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27 Self Love Affirmations to Practice

27 Self Love Affirmations to PracticeUpdated on September 30, 2020 | Published on December 26, 2019

self-love affirmations: top quotes to practice it

Have you been feeling low in life lately? Do you think your friends have moved on? You cannot share your feelings, thoughts with anyone? Do you feel distant from your partner, parents, siblings, co-workers? Have you been going through a rough patch in your job or marriage? You don’t share sweet nothings with your partner anymore? Do you feel negative about your abusive childhood experiences? Were you bullied and mocked for the way you look? Have someone’s disapproving looks made you feel bad about yourself?

It’s time to re-assess your feelings, your relationships, status. It is only natural to feel negative when you have gone through a sour relationship. When you feel lonely, you might end up feeling unwanted. An insensitive remark can cause a mental scar of a lifetime. But does that mean you will allow others to hurt you, mock you, and mistreat you? The answer to this question is a big No. You are an individual, and you have the right to live life the way you want. You are worthy of love. There is nothing wrong with seeking happiness and love for oneself. Finding love in you, and express about it should be your goal.

What is self love affirmations?

Self-love affirmations are the answer to mental and physical happiness and a blissful life. If any incident or a past event in your life made you feel bad about yourself, then it’s time to change your thoughts. Make peace with yourself, starting loving yourself, and be affirmative about it. Before you assess what went wrong in your life, stop judging yourself too much. Don’t be harsh on yourself. Every relationship or event comes with an expiry date. But your relationship with yourself should be a constant, a positive one.

The moment you start loving yourself, you will find an answer to your happiness. Your affirmations about yourself will change your perspective about yourself. One will learn, one cannot be happy in life by living life as per other’s choices and perceptions. Make self-love affirmation your lifetime goal. Season of love will begin when you start liking yourself, make peace with the way you look, act, and react.

Why practice self love affirmations?

It is essential to love thyself before you love others. Seeking love, happiness, and joy outside is natural. But one must look inwards to keep oneself happy. A person who loves himself can love others. Remember, our thoughts shape our actions.

Why practice self love affirmations?
Why practice self love affirmations?

1) Takes mind away from being over-critical

Failures, misjudgment, wrong decisions are part of life. Often we tend to blame ourselves for our failures. For those failures, one should not punish oneself by being over-critical about self. Self-love helps you to take your mind away from being critical.

2) Self-love makes one positive

When a person learns to love himself, he will focus on constructive goals, accomplishments, and achievements.

3) Loving oneself relieves mental stress

When a person starts loving himself, he is more open to analyzing his flaws and weaknesses. That analysis can help them to control their emotions, how they react to certain situations, and improve how they deal with them. Such actions can lower mental stress.

4) Builds confidence

When you dislike yourself, you might suffer from low self-esteem and morale. Learning to love oneself builds your confidence about the way you are.

5) Loving self is not the same as being defensive

When you start liking yourself, you don’t have to explain your actions to people who matter. You know your actions are guided by your understanding of the situation.

6) With self-love, you can face your insecurities

That’s right when you learn to love yourself and affirm about it, you can judge about your insecurities, fear from a new perspective. Getting comfortable with such fears allows one to work on them.

7) Self-love does not make you selfish

Self-love is not all about putting yourself first. It also prompts you to think about others and empathize with them.

What are the benefits of practicing self-love?

It is natural to seek love and happiness, and an organic way to find these is learning to love self. There are ways you can practice this. It might take a while to learn how to love yourself, but it is worth the try.


When you want to feel positive about yourself, you must keep affirming, again and again, to send a positive signal to your surroundings and the larger universe. Pick a time of the day, preferably in the morning when you think only about yourself. When you make positive affirmations, you will activate your thoughts to take care of your body, mind, and soul. Such affirmations certainly are positive, energy generating, and make you happy.

When one starts practicing self-love affirmation, it might take a while before one gets comfortable. One must practice it consistently over a period of time and not just for a few days. You can maintain a journal about yourself, or say things to self while looking at the mirror or just tell oneself about affirmations. At times you can also pick your favorite book and read it. Or just browse through a site that has inspirational quotes.

Maintaining a Journal helps a person to revisit his past and analyse how events shaped his life. One can jot down the positives and negatives about each event, and lessons learnt. This process will help the person to consciously not repeat same mistakes in similar situations.

27 Self Love Affirmations

1) I deserve better.

2) Remove the negative past and negative company.

3) I am able, and I strongly believe in myself.

4) I can’t be apologetic for every action of mine.

5) Celebrating my life is my mantra to happiness.

6) I don’t need dozens of friends, one or two is enough.

7) Learn to say No.

8) I am not responsible for everyone’s happiness.

9) I have one best friend. That is “me.”

10) I will accept compliments; they make me happy.

11) I had a good past, a better present, and will have the best future.

12) When I love myself, it is unconditional love.

13) I will prioritize what makes me happy.

14) Best self-care is a smile at yourself.

15) Mistakes are part of life. I, too, made a few and learned from it.

16) My looks, my body, my thoughts are important to me.

17) Freedom of thought and action is critical to me, and I want to nurture them.

18) I deserve respect and care.

19) My beauty lies within.

20) I will release negative feelings, negative people around me, one by one.

21) I am happy and grateful for what I had and what I have.

22) Life has taught me all kinds of experiences, and I cherish them.

23) I can handle my fears.

24) I love my soul, body, and will nurture it.

25) I am comfortable with my flaws. Everyone has it.

26) Approval of others doesn’t matter to me anymore.

27) I can change myself and my circumstances.

Closing Thoughts

The list of quotes is endless, and it can vary from person to person and their circumstances. The biggest challenge would be for a battered person to think affirmatively about self over a period of time. Writing some of these affirmative sentences is a great way to start life with a new perspective. Equally important is to remember never to stop loving oneself.