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47 Hope Symbols & Their Meaning (and Hope Flowers, Animals & Nature)

47 Hope Symbols & Their Meaning (and Hope Flowers, Animals & Nature)

Hope is what keeps us going. Hope is what keeps us sane.. and Hope Symbols manifests ‘Hope’ in our lives. 

Without hope, mankind may crumble into pieces. But what do you do when you feel like you are losing yourself? When negative forces zap away your hope?

Well, that is when you count upon hope symbols to nourish and stabilize you. Hope symbols or Faith symbols are simple yet impactful interpretations of humans across religions, timelines, and beliefs. Each symbol bears its own power and energy, helping you keep your hope alive. 

But before we delve deep and explore hope symbols… let’s first find out…

What are Hope Symbols?

Hope symbols are different characters, designs, or elements from different cultures across the globe that symbolize hope.

Hope symbols are used in Jewellery, art, and celebrations to embody positivity and belief. Each symbol has been inspired by a particular culture but is accepted across the world. For example, the heart symbolizes love and passion in American culture. Yet, the entire world nods in agreement.

There are only very few things in the world that find agreement and goodwill in the eyes of the entire population. Hope symbols are one of them.

47 Hope Symbols & Their Meaning
47 Hope Symbols & Their Meaning

Native American Hope Symbols

Across various groups in North America, hope symbols emerge with different meanings. All these symbols are a direct representation of the deep spirituality in their tradition and culture.

Most of these hope symbols portray celestial bodies and spirit animals, to focus on the future and to be in sync with the time. The symbols are a medium of communication of the thoughts and dreams of the people who have led the Native American culture into its glory.

1. Butterfly Icon

Hope Symbol: Butterfly Icon
Hope Symbol: Butterfly Icon

Butterflies were known as the messenger of Gods in Native American culture. This makes the butterfly icon the perfect symbol for hope.

In Native American culture, it was said that if you can catch the butterfly and whisper your wish in their ears, it will get fulfilled.

However, in other cultures, it is believed that a wish made while releasing a captivated butterfly will be granted. This phenomenon was significant of people’s faith in God and the belief in wishful thinking.

Butterflies are also the prettiest insects that go through their own journey to emerge victoriously. The icon motivates you to keep fighting and keep growing. You might hide for some time when the going gets very difficult but you need to come out as blazing fire to survive.

2. 8-Pointed Star

Hope Symbol- 8-Pointed Star
Hope Symbol- 8-Pointed Star

The 8-pointed stars show continuity and hope for the future. The 8 cardinal points each have their own meaning and the two circles act as a point of connection.

Eight is often called the most important number when it comes to balance. This symbol is also called Star knowledge in Native American culture. The geometric symbol relates to the important periods of time in the future.

Firstly, the inner 4-pointed star connects one to the four directions in nature. The two circles show the equinoxes and solstices, which reflect the times of renewal and potential for people.

On the other hand, in most cultures, it shows the need to balance time, goals, and energy in our future. The outer circle stands unbroken, portraying how time is a never-ending loop without an escape.

Celtic Hope Symbols

As a part of Irish culture and ceremony, there are so many Celtic symbols in use that represent hope for centuries now. Their history lies in the belief that the Celts brought the symbols to Ireland. This was long before Irish symbols emerged as a part of Irish tradition. Their intricate designs emanating positive energies is what makes them unique.

Infact, what is surprising is that the Celtic symbols most commonly focus on very few concepts, including love, loyalty, wisdom, hope, and life.

3. Triquetra

Hope Symbol- Triquetra
Hope Symbol- Triquetra

The triquetra is a holy merge of the trinity. The Celtic knot is a three-cornered symbol of hope highlighting the three fundamentals of nature – Air, water, and Earth.

The triquetra has three intersecting closed arc symbols that show an infinite amount of hope and care. The three corners represent the circle of life which is always connected to the core. The Holy Trinity is not just limited to the three elements but can also reflect so much more.

In some cultures, it means the three promises of marriage while in some it represents the bond of a family. From a deep-rooted connection to the faith of a lovable bond, Triquetra helps them bring to light. Often used in jewelry and logos, it is also known to manifest positive energy and blessings.

4. Awen

Hope Symbol- Awen
Hope Symbol- Awen

Known as a neo-druid symbol, the Awen has three rays of light representing the three aspects of life.

The most common way for the Awen to guide mankind is via the three elements being portrayed in those three rays. The earth, the sky, and the sea, jointly acting to bring hope to the wearer.

Secondly, the combination of the mind, body, and soul is also associated with the symbol. When all those three are at peace, it is only then that man can achieve success.

The Druid interpreters refer to Awen as the ‘Flowering spirit’, due to its depiction of male and female energy, and the balance between them. Three is the perfect number for linkage and continuity, represented by Awen.

5. Shamrock

Hope Symbol- Shamrock
Hope Symbol- Shamrock

The Shamrock is often used in Irish culture as a link between the Holy trinity. The Father, the Son, and the Holy spirit combine together to bless the people on Irish festivities.

In Ireland, it is customary to wear the Shamrock on St. Patrick’s Day, to fight off evil and to bring in harmony. Infact, during the earlier days, the Shamrock was also an emblem of rebellion, also representing hope.

Looking like a three-leaf clover, the Shamrock combines the three mystical forces of Love, Life, and Lust to bring peace to the soul.

As an offering of good luck, Shamrocks are used in weddings and in times of need. With a Shamrock on your shoulder and a warm heart, there is nothing that can beat you in this world.

6. Celtic Tree of Life

Hope Symbol- Celtic Tree of Life
Hope Symbol- Celtic Tree of Life (Source)

To the Celts, the tree of life shows harmony and balance in the most natural form. The tree shows the value of a long and prosperous life.

The wisdom of trees is the most common belief in Celtic literature. The tree shows rebirth and the hope of survival. Every year the tree sheds its leaves and comes back alive in the spring. With hope and wisdom, the tree of life shows magical powers of renewal.

Infact, celts guarded trees because they thought of them to be the passage to the spirit world. Moreover, in many writings, the Tree of life is said to be a wish-lender that blesses the ones who visited its veil. When you visit the tree of life, you get an opportunity to communicate with God and get rid of your sorrows.

7. Easter Lily

Hope Symbol- Easter Lily
Hope Symbol- Easter Lily

Often called the ‘Apostles of Hope’, the Easter Lily is a white form of a young woman who carries hope, love, and nourishment in her basket of life.

The Easter Lily was primarily used as a symbol of Christ. The pure and white look of the flower makes it the most peaceful symbol on the list.

It is said that when Easter Lily grows, it is the time for resurrection. In fact, the growth of an Easter lily from an ugly bulb to a beautiful flower shows the true value of time and effort.

Carrying an easter lily reduces anxiousness and discards bad vibes. As an American symbol, it also symbolizes the end of wars and the beginning of new relationships. With love and warmth, an Easter lily will help manifest a fulfilling life.

Hindu Hope Symbols

Hindi Hope symbols are a small yet important aspect of the vast specter of symbolism the culture has. Each symbol imbibes teaching or a philosophy of a God or a Goddess. With some similarities to Buddhism, Hindu Hope symbols or Faith symbols are not only majestic but are also less complex in comparison to others.

There are mostly two types of symbols that the culture brought to life. The first is universal symbols that have managed to impact other societies too while the others are individualistic symbols associated only with Hindu deities.

8. Holy Cow

Hope Symbol- Holy Cow
Hope Symbol- Holy Cow (Source)

The Holy Cow has been the sacred animal in Hinduism for ages. From worshipping it to considering it as the Almighty, the Holy Cow is the incarnation of wisdom and hope.

In some Hindu beliefs, the Holy Cow is worshipped. While in others, it is protected as the sacred symbol of motherhood and safety. Infact, the slaughter of the Cow is illegal in many parts of India, and consuming its meat is called a sin.

The start of the Hindu belief has been in the literature of how Goddess Prithvi (Earth) was in the form of a cow to give benefits to mankind. It is said that the Holy Cow gives us one of the most necessary drinks for survival, so it deserves to be cared for and considered valuable. The sacred cow is also a symbol of sanctity and utmost trust in the Lord.

9. Peacock

Hope Symbol- Peacock
Hope Symbol- Peacock

Often used in Hindu belief, the peacock is a symbol of hope, renewal, and eternal life. Whenever one has the chance to see a Peacock dance in the rain, it is a sign of happiness and purity.

In Hindu culture, Lord Krishna is often associated with Peacock feathers. The feathers are said to harbor faith, life, and love in them. It is said that one should never throw away a peacock feather. Instead, it should be stored somewhere safe and amongst valuables.

In fact, the peacock is known as the snake slayer in India, where it can ward off all sorts of poisons. As a symbol of purity, peacock symbols are often used to adorn gifts and decorations. When you enjoy the sight of a peacock, your vision strengthens and your wisdom multiplies.

10. Om

Hope Symbol- Om
Hope Symbol- Om

Om, a Hindu symbol, often worn in ornaments to revive the soul and manifest immunity to the wearer’s heart and mind.

Om is the highest and most sacred sound among different cultures. Known as the ‘Mother of all Mantras’ it brings focus and warm energy to the inner soul. It is believed that this symbol if chanted rigorously and continuously, can also introduce the singer to divine power.

Om or the symbol of time is often called a mystical syllable, strong enough to break barriers of illness, pain, and stress. It creates a powerful vibration that rejuvenates your physical body, bringing back your lost hope. During the chant, many find answers to questions they have been seeking for ages and thus achieve eternal peace.

11. Swastika

Hope Symbol- Swastika
Hope Symbol- Swastika

One of the oldest known symbols to mankind, the Swastika is commonly used in Hindu Culture. It Is believed to eliminate negative energy and bring good luck to the creator.

The Swastika has different versions when it comes to different cultures. It can be interpreted as a symbol of nobility and auspiciousness. Infact, Swastika was used by the Nazi party as well, which castes a negative impact on its reputation around the world. Yet, it is often said that the rise of the Nazi party happened because of the strength of the Swastika.

In Asian culture, the Swastika is drawn to cover four different quadrants. These four quadrants depict the four directions or the four elements of nature. When our mind is at peace and in sync with these four quadrants, it is only then that we can achieve harmony.

Greek Hope Symbols

In Greek culture, ‘Elpis’ is the name of the Greek Goddess of Hope. The age-old tradition has been how ‘Hope’ or ‘Elpis’ was the only one strong enough to not escape out of Pandora’s box.

In Greek mythology, there has been an imbalance for manifesting hope, that is, while few symbols represent hope in abundance, a few others bring out only a thin line of hope.

12. Cornucopia

Hope Symbol- Cornucopia
Hope Symbol- Cornucopia

Often called the ‘Horn of Plenty’, Cornucopia is a part of ancient Greek folklore. It is a symbol of infinite abundance and infinite choices in life.

A cornucopia is never kept empty. It is always held accountable to portray wealth and nourishment. The sacred meaning of the cornucopia has been to bring forth richness and satisfaction to the owner. It is often used to symbolize harvests and occasions related to food like Thanksgiving.

Sometimes, instead of materialistic abundance, it is often known to bring spiritual fulfillment.  The abundance of love, hope, and luck, everything is granted by the cornucopia. It was and will always be the most mysterious yet ravishing symbol of Greek culture.

13. Olive Tree

Hope Symbol- Olive Tree
Hope Symbol- Olive Tree

Another symbol of hope, the olive branch is a wide-known immemorial sign of brotherhood, peace, and love.

In Greek mythology, the Olive branch is sacred to the Goddess Athena, symbolic of harvest and peaceful lives. Olive branches were used to crown Olympic winners, to portray unity and brotherhood. On the other hand, the olive tree was often gifted to newlyweds to bless their long-term bond and rejuvenate love.

It is still used in logos and art when it comes to peaceful campaigns or any brotherly events. Sometimes, Olive branches are also used in acts of purity, in the form of a wreath or jewelry.

Christianity Hope Symbols

In Christianity, each symbol was developed to express the inner meaning of different Christian Ideas and beliefs. Infact, many Christian symbols have emerged over time after coinciding with symbols of other cultures and regions. 

The Cross has been the foundation of Christian Symbolism, being directly associated with Lord Jesus. Apart from that, most of the other Christian symbols represent hope in some form that is manifested with trust in Jesus.

14. Anchor

Hope Symbol- Anchor
Hope Symbol- Anchor

An artistic way of portraying strength with balance, the anchor is a beautiful inspiration for hope. The hope is manifested every time the anchor stands lifted for a new voyage.

The crossed lines of an anchor represent the union of spirit and matter. With deep energy at work, the anchor keeps the wearer grounded and humble.

Whenever a ship sails, the anchor reminds us of the energy, excitement, and destination. While you trust the anchor to not let you sway away in the chaos, you start trusting yourself to enjoy life better.

With an anchor at your heart, you find a place to land and to begin a new life at. Also, the cross of an anchor is known to be symbolic of masculinity while the overall crescent structure highlights the Greek idea of femininity.

15. Dove

Hope Symbol- Dove
Hope Symbol- Dove

A reminder to lead a path of tranquility and peace, Dove is the most giving and loving bird. Not only does it represent patience but also brings along a plate full of virtue.

It is one of the universal symbols of grace and peace. The Dove portrays the end of conflict whenever insight. In old days, it was used as a tool of communication to end wars, start friendships, and even harbor cooperation.

The Dove eliminates all kinds of violence and manifests hope. The symbol is often called synonymous with pacifism, used in anti-war campaigns as well.

As a bird, the dove is pretty and warm-natured. The same warmth is needed in human hearts to be a part of a better world. A world that lives in serenity and stands united.

16. Cross

Hope Symbol- Cross
Hope Symbol- Cross

Widely recognized in Christianity, the Cross is a gentle reminder to the believer about Jesus’s sacrifice. It shows the true meaning of sacrifice, love, and healing.

The Cross is a sign of Jesus himself while also representing the faith of Christianity. It is used in ceremonies to show faith and blessing. It reflects on the choice made by Christ for the sake of peace. Every time the cross is used in marriages, it hints at the magic of love.

Then, it also signifies the act of humility that mankind should follow. When you trust the Cross, it takes away your sorrow and misery. It sheds new light upon you, with Jesus watching over you, ready to take you on a better path of life.

Judaism Hope Symbols

In Judaism, hope symbols emerged to act as a link between God and humans. Each symbol was unique because not only were the designs lofty but also difficult to interpret.

Judaism has been known for its unique value and sentiments, each of which is shown via these hope symbols or Faith symbols. Moreover, each symbol has its own significance in the culture, making it an important part of Judaism’s heritage.

17. Menorah

Hope Symbol- Menorah
Hope Symbol- Menorah

The seven branches of the symbol portray the seven days of creation. A part of the temple of Judea, Menorah is a symbol of everlasting light and hope.

The Menorah is said to be a symbol of never-ending life. It is because irrespective of the circumstances, its light kept burning through the history of time. Infact, many people often associate the symbol with the seven days of the week.

The Menorah brings in hope in the form of light, with a strong energy that lasts for days. It is still said that in the Menorah, one day’s worth of oil was enough to be used for eight continuous days.

Over the years, the Menorah has been said to harbor good energy in the region and manifested focus in the minds of the people. Sometimes, all you need is a commitment to walk through the difficult days.

18. Wine

Hope Symbol- Wine
Hope Symbol- Wine

Commonly used in Jewish ceremonies, Wine is a symbol of sheer joy and happiness. Red wine is said to bring in cheer and love while White wine is believed to cleanse the mind.

With a great harvest of wine, it is said to be a season of prosperity for the land. Whenever you see four cups of wine laid out, it signifies freedom.

The four exiles that control mankind, wine has the power to grant one freedom from them. Infact, a glass of wine is always mandatory at weddings because of its power to bring people together – The more the merrier.

The grapevine itself is said to be holy, embracing a unique bond between different lands and cultures. The art of making wine has itself brought so much richness and love to so many people.

19. Almond Blossoms

Hope Symbol- Almond Blossoms
Hope Symbol- Almond Blossoms

In Judaism, Almond Blossoms manifests a positive association with the heart. They are known for their beauty and purity which further symbolizes hope.

The Almond blossoms have made their presence known across history. From paintings to literature, they show courage and bravery as they symbolize the strength of love that even death can’t defeat.

The first trees to blossom in Israel, the Almond blossoms are a part of the Jewish faith. With their growth, prosperous times are bound to follow. In Ancient Roman belief, the blossoms were showered upon newlyweds to bring prosperity and abundance to them. Infact, the full-grown blossom also signifies the hope for a better future, eternal beauty, and fertility.

20. Chai

Hope Symbol- Chai
Hope Symbol- Chai

A symbol dating back to the 18th century, it is a toast to life and all the happiness it brings. Chai celebrates all the ups and downs, the highs and lows, and the entire concept of life!

The Chai is formed by combining two letters – The Chet and the Yud. In Judaism, it comes up to the number 18, making it a lucky symbol.

On the other hand, it is worn as an ornament for the celebration of the most valuable thing, life itself. The Hebrew word means to dance with the living, to sing life’s song, and to never stop protecting life.

Often used as a phrase ‘L’Chaim’ meaning ‘To Life!’, the Chai is about good health, happiness, and trust. When you trust the Lord to give you a good life, you should trust yourself to celebrate it as well!

21. Star of David

Known in Judaism, the Star of David is a combination of two natural opposites. The two polar concepts it represents signify the two primary influences on the human mind.

The Star of David is a six-pointed star that shows the amalgamation of two triangles that has different meanings in different cultures. For some, it means the existential nature of heaven and hell; for others, it means the war of love and hate while for a few others, it means the connection between life and death.

However, most often, it is interpreted as the hope of God’s control on the six directions. He protects each member in each direction from the roaming forces of darkness. The Star of David as a symbol is the way to ask for God’s blessing and guidance during times of duress.

Other Hope Symbols

With all these symbols, there are many more symbols that actively play a role in local regions of the world. From Islamic culture to African values, every culture has its own representation of hope.

22. Shining Light (Universal)

As humans, we need the light to guide us and help us in our daily lives. A world without light will always be a world without hope.

The shining light is like a basket full of salvation and safety. With light, you find the strength to fight chaos and destruction. Infact, the purity of light is why all Gods and Goddesses have associated themselves with a form of light.

A Halo, or the Sun, both are forms of light, emitting radiance into the world. A shining light not only clears our minds but also eliminates the darkness encircling our minds.

In life, you need a little sparkle wherever you go. Positivity and hope, both are portrayed by the universal power of light. It can be in any form but the Shining light is always around to save the day.

23. Nyame Biribi Wo Soro (West Africa)

Also known as ‘God in Heaven’ is a symbol of majestic hope and simplicity. It shows infinity optimism and harbors infinite care.

A Ghanaian symbol, the Nyame Biribi Wo Soro is an affirmation for the people. It means that the Lord is up there, hearing the woes of mankind. When He hears our sorrows, there should always be hope for Him to help us.

The symbol has two ovals, representing heaven and hell, coming together to form a sign of infinity. Some also think that they represent the earth and the sky, bringing humans closer to the heavens. There is a diamond at the center of the symbol, showing the energy that the combination of two strong forces can bring.

24. Ichthus (Early Christianity)

Ichthus, similar to the body of a fish, signifies the divine nature of Jesus Christ and his humanity to be the savior of mankind.

The word literally translates to ‘Jesus Christ, God’s Son, Saviour’. It is a direct reference to how Jesus Christ and his followers were called the Fishers of men.

The Ichthus as a symbol was the connection between two Christians in the early days. To avoid execution, it was a secret sign for Christians to recognize each other. Since those days, this symbol has been protecting Christians and bringing them together.

It has two arcs drawn combined, intersecting at two points. These two points signify the two stages of life, youth and old age.

25. Four-leaf Clover (Ireland)

In the western world, the four-leaf clover is a symbol of good luck. The tradition states that anyone who has a perfect four-leaf clover is blessed with a piece of paradise in them.

In Irish tradition, the clover has four different meanings associated with it. Each leave stands for fame, wealth, love, and health respectively. Infact, it was a belief that whoever carries the four-leaf clover will be able to interact with fairies and safeguard the mortal world from the evil lurking around.

In order to bring in good luck, four-leaf designs have gained momentum. Often used in personal and professional gifting, the clover is a simple way of wishing someone luck during tough times. The rarity of the four-leaf clover is what makes it all the more special.

26. Djed (Ancient Egypt)

A symbol of stability in the current life, the Djed brings in the hope of a prosperous Afterlife with itself.

The Djed is shaped like a small pillar which is an iconic symbol in Ancient Egypt. The shape of the spine is often associated with the God Osiris. Osiris is the God of the underworld and afterlife, giving Djed the power over those two important forces.

Some people also associate the bands on the Djed to the life of a tree, harnessing the power of nature in its form. It is also called a celestial symbol, giving one hope of meeting the Lord someday and somewhere in the afterlife.

The Djed pillar was kept around during celebrations for hope, during wars for a safe passage to the afterlife, and during birth for safe entry into the real world.

27. Sun (Old World)

The Sun is known as the physical form of the Almighty. It is a symbol of the divine and faith.

Sun has always been a symbol of God Ra, who was the Lord of Hope, creation, and order. Even before that, the Sun has been used as symbols on ancient jewelry to ward off the evil eye. Not only hope, but it also represents warmth, compassion, and good health to the bearer.

As the sun rises every day, the earth blossoms. Another interpretation is of the sun’s connection to Lord Apollo, who symbolizes protection and healing. So, it is said that the youthful lord Apollo derived his charm and beauty from the power of the Sun itself.

28. Swallow (Old World)

A bird that is mostly associated with sailors, signifies good luck and the hope for a great journey ahead.

Swallow as a bird never travels far out to the sea. So, in old-world folklore, whenever a Swallow was spotted, it meant the closing conclusion to a voyage.

Sometimes, it was believed that swallows are to be tattooed on the sailor’s body at the start and end of every long voyage. For safety and for the hope of success, swallows were believed to be the carrier to heavens for sailors.

If unfortunate circumstances knock the door, it was believed that the Swallow will carry the deserving to their humble abode.

29. Crescent and the Star (Islamic World)

The symbolism of the good winning over evil, the crescent moon is a part of Islamic culture. The star shows knowledge, which is crucial to fight against evil.

The moon is the control and strength to fight the battle while the star is the skillset. Both of them together form the symbol that represents the five faiths of Islam.

With the crescent and the star, one can easily combat dark forces. It makes you hopeful of victory and manifests optimism. The symbol is also seen as a protector of chastity.

In other cultures, it is known to make one persevering and the master of time.  In times of crisis, the crescent and the star symbolizes harmony and light. One can never get lost with the crescent and star in sight.

30. Torch

A common symbol of enlightenment and hope, the torch combines the forces of fire, light, and color. Its light dissipates outward and fights off the darkness.

The Torch is one of the mightier symbols used to bring in hope. The most common sight of it is in the ’Statue of Liberty’ where it stands tall as a symbol of strength and enlightenment.

Whenever one lifts the torch, they feel a rush of power and responsibility. On the other hand, an inverted torch is said to symbolize death and funerals.

Many grand events like the Olympics start with lighting the torch because of the true energy it manifests. In most cultures, Torchbearers are given the highest amount of respect and have massive respect among the masses.

31. Gingko Tree (Japanese)

A part of Japanese culture, the Gingko tree is a symbol of longevity and singular beauty.

The Gingko tree has survived years of change and dismissal. It is said to have survived the Hiroshima blasts and emerge victorious from them. This shows resilience and the durability of what stands antique.

When one looks at the Gingko tree symbol, they remember their will to fight and the importance of inner strength. Infact, the Gingko tree survived without any known relatives, giving mankind the strength to fight their own battles alone.

It is used to celebrate yin and yang, famous in the Japanese culture. The Gingko tree embraces the duality of life but teaches the hope to attain singularity and self-sustainability in life.

32. Birch Tree

The Birch tree is sacred to the celts, signifying fertility and new journeys. It is the first tree of the Celtic tree alphabet.

The Birch tree is surrounded by protective charm and influence. It ignites fertility in whomever visits it and grants them the opportunity to find new pathways in life. It is said that birch brooms were made and used to brush away evil spirits during festivals.

The medicinal nature of the birch tree made it a pure source of good luck and magic. Also called the ‘Lady of the woods’, the birch tree shows the value of beauty mixed with warmth and enthusiasm. As the harbinger of faith, the Birch tree is believed to heal everyone who seeks its shade

5 Hope Symbols in Nature

Nature is what gives us the strength to live and the means to survive. Nurturing us through its different elements, nature has been the perfect medium to let hope emerge in our lives. These symbols are not specific to any culture, time, or region and are universal in nature:

33. Rainbow

The rainbow comes to show new beginnings and hopeful days. It shows the light that seeps through after a time of darkness and blurriness.

The perfect arc of the rainbow, filled with colors shows diversity in times of crisis. It brings out the many aspects that life brings every time you venture into a new path.

In Christian culture, a rainbow is a promise made, a promise of good days coming ahead. In some cultures, it also signifies the rainbow serpent, the powerful spirit circling the air. Infect, in Greek mythology, the rainbow is a symbol of communication and wellbeing.

A path towards the heavens, the rainbow is known to guide one better and to bring more shades in the black-and-white life of humans.

34. Stars

Often called a spiritual symbol, stars show magic and inspiration. As a celestial body, they connect humans to the entire universe, with hopes of achieving dreams and goals in life.

A shooting star has often been called the wish-giver in old cultures. The distance to the stars shows emotional growth and perseverance. For many, it means the long journey of life and the glow of success when achieved.

As a part of the galaxy, twinkling stars show the battle between darkness and light. As a favorite symbol for magicians, stars always make one hope for a miracle in life.

Used in flags and in gifts, stars always bring a smile to your face. The five points on a star always mean the different checkpoints in life that one has to achieve before reaching their goals.

35. Candles

Candles are a symbol of holy illumination, used specifically in Churches. In fact, even in Judaism, they hold festive importance, being lit on occasions of celebrations and fun!

Candles are of individualistic nature, portraying light in one’s life. In the spirit of truth, a candle is lit when the soul seeks direction and warmth. Also, during death, candles are used for cleansing and purification.

As a source of light, it shows the strength in fire and the divinity behind it. During rituals and occasions, circles of candles are made to fight off evil. The wax represents the purity of the flesh, the wick represents the soul and the fire shows obedience.

However, candles are not just limited to Christian culture but used across religions as a source of pure light and compassion.

36. Sunrise & Sunset

Sunrise & sunset have been a symbol of hope since the existence of human lives. Every day, as the sun rises, it brings with it a new day full of opportunities.  

Sunrise & sunset is nature’s promise of a new beginning. Metaphorically speaking, sunset symbolizes an end to something whilst sunrise determines the beginning of something.

Further, a sunrise can also be interpreted as a light-filled day full of new opportunities for you to explore. Further, a sunset also symbolizes romance, transformation, and change. Since the Sun is a sacred element of nature, the sunrise also has several religious meanings attached to it.

37. Waterfalls

Waterfalls represent the natural flow in life. It also symbolizes the art of letting go and attain peace from within.

In Hinduism culture, waterfalls are considered as the hub of finding inner peace amongst spiritual powers. The waterfall symbols mean that it is the time to rejuvenate and let go of past anger and bad memories. Further, a clear waterfall also hints at regeneration while a blurry one hints at a stage of negative energy.

It also harbors one of the strongest forces of nature, that is, water. Whenever you look at a waterfall, the soothing sounds will give you a calmness never found before. It gives you a moment of peace allowing you to pause and reflect on your life.  

5 Animals that symbolize Hope

Every animal in existence has its own recognition in Nature. Spirituality also explains the concept of spirit animals which when explored associate animals to human life in many ways.

People often venture in search of their own totem or spirit animals. But apart from that, every animal also represents something in general. Here’s a list of 5 animals that look like hope every time you catch sight of them.

38. Deer

In most cultures, deer represents hunting. It is a sign of prosperity and survival since old age. In possession, you won’t ever struggle for food or for goodwill.

In most cultures, hunting the deer was a tradition that signified valor and success. People wore venison (clothing from deerskin) for good faith and longevity. In other cultures, Deer is also called the King of the forest, due to its healing powers and officialdom.

In Christian symbols, the Deer is often used in marriages to portray innocence and unity. A form of clean meat, the Deer will not only bring you simplicity but also deepen your faith in God. Often called a divine creature, it combines the real value of hope with willpower.

39. Firefly

Firefly with twinkling light of its own that blinks in the darkness represent hope for people across the globe.  

The firefly symbolizes faith and positive energy. However, it also asks you to be cautious enough to not let your own fire burn your path ahead.

Moreover, you need to spend your time wisely, while carefully consuming your energy and resources. In the journey of life, this tiny insect shows you how your appearance doesn’t matter but your soul does.

There might be setbacks in your life, trying to dim your energy. However, you should be perseverant and never let anything stop you from reaching your goal.

40. Parrot

Parrot symbolizes hope, new opportunities, and possibilities. It also reminds the individual to be alert while making decisions. 

This bird reminds you to be attentive because every new opportunity can bring you success only when you know how to capitalize on it. It is only when you know about your choices that you can make the right decision.

This spirit animal compels you to believe that everything is possible in the present moment. When you know it is time, go after your dreams without any hesitation. In fact, a parrot also hints at the individual to explore different paths like trying out a new hobby or a new career opportunity.

41. Starfish

A starfish represents a new way of life. Instead of always categorizing things as black and white, a starfish wants you to explore the middle road.

Sometimes, you might perceive something as right but it would actually fall into the grey area of life. This hope symbol gives you direction to think along those lines. Sometimes, you have to compromise while sometimes you have to fight with all your heart.

The starfish symbol is a constant hope that you can and you should use your higher senses in situations. You cannot always make the easiest assumption or the simplest choice to escape tough times.

Let go of everything that disturbs you and focus on your true calling, which is to find the appropriate action for every task that lies ahead in life.

42. Robin

Robin represents new growth and new opportunities. Like a free bird, you can fly through the wind with faith in your heart to fulfill your desires.

The Robin spirit animal manifests growth even in small achievements. It shows you the true meaning of passion and freedom. With joy, laughter, and music, you can achieve the impossible. In fact, you also learn patience in your emotional and spiritual form.

The bird doesn’t only signify grace but shows how to balance it with energy. The Robin binds you with calmness and promotes mental peace, where you let go of all the negative energy. Further, it also compels you to sing a new song, dance to a new tune, and hope for all the beautiful things in life!

5 Flowers that symbolize Hope

Flowers are another aspect of nature that represents hope. Most flowers were used in a poetic appearance before their true value was learned.

With hope, each flower symbolizes a different emotion. It can be love, friendship, courage, celebration, and even sadness. What makes each flower unique is that the meaning of its symbolism is always associated with its place and time of growth. So, let’s explore 5 flowers that represent hope and new beginnings.

43. Blue Iris

The blue iris not only symbolizes hope but represents fearlessness. The blue color adds a pinch of faith and passion, making it a commonly used flower in weddings and special occasions.

The Blue iris is also the inspiration behind the fleur-de-lis (state symbol of Tennessee). Iris bulbs are often gifted on the 25th anniversary because of their diverse meaning and beautiful design.

Often associated with the Greek goddess of the rainbow, Blue irises are bright and valiant in their peak season. Sometimes, in Chinese culture, they are called purple butterflies, signifying growth, change, and color.

The Royal family of France also uses the Iris as their symbol of heritage to embody a strong yet hopeful image.

44. Chrysanthemums

Chrysanthemums have different meanings across different locations. For some, it represents love and hopes while for others it means death and peace.

Often used to gift others, the red chrysanthemum flower is an offering of love amongst friends. It represents longevity and loyalty among the closest of friends.

Sometimes, it is the perfect gift during times of birth, baby showers, or birthdays. Even though it is available in different colors, each color of the flower has a different purpose.

A bright bouquet of chrysanthemums is also a carrier of sympathy during bad days. Sometimes, a sight of a small flower is enough to ignite hope in an individual. In the United States, the common colors of chrysanthemums in use are: red for love, yellow for neglected love or sorrow, and white for loyalty!

45. Bachelor’s Button

Also known as Blue Cornflower, Bachelor’s button is a symbol of hope that has been thriving since folklore.

The bachelor’s button has been a mesmerizing hope symbol for years. It not only symbolizes hope for the men but is also a remembrance of a long-lost love. In folklore, girls wore this flower under their aprons, in search of a perfect man.

On the other hand, young men wore it as a symbol to show they were in love and wanted to date a particular young lady. The button was significant of attraction and devotion.

With the flower, comes along the desire for a happier future, a dedicated partner, and a prosperous love life.

46. Fruiting Trees

Fruiting trees in spring symbolizes hope as it marks the end of cold dark winter and the rise of the bright blazing sun.

Trees have been so deeply rooted to Mother Earth that it has garnered different meanings from different cultures across the globes. Its unwavering contribution to human life can never be replaced.

As most fruiting trees, like peach, almond, or pear symbolize hope, they are also best for gifting the elderly in family or even friends.

47. Snowdrops and Anemones

Snowdrops represent hope during times of crisis. Anemones symbolize a warm fresh start after a cold dark night.

Anemones signify your love and concern for everyone around you. They embody warmth and calmness to your mind.

Snowdrop is the first flower that blooms at the end of winter, to mark the beginning of spring. Its time of growth and its white color makes it a symbol of hope and purity. The innocence of snowdrops combined with the consolation of anemones makes the perfect pair.

Snowdrops also symbolize hope for a friend in need and make for an amazing gift for friends struggling in life.

Hope Symbol Tattoo

A tattoo becomes a part of you and if chosen wisely can manifest a fulfilling life. Common symbols of hope like the Anchor and Star are often minutely tattooed on the wrist or the ankle to embody positive vibes.

On the other hand, bigger ones like the Triquetra are done on the back to help build a pathway that connects with your Chakras. A hope symbol tattoo is not just aesthetically beautiful but also casts a positive impact on the wearer’s life.






Over to you…

There are so many things in the universe that represent hope but there’s no one symbol that can be effective to all. So, go through this list and find your own special piece of armor. There are so many people who discover their charm and symbol after experimenting for a substantial period of time.

Hope symbols or Faith symbols are a deep yet meaningful concept. Not everyone understands them, but those who do, utilize them to their fullest potential. Find your mantra of hope… and then never let it go. 

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