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33 Friendship Symbols & Their Meanings – The Only List You’ll Ever Need

33 Friendship Symbols & Their Meanings – The Only List You’ll Ever Need

31 Friendship Symbols & Their Meanings – The Only List You’ll Ever Need

A friendship symbol can express things… that words cannot.

They have been used by various cultures and generations as a sign to celebrate the strength and beauty of friendship.

The symbols cherish an everlasting commitment and help express our immense love to friends.

Friendship symbols, like all other symbols, commonly come in various forms and shapes. It can be arrows of friendship, a gemstone, a flower, a written phrase, interlocked hands, or even interlocked hearts… and the list continues.

To manifest it in your life, you can either get them engraved or wear them in the form of jewelry. Each of these symbols carries a unique perception of friendship along with them.

So, if you can’t wait to get on this ride and learn more about these symbols that are emanating the power of the most beautiful relationship in the world, tag along!

Summary in Infographics

31 Friendship Symbols & Their Meanings – The Only List You’ll Ever Need
31 Friendship Symbols & Their Meanings – The Only List You’ll Ever Need

What is a Friendship symbol?

Friendship symbols are objects or signs that symbolize different aspects of friendship.

Let’s admit it: Good friends make our lives a lot easier and better. You have a shoulder to cry on, laugh on and also rant on.

It’s hard to speak all about the beauty of this relationship. No matter how hard you try, it’s difficult to explain the feelings in words.

It is exactly where friendship symbols come into play… they help you express your feelings with the least effort.

Friendship symbols can be objects, written phrases, animals, zodiac signs, plants, flowers, and jewels that represent a particular aspect of this relationship. For example, a yellow rose can represent a pure and strong friendship. Similarly, an Infinity sign can symbolize an everlasting friendship.

Communicating through symbols dates back to the 1900s… to the Victorian era. People use different symbols to express their feelings and emotions.

In this think piece, we will discuss all types of friendship symbols available in the world… and each of them has its respective origins and meanings attached to them.

By now you must be curious to explore them all! So, why wait? Let’s dive in right now!

Wearables Friendship Symbols

You can carve any friendship symbol on a wearable and gift it to your friend!

Honestly, wearables gifted from a friend automatically become a symbol of friendship.

However, there are a few symbols that add more significance and value to the wearable friendship symbol.

It can be a Friendship Bracelet or the Famous Claddagh Ring… let’s see what traps your attention here!

1. Friendship Bracelet

Manufactured using macrame, friendship bands became a smash-hit in the US around the 70s and 80s (rebellions used it to form united groups)… and neither of us can deny the fact that friendship bracelets or bands have become a universal friendship symbol.

Ever since I try to recall the image of childhood Friendship Days, it automatically brings up an image of friendship band with it. Friendship bracelets are recognized to represent deep friendship. Close friends would swear by these bands in my school!

But let me tell you, ideally, a friendship band should be handcrafted. You have to wish for something with the band tied around your wrist for the wish to come true. Some people believe that if the band falls off one’s hand, the wish doesn’t come true. But that’s not entirely true.

Whether you intentionally open the band or the band comes off accidentally, keep the faith… your wishes will eventually find their way to you.  

However, you must not open the band yourself because that signifies the friendship is being ended.

2. Claddagh Ring

The Claddagh ring is a very popular choice to represent love and friendship; it indicates the dedication and unadulterated nature of friendship. The sign was invented by a young Irish abducted by the pirates of the Mediterranean Sea to be sold as a slave in the 17th era.

The youthful Irish became a goldsmith after being trained in his course of slavery. The King freed him and he returned to Ireland.

He constructed the first Claddagh Ring for his beloved. After all, his lady love stood waiting for him for all the 14 years of his slavery.

Then on, the ring became a wedding band in Ireland as an Irish symbol of love. The Claddagh symbol of Celtic origin has become a legacy passed from one generation to the next as a sign of immortal loyalty.

3. Tattoos

Did you ever think tattoos can be a sign of rebellion? Well, that’s not always the case but people do believe the latter to be true. Actually, tattoos are used to engrave and preserve anything that’s worth being everlasting. It can be rivalry, friendship, or it can be love.

Dude, tattoos last forever! Therefore, they’re engraved to proclaim lifelong commitments. You must have come across people who incise the name of their beloved or a friend. Tattooing has become one of the popular ways to show commitment and devotion towards their loved ones.

So, these were some beautiful wearable friendship symbols… and it’s time to dive deep into nature and discover a few flowers that symbolize friendship.

Flowers that symbolize friendship

Flowers represent innocence, love, and the purity of friendship.

Often, flowers are also symbolic of good fortune and good luck. And I’m sure you are always wishing for loads of it… for all your friends.  

So let us see what attributes of friendship are represented by these flowers.

4. Yellow Roses

As we all know roses are symbolic of the essence of a romantic relationship. But unlike the other white roses or a red rose, yellow roses represent the purity of a friendship.

It reflects the loyalty and dedication in a friendship. We gift yellow roses as a token of warmth to our pals and besties, to make them aware of their importance in our lives and how blessed we feel to have them.

Yellow is associated with companionship, unwavering commitment, and camaraderie.

Now, if you aim for something more than friendship, go for red flowers pal!😉

5. Chrysanthemums

The chrysanthemum flower which appears the same as the small delightful daisies are often known as the flower of joy and optimism.

People in Chinese and Japanese culture exchange these flowers with the belief that as this flower grows and flourishes, so will the bond of their friendship. Chrysanthemum represents the strength of a friendship.

The name of the flower unusually translates to, “flower of gold.” They come in many different forms and colors which reflects the concept that ‘friendship can be shown in multiple ways’. It’s just the ‘heart’ of the friend that matters.

6. Lotus Flower

This beautiful flower is a Japanese symbol of friendship. Lotus is often seen as a flower that has the dedication and willpower to rise above no matter what the situation is, it grows in depths of mud.

Toddling and Tottering through the struggles, the flower keeps growing and shows its blooming beauty to the world. Thus, the flower represents a friendship that grows beyond all the contrasting conditions and obstacles.

It signifies a friend who will always be there for you playing a part of “lotus” in your life, even in adversities. The flower is gonna encourage you to propagate forward in life. For a deeper manifestation, people often prefer lotus tattoos to flaunt a friendship as strong as an

Do you think it is just flowers that are a part of a plant and can be gifted to friends? Well, we have a plant that is considered a symbol of friendship too! Didn’t you know this? Let me tell you.

Plants that mean friendship

It is none other than the Jade plant!

If you have heard the name of Jade stones, then let me tell you the stones earn their name from this plant.

The leaves of the Jade plant look pretty much similar to Jade stones. Here is what the plant symbolizes:

7. Jade Plant

Jade is a very sensitive plant native to Mozambique and Southern Africa. They symbolize great friendship and prosperity in the approaching times. These plants are often gifted at the time of endeavor and also at the onset of a new year. The pink and white flowers represent joy and energy.

The plant won’t flower unless you invest your time in nurturing it. Hence, a flowering Jade is considered as the potent symbol of friendship.

A flourishing jade plant is significant for a strong companionship. The lively green leaves resemble Jade stones and symbolize abundance and growth.

However, if the plant does not bloom, people connect it with misfortune and ending friendships.

Talking about Jade stones, how can we miss the names of gemstones that symbolize friendship, let’s hurry!

Gemstones that symbolize Friendship

Wear them around your neck or around your fingers… Stones can be accessorized in any style you want.

Some of the stones are the strongest protectors against adverse conditions in friendship symbols. By wearing these gemstones, you’re going to protect your friendship from evil eyes and jealous intentions.

And here you have the names:

8. Lapis Lazuli

Lapis lazuli is an enchanting dark blue colored gemstone that has been a symbol of veracity and fellowship throughout history. It marks truth and companionship.

The gemstones of lapis lazuli were found inside the mountains of modern-day Afghanistan over Seven-thousand years ago. Humans have always been fascinated by the symbolism and the deep blue color of the beautiful rock.

Honesty and companionship are the two significant symbols of the stone. Without these two values, it’s hard to achieve a deep-rooted friendship.

It represents friends who always stand in our support, no matter what the surrounding situation is. If you’ve got such friends, they are really worthy of being given this beautiful stone of lapis lazuli as a token of love and gratitude.

9. Topaz

Topaz is a gemstone, a traditional ideogram, representative of friendship. It symbolizes loyalty and devotion which are the fundamentals of a strong friendship. The color of Topaz generally matches that of the elements earth, such as orange and yellow.

Friends also face a lot of hurdles like misunderstandings and conflicting ideas; they sometimes get distanced too. But, we all know, a true friend is never gonna give up!

True friends genuinely love you and will always be there for you in times of need. As you might have heard the saying “A friend in need is a friend indeed00” and Topaz belongs to such friends!

While stones can be accessorized, not all of us agree to follow the superstitious belief attached to these stones. Sometimes, they might be expensive too.

In that case, written symbols of friendship are still the most convenient way to convey a friendship message… Here’s a few for you to explore.

Written Friendship Symbols

All symbols of friendship and not objects. Some are just written symbols. Scribbling these written friendship symbols in birthday cards, tattoos, or even the most usual piece of paper is gonna do!

Your friend knows your intentions and they’re not going to judge the material you use to convey your message.

So, grab the opportunity, and pick any of the written friendship symbols that you think can best describe your friendship.

10. The Infinity Symbol

“My love is limitless”, “My love is infinite”… I get to hear such affirmations often. This explains how the sign of infinity is utilized to express the idea of limitlessness.

One must observe how the curves of the symbol infinity are interlocked. You cannot mark an exact starting and closing point in the symbol. Thus, infinity is used to convey something “always & forever”.

Often the feelings and emotions involved in deep friendship are difficult to measure. It is not possible to have an exact or limited figure that can track your feelings. That’s when we say, “my feelings are infinite…”

The Infinity symbol also implies that the friendship is going to be everlasting; it marks a never-ending bond of loyalty and emotional dependency.

11. Ese Ne Tekrema

The Ese Ne Tekrema, the Adinkra image of friendship initially depicts ‘the teeth and the tongue’ image.

This friendship symbol belongs to Asante (in Ghana) individuals. Just like the tongue and teeth, friends might have their separate tasks to perform, yet they depend on each other.

If you think a friendship symbol is incomplete without depicting the Tom-and-Jerry aspect of friendship then you’ve got the right symbol.

The Ese Ne Tekrema represents how the teeth and tongue also have conflicts (just like friends) but they can’t be separated without leaving one of them handicapped.

It represents attachment, responsibilities, and everlasting companionship.

12. Qingyou (Chinese)/ Shin’yu (Japanese)

The two-character image represents ‘relatives and friends.’ It is a Chinese word used to spell ‘close friends in Japanese.’

People exchange gifts engraved with these words along with the name of the friend… to give a very personalized touch to the gift. Now you know how this Chinese symbol for friendship earns its significance!

What’s coming next is an interesting list of friendship symbols that are animals.

Animals that represent Friendship

Who doesn’t want to own a pet or make friends with an animal to share unconditional love?

Animals are not just good to be friends with, some of them also symbolize friendship. The loyal creatures represent various aspects of the relationship.

I am sure you do not want to miss the opportunity to learn about some animal names that represent different aspects of friendship.

13. Turtle Doves

You must have definitely come across Turtle Doves during Christmas. They are often used as an ornament to decorate Christmas trees.

Turtle doves come in a pair. They symbolize friendship and even love. Purchase the pair, keep one of them to yourself and give the other one to whom you consider the closest to you. Every time they look at the other pair, it will remind them of you.

The doves represent feelings of loyalty, love, and closeness. In reality, a pair of doves who mate together, remain loyal to each other. They work together to fabricate their homes and nurture their babies.

If you also need a biblical reference, here’s one – In Leviticus 12:8, two doves supplanted a sheep penance. Mary and Joseph relinquished two turtle doves in Jerusalem at Christ’s introduction to the world.

14. Dogs

Dogs are a world-acclaimed symbol of friendship. They represent qualities such as sympathy, nobility, loyalty, undeviated love, reliability, and dependability.

I’m sure you know of at least one dog owner who hops around helping or serving mankind. Pet owners are generally attributed with kind and generous qualities. They can empathize with human weaknesses. I’m not saying they learn such qualities from their dogs, but dogs have such attributes in their nature too.

Haven’t you seen these lovely pets making selfless sacrifices for their masters? Do they expect any return or trophy for their service? No! Do you see their pictures being printed on the first page of newspapers? Not really! But the champs definitely deserve it.

All they expect from their masters is love. None of us can deny that dogs truly are the most viable symbol of endless love and loyalty.

Dogs can sense dangers beforehand and they can save their Masters from the worst disasters. No doubt why it is the BEST symbol of friendship.

15. Dolphin

It’s hard to believe that you didn’t hear of their intelligence. Dolphins, “the king of fishes”, are popular in the whole world for their “friendly” nature.  

One can easily fall into the trap of their graceful manners. The lustrous skin, a spring-like body, and such friendly faces…. Honestly, dolphins playing and hopping in the sea is a treat to watch.

Once you make friends with them, they are going to play with you all day long! These graceful aquatic creatures are fun to be with, just like friends. Dolphins befriend anyone who is kind to them. They don’t run after a matching status, or selfish demands, just like so-called “true” friends.

Doesn’t that make them the perfect symbol of friendship already? Of course, yes!

16. Horse

Some of the most famous movie scenes have been directed with horses playing a very heroic and loyal character, helping their master in fighting the enemies and winning the battles.

Needless to say, horses are equally significant to humans. In ancient Greece, horses were an image of strength, honor, friendship, and knighthood.

You wouldn’t have come across a picture of a king or a knight without a horse! Horses are a sign of courage, loyalty, and victory.

17. Wolf

Could you have ever imagined the cunning animal to be a symbol of friendship? Personally speaking, it was equally shocking for me to accept this. But it was because I didn’t know other aspects related to this animal.

Wolves represent intellect, knowledge, opportunities, and social bonding.

But that’s not it.

There are a couple of places in the world where wolves are considered as good companions and friends of humans as dogs.

However, it is the cunning and witty nature of the wolves that you need to be aware of. Wolves are the best opportunity makers; they can walk on your trust any moment. If you have felt the presence of a wolf-like person in your life, follow your gut instinct and analyze what’s fishy before jumping to important decisions.

That was worth giving a read, I believe. But if you’re looking for a symbol that holds more of a historic value and authentication, you definitely need to know about Celtic symbols.

Celtic friendship symbol

Some common Celtic symbols are the Celtic cross, Celtic friendship knot, or triquetra… each of the symbols holds a historical significance.

While many trendsetting sources try to translate Celtic symbols, most of them are not authentic.

Celtic symbols take their origin from the ancient Irish tradition. The Celtic Trinity and Celtic Knot are known symbolisms of friendship. Let’s find out what each of them conveys.

18. Celtic Friendship Knot

If you are already familiar with the Trinity Knot, I don’t need to explain to you why it is a symbol of friendship.

The Celtic Friendship Knot is generally recognized as Triquetra. The design depicts an interwoven circle with a three-pointed symbol that is never-ending. You won’t be able to mark a beginning or an end in the Trinity knot.

Hence, the knot symbolizes eternal bonding and spiritual unity. This symbol is said to depict the union of two spirits who chose to live together.

19. Celtic Friendship Trinity

Celtic Friendship Trinity is one of the best symbols to represent friendship. The symbol is often used to depict love and deep bonding between two people.

But unlike the Trinity Knot, Celtic Friendship Trinity does not originate from the original Celt. It is rather created by an artist. The symbol is a modulated version of Triquetra where the circle has been transformed into a heart.

Well, the change might seem simple and insignificant in your eyes, but that just makes so much of a difference. The shape of the heart becomes significant while representing feelings of deep love.

You don’t get to feel the same prominence with a circle. Right? You might have come across some pendants or tattoo designs that typically carry this symbol. Needless to say, they’re beautiful to look at!

Here comes another interesting list of friendship symbols. Along with objects such as gemstones, flowers, and animals, there are also some zodiac signs that represent friendship.

Zodiac Signs that Represent Friendship

Could you have ever guessed that out of the several Zodiac signs that we know, there are two Zodiac signs that can best represent the relation of friendship? No, right? Even I didn’t.

So, why not find it out together and see if you belong to one or have one in your inside circle. After all, they’re worth it!

They are:

20. Sagittarius

Who doesn’t want a Sagittarius friend!

If you see a Sagittarius friend, know that the one is not going to cheat you, whatsoever!

Sagittarius is easy to befriend. It’s easy to communicate with them, and you can feel a sense of reliability in their talks.

They can make you feel comfortable in their presence. They’re trustworthy and also extremely outspoken.

21. Libra

Libras have all the qualities you want in a friend. They are always down for accompanying you, especially when it comes to hanging out or having thrilling adventures.

They have been ranked at the top for being one of the most social zodiac signs. They share everything! They have a very attractive personalities and their charm works pretty well on everyone.

Due to their pleasing attitude, Libras easily adjust to all sorts of situations. My best friend is Libra!

All right then! We have covered up pretty much all the categories of the symbols. It’s time to check out some other friendship symbols that are best not categorized separately. Because they are all one-of-a-kind!

Other Friendship Symbols

From interlocking hearts to endless knots, you’ve got a good range of friendship symbols that are unique and strong representatives of this relationship.

Hurry up, and keep scrolling!

22. Interlocking Hearts

Flaunt it in a voguish piece of jewel, or carve out a tattoo design! Interlocking hearts is one of the most popular symbols for friendship, yet a complicated one.

Built-in quite an elegant and refined manner, it can be split into two exact pieces of a single heart. When you join the single hearts together, it reunites in asymmetry.

The interlocking heart reflects the bonding between two people who have united. Even if they separate they’ll still have a piece of each other’s heart with them!

23. Arrows of Friendship

Tattooing arrows of friendship is such a craze! This is gonna be interesting to know.

Arrows of friendship are native American friendship symbols. We often misinterpret the symbol of two arrows crossing each other as a representation of war or enmity. But it actually signifies harmony and union.

In a symbol of war, the two arrows fly in opposite directions. They don’t cross each other.

Friendship arrows are a sign of lasting commitment. It portrays a bond, that’s just never gonna let anything come in between them! It reflects the idea of the “union of two individuals or families”.

24. Apple Tree

Apple trees are a contemporary symbol of friendship. The tree of life depicts that if we nurture something with all our might, be it friendship or a tree, it will always turn out to be fruitful.

We just need to invest our precious time and energy, and put some effort into it… and it’ll surely grow. The roots of the friendship should be unshakable!

25. Lighthouse

Even if you’re going through a complete breakdown in your life, and nothing seems to work, if you have a friend, you have a ray of hope.

The essence of the lighthouse symbol is light itself. Some friends are just like a ray of sunshine on cloudy days.

They bring along optimism and positive energy, as a beam of light in a dark night. They show us the correct path, and we can depend on them in times of need.

So the lighthouse depicts the light of friendship and the glow that it brings along in your life.

26. Pikorua

Pikorua stands for a rock-solid friendship.

The Pikorua symbol accentuates a curvy figure-8 like image. The reverence of a true friendship is represented through this symbol. It shows that the paths of true friends will remain connected throughout their life.

A person gives Pikorua to their friend whom he/she doesn’t expect to see for a longer period. The love and affection towards their friend will never die.

The Pikorua symbol highlights that the friends will be always remembered and their friendship will remain as strong as the Himalayas.

27. Rhodonite Ball

If you’ve got a friend who can love you unconditionally, you definitely want to know more about rhodonite balls.

This object is a Greek symbol of friendship. Rhodonite ball, a type of gemstone with an intense pink hue when carved into a sphere becomes another symbol of friendship. Its pink color exemplifies selfless love.

Rhodonite ball highlights a strong sense of friendship between two individuals. This symbol is also used by two lovers but is mainly used to showcase friendship between the two.

28. Interlocked Hands

What feels better than walking down a street with your hands interlocked with your closest friend!

The fistbump symbol is a popular version of interlocked hands commonly used between two male friends. Interlocked hands show a never-breaking bond between two individuals.

29. Knot

A knot is one of the most popular and one of the most accurate symbols of friendship. The symbol depicts a three-leaf-like pointed structure, creating a circle-like seamless look. That’s knotty! 😉

This shows unity and a never-ending relationship, which makes it a true symbol of friendship. You can see people wearing rings, necklaces, pendants, and also engraving tattoos of these symbols.

Some people cast spells on their pendants with this symbol, hoping it will protect their bond. 

30. Infinity

By the definition of infinity, it symbolizes anything that is never-ending. The symbol has a curved geometrical body. It describes a deep and strong bond of friendship by reflecting its essence in its structure itself.

Infinity symbolizes a bond filled with infinite love and care. The infinity bracelet of friendship is a great way to show your friend how fortunate you are to have them.

Pendants with infinity designs can be used to represent the everlasting bond of your friendship that you hope never ends.

31. Adinkra

Adinkra is one of the oldest symbols. The word “Adinkra” is derived from the language of the Western part of Africa.

For many years, it was believed that the symbol was created by the Asanti, the symbol says Ese Ne Tekram, which means ‘nose and the tongue.’

The Adinkra majorly describes independence in all sorts of relationships. The symbol reflects the idea of ‘freedom.’ It simply means that you have the power to choose people who you want to befriend.

32. Zibu

Zibu symbols were created by a female artist named Debbie Zylstra Almstedt, during her reiki treatment in the year 2002.

She contends that during the act of the treatment, she had a word with ethereal entities and later on she got inspired by the whole experience and created the art, which we know as Zibu symbols.

Zibu represents the presence of GOD in each and every person. Honestly, good friends are at the mercy of God. When you befriend someone, you honor the godly qualities within them.

33. Endless Knot

This is one of the most ancient symbols in human history which is also famous by the name of “Shrivastav” and holds a lot of respect and harmony in Hindu, Tibetan, and Buddhist culture.

People believe that the knotted designs show the internal love and care in a friendship.

Now that we’ve all discussed the symbols, why not gather some more insights on…

Friendship Symbol Tattoos

Tattoo-inking is the process of engraving a symbol, on some part of the body, that dies only with it… but what better way to honor your forever friend than tattooing one of the above-mentioned symbols on your palm, or finger, or anywhere else.   

Friends tattoo these symbols or their friends’ names to show their love for their close friends. Tattoos of these friendship symbols can be a strong representation of friendship. In fact, strongest of all. Because it takes insane commitment to engrave your own body for someone.

It is only when relationships stand strong through all the hardships and struggles of life, you can rely on them with your eyes closed. Yet, you never know what time has in store for any of us.

Knowing that, if you’re still ready to tattoo for a friend and create a permanent mark on your body, then kudos to you. Well, if I were the friend, I tell you, I would’ve died of happiness!

That’s why I say it is impossible to match friendship symbol tattoos when it comes to showing love for friends. Materialistic gifts can never parallel this.

As we’ve discussed above, there are eternal symbols of love and friendship that you can tattoo: An apple tree, Trinity Knot, or any other symbol that you relate to from the above list.

In the end,


The Power of Friendship defies all!

I know at times; your friendship can be exposed to unpleasant conditions and circumstances. But understand that testing times knock on everyone’s door in every relationship.   

Remember, we all have our individual personalities and choices; good friends are those who respect each other’s choices without question.

The power of friendship is strong enough to surpass any hardship that comes in the way… provided you both are committed to it.

The Celts, or the native Americans, the Chinese, the Japanese, and the Hindus or Buddhists, there are so many cultures and religions across the globe who have come up with their own symbol for friendship.

This alone proves the significance of friendship in the human world.

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