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Stinking Thinking: The Five Types You Need to be Aware of

Stinking Thinking: The Five Types You Need to be Aware ofOctober 29, 2019

Stinking Thinking: The Five Types You Need to be Aware of

The mind is more than just an organ in the body because it holds the power to drive you. Whatever you think, ends up becoming your belief. This is true even when you have negative thoughts. So, better be careful about what you think. Unfortunately, stinking thinking techniques can be used against you and if you are not aware, the damage can be disastrous. But before we get there, let us understand what is stinkin thinkin. Very simply, it is a method of using actions or words to negatively influence a person’s thought processes. Silently, negative emotions will start influencing your actions and behavior. One of the most prominent symptoms will be an unexpected bias in your expectations.

Who Can Use It and How?

The answer to this question is surprising. Stinking thinking can be used by anyone – your colleagues at work, your family at home or even your friends. Now you may wonder how does it happen. Well, the effect of negative emotions is slow but lethal. Moving on, let us understand what happens when you start succumbing to the after-effects of stinking thinking. Simply put, when you become a victim, your thoughts develop an unhealthy attitude. You begin evaluating every action of yours to identify mistakes and start blaming yourself for things going wrong. This may start with something as simple as looking into the mirror and complaining that you are too fat and ugly to wear that stylish dress. But when it overpowers your senses, the negativity is free-flowing in all your thoughts as well as actions.

Interestingly, many of us often ignore the early symptoms simply because we are not aware of. Every day, the mind has several conversations with our conscious. These are internal conversations and you hardly take and impact your external behavior in a big way.

Top 5 Types of Stinking Thinking

Just like addiction treatment, is all about the ability of the mind to let go of the negativity and harness the positive thoughts. But before we learn to do that, it is important to learn to identify these types of thoughts and nip the problem in the bud. In the section that follows, we will introduce you to the type of thoughts that hint at being a victim of the stinking thinking:

1. You either win or lose it all

Victims will find it difficult to accept failure, even though it is partial

For those who are suffering from negativity in their thoughts, a project or task is simply success or failure. There is no middle way to choose. Even the occurrence smallest issue is enough for them to label the entire project as a failure. Simply put, they can only classify things as black or white.

If you come across such people, try to motivate them by highlighting the positive aspects of the project. You may not change their thought process entirely, but it will help put a stop to the outburst of negativity within them.

2. A negative label is all they want

Those suffering from stinking thinking often love to dwell on a single negative thought for hours.

One rejection does not mean that you will be rejected all your life. This is what many of us believe except for those who are suffering from negative thoughts. Their thought process dwells excessively on the negative emotions. As a result, they end up labeling themselves as failures who are good for nothing. But that is never true! Everyone has a purpose to fulfill. You may just need to wait a little longer!

If you are witnessing such issues or are worried about the unhealthy attitude of your thoughts, it is best advised that you seek guidance from a psychiatrist.

Stinking Thinking
Stinking Thinking – 5 Tips You Need to be Aware Of

3. Positive does not count

Sufferers refuse to see the positive outcomes of the scenario because their thought process is clouded by negative emotions.

When you start discounting the positive experiences, you leave the door open for all the joy to simply fizzle out. Everyone goes through a rough patch when things don’t end up the way you want them to. But that is no reason to pat your back when you do good things or achieve a goal. For instance, you worked very hard for promotion by completing projects before time. Your boss even appreciated your efforts but ended up promoting your colleague. This does not mean that you should forget the appreciation that you earned and belittle the work that you did. Celebrate the little joys in life to keep up the positive attitude. It is one of the most effective ways to keep a solid check on the negative thought processes.

4. Playing the blame game

Those suffering from stinking thinking love to blame themselves for everything that goes wrong around them.

Not everything and everyone can be under your control. It is important to accept this simple fact. Because only when you do, will you realize that you can not blame yourself for everything that goes wrong. For instance, if your relationship is not working, it does not mean that everything is your fault. What you need to do is talk to your partner and sort out the differences! The problem usually increases because most people are hesitant to talk. Another variant of victims that you are likely to come across in this category are the ones who like to blame others for their situations. For instance, if you don’t have that coveted white-collared job, it could be because you chose to skip University education before joining the workforce.

5. Larger than life

Things go wrong and it is perfectly normal to fail. The problem starts when you magnify the failure to overlook everything else.

So you made a romantic proposal to your partner and were rejected. Don’t worry, it is normal. What is abnormal is when you start magnifying the rejection and dwell on the negative details. For instance, in the above case, if you jump to the conclusion that you are likely to be rejected every time you make a romantic proposal. This would mean you are being unfair to yourself. Gradually, this will diminish your confidence to take proactive efforts. You may not realize it, but this is exactly the kind of behavior that leads to negative emotions overpowering your ability to enjoy life.

On a parting note

The bad way of thinking is an unhealthy habit. It will make you believe that you are not a good person and that nobody loves you. But it is important to understand, these are irrational thoughts. If you start spending time on such negative thoughts, it is a sign that you are falling prey to stinking thinking. The only way to tackle this problem is to identify the symptoms, seek psychiatric help and keep nudging your mind to dwell on the positive thoughts/outcomes in every situation. So, keep your eyes open and don’t hesitate to seek help when you need it!