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Snake Spirit Animal – Different General, Cultural, and Modern Meanings

Snake Spirit Animal – Different General, Cultural, and Modern Meanings

Snake Spirit Animal - Different General, Cultural, and Modern Meanings

Did you recently find that you have a snake spirit animal?

Your mind must be racing with a lot of questions about this reptile!

Well, it is a very powerful symbol of spirituality. It is synonymous with both positive and negative interpretations, which is why it’s important to know what each spiritual meaning of a snake is. 

So, if you’re curious, this article is here to answer everything! C’mon, let’s get started!

Snake Spirit Animal

The snake – a powerful reptile of the animal kingdom – is known to bring multifaceted messages into your life. Even though snakes are feared by people, many humans also worship and love them. 

So, what does it mean when your spirit animal is a snake? Let’s find out!

1. Transformation

The most significant meaning of a snake in spirituality is transformation and rebirth. Therefore, if you have a snake as your spirit animal, it indicates that you are on the path toward great spiritual or emotional transformation. 

Just like a snake sheds its skin and grows a new one, you will also change into a completely different person. You will have a spiritual rebirth, which will open your eyes.

2. Power

Another important significance of having a snake as your spirit animal is the fact that you possess a lot of inner power. 

Even though you might not realize it, you can do great things if you channel your mind in the right way. 

Not only are you mentally and emotionally powerful, but you also know how to train your mind. With time, you will possess even more power and knowledge.

3. Earthen elements

Since snakes don’t have any limbs, they always slither close to the ground. This has led many people to associate them with earthen qualities or power. 

In fact, many people believe that snakes signify the most primal form of life, a life where limbs or complex body systems have not been formed yet. Therefore, as a spirit animal, a snake symbolizes the immense energy of creation.

4, Subconscious mind

Snakes are also versatile creatures, which means that they can glide easily both on land and water. Snakes that thrive in the water are said to represent the depth of the subconscious mind. 

We haven’t truly understood the power of our subconscious minds, but they can truly do some wonderful things! 

Just like water has no shape or specific form, even this part of our minds is shapeless and formless.

5. Charm

If the snake is your spirit animal, you might have already started to wear snake charms or bracelets. 

Well, this practice has been going on for centuries, where people often wore snake charms to ward off evil! 

It’s believed that snakes possess the power to protect people from negative energy. They also contain healing properties, so you can also wear them to keep diseases at bay!

6. Knowledge

In Greek mythology, snakes are said to have played major roles. They not only possessed a lot of power but also had unending knowledge. 

Apollo, the Sun God, had snakes that would whisper prophecies. Similarly, snakes were believed to whisper important prophecies in the ears of humans, too! 

So, having a snake as your spirit animal signifies that you might have a powerful ally soon.

7. Evil thoughts

Unfortunately, not all spiritual symbols of snakes are positive. If your spirit animal is a snake, you might realize that your mind often gets polluted by evil and impure thoughts. 

One of the most common feelings that can erupt in your mind is jealousy and the urge to betray someone close to you. 

This is because snakes have been known to betray fellow snakes to obtain more food or shelter.

8. Stealth

According to science, snakes have evolved from burrowing lizards millions of years ago. During evolution, it appeared that gliding or sliding without legs was a more efficient way to catch prey. 

In fact, snakes are famous for sneaking up on their prey, which makes them the symbol of stealthiness. 

Similarly, you also have the ability to do wonderful things and surprise those around you!

9. Temptation

All of us are familiar with the story where a snake poisons Eve’s mind and persuades her to take a bite of the poisoned apple. Ever since then, snakes have been known to be synonymous with temptation. 

If you frequently see snake symbols or visions of your spirit animal, then it might be a warning sign that someone is trying their best to poison your mind with impure thoughts.

10. Spirals

Spirals are a very common occurrence in nature. This unique shape can be made by very few animals, snakes being one of them. 

Basically, a spiral indicates that there is a singular source of power, and all forms of life emerge from it. 

Alternatively, spirals also indicate flexibility and the ability to thrive in any environment. Therefore, snakes are thought to be connected to this symbolic pattern of the universe.

Cultural Symbol of Snake Spirit Animal 

Other than the generic symbolism that accompanies a snake as a spirit animal, there are also other messages that can be associated! 

Since your spirit animal is a snake, it’s essential that you truly understand these signs!

1. In Native America

In Native America, snakes have been highly regarded as symbols of power and restraint. Native Americans believe that having a snake as your spirit animal is a very good sign. 

Rattlesnakes, particularly, are highly respected in the Choctaw Nation. Similarly, the Hopi clan worships snakes because they are associated with the power of Mother Earth and all her natural elements.

2. In Maya and Aztec culture

The Mayans and Aztecs both loved and feared snakes. In fact, the fifth day of the Mayan and Aztec calendar was named Snake Day to honor these reptiles. 

For them, the spirit animal of snakes symbolizes rebirth, divinity, and spiritual knowledge. Many deities in their culture were also shaped like snakes. 

If someone had a special connection with snakes, that person was regarded to be very powerful.

3. In Hinduism

Snakes in Hinduism represent a complex pattern of energy and the subconscious mind. Naga, or the spiritual energy of a snake, is associated with Lord Shiva, the Supreme Ruler of the universe. 

In mythology, too, snakes are seen as important spirit animals. The Naga race consisted of divine beings that could shapeshift themselves from a human into a snake.

4. In Islam

In Islam, snakes are said to be a negative source of energy. They are associated with evil and punishment. 

If someone had a snake as their spirit animal, they were said to be possessed or mentally frantic. 

The Quran has mentioned snakes as the spirit animal of Shaitan or Satan. However, many believe that snakes also have the ability to heal people and protect them.

5. In Chinese culture

In the Chinese zodiac, there are twelve different animals, each representing one month of the year. 

The sixth animal, the snake, is said to be the wisest and the most mysterious. Therefore, it is believed that someone with the snake as their spirit animal is a wise person who has the capability to do great feats. 

This person might also become a philosopher or the leader of the masses!

Modern Symbolic Meanings of Snake Spirit Animal

Even today, snakes occupy an important position as spirit animals. Let’s now see some of the places where snakes, or their symbols, are seen to contain powerful energy!

1. In medicine

The official symbol of medicines, or anything related to healing, is two snakes intertwined around a staff. This is the symbol of the caduceus, which is attributed to the Greek God Hermes. 

Today, you can find this symbol in a variety of places, right from the uniforms of the US Army Medical Corps to the Public Health Service buildings. The snakes in the caduceus represent peace and harmony.

2. In tattoos

People who believe in snakes or have them as their spirit animals like to get tattoos of them. They believe that snakes represent the most essential life force, and having a snake inked on your body gives them the confidence to get what they want.

The phallic shape of the snake in many tattoos also lends a power of divinity and charm to the wearer, thus making them more self-assured.

3. In flags

Perhaps the most widely-known flag containing a snake on it is the Gadsden flag, which had a serpent on a yellow background with the words “Don’t Tread On Me.” 

While the origins of the flag are highly debated, it remains one of the most influential flags of the American Revolution. Believers of the flag said that the snake, their spirit animal, bestowed confidence and faith.

4. In pharmacology

The snake totem has also been associated with Asclepios, the ancient Greek God of Medicine. He is said to have healed people just by touching them. 

In pharmacology today, snake venom is widely used as an antiseptic. Since snake venom possesses healing properties against its own poison, the venom is extracted to treat common diseases associated with snake bites.

5. In art

During the Renaissance, snakes were often painted to depict the fall of mankind. But in modern art, snakes have been painted in many different ways, including minimalist versions of snakes. 

People who believe in the spiritual properties of snakes say that painting them makes the artist feel that they are taking part in the formation of a significant life force.

A word from TheMindFool 

So, dear reader, these are some of the most common signs and meanings associated with the spirituality of snakes. 

Now that you know what your spirit animal is trying to tell you, it’s time to introspect your situation along with the considerations of your culture and other details to decipher the meanings!