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Peacock Meaning & Symbolism – A Complete Guide

Peacock Meaning & Symbolism – A Complete Guide

Peacock Meaning

Peacock meaning symbolizes beautiful things of life. It radiates an aura of glory, freedom, dignity, self-expression, love, and aesthetics. 

When you see a peacock, what comes to your mind? Can you feel a connection to it? Or is it simply the awe sprung by its powerful presence that binds you? Well, whatever be the case. You can understand life better by knowing about this unique creature. 

So, let’s begin!

Peacock Meaning 

Peafowl (male peacock, female peahen) is a distinctive bird. No doubt, people around the world have their set of belief systems associated with it. Indeed, the peacock meaning expresses different thoughts in different philosophies. These subtly influence our lives. To understand it, let’s go to the basics. What are the traits of the peacock itself? Connecting its dots with life can guide you to understand peacock meaning signs. Let’s explore its different aspects – 

Peacock Meaning – Physical Attributes 

Peacock is a unique creature. It has colorful and beautiful tail feathers, a symmetrical body, large eyes. These add to its stunning presence. Peacock tail indicates liberation of creativity and aesthetics. The unique color of the peacock with a blend of many shades show different shades of life. Its large eyes symbolize awakening. And its firm feet show strength and balance. 

Peacock Spiritual Meaning

We learn a lot from the worldly creatures. Similarly, peacock meaning has its share of spiritual teachings. It is a sign of spiritual awakening. In Asian spirituality, peacocks symbolize the sacred qualities of the soul. It’s eye-shaped images on the feathers symbolize the third eye or spiritual chakra. It indicates psychic abilities and connection to one’s inner self. 

Peacock is also considered as a healer, a positive symbol, a sign to see things in a more compassionate light. Peacock’s dignified ways and soothing colors take us on a reflective stage. 

So, have you seen a peacock recently? Take it as a sign of your new birth. Yes. Start your spiritual journey!

Peacock Meaning & Symbolism - A Complete Guide
Peacock Meaning & Symbolism – A Complete Guide

Peacock Symbolism – What does a Peacock Symbolize?

When a peacock struts in your life with all its grace, it’s time for you to make good changes. A peacock shows awakening, love, balance, beauty, vision, spirituality, self-belief, and so on. So among all these things, what exactly does it symbolize? Well, just like life, peacock symbolism is a blend of many things. And it’s all about balance. So you can draw your conclusions based on your situations. 

Peacocks are found in various colors and patterns. This is mainly because of selective breeding and color mutations of its original genes. So different colors of peacocks have different symbolic meanings. It is important to consider this while trying to identify its signs. 

So, have you come across one recently? Here are some unique peacock symbolism to guide you – 

White Peacock Symbolism

White peacocks are typically quite rare. Thus, when you encounter one, you know it’s time for some unusual steps. A white peacock feather representing positivity in life is quite rare. Well, it symbolizes a fresh start, neutrality, peace, purity, simplicity, and so on. 

So when you see a white peacock, maybe it’s asking you to make your move in your dream path! Also, it might express your personality if you are more in a minimal, subtle, and simplistic way. Besides, it means the right flow of things. Indeed, it can be emotions, decisions, actions, or life. So, avoiding arrogance or pride, or trying too hard is something you need to drop.

Black Peacock Symbolism

Black peacocks symbolism is very powerful. This is also known as Charcoal shade or black shoulder peacock. It shows strength, struggle, certainty, authority, sophistication, and elegance. When it comes in your path, it might signal you to gain control over things. 

Also, sometimes, there is a kind of mysterious or evil feeling linked with it. So it might show that someone is trying to wrong you. Or maybe, you need to rethink before believing in someone or taking a step. Take it as a sign. If you are going through some challenges, take a moment to reflect. Black peacock might symbolize a need to retrospect. Thus, it, in a way, protects us from negative energies. 

Green Peacock Symbolism 

Green peacocks are native to Java, Indonesia. Hence, they are often called ‘Javanese peacock’. Their bright deep green hues make them look more like a part of the surrounding natural adobe. Green peacocks symbolize virtues like good luck, tranquility, fresh start, new journey, health, hope, peace, and harmony. 

Thus, seeing a green peacock is typically taken as a sign of positivity. Also, it might be a sign of a new start. Like, are you unsure about changing your career for good? Or, taking a step further in your love life? Then seeing green peacocks is a hint. It means – ‘Take the move!’. Yes, it’s the best time to listen to your heart. 

Indian Blue Peacock Symbolism

Indian blue peacocks have a shade of turquoise, blue, and a greenish hue. This unique blend gives it a distinct place in the symbolic realm. 

Indian peacock symbolizes calmness, dignity, integrity, balance, and introspection. Mostly it’s a sign of the inner journey. Also, it means power, strength, composure, intelligence, and so on. Thus, it is often connected with royalty, leadership, success, and growth.

So if you encounter an Indian blue peacock, take it as a sign. It’s about meaningful changes. Hence, think what kind of impactful step you need to take? Is it in your career? Then you might need to have power in your hand. It can also be your call for the spiritual path. Sometimes, it is a hint of self-reflection too. For this, you need to take a moment to think about your life decisions.

Brown Peacock Symbolism

Brown color peacocks are a bit more common than that of the others. Yet they have their unique symbolic significance. Brown peacocks symbolize stability, resilience, security, and a firm ground. It also means stability, peace, and balance. 

In other words, a brown peacock symbolizes the crux of life-wheel. That is, things, people, or virtues, that help us to stay grounded in life. So, seeing brown peacocks mostly refers to a sign of life and existence. When things get quite rough, it comes as an inspirational light. 

For example, are you feeling depressed? Does life seem like a burden? Then a brown peacock helds you above ground. It’s a sign that everything will be in place soon. That your life still holds a meaning. You are precious. 

Purple Peacock Symbolism 

Purple is traditionally called the ‘royal color’. On the same note, purple peacock symbolizes royal virtues. It denotes wealth, passion, regality, luxury, and high ideals. Thus, encounter with a purple peacock signifies growth, luxury, and wealth coming. 

For instance, it can be a hint of a big profit, or a career promotion. It might also mean the association with some powerful people.  Purple peacock reflects inner emotions too. Like, it can be a sign that you need to solve your arrogance, immaturity, or extravagance nature. 

Rarely, it symbolizes mystery, fantasy, and imagination too. So, this can be a sign of some miracle, if you believe in it. Or, something creative, artistic, or unusual is coming for you. Get ready for it! 

Gray Peacock Symbolism

Gray peacock symbolism is quite different from others. It is about neutrality. This makes it quite important. It’s encounter shows a balance, maturity, vision, or a middle path. That is, gray peacock is what remains between extremes. So it’s about real life. The one which lies between smiles and tears. Or, like a human who is both good and bad. 

In spiritual terms, a gray peacock is the sign of ‘timelessness’. It shows the circle of life. Like, things have always been in a way. It’s about that realization. Often, people take gray peacocks as a sign of negative emotions like depression, dull life, loss, or even emotionlessness. Yet, it teaches us to accept our lows. Because by embracing our tears, we learn to laugh truly. 

Yellow Peacock Symbolism

Yellow peacock symbolism is all about brightness. It tells about freshness, joy, positivity, and clarity. Though rare to see, a yellow peacock can give you the gift of happiness. It shows virtues like growth, logic, memory, courage, confidence, and optimism. 

So, have you seen a yellow peacock? It’s a sign of hope, joy, and a sunshine life. Maybe, it is saying to enjoy your life a little more. It points out the reasons to live. To laugh. And to love. So what are you waiting for? Life is not always about being too serious. Sometimes, it just needs your free will. Let your inner child laugh. That’s what yellow peacocks symbolize! 

Peacock Feather Symbolism 

Peacock feathers represent good luck, happiness, growth, and so on. Connecting peacock feather symbolism with different things of life helps us gain clarity. Like, in a book, peacock feather shows focus, hard work, and wisdom. At a workplace, it symbolizes creativity, passion, and innovation. In art, peacock feathers are attractive, bold, sophisticated, and unique. 

Yet, in some cultures, people believe in not keeping peacock feathers inside home. Common belief is that it might cause problems in the marriage of the unmarried women of the house. Besides, some consider it’s eye-like marks as evil eyes.

Peacock Meaning – Mythology & Folklore

Peacocks are really magnificent. In fact, early westerners found it difficult to believe in the existence of such a creature. Some even thought it to be the extravagance of asian poets to describe it as such. Makes sense, though, isn’t it? No matter what, peacocks gained its popularity as well as its share of stories and folklore. 

So, let’s see the aspects of peacock meaning in mythology & folklore around the world! 

What Does a Peacock Symbolize in Different Cultures?

Peacock symbolism varies from culture to culture. It shows eternal life, immortality, purity, and spirituality. Here are some major beliefs linked with it –

Peacock Symbolism Buddhism

Buddhist wisdom is closely associated with the philosophies of peacock symbolism. Peacocks have gorgeous tails that they flaunt by spreading wide. This symbolizes freedom of the soul. In Buddhism, peacocks are a symbol of immortality. As they eat poisonous plants that can be fatal for humans. They take it as a sign of spiritual life or life of a monk. 

Also, there’s a Buddhist concept of being ‘peacock in the poison grove’. That is, being calm, firm, and mindful in daily life chaos just like a peacock. Peacock feathers are also considered as a sign of inner purity. So it is a part of purification rituals in Buddhism. 

Peacock Symbolism Christianity

In Christian symbolism, peacocks show eternity, life, and resurrection. Peacock sheds its old feathers every year and grows new ones. This shows new start and rebirth. Peacock is also mentioned in the Bible in the verse 1 Kings 10:22. It says that king Solomon brought peacocks with the ships of Hiram. 

Also, catholic churches hold spiritual beliefs and virtues associated with peacock feathers. The early Christians believed it as a sign of purity of soul. 

Peacock Symbolism Hinduism 

In Hindu mythology peacock comes with Lakshmi. She is the goddess of fortune, prosperity, compassion, and contentment. It is also linked to the rain god Indra as peacocks love rain. It represents joy and celebration of new beginnings in life. 

Besides, in Hinduism, the peacock feathers are very auspicious. Lord Krishna wears the peacock feather in his crown to symbolize purity, compassion, and so on. Also, peacock feathers are an important part of Hindu tradition and culture. It includes various decorations, worshiping, and other rituals. 

Peacock Symbolism Native American

In Native American symbolism, peacock stands for beauty, power, wellness, and growth. Shamanic traditions use peacock feathers for healing rituals. It repels negativity and raises positivity. Besides, it signifies the authority of power, self-esteem, pride, and dignity. 

Native American leaders used to wear peacock feathers as a guardian to royalty. It shows their power, strength, and wisdom. There are also positive omens, healing and protecting powers connected to it.

Peacock Symbolism Celtic Culture

Cletic peacock symbolism represents freedom and liberation of the soul. They believe that peacocks can go to the heavens showing transcendence. So, peacocks act as a mediator between the human and the heaven. It is the symbol of sacred beings and angles. 

Also, Cletic animal symbolism shows various peacock meanings. Like, the vibrant colors of the peacock feathers show the sun rays. Its greenish hue represents natural greenery and freshness. Also, it symbolizes luxury, wisdom, power, and wealth in life. 

Peacock Symbolism Far East

In far eastern culture, peacock is the symbol of eternal beauty and compassion. In the Chinese culture, Kuan Yin (or, Kwan Yin) is the goddess of compassion. She sacrificed her immortality for the good of humans. Hence, to spread peace and harmony, she created peacocks before leaving the earth. So peacocks symbolize peaceful life, generosity, kindness, etc. 

Peacock Symbolism Persian Mythology

In Persian mythology too, peacocks are the symbol of royalty of guardians. They were often carved in royal palaces, chambers, thrones, etc in ancient times. It protects against  evil spirits, bad luck, negativity, etc. 

Also, alchemists believe peacocks as an eternal form of Phoenix. Phoenix is a mythical bird which reborn from its own pyre ashes. Peacocks are almost the same kind in its appearance and symbolism.

Peacock Symbolism Egyptian Mythology

In Egyptian culture, peacocks connect to the Sun God Amon-Ra and the all-seeing eye of Horus. It symbolizes the power of peacock to repel negativity. Also, it indicates wholeness and a strong existence. Besides, peacocks generally eat poisonous snakes, common in Egypt. Thus, shows protection and power. 

Peacock Symbolism Roman and Ancient Greek Mythology

In ancient Greece and Roman cultures, people call peacock tails as ‘eyes of the stars’. There are stories of Greek goddess Hera giving boons to her hundred eyed servant Argus. Zeus killed him. So Hera turned him into a peacock with hundred eye-like structures on his feathers. Hence, people call peacocks as ‘Special birds of Hera’. Also, Greeks believed that the flesh of the peacock doesn’t decay. Hence, symbolizing immortality. So they used to spread peacock feathers on human bodies to protect it from decaying. 

In the Roman Empire peacocks were juno birds. There are tales where Juno helped the peacock realize its worth in the world. It symbolizes self-worth, and appreciating life. Peacock on coins symbolize femininity. It includes the females of the ruling houses. Also the lineage princesses.

Peacock Meaning as a Spirit Guide

Our Spirit animals join the path of the Real World and the Spirit World for us. In many cultures, birds represent the holy spirit that guides our path. Peacock spirit is the epitome of beauty, dignity, and grace. It teaches us the lessons of life. So, identifying and understanding the signs of the peacock spirit guide holds significance.

Peacock Spirit Animal

When a peacock spirit animal comes to our life, it might have some reasons to show our true color as a soul. It teaches us to live life at its fullest. Do you feel a strange connection to the peacock spirit animal around you? Maybe you share something with it in the spirit world. And your spirit guide is here to make things better for you. 

So, what does the peacock spirit animal symbolize? 

  1. Firstly, it tells you to value yourself. You are precious no matter what. So, if you are losing self-belief, it’s time to listen to this spirit guide. 
  2. It lets you look at your talent. So, appreciate your efforts. 
  3. Peacock spirit guides you to the self-healing path. Are you being kind to yourself? Listening to your heartily whispers? Yes, you deserve self-compassion
  4. It helps you appreciate and celebrate the things you have. Your family, your career, your favorite car, or your pet – yes, these are gifts. Why not be thankful for it?
  5. Lastly, it focuses on living life. Every end is a new start. Focus on it. Hold on!

How to Know if Peacock is Your Spirit Animal?

Spirit animals are ways of nature to guide us from time to time. To identify its gospel, you need to be a little more mindful. Little more attentive. So are you curious to know if peacock is your spirit guide or not? Answer these questions –

  1. Have you always felt a unique connection with the bird? Like, from childhood days, do you feel attracted to it? 
  2. Do you unintentionally get associated with it? Like, you come across peacock pictures, showpieces, paintings, or videos. Seeing peacocks in dreams or during meditation is also counted. 
  3. Would you like to keep peacock as a pet? Or, maybe as a special bird friend?
  4. If given a choice, which bird would you like to be? Is it a peacock? 
  5. Do you find characteristics associated with peacock in yourself? Like, being calm, dignified, creative, unique, poised, confident, etc.? 

If you have most of the answers in affirmation, chances are high that you have peacock as your spirit animal. 

If you are not sure about spirit animals, try to focus on your thought process. Ask your mind to give you signs. Be mindful and patient. You will get the signs. Also, it is possible to have more than one spirit animal to guide you. In that case, you might share some traits of one creature and some of the other/s. 

Characteristics of Individuals with Peacock Meaning Spirit Animal 

Peacock people have a unique kind of personality. They see things with their different perspectives. Here are some common characteristics of a peacock person –

  • Peacock people are generally very strong and clear about their decisions. They have a firm ground in all aspects of life
  • They learn from the past and connect it’s strings with the present and the future. It takes up a lot of space in their life. 
  • They give more importance to self-respect, dignity, and esteem.  
  • Peacock people have immense self-belief. They know how to take bold decisions and how to stick to it. 
  • Kind-heartedness is their strength. They are generally compassionate, polite, grateful, and generous. 
  • Peacock people are charismatic in their ways. They are like the life of any gatherings and are the center of attention. People admire their poised and dignified presence. 
  • They have a good sense of humor, light-heartedness, and charming personality. 

Peacock Power Animal 

Peacocks symbolize valuable things of life. It shows power, strength, and growth. This blends with emotional subtleness like gratefulness, compassion, and love. Often, it is linked with the concept of ‘Sacred Masculinity’. That is, strength which is for good. 

Besides, it brings completeness to life. It offers healing, protection, growth, and wholeness in its amazing form. As a power animal, peacocks are known to provide strength, peace, determination, confidence and power to the person. We can learn these from it in many ways. 

So, how do power animals guide us? A power animal comes to your mind, your ideas, imagination, meditation, or dreams. These generally give you signs to embrace in your life. Like, a peacock power animal might help you perform better in your personal or professional life with its prominent characteristics.

Also, depending on certain situations, it can be taken as a message from these power animals to proceed or to stop in doing something important in life. All these give direction to our thoughts. 

Peacock Meaning – Zodiac Sign

Peacock has a great importance in astrology and zodiac signs too. As per the Mayan zodiac, people born between 15th November to 12th December have the sign of the peacock. Such people are typically referred to as the ‘larger than life’ personalities. It is because they seem to have a perfect balance of everything. They are generally witty, attractive, charming, good in communication, and socially well versed. These traits make them socially popular. 

Also, people with peacock zodiac signs are more often than not extroverts. Thus, they tend to excel in fields like management, marketing, HR, and leadership. Now, there are also certain weaknesses of peacock zodiac people. They usually get all social attention. So they get too hurt or disturbed if not getting social validation. 

Peacock Totem Animal

Peacock totem gives symbolic representations to life virtues. These are balance, firm foundation, belief, and love. It teaches us to have the balance of everything in life. As peacocks have a glorious body with large feathers, it all depends upon its firm feet. It gives the message of being strong to our crux. And celebrating life by embellishing its beauty. 

Peacock is immune to poisonous plants and snakes. Thus, their feathers are often used for healing purposes. Peacock animal totems are very powerful spirit animals totems. So they are often used for various purposes. People use it as dream catchers, pictures, paintings, and show pieces. It brings a sense of power and positivity. 

Peacock Meaning – Encounters and Omens

Peacocks have a great significance in various cultures. So, it also has omens and beliefs linked with it. Like, have you seen a peacock in real life? Or, in a dream? Came across its picture or totem? All these have some significance. Let’s understand these –

What does it Mean When You See a Peacock?

A peacock encounter in daily life is usually a wonderful incident. After all, who wouldn’t love to admire this beautiful creature with bare eyes? Besides, it also holds inner significance. You can take it as a sign to reflect. When you hear the call of the peacock, think what it is trying to say as a spirit guide? 

You can take it as a part of peacocks symbolizing. For example, when you see a peacock on a special day, it shows good luck. At the same time, it draws your attention to the point that you need to hold your poise and do your best. Or, say, you encounter a picture of a peacock while in a love relationship. It makes you reflect if you are doing justice to your beautiful love bond? 

To sum up, whenever you come across a peacock or its picture, take it as a sign. Take a moment back. Reflect what it wants to convey? What is the biggest thing in your life, at present. Connect the dots. You’ll get your answer!

What does it Mean to See Peacock in Dreams? [Peacock in Dream]

Have you seen a peacock in your dreams? That’s good! Peacock dreams are generally considered a symbol of luck. It’s a sign of success, love, longevity, growth, and new birth. Different dreams hold different peacock meanings. You can take it as a cue or sign to bring important changes in your life. 

For example, do you see a peacock in your dream near your workplace? It might tell you to pay attention to your professional growth. Or, is it in a dangerous situation like crying or running? It might signal that you are doing something wrong because of your pride or arrogance. Though the later ones are really rare. 

In brief, generally peacock dreams are good omens. It gives us a chance to think about valuable things of life that we often ignore. Let’s discuss some common peacock dreams.

Peacock Meaning – Dream Signs

Peacock Spreading its Tail Feathers It symbolizes a fresh start, invitation to a new part in life, etc. 
Peacock Feathers Only It indicates self-belief, hardwork and determination on your part. 
Peacock Shouting or Making Loud Noises It refers to your efforts or need to express yourself or communicate with those who matter for you.
Peacock Fighting or maybe Attacking It might be a sign of your inner turmoil. Like jealousy or arrogance. It also shows that you might get into a competitive situation soon.
Peacock Flying in the Dream It refers to your growth, success, and free will. Also, it might show lack of control.
Dancing Peacock It shows your attractive personality. Or, it may refer to the attention-seeking behavior. It might show that someone is keeping an eye on you.
Talking Peacock It symbolizes the existence or coming of a guide/mentor in your life. 
Baby Peacocks (or chicks) It indicates new beginnings in life. So it might be a sign for your new growth or learning in your career. 
Dead Peacock It shows that you are sad and hurt by your near ones. 
Female Peacock (or peahen) You might get some good news soon. It can be wealth, life partner, children, or career success. 
You were holding plumes of peacock in your hand  You would gain something for good. 

Peacock Meaning – Amazing Facts about the Peacock

  1. Peafowls are very sociable birds. They prefer to live in small but closely bonded groups called harem.
  2. Peacock’s tail has significance in attracting peahens for mating. 
  3. Peacocks seemingly hate snakes. Thus, they fight with it and eat even the poisonous ones. 
  4. Peachicks are very playful. 
  5. Peahens have a kind of unique sensor present in her crest. This helps her in getting vibrations of a far away mate (peacock). 
  6. A peacock is one of the loudest birds. 
  7. The most common blue colored peafowl is ‘Indian Peacock’. It is the national bird of India. 
  8. Unlike other birds, peacocks mostly build their nests on ground. 
  9. Peacock sheds its entire tail feathers once a year that regrows. 
  10.  Peacocks are omnivorous.  

Peacock Meaning Quotes 

1. “The pride of the peacock is the glory of God.”

– William Blake
"The pride of the peacock is the glory of God." - William Blake

2. “Be like a peacock and dance with all of your beauty.”

– Debasish Mridha
"Be like a peacock and dance with all of your beauty." - Debasish Mridha

3. “Fancy feathers make peacocks, but you pluck them and see what’s left.”

– Catherine Cookson
"Fancy feathers make peacocks, but you pluck them and see what's left." - Catherine Cookson

4. “The sparrow is sorry for the peacock at the burden of its tail.”

– Rabindranath Tagore
"The sparrow is sorry for the peacock at the burden of its tail." - Rabindranath Tagore

5. “People are crying up the rich and variegated plumage of the peacock, and he is himself blushing at the sight of his ugly feet.”

– Saadi
"People are crying up the rich and variegated plumage of the peacock, and he is himself blushing at the sight of his ugly feet." - Saadi

6. “Remember that the most beautiful things in the world are the most useless; peacocks and lilies for instance.”  

– John Ruskin
"Remember that the most beautiful things in the world are the most useless; peacocks and lilies for instance." - John Ruskin

7. “I shall always remember how the peacocks’ tails shimmered when the moon rose amongst the tall trees, and on the shady bank the emerging mermaids gleamed fresh and silvery amongst the rocks…”

– Hermann Hesse
"I shall always remember how the peacocks’ tails shimmered when the moon rose amongst the tall trees, and on the shady bank the emerging mermaids gleamed fresh and silvery amongst the rocks…" - Hermann Hesse

8. “The peacock has become one of my regular sources of inspiration from nature.”

– Matthew Williamson
"The peacock has become one of my regular sources of inspiration from nature." - Matthew Williamson

9. “Some are jealous and fond of ornament as the peacock.”  

– Aristotle
"Some are jealous and fond of ornament as the peacock." - Aristotle

10. “Many a peacock hides his peacock tail from all eyes–and calls it his pride.”

– Friedrich Nietzsche
"Many a peacock hides his peacock tail from all eyes–and calls it his pride." - Friedrich Nietzsche

Peacock Feather Meaning

Just like the bird itself, peacock’s feathers are also meaningful in life. They spread their feathers symbolizing liberation. It’s feather’s blue hue represented peace, serenity, stability, and inspiration. Brown feathers of the peacock means security, resilience, reliability, and strength. Green color symbolizes tranquility, good luck, nature, and health. It’s glaze represents the charismatic presence. 

Peacock feathers mean different things in different stances. To sum up, it is a symbol of beauty, joy, power, and all other good things of life. So if you are feeling a need for positivity, looking at a peacock feather might be helpful. 

Peacock Tattoo Meaning

In modern day to day life, you might have seen some amazing peacock tattoos. Yes, they feel so attractive! Peacock tattoos are quite trendy with its modernistic and artistic touch. So, what does it mean?

A peacock tattoo holds different meanings in different cultures. Like, a peacock feather tattoo is a symbol of compassion, purity of love, etc. in Indian culture. In Western culture, it shows nobility, power, and royalty. A peacock feather tattoo represents pride, charm, love, and power. It also expresses important things of life. Like sexuality, attraction, and such powerful feelings. So do you want to have a creative expression? Or you are looking for a tattoo that shows your powerful yet subtle presence? A peacock tattoo is definitely spot on!

You can get inspiration from these creative peacock tattoos –

Black Modernistic Peacock Tattoo

It is mostly done on arms, legs, or such large surface to create a reserved, sophisticated, yet modern look.

Colorful Half body Peacock Tattoo

It is mostly created on the back to cover a good part of the body. Though a bit glitzy sometimes, it’s unique, vibrant, and definitely cool!

Simplistic Small Peacock Tattoo

For those who vouch for beauty in simplicity.

Parting Words from TheMindFool

Peacock meaning gives expression to our inner strengths. Our emotions, our feelings, our abilities – all come under this. Thus, peacock focuses on those important parts of life that we often ignore. 

Like, it reminds you of the worth of your life, of your dear ones, of yourself. It lets you appreciate and celebrate life in the most liberated way. Peacock energy helps you in connecting dots of your life, in finding a new path, in having a new birth. To say the least, it let’s us reinvent ourselves in a new light of hope. So you believe in totem animals or not – peacock symbolism can give you a chance to change your life the same way!