to lose positivity. Eventually, there is no room left for positive emotions like joy and happiness. 

7. Setting unrealistic expectations

They have no expectations from others
Setting unrealistic expectations

Despite knowing the gravity of the situation, a person with negative thoughts tends to set unrealistic expectations. And if they aren’t fulfilled, then he/she doubts their capabilities.

8 Ways to Handle When Bad Things Happen to You

A lot of times our negative thoughts create a blockage. Due to which we ignore the happy moments in our life. But, with our below tips along with the dedicated practice, you might get a break from negative thoughts. Moreover, these tips might help you to welcome contentment, success, and bliss in your life.

1. Accept the situation

Accept the situation
Accept the situation

No matter how grave the situation is, staying strong should be your ultimate resolution. And staying strong means is to accept the situation positively. Off course, you will feel the burden of abundant thoughts like –

  • Why is it always me?
  • It is hard to believe that I have failed again.
  • I am such a good person, then what wrong did I do to earn this torment.
  • Am I alive only to witness failures?

But before you jump to any conclusion, stay calm. It is very obvious that you cannot change the past. So, it’s best to accept the present and move on in life. You never know, this acceptance might be a bridge to a bigger and better future decision.

2. Do not give up

Never Give up
Do not give up

There is not a single person who hasn’t faced criticism or failure. Because failures hit every person be it a kid or an adult. But thinking about it all over again is of no help to you as well as for your loved ones. So, what next? The secret mantra is – do not lose hope. Do not deter yourself from trying. 

The more you face failures, the more you should give it back. This attitude will help you reach new heights of success. Most importantly, prepare yourself that you are going to fight it out with all energy and positivity.

3. Start taking action

Start taking action
Start taking action

Sitting idle is not going to help for sure. So, instead, start designing an action plan. Your actions are the perfect means to handle difficult situations. If you think that certain steps are going to be fruitful for resolving the issue. Then start taking them. If you start taking efforts at the initial phase then it becomes easy to handle the situation at a further stage.

4. Do not victimize yourself

Do not victimize yourself
Do not victimize yourself

There are millions of people who face bigger problems than you. Many others continue to think that why bad things keep happening to me. So, do not misinterpret that you are the only one engulfed in problems. Instead, think from a different perspective.

With this, the feeling of being the lone sufferer will go away. It will give you positivity that if others can cope, then so will I! It will give you hope that those good things are on their way.

5. Add positivity into someone else’s life

Add positivity into someone else’s life
Add positivity into someone else’s life

Are you entangled in excessive negative thinking? Then it is important to break the monotony. And for that start focusing on your loved and dear ones. Start by adding positivity to their lives. Then it could be active listening, compliment, expressing gratitude, or even giving advice. With this, you will get back on track and add an optimistic approach. 

6. Express gratitude

Practice Gratitude – A Humble Regard
Express gratitude

Research has highlighted that expressing gratitude makes a person happy. So, find some time and express gratitude for the life you are living. Then it could be for providing a meal, job, house, water, or much more. So, don’t let go of such positive aspects because remembering them proves how fruitful your life can be!

7. Analyze your strengths

Analyze your strengths
Analyze your strengths

As a person enters into the negative thinking mode, then he/she tends to overlook the positive side. So, if you wish to succeed then focus on strengths rather than your mistakes. With this, you will get the courage to take the right decision. It will also make it easy to add hope to your life. 

So, if you find yourself engulfed in negative thoughts. Then take a deep breath and think about your past experiences. Experiences that highlight your positive actions.

8. Seek help

Seek help
Seek help

If you think that situation is going out of hand. Then it’s best to seek help from family, friends or a professional. There are times, you might encounter a mental block. And your untoward thinking might hamper your ability. So, without wasting any moment, seek the help of a professional who will guide you to the fullest. They will help you embrace positive thinking.

Every person has his/her share of bad luck. But that doesn’t mean you are unlucky all the time and the universe is conspiring against you. Instead, just follow our above-mentioned tips, ignore carelessness, and keep an eye on your actions. Good things will follow! 

Simple Exercises to Put An End to Untoward Thoughts

Now that you know the ways to handle when troubled with the thought – why do bad things keep happening to me. So, let’s dig a little more and explore simple exercises that will help waive off negativity. 

  1. If you realize that negative thinking has started entering your mind. Then try stopping it. Stop means you actually have to say “Stop!”. If you are alone then try screaming aloud. If you are in public stop the thoughts by visualizing a picture – like a STOP sign!
  2. If you are boggled with unnecessary thoughts then take a break. Splash some water on your face. Despite this, the thoughts continue to bother then start counting numbers. 
  3. Set boundaries for negative thinking. For example: entertaining negative thoughts only for a week from now. As time ends, you will realize that the time limit is over. And you will start thinking straight and negative thoughts will take a backseat.
  4. Make way to your negative thoughts by penning them down. Thereafter you may choose to destroy, tear them apart or burn them. This shows that you have moved on from that phase.
  5. Follow a good workout regime wherein you do not get time to think about these complexities. Moreover, studies state that physical activity protects people from depression. 

Closing Thoughts

You may think that bad things are of no use. But we would suggest using them as a ladder to achieve success. Learn from your mistakes because several times, negative thinking gives clarity to our thought process. They are the medium to change the course and choose a lifestyle that promotes positivity. 

So, implement our simple tips and witness the optimistic side of your life. And we also hope our tips help you unearth why do bad things keep happening to me!