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25 Tips On How Be To More Feminine

25 Tips On How Be To More Feminine

How to become more feminine

Do you want to know how to be more feminine and sexy? If you have stumbled across this article, it is for a reason. Keep reading and we will give you all the information you need to reveal your inner goddess self. We have shared 25 secret tips on how to be more feminine and sexy.

Are you ready?

How to be More Feminine Personality

Often the Feminine personality is labeled as weak and soft. Also, the feminine personality is associated with the female gender. But in reality, both men and men do have feminine traits. In today’s fast-paced culture it is assumed that to be successful you have to be dominant, assertive, and emotionally unattached.

It is thought that being a caring, collaborative and soft-spoken person could be detrimental to your career. This is why not only men but women are also trying to exhibit their masculine persona and suppressing the feminine traits!

As a woman, if you want to lead a balanced life you must unabashedly express your feminine personality. Try practicing the 10 Feminine characteristics that we discussed in the previous column. Become confident of your inner traits.

You can be feminine and also successful. Being feminine doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your dreams or become submissive to your man. When you exhibit your feminine personality you become all the more desirable to men. Because your softness in character is now your weapon, not the sign of weakness.

Choose one of the 10 traits and start practicing for 21 days, then pick another trait.

This is how you can be a more feminine personality –


Start expressing your creative side. To find the touch with your feminine explore art. Not that you have to become an artist though. Some people have an artistic bent of mind but not everyone.

But everyone can be creative. You can do simple things like renovating your home, changing your wardrobe, flaunt a new hairstyle, or join a dance class. Maybe you like cooking. Why not join a class and learn exotic cuisine? Bring out the hidden creativity in you and become a real feminine.


Start showering love to the world. As you go out for your daily commute, wish others well. No, you don’t have to say a word aloud. In your mind just send love to the people around you. You will certainly feel better and you will be brimming with goddess energy!


Start speaking softly. No, you don’t have to listen to everyone or do whatever people tell you to do. But stay polite. Stick to your decision and do that but talk with people with grace. Make others feel good. A confident woman knows how to differ without being rude.


One of the great feminine traits is to be persistent. If you want to become a more feminine personality, you have to learn how to be persistent. Start making small decisions in your life and then keep the promise to yourself.

For instance, if you have started a particular diet make it a point to stick to your decision at least for 21 days. This will develop your level of persistence.

Also, you can have an accountability partner who will remind you as soon as you break a habit. Let your friends and family know you as the person who does not give up on things! Become a woman of determination.

Balance and Justice

Start becoming more vocal. Raise your voice and express your opinion confidently. If you see or feel something is just wrong don’t be scared to express that. Don’t worry if your friends perceive you as an opinionated person.

If they think you are “too much” don’t be embarrassed. Practice being a woman who does not shy away from expressing her dislike or raising her voice on issues that matters to her. 

Strong Intuition

Intuition is like a muscle, the more you train it the more it grows. To develop a strong intuition start listening to those nudges in your heart. Pay attention to your gut feeling. If you feel your charming date is not emitting a good vibe most probably it is true.

Say, you get a sudden idea of starting a business. Act on your intuition and take some immediate action. If you want to express the divine feminine within you start acting on your intuitive feelings. Feminine and masculine both should make use of this trait. 


Learn the skill of passivity. Especially when you are doing teamwork collaborate with others. Instead of telling others what to do, stay friendly and warm. Try helping as much and give your best efforts. Do not try to overshadow others.

People appreciate those who are helpful and not control freaks. You will get more support and admiration when you practice being passive.

Nurture and Care

You can keep a pet or some potted greens and nurture them. It is a great way to bring out your divine feminine protective nature especially if you are not a mother. You will enjoy the process and become more of a feminine woman. 


Now here’s the thing, we are not suggesting you become a complicated person. By complexity we mean you can add a little touch of mystery to your persona. If you are too straightforward and simple you won’t be much interesting, would you? Learn how to remain cheerful but not talkative.

You don’t have to keep telling all about yourself to anyone you meet. Instead, smile and let them speak. Let people talk about themselves and you can just be a patient listener. The less you reveal about yourself the more you will be appealing to other women and men.


Forgiveness is a strength of the feminine. When you practice being more forgiving you will attain peace of mind. Forgiveness isn’t even about being noble or sacrificing, it is an art of living life peacefully.

The more you hold your grudges the more you will keep suffering. Think about the people who had hurt you in the past and start doing some energy work to forgive them completely. EFT tapping and Hoʻoponopono are great techniques to practice forgiveness. 

How To Be More Feminine?

Let’s dive into the topic of femininity. I am giving you 25 Tips to become more feminine and sexy. So, here we go!

1. Take Care of Your Hygiene

Take Care of Your Hygiene
Take Care of Your Hygiene

Stay clean and tidy to look more womanly. As you do so, you boast your womanish charm.

The easiest way to express your feminine side is by taking care of your personal hygiene. This point cannot be stressed enough. If you are moving around with bad breath or a body odor, trust me none of the men will want to be around you!

If you want to appear sexy you must first check your basic hygiene. Take a bath every day, use an epilator to remove unwanted body hair, floss your teeth daily and of course use a perfume.

Go to a spa whenever possible. But most importantly, follow a daily beauty care regimen. Soft skin and lustrous hair does make you feminine and attractive. Spend money to improve your hygiene. This would automatically make you look and feel good.

How To Be More Feminine | How To Be Feminine | How To Look More Feminine
How to be more feminine

2. Dress Attractively to be More Sexy

Dress Attractively to be More Sexy
Dress Attractively to be More Sexy

Dress in a ladylike way to show off your sensual side.

To look attractive, dress in a sexy manner. Wear clothes that compliment your body. If you are flat-chested, loose clothing doesn’t work for you. On the other hand, if you have a voluptuous body wearing extra tight dresses makes you look cheesy!

Always wear something that adores your body.  I would also give you this tip to wear dresses and skirts often as these are completely feminine wear.

A sporty casual look is good but only with friends. When you attend a party or an event choose flirty feminine dresses. Also, buy some sexy pairs of shoes to go with your new wardrobe. Besides that, invest in expensive lingerie. Your underwear truly gives you a proper shape and makes you feel good!! Simply put, nice lingerie improves your appearance.

Besides that, invest in expensive lingerie. Your underwear truly gives you a proper shape and feel! Simply put, nice lingerie improves your appearance.

Dressing attractively does not mean you have to wear something provocative! Select your outfit keeping in mind the occasion and the people you will meet. You can look amazing even in corporate attire! The trick is to choose your dress and shoes beforehand. Because in a hurry they can all go horribly wrong. Check the fitting. A well-fitted dress makes you look absolutely gorgeous!

3. Act Confidently to Look More Feminine

Act Confidently to Look More Feminine
Act Confidently to Look More Feminine

Behave in a confident way to appear more alluring. A confident woman has a natural attractiveness.

Confidence is the best ornament for a woman. Speak confidently and look at the eyes while you speak to someone. Confidence has a natural charisma that would turn all heads towards you.

Don’t worry if you have low levels of confidence. It is a skill that could be practiced. Speak in front of a mirror to hone the skill. If you still can’t manage to become a confident act like you are! “Fake it till you make it”, really works.

In parties and events don’t shy away. Walk around the room with your head held high and a warm smile. Feminine women speak to people with confidence.

If you are an introvert take a friend along with you. But do go to places because that way you will learn to act confidently around others. Remember to “act” confident even if you are not feeling so internally.

Over time you will become a confident lady. But till that time just go out to places and walk and talk with an air of boldness.

4. Smile and Smile More Often

Smile and Smile More Often
Smile and Smile More Often

Women who smile often are more captivating than others.

A sweet smile is an act of feminine gesture. If you wear a smile, men are bound to notice you! You don’t have to overdo it. Just smile at people with whom you make eye contact.

When introduced at parties smile genuinely. A smile makes you appear more sincere and womanly. A straight, serious face is boring. While a smiling face makes you more approachable and fun to be with.

A cheerful woman is typically feminine and sexy. If you don’t smile often, start practicing now. Smile at the office, smile with friends, smile whenever you can.

5. Be Receptive to be Feminine

Be Receptive to be Feminine
Be Receptive to be Feminine

Receive presents and favors from your boyfriend. If you refuse them you appear hard-headed and uninteresting.

A real man likes to pamper his woman. Don’t be adamant about receiving favors or gifts from the man you like. Men really feel satisfied when they can do something for their women.

Now, I am not suggesting you to take favors from strangers! But allowing your man to present you something nice just reflects your soft feminine side. For instance, I will tell you the problem with my friend Angel. She is really a nice woman and currently seeing a wonderful man. But whenever her boyfriend intends to buy her a present she resists.

Let alone gifts she does not allow him to buy her some lunch! But seriously it’s not bad to receive a gift or a favor if offered to you. When you refuse it, you seem to be obstinate and unattractive.

Being receptive does not mean to compromise on your values. There is a difference when someone gives you a present out of love and when they give something to take undue advantage from you! Use your common sense to decide when to accept or reject an offer. What is advised here is to not be headstrong to refuse them unnecessarily!

6. Be Well Groomed

Be Well Groomed
Be Well Groomed

Take care of your appearance. It really makes you feminine when you appear pleasant.

A well-groomed lady is admired and appreciated. Whether she is attending a meeting or going to the local grocery store, a feminine woman is always neat and tidy.

Groom nicely to flaunt your feminine traits. Give attention to your appearance. Invest in a good haircut, pluck your eyebrows and do regular waxing to have a clean look. Always keep clean and shaped nails. Use a mouth freshener and a good perfume.  Indulge in spas and facials.

If you can’t afford them regularly, do it at home. Remember a woman deserves to spend on her looks!

Learn to do make-up to enhance your features. Trust me, it’s a great way to look more feminine! Even if you are not a big fan of makeup still learn the skill! There are various video tutorials available on the internet.

Watch some and learn how to do some basic makeup.  A nice makeup does make you look attractive while completely no makeup will make you look ordinary and dull!

7. Speak Softly

Speak Softly
Speak Softly

A lady will always be gentle in words. Speak softly to appear more ladylike.

Do you feel ‘how to look more feminine’ then speak softly to act more feminine. A lady is always soft-spoken. Loud and rude tones are undesirable from a lady. Men love to hear a feminine tone from a woman. So keep this in your mind while communicating!

Speak your mind but speak softly. You can express your views without being boisterous. So, to act feminine speak more gently.

8. Develop a Right Attitude to Look Feminine

Develop a Right Attitude to Look Feminine
Develop a Right Attitude to Look Feminine

Build a positive mindset that is uplifting and attractive.

Nobody wants to be around a sad soul. If you are a constant complainer or judge people often, change your attitude. Men feel comfortable around women who are happy and self-reliant.

Instead of blaming and whining, take charge of your life! Develop a positive mindset and you will exhibit a strong feminine energy. If you are a pessimistic woman now is the time to develop your personality.

Work on yourself to cultivate the right mentality because positive-minded people are sexier than others! Change your attitude and become a natural charmer.

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9. Be Educated

Be Educated
Be Educated

To act feminine become proficient. Learn and gather knowledge to grab attention.

An educated, accomplished woman is always attractive. And by education, I don’t mean qualifications! Read a lot. Travel to places. Know about the world. Choose one topic and learn about it.

When you have mastered that, select another one. Expand your knowledge level. When an educated woman speaks, she speaks intelligently and confidently. Men find intelligent women more fascinating than the rest. Also, you will find more topics to discuss with people if you are well-read!

10. Be an Achiever to Look More Feminine

Be an Achiever to Look More Feminine
Be an Achiever to Look More Feminine

Create your life by chasing your dreams. A woman who aspires for a grander life is always sexy!

Take your life seriously. This is your life and you must give it a full shot! Set goals and work towards them. Be a woman of value. Men respect women who are independent and have a purpose.

Go for your dreams because you deserve to achieve greater things in life. Most importantly, an ambitious woman is more feminine and attractive.

11. Express your Creative Side

Try becoming more of a creative person.

To be more feminine, start flaunting your creative side. You don’t have to make art if that’s not your forte but you can still be so creative. Arrange things neatly and give away the clutter, nicely place your cutlery, experiment with colorful dresses and accessories, watch YouTube tutorials to reuse old stuff, etc.

Creativity is undoubtedly a quality of femininity. The more you try out being creative the more appealing you would become.  

12. Use the Color Red More

Wear the red color in your dresses or makeup. 

It’s no big secret that feminine women like wearing red. You can wear dresses in red or boldly flaunt the red lipstick. The red color truly represents feminine energy. 

13. Use Expensive Perfume

Apply costly perfume to become more feminine.

An easy way to draw attention as a feminine woman is by applying expensive perfume. Classy women always use a costly fragrance on their bodies. Confidently invest in a good perfume and your entire personality will improve. 

14. Invest in Your Hair

Invest in a good haircut and feel more feminine.  

Always invest in a good haircut and buy only quality hair care products. Many women consider this as a waste of money but classy women will always invest in their hair. Long hair is often considered as an essence of femininity. Whatever length you prefer, start investing in your hair to get the ravishing look. 

15. Have a Fit Body

Exercise every day to stay fit and desirable. 

It’s not only enough to look good. You must always aim to make your body fit and strong. Do some form of exercise every day. Join the gym or a dance class. Make sure that your body is not just like a showpiece. Exercise daily and stay active. A fit body is always sexy. 

16. Learn to Have a Proper Posture

Sit and stand in a ladylike fashion, straight and confident. 

Ladies always sit and walk with grace. You can be graceful if you work on your posture. Observe in a tall mirror whether you are erect while walking or sitting. If it’s natural for you to hunch, you can always change your habit!

Consciously practice sitting straight. If you practice mindfully you would be able to have the correct posture in a few weeks.

17. Practice Self Love

Practice self-love to become more feminine. 

If you love yourself your personality will completely change because you would be brimming with newfound confidence. Men and women will start noticing you. The easiest way to look charming is by practicing self-love. So, how do you practice self-love?

It starts with accepting yourself completely with all your flaws. For instance, you would love your best friend or family even if they are not the perfect people. In the same way, start loving yourself.

Spend time alone, stay relaxed, and do some journaling. Also, take good care of yourself. Go to the spa, get a professional manicure done, eat healthy foods, buy some well-fitted clothes, start your dream venture.

In short, do things that are good for you. Invest in yourself. Self-love comes when you hold an honest intention to create a better life for yourself. A woman who has immersed herself in self-love is naturally very feminine.  

18. Wear Nice Accessories

Wear some nice accessories to complete your look. 

Wear nice accessories to look absolutely gorgeous. Wear some bangles, or an elegant watch, pendants, earrings, and always take a nice purse. Your entire look will change as you wear one or more impressive accessories. If you are not a jewelry person invest in a good watch and a purse. Accessories make you look more feminine and adorable. 

19. Use Less Makeup

Be confident in your own skin. Use little or no makeup. 

A lot of women think wearing a lot of makeup will make them look attractive. Beauty and femininity are the two most misunderstood concepts. It is thought that makeup will make you look more attractive. But in reality, men prefer women who are confident appearing in little or no makeup!

Instead of spending money on makeup, invest in a good skincare routine. Use quality skincare products and take good care of your skin. When your skin glows naturally, you start looking sexy. 

20. Have a Sense of Humor 

Sometimes the ability to laugh at stupid jokes makes you more adorable!

Have a sense of humor. Men love women who laugh at their jokes. If you are always too serious try loosening up a bit. Watch comedies and develop a sense of humor. The women who are funny and can understand humor are always attractive to men!

21. Communicate Openly

Allow open communication with your partner and you will be more admirable. 

Always allow open communication with your boyfriend or spouse. If you love to hear about everything in his life, he would always respect and admire you. Stay frank to become more charming.  

22. Be Vulnerable

Be vulnerable to your man and he would desire you more. 

Nowadays a lot of people want to shield their feelings to protect themselves from not getting hurt. But if you hide your truest emotions you will always be a fake personality. Become vulnerable. Don’t shy away to express your emotions in front of friends or your romantic partner.

When you reveal your darkest fears and rawest emotions, people start admiring you more. A true feminine woman is strong but she is not afraid to shed a few tears in front of her man. In fact, a man develops a strong urge to protect this woman. All deep relationships are formed when you allow yourself to be vulnerable!

23. Make People Feel Comfortable Around You

Politeness is admired by all. Stay humble, people appreciates that. 

When you know how to connect with people nicely, people remember you. If you are an accomplished woman with a polite nature, you become more admirable. Be a woman who can talk and walk gracefully but she is humble enough. When you make people feel comfortable around you naturally, you become more attractive. 

24. Be Yourself 

When you are confident in your skin you look more attractive. 

Do not try to emulate other women. You don’t have to dress or talk like a different person to be sexier. On the other hand, the more you stay true to your inner essence the more gorgeous you appear.

Try to learn new skills but never change your true essence. If you are a sporty person you do not have to stay indoors all day reading books or decorating your home. You should always express your true self fully. When you are confident in yourself, undoubtedly you become so much more feminine and sexy! 

25. Set Healthy Boundaries

A true feminine woman creates certain rules in her life to protect her space. 

A modern-day woman knows where to draw the line! You must set healthy boundaries to protect your energy. You don’t have to do things you don’t like or hang around with people even if you don’t want to! Stop being a people pleaser. Set some rules in your life and make that known to people in your life. Stick to those rules.

If you are not a late-night person, let no one force you to take a night out. If you are practicing being a vegan do not change it to suit the preferences of your boyfriend. If you have healthy boundaries in your life, men will respect you for that.

Take-home Message

As a woman, be confident to express your femininity. Reveal your feminine side to appear more attractive. Femininity is often wrongly labeled as being weak and lacking. But to sustain in this world both masculine and feminine energy are required. And feminine energy is also powerful and useful. The only thing is that a woman must own her traits.

She must be aware and eager to exhibit her femininity. Because when she expresses her true feminine side, she appears more appealing. You can easily grab attention and popularity if you don’t suppress your womanish charm! Show the world your charisma by being more feminine.

Besides that, men really adore women who do not hesitate to show their femininity. Men will always be attracted to the opposite energy. Also, women who are confident to boast their true nature are sensed as more honest and beautiful. Follow the 10 tips given in this article to be more feminine and desirable.

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